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016657: - Discovery of the Origin of the Name of America Hardover
016708: - Tewaterihwareniatha Winter 1990 the Journal of Kanienkeha Raotitiohkwa Cutural Center
016797: - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls Hardcover
013957: STATE OF CONNECTICUT PUBLIC DOCUMENT NO.18 - Connecticut State Department of Agricultural June 30,1927 Second Annual Report of the Commissioner Original 1927 Hardcover
016901: - Volkslieder-Album Eine Sammlung Ausgewahlter Volkslieder Fur Eine Singstimme Mit Begleitung Des Pianoforte Heft 1 Heft 2.
016282: L. A. AND J. A.HAMEY - The Roman Engineers
016393: EDWIN AUSTIN ABBEY - Edwin Austn Abbey the Quest of the Holy Grail Set of Twelve Full Color Cards of Arthurian Paintings from Boston Public Library
015299: THE BENEDICTINE MONKS OF ST.MEINRAD'S ABBEY - The Holy Rule of Saint Benedict Hardcover
016997: FERRIS GREENSLET EDWIN AUSTIN ABBEY - The Quest of the Holy Grail an Interpretation and a Paraphrase of the Holy Legends, by Ferris Greenslet, Ph. D, with Illustrations from the Frieze Decorations in the Boston Public Library by Edwin Austin Abbey
007507: JACOB ABBOTT - The History of Mary Queen of Scots with Engravings Original 1848 Hardcover
005805: THOMAS S.ABLER - Chainbreaker the Revolutionary War Memoirs of Govenor Blacksnake As Told to Benjamin Williams Hardcover
015958: NORMA J.ABRAHAM - Erik of the Dragon Ships
005129: ROGER D. ABRAHAMS - Singing the Master the Emergence of African American Culture in the Plantation South Hardcover
015195: LESLEY ABRAMS AND JAMES P.CARLEY EDITED - The Archaeology and History of Glastonbury Abbey Essays in Honour of the Ninetieth Birthday of C.A. Raleigh Radford
016808: I.TZVI ABUSCH - Babylonian Witchcraft Literature Case Studies Hardcover
016316: FRATER ACHAD - The Chalice of Ecstasy Being a Magical & Qabalistic Interpretation of the Drama of Parzival by a Companion of the Holy Grail
006132: EUGENE ACHARD, - Les Northmans En Amerique Les Vikings Des Grandes Etapes Originalhardcover
008902: OWAIN JONES EDITOR JOSIAH JONES DAVIES ANN M. SELWOOD SAM ADAMS - Brecon Topography and Townscape Brycheiniog Volume XXI 1984/ 85
010595: RICHARD C.ADAMS - The Delaware Indians
013787: RICHARD C.ADAMS - Legends of the Delaware Indians and Picture Writing Hardcover
008787: KATHARINE ADAMS - Wisp a Girl of Dublin
014059: EDITOR-ALISON ADAMS; EDITOR-ARMEL H. DIVERRES; EDITOR-KAREN STERN - The Changing Face of Arthurian Romance Essays on Arthurian Prose Romances in Memory of Cedric E. Pickford (Arthurian Studies)
012936: DAVID ADAMSON - The Ruins of Time Four and a Half Centuries of Conquest and Discovery Among the Maya Hardcover
016552: J.R.R.TOLKIEN ADAPTED AND DIRECTED BOB LEWIS - The Hobbit Six Dramatized Cassettes in Wooden Box the American Dramatization
016735: CHARLES ADDAMS - Homebodies First Printing
015261: BERNARD SHARE DOUGLAS SEALY JEREMY ADDIS - Books Ireland News & Reviews September 1983 No. 76
013907: DAVID FERGUSSON EDITED CYRUS ADLER - Trial of Gabriel de Granada by the Inquisition in Mexico 1642-1645 Translated from the Original by David Fergusson Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society No. 7 Original 1899 Edition
012726: VALERIE TEKAVEC PROFESSOR TAMARA EVANS ADVISER - A Feminist Theological View of Else Lasker-Schuler's Prose "God's Little Rascal" by Valerie Tekavec
013675: JOS.AERTNYS, C.SS.R - Theologia Moralis S. Alphonsi Mariae de Ligorio Tomus II Original 1887 Hardcover
015451: HISTOREX AGENTS - Windrow & Greene's Militaria Directory and Sourcebook 1994 the Essential Refrence Book for the Military Hobbyist Hardcover
016673: PIERRE AGRINIER - The Carved Human Femurs from Tomb1, Ciapa de Corzo Chiapas Mexico Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation Number Six
014001: BARBARA E.CRAWFORD EDITED ISOBEL HENDERSON STUART AIRLIE - Scotland in Dark Age Europe the Proceedings of a Day Conference Held on 20 Febuary 1993
007946: C.W.AIRNE - The Story of Mediaeval Britain Told in Pictures over 500 Illustrations
015750: C.W. AIRNE - The Story of Saxon and Norman Britain Told in Pictures over 460 Illustrations
016909: N.B. AITCHISON - Armagh and the Royal Centres in Early Medieval Ireland Hardcover
011795: ROBERT C.ALBERTS - The Most Extraordinary Adventures of Major Robert Stobo Hardcover
016335: LESLIE ALCOCK - Cadbury-Camelot a Fifteen Year Perspective
015147: LESLIE ALCOCK - Was This Camelot? Excavations at Cadbury Castle 1966-70 Hardcover First Edition
015986: LESLIE ALCOCK - Arthur's Britain History Archaeology Ad 367-634 Hardcover
014627: E.G. ALDERFER - The Ephrata Commune an Early American Counterculture
015908: BRIAN ALDERSON - The Hobbit 50th Anniversary 1937-1987 a Commemorative Booklet Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Hobbit by Brian Alderson Original Unwin Hyman
016696: LLOYD ALEXANDER - The Flagship Hope: Aaron Lopez Hardcover
012971: LLOYD ALEXANDER - The High King Hardcover
007872: WILLIAM G. ALEXANDER - A Farming Century the Darent Valley 1892-1992 Signed by the Author
010847: VIOLET ALFORD - The Hobby Horse and Other Animal Masks Hardcover
012400: MOHD KASSIM BIN HAJI ALI - Gold Jewelry and Ornaments of Mayaysia
013756: PAULA GUNN ALLAN - Pocahontas Medicine Woman Spy Entrepreneur Diplomat
015583: J.ROMILLY ALLEN AND R. ROLT BRASH JOHN SHARKEY EDITED - Ogham Monuments in Wales Texts by J. Romilly Allen and R. Rolt Brash
015734: ARTHUR G.LANGDON J.ROMILLY ALLEN - Old Cornish Crosses with an Article on Their Ornament Original 1896 Hardcover
010797: J.ROMILLY ALLEN - Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times
015762: PAULA GUNN ALLEN - Grandmothers of the Light a Medicine Woman's Source Book Hardcover
009755: J.ROMILLY ALLEN - The Reliquary and Illustrated Archeologist Some Early Christian Monuments Recently Discovered at Kirk Maughold Isle of Man a Quarterly Journal and Review Devoted to the Study of the Early Pagan and Christian Antiquities of Great Britain New Series Vol VIII Hardcover
006796: PHILIP SCHULER ALLEN - King Arthur and His Knights a Noble and Joyous History
006822: J.ROMILLY ALLEN - Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times Original 1912 Hardcover
006447: PHILIP SCHULER ALLEN - The Romanesque Lyric Hardcover
016981: PAUL ALLEN - A History of the American Revolution Vol I. And Vol. II. ( Two Vol. Hardcover Set )
006225: DEREK ALLEN - An Introduction to Celtic Coins
005201: JUDY ALLEN - The Lord of the Dance Hardcover
008436: MAJOR R.MONEY BARNES C.KENNEDY ALLEN - The Uniforms & History of the Scottish Regiments Hardcover
016922: D.L.ALLEN - Michigan Fox Squirrel Management
012410: PAULA GUNN ALLEN - The Sacred Hoop Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Tradition Hardcover
016175: J. ROMILLY ALLEN - Celtic Art and Christian Times
016098: ROBERT DELORT ROBERT ALLEN - Life in the Middle Ages Hardcover
012600: WILLIAM ALLINGHAM - The Ballad Book a Selection of the Choicest British Ballads
012565: ALCOTT ALLISON - The White Stone a Mystical Novel from Early Ireland
016968: BO ALMQVIST AND DAVID GREENE EDITED R.W.MCTURK LIAM DE PAOR DAVID GREENE - Proceedings of the Seventh Viking Congress Dublin 15-21 August 1973 Original Hardcover Edition the Dotted Runes from Parsimony to Plenitude
017250: BO ALMQVIST, BRENDAN MAC AODHA, GEAROID MAC EOIN EDITED - Hereditas Essays and Studies Presented to Professor Seamus O Duilearga Hardcover
016903: BO ALMQVIST EDITED ELLIS NI DHUIBHNE-ALMQVIST AND SEAMAS O'CATHAIN - Viking Ale Studies on Folklore Contacts Brtween the Northern and the Western Worlds by Bo Almqvist Signed Hardcover
016376: E.M.SHILSTONE INTRODUCTION PAUL B.ALTMAN - Monumental Inscriptions in the Jewish Synagogoue at Bridgetown Barbados with Historical Notes from 1630
013788: HAZEL SNELL SCHREIBER JULIA COOLEY ALTROCCHI - Coastland Curfew and Other Other Poems Limited Numbered Edition
014024: MARIA LONGHENA & WALTER ALVA - The Incas and Other Ancient Andean Civilizations Hardcover
009469: ANTHONY AMBROZIC - Adieu to Brittany a Transciption of Venetic Passages and Toponyms Hardcover
010355: THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLONIAL DAMES OF AMERICA - The National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of New York Annual Report 1932
012874: KENNETH L.AMES - Beyond Necessity Art in the Folk Tradition an Exhibition from the Collections of Winterthur Museum at the Brandywine River Museum Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 17 September-16 November 1977
013737: CLEVELAND AMORY - The Cat and Curmudgeon Hardcover
017076: LOUIS L'AMOUR - Fair Blows the Wind Fine First Edition Harrdcover
014923: EMMANUEL ANATI - Studi Camuni Vol. 1 Essays on Prehistoric Art and Archeology Capo Di Ponti Translated Into English by Afsai
016972: MARY ANDERE - Arthurian Links with Herefordshire
014159: J. REDWOOD ANDERSON - The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Graunia Signed and Inscribed by Author (Original Hardcover)
009165: H.C.ANDERSON - The Story of a Mother Historien Om En Moder Facsimile and Text
008883: POUL ANDERSON - A Midsummer Tempest First American Edition Hardcover
006748: JOHN R. L. ANDERSON - Vinland Voyage
420: FLAVIA ANDERSON. - The Ancient Secret: In Search of the Holy Grail Hardcover
010271: CHESTER G.ANDERSON - James Joyce and His World Hardcover
015164: JAMES DEETZ JAY ANDERSON - Partakers of Plenty a Study of the First Thanksgiving
016694: THOMAS STEPHENS THOMAS POWEL EDITED ANEIRIN - The Gododin of Aneurin Gwawdrydd an English Translation with Copious Notes a Life of Aneurin Hardcover
016110: ENZO ANGELUCCI - The Rand Mcnally Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft 1914-1980 Hardcover
008616: DAVID ANGUS - Roses and Thorns Scottish Teenage Verse
008522: JULIUS CAESAR EDITOR ANNE AND PETER WISEMAN BARRY CUNLIFE - The Battle for Gaul Caesar's Gallic War Hardcover
007687: ROGER JOUSSAUME TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY ANNE AND CHRISTOPHER CHIPPINDALE - Dolmens for the Dead Megalith-Building Throughout the World Hardcover
016930: JOHN ANNERINO - Indian Country: Sacred Ground, Native Peoples Journeys Into the Lands of the Apache Hopi Navajo Papago Seri
016634: ERNST SCHERTEL ADOLF HITLER ANNOTATED - Magic History Theory Practice Dr. Ernst Schertel Annotated by Adolf Hitler
015823: JOHN H.WATKINS JEAN ANOUILH - Gwehoddiad I Ginio Jean Anouilh
016784: ALFRED ANSCOMBE - St. Gildas of Ruys and the Irish Regal Chronology of the Sixth Century
015109: TONY KUSHER JOACHIM NEUGROACHEL S.ANSKY - A Dybbuk and the Dybbuk Melody and Other Themes and Variations Hardcover
012437: LOUIS K.ANSPACHER - Anniversary Ode Signed and Inscribed by Author and His Wife
014014: SCOTTISH ANTHOLOGY - The Morven Collection of Scottish Songs with Accompaniments for Piano
008095: DENNIS ANTHONY - Freya's Gift Hardcover
014018: EDWARD ANWYL - Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times Original 1906 Hardcover
016999: DOUGLAS HYDE (AN CRAOIBHIN AOIBHINN) - A Literary History of Ireland from Earliest Times to the Present Day Signed and Inscribed by Douglas Hyde and W.H. Grattan Flood
016931: APPELLOF, MARIAN - Typography 11: The Annual of the Type Directors Club Hardcover
009653: JOHN T.APPLEBY - John King of England Hardcover
010084: RICHARD AQUILA - The Iroquois Restoration Iroquois Diplomacy on the Colonial Frontier 1701-1754 Hardcover
015656: ALAN BOUCHER JON ARANASON - Mead Moondaughter and Other Icelandic Folk Tales Hardcover
006910: LUISA COGLIATI COGLIATI ARANO - The Medieval Health Handbook
009994: THOMAS J.ARCHDEACON - New York City, 1664-1770 Conquest and Change Hardcover
015897: MONTREAL MUSEUM OF ARCHEOLOGY AND HISTORY - Archaeology and the Bible from King David to the Dead Sea Scrolls First Edition Montreal
012210: WILLIAM ARCHER - The Pirate's Progress a Short History of the U-Boat by William Archer
015404: GERARD D'ARCY - Portrait of the Grand Canal Transport Research Associates
007650: MARY RYAN D'ARCY - The Saints of Ireland Hardcover
009823: JOHN ARDAGH - Ireland and the Irish Portrait of a Changing Socierty
012978: JOHN ARDEN AND MARGARETTA D'ARCY - The Island of the Mighty
014479: JOHN ARDEN AND MARGARETTA D'ARCY - The Island of the Mighty a Play on a Traditional British Theme in Three Parts by John Arden with Margaretta D'Arcy
015477: ADAM ARDREY - Finding Merlin the Truth Behind the Legend of the Great Arthurian Mage Hardcover
016864: ADAM ARDREY - Finding Merlin the Truth Behind the Legend
015484: A. MARGARET ARENT - The Laxdoela Saga Translated from the Old Icelandic
012644: RENE YVAN LEFEBVRE D' ARGENCE - Essays of the Symposium of Chang Dai-Chien's Art (in Memory of Chang's 90th Birthday)
007972: ANNE ARMAND - Moyen Age XVI Siecle
010345: IAN ARMIT - Beyond the Brochs Changing Perspectives on the Atlantic Scottish Iron Age Hardcover
013961: IAN ARMIT - Celtic Scotland Hardcover
010871: GERRY & GEORGE ARMSTRONG - The Boat on the Hill a Tale of Cornwall
011642: ZELLA ARMSTRONG - Who Discovered America the Amazing Story of Madoc Hardcover
015580: DORSET ARMSTRONG - Arthuriana Volume 14 Number 4 Winter 2004
013796: HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Military Symbols Department of the Army Field Manual Fm 21-30
015713: CHRYSAVGI ARNAOUTOGLOU - Skyros Greek Traditional Architecture
007706: EDWIN LESTER ARNOLD INTRODUCTION SIR EDWARD ARNOLD - The Wonderfull Adventures of Phra the Phoenician Original 1927 Edition
416: BRUCE ARNOLD - A Concise History of Irish Art Hardcover
015359: MATTHEW ARNOLD - Essays in Criticism the Works of Matthew Arnold Volume III First Series
015373: CAITLIN UI ANLUAIN MARY ARRIGAN - Mac Datho Agus a Chu
007390: NANCY ARROWSMITH - A Field Guide to the Little People Hardcover
011666: EDITORS THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - The Middle Ages Treasures from the Cloisters and the Metropolitan Museum of Art
005844: SIR WILLIAM MAC ARTHUR - The Appin Murder and the Trial of James Stewart Hardcover
008615: BULLETIN BIBLIOGRAPHIQUE DE LA SOCIETE INTERNATIONALE ARTHURIENNE - Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society Vol XXXIV 1982
179: RABBI SHALOM ARUSH - In Forest Fields a Unique Guide to Personal Prayer Translated From The Hebrew Rabbi Lazer Brody
015504: JOANNE ASALA - Scandinavian Ghost Stories
007185: GEOFFREY ASHE - Camelot and the Vision of Albion Hardcover
016529: NORRIS J.LACY & GEOFFREY ASHE - The Arthurian Handbook Hardcover First Edition
016520: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Traveller's Guide to Arthurian Britain a Guide
007736: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Landscape of King Arthur Hardcover
010266: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Book of Prophecy from Ancient Greece to the Millennium First Edition Hardcover
005496: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Quest for Arthur's Britain Hardcover First Edition
009545: GEOFFREY ASHE - King Arthur the Dream of a Golden Age
008277: GEOFFREY ASHE - Kings and Queens of Early Britain First Edition Hardcover
005551: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Discovery of King Arthur Hardcover
016412: GEOFFREY ASHE - Merlin the Prophet and His History
016600: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Age of Arthur British Heritage Volume 19 Number 3 March 1998
016415: GEOFFREY ASHE - King Arthur's Avalon the Story of Glastonbury Hardcover
015600: MIKE ASHLEY - The Mammoth Book of King Arthur
650-: MIKE ASHLEY - The Camelot Chronicles
015593: MIKE ASHLEY - Arthurian Legends
470: MIKE ASHLEY - The Pendragon Chronicles Hardcover
015545: CHARLES ASHTON - Gweithiau Iolo Goch: Gyda Nodiadau Hanesyddol a Beirniadol Original 1896 Hardcover
016113: GRAHAM ASHTON - The Realm of King Arthur Rex Quondam Rex Futurus
017171: PENNSYLVANNIA GENERAL ASSEMBLY - The Pennsylvania Capitol a National Historic Landmark
009982: BERNARD ASSINIWI - The Beothuk Saga Hardcover
015907: NEW YORK STATE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION - Preliminary Sketch of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston New York Historical Association Vol. XI
007305: WOODSOCK ARTISTS ASSOCIATION - The Woodstock Festival Summer 1966
015572: FREYA ASWYNN - Leaves of Yggdrasil Runes Gods Magic Feminine Mysteries Folklore
011602: AZIZ S.ATIYA - The Crusade: Historiography and Bibliography
008460: R.J.C.ATKINSON - Stonehenge and Avebury and Neighbouring Monuments an Illustrated Guide
010469: A.A.ATTANASIO - Kingdom of the Grail
005191: TRANSLATED BY DONALD ATTWATER. - Hippolyte Delehaye Bollandis the Legends of the Saints Hardcover
015337: O.L AUBERT - Celtic Legends of Brittany
015239: JULIEN'S AUCTIONS - Hollywood Legends Julien's Auction Catalog Beverly Hills May, 2011 Full Color
013988: THOMAS L.KELLER HARTMANN VON AUE - Erec Hartmann Von Aue Hardcover
009085: HARTMANN VON AUE - Iwein Eine Erzahlung Von Hartmann Von Aue Mit Anmerkungen Con G.F. Benecke Und K. Lachmann
012088: LOUIS C.JONES ERWIN H.AUSTIN - Spooks of the Valley Ghost Stories for Boys and Girls Signed by Author and Artist Hardcover
016407: NATHAN AUSUBEL - A Treasury of Jewish Folklore Stories, Traditions, Legends, Humor, Wisdom and Folk Songs of the Jewish People Hardcover
009873: CHINESE AUTHOR - Practical Chinese Reader Elementary Reader Book II
016369: RICHARD AVENT - Cestyll Tywysogion Gwynedd: Castles of the Princes of Gwynedd
013223: JOHN MCILWAIN NICK AVERY - King Arthur's Labyrinth/ Labrinth Y Brenin Arthur
013002: ALAN AXELROD - Chronicle of the Indian Wars from Colonial Times to Wounded Knee Hardcover
016785: ROGER L.NICHOLS EDITED PRISCILLA K.BUFFALOHEAD, DANIEL K.RICHTER, JAMES AXTELL AND WILLIAM C.STURTEVANT, JAMES H.MERRELL - Farmers, Warriors, Traders: A Fresh Look at Ojibwa Women the American Indian Past and Present
012229: W.E.AYTOUN - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers Original 1866 Hardcover
011280: ANDREAS BACKER - Til Fjells
016120: GEORGES BACON - Recherches Amerindiennes Au Quebec Vol. II Nos. 4- 5 Novembre 1972 Ecoute, Listen
016856: PETER BADGE - Coracles of the World
016403: NORA STEIN VON BADITZ - Aus Michaels Wirken Eine Legendensammlung Hardcover
013449: RICHARD N.BAILEY - Viking Age Sculpture Hardcover
011256: JACQUES LE BAILLY - Heroique Et Tenebreuse Ira
008529: BERNARD BAILYN AND PHILIP D.MORGAN EDITED - Strangers Within the Realm Cultural Margins of the First British Empire Hardcover
914: GEORGE BAIN - Celtic Art the Methords of Construction Spirals Original Oblong Glasgow Edition
005277: JAMES LEITH MACBETH BAIN - The Lady Sheila and Other Celtic Memorabilia from Stronaclachan Hardcover
016704: JAMES USSHER EDIED H.KENDRA BAKER - Glastonbury Traditions Concerning Joseph of Arimathea Being a Translation from the Latin by H. Kendra Baker of the Second Chapter of Britannicarum Ecclesiarum Antiquitates of James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland Published at Dublin in 1639 with the Original Footnotes Original 1930 First Edition
009999: MARGARET BAKER - Folklore and Customs of Rural England Hardcover
012612: MICHAEL BAKER - The Mountain and the Summer Stars an Old Tale Newly Ended
017010: SISTER IMOGENE BAKER - The King's Household in the Arthurian Court from Geoffrey of Monmouth to Malory
015089: JAMES BALDWIN - The Evidence of Things Not Seen Hardcover
010684: NEIL BALDWIN - Legends of the Plumed Serpent Biography of a Mexican God Hardcover
016830: CHRIS CUDNEY WRITTEB JOSH BALL - Mental Symphony Poetry of Reason Written by Chris Cudney Illustrated
012295: AUSTRALIAN BALLADS - Bandicoot Ballads Numbers 9-16 Australian Songs Original 1958 Edition
013371: RICHARD BALTHAZAR - Remember Native America the Earthworks of Ancient America
013894: BERNARD J.BAMBERGER - Fallen Angels Jewish Angel Lore
009831: MICHAEL BANIM - The Croppy a Tale of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 by the O'Hara Family Original 1865 Boston Hardcover
014674: RUSSELL BANKS - The Darling Signed First Edition
006980: LYNNE REID BANKS - The Return of the Indian First Edition Hardcover
009751: THEODORE HOWARD BANKS JR. - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
361: THEODORE HOWARD BANKS JR. - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
014831: JOHN BANNERMAN - Studies in the History of Dalriada Hardcover
017226: MARIUS BARBEAU - Huron-Wyandot Traditional Narratives in Translations and Native Texts
009189: MARIUS BARBEAU - Indian Days on the Western Prairies
015800: MARIUS BARBEAU - The Tree of Dreams Hardcover
015854: MARIUS BARBEAU - Pathfinders in the North Pacific Hardcover
014912: RICHARD BARBER - King Arthur Hero and Legend ( Hardcover)
017138: RICHARD BARBER - The Figure of Arthur Hardcover
011714: RICHARD BARBER - Arthur Tristan the Holy Grail Legends of King Arthur Three Volume Folio Boxed Hardcover Set
006523: RICHARD BARBER - Arthurian Literature XI
695: RICHARD BARBER - King Arthur Hero and Legend
011491: RICHARD BARBER - The Holy Grail Imagination and Belief
011052: ELIZABETH WAYLAND BARBER - The Mummies of Urumchi
006021: RICHARD BARBER AND JULIET BARKER - Tournaments Jousts Chivalry and Pageants in the Middle Ages Hardcover
016127: RICHARD BARBER - The Arthurian Legends an Illustrated Anthology Hardcover
013823: CESAR VALLEJO TRANSLATED CLAYTON ESHLEMAN & JOSE RUBIA BARCIA - Sparrow 65 Battles in Spain Five Unpublished Poems by Cesar Vallejo Febuary 1978
016759: THOMAS M.BARKER AND PAUL R.HUEY - The 1776-1777 Northern Campaign of the American War for Independece and Their Sequels Contempoary Maps of Mainly German Original First Edition Hardcover
008424: JIM FREEDMAN & JEROME H BARKOW - Proceedings of the Second Congress Canadian Ethnology Society Volume One "the Windigo Down East, or the Taming of the Windigo" Canadian Ethnology Service Paper No. 28 National Museum of Man Mercury Series
006211: ALBERTO VARVARO TRANSLATED BY JOHN C.BARNES - Beroul's Romance of Tristran Hardcover
011680: F.A. BARNES - Canyon County Prehistoric Rock Art by F. A Barnes
014509: RONALD BARNES - Great Legends of Wales
007421: BERTHA BARNES - Daniel Boone
011097: T.RATCLIFFE BARNETT - The Road to Rannoch and the Summer Isles Hardcover
010998: LEN BARNHART - Reign of the Dead (First Edition)
013292: JEANNETTE MEISEL BARON - Steeled by Adversity Essays and Addresses on American Jewish Life Slipcase
011472: ALMON W. LAUBER SAMUEL TALLMADGE JOHN BARR - Orderly Books of the Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780 the Second New York Regiment 1780-1783 with Diaries by Samuel Tallmadge
011042: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - Mediaeval Germany 911-1250 Hardcover
005515: SIR WILLIAM BARRETT AND THEODORE BESTERMAN - The Divining Rod an Experimental and Psychological Investigation Hardcover
017117: W.R.J. BARRON AND S.C. WEINBERG EDITED AND TRANSLATED - Layamon's Arthur the Arthurian Section of Layamon's Brut (Lines 9229 - 14297) Edition and Translation Hardcover First Edition
016009: W.R.J. BARRON - Trawthe and Treason the Sin of Gawain Reconsidered Hardcover
008394: T.A. BARRON - The Mirror of Merlin Book Four the Lost Years of Merlin Hardcover First Edition
008958: SARAH F.BARROW, PH.D - The Medieval Society Romances Hardcover
013625: RICHARD CARMAN ROLFE EDITOR FRANK PATTERSON MILLICENT D. STOW HENRIETTA J.BARROW - The Magazine of Old Glass Volume 1 July,1938 Number. 2 Duck Hunting Fran Patterson
014248: ELLA YOUNG MAJORIE BARROWS - Ardan's Pooka and Ballor's Son Goes Riding the Children's Hour Two Irish Fairy Tales by Ella Young Original 1953 Hardcover
006169: ANNE LLEWELLYN BARSTOW - Witchcraze a New History of the European Witch Hunts Hardcover
360: DONALD BARTHELME - The King Hardcover First Edition
016078: BARTHOLOMEW - The Tartan Map with List of Septs of the Clans
010949: EDITED T.W. BURKE RACHEL BROMWICH ERIC HAMP P.C.BARTRUM - Excavations at Pant Sychbant, Penderyn the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Volume XXII Part 1 November 1966
010038: ARMAND BASCHET - Le Roi Chez la Reine Ou Histoire Secrete Du Mariage de Louis XIII
013888: RICHARD M.CANDEE PETER BENES BENN M.FORMAN CHARLES F.BATCHELDER - Old Time New England a Documentary History of Plymouth Colony Architecture 1620-1700 Bulletin of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities Complete Year 1968 Merchant and Millwright the Water Powered Sawmills of the Piscatqua
015951: JOSEPH D.BATES, JR - How to Find Fish and Make Them Strike Hardcover
013401: BRIAN BATES - The Way of Wyrd Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer Hardcover
017277: DAVID BATES AND ROBERT LIDDLARD - East Anglia and Its North Sea World in the Middle Ages Hardcover
014348: JOHN HURT FISHER EDITED NORMAN E. ELLASON FRANCIS JOSEPH BATTAGLIA - Two Old English Scop Poems Pmla June 1966 Volume LXXXI Number 3
007600: ROBERT BAUDRY - Graal Et Litteratures D'Aujourd 'Hui Ou Les Echos de la Legende Du Graal Dans la Litterature Francaise Contemporaine
010243: HENRY H.BAUER - The Enigma of Loch Ness Making Sense of a Mystery
005350: ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS FOREWORD ALBERT C. BAUGH - Studies in Medieval Literature a Memorial Collection of Essays Hardcover
008117: MICHAEL BAUGHMAN - Mohawk Blood a Native American Quest Hardcover
008940: LEWIS E. NICHOLSON EDITED J.R.R.TOLKIEN KEMP MALONE C.L.WRENN R.E.KASKE M.L.ROGERS PAULL F.BAUM - An Anthology of Beowulf Criticism 'the Monsters and the Critics' J.R. R. Tolkien
010632: PETER BAYLEY WILLIAMS RICHARD BAXTER - Tragywyddol Orphwysfar Saint
015283: KATHARINE SCHUYLER BAXTER - A God Child of Washington a Picture of the Past Original Hardcover
005860: CARL F. BAYERSCHMIDT AND LEE M. HOLLANDER - Njal's Saga Translated from the Old Icelandic with Introduction and Notes Hardcover First Edition
007930: MARIE BAYNE - Fairy Tales from Erin's Isle
016233: TODD S. BEALL - Josephus Description of the Essenes Illustrated by the Dead Dea Scrolls Hardcover
013417: WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP - Moravian Journals Relating to Central New York 1745-66 Original First Edition Hardcover
005039: JOHNNY BEAUVAIS - Kahnawake a Mohawk Look at Canada Hardcover Signed and Inscribed by Mohawk Author
008263: MARY GIRAUDO BECK - Shamans and Kushtakas North Coast Tales of the Supernatural
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974: MOLLY COCHRAN AND WARREN MURPHY - The Forever King Hardcover First Edition
012615: JAMES HUTCHISON COCKBURN - The Celtic Church in Dunblane Original Hardcover
971: KATHRYN MARIE COCQUYT - The Celtic Heart
006398: JAMES M.CODY - Translations of Ancient Irish Poetry the Greenfield Review Vol 9 Numbers 3-4 Winter 1981-1982
014405: MICHAEL D.COE - Final Report an Archeologist Excavates His Past Hardcover First Edition
012916: MICHAEL D.COE AND ELIZABETH P.BENSON - Three Maya Relief Panels at Dumbarton Oaks
008525: GEORGE COFFEY - Guide to the Celtic Antiquities of the Christian Period in the National Museum Dublin Royal Irish Academy Collection Original 1910 Hardcover
012564: GEORGE COFFEY - New Grange and Other Incised Tumuli in Ireland
014593: RONAN COGHLAN - Dictionary of Irish Myth and Legend
013408: RONAN COGHLAN. - The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends
016705: WENDELL TRIPP EDITOR DAVID STEVEN COHEN, OLIVER A.RINK, HOWARD ALEXANDER MORRISON - The People of New Netherland: Notes on Non-English Immigration to New York in the Seventeeth Century New York History Volume LXII Number 1 January 1981
014449: MADELEINE K.ALBRIGHT WILLIAM S.COHEN - Preventing Genocide a Bluepoint for U.S. Policymakers
007405: EMIL BERNHARD COHN - Stories and Fantasies from the Jewish Past Hardcover
013881: LIAM MAC COIL - An Claiomh Solais
015557: SALLY J. COLE - Legacy on Stone Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau and Four Corners Region
014784: LOREN COLEMAN - Mysterious America the Revised Edition
012155: JOHN COLES - Archaeology by Experiment Hardcover
005777: EDITED J.M.COLES AND D.D.A.SIMPSON - Studies in Ancient Europe Essays Presented to Stuart Piggott
008392: GERALD S.HAWKIN IN COLLABORATION WITH JOHN B.WHITE - Stonehenge Decoded First Edition Hardcover
009159: EDGAR A. COLLARD - Montreal the Days That Are No More Hardcover First Edition
016252: JEREMIAH CURTIN COLLECTED AND EDITED - Seneca Indian Myths Original 1922 Hardcover
009382: MYLES DILLON COLLECTED AND TRANSLATED - There Was a King in Ireland Five Tales from the Oral Tradition
010029: ERNESTO WOLF COLLECTION - Early Glass of the Ancient World
015420: W.J.TOWNSEND COLLINS - Tales from the New Mabinogion First Edition Hardcover
016213: EDITORS LADY DOROTHY LOWRY-CORRY A.E.P. COLLINS - A Newly Discovered Statue at the Church Om White Island, County Fermanagh Ulster Journal of Archaeology Volume 22 Third Series 1959
012069: ANDREW COLLINS - Twenty-First Century Grail the Quest for a Legend Hardcover
015349: JOHN COLLIS - The European Iron Age Hardcover
013362: MARK G.SHEFFIELD LIEUTENANT COLONEL, INFANTRY U.S.ARMY - The Fort That Never Was a Discussion of the Revolutionary War Fortifications Built on Constitution Island, 1775-1783
007282: CHRISTIANE LESCH ILLUSTRATED BRETON TALE FULL COLOR - Peronnik a French Fairy Tale of the Grail Quest Hardcover
014447: PADRAIC COLUM - The King of Ireland's Son Color Illustrated by Willy Pogany Hardcover
339: PADRAIC COLUM - The Island of the Mighty Being the Hero Stories of Celtic Britain Retold from the Mabinogion First Edition Hardcover
615: PADRAIC COLUM - The Stone of Victory and Other Tales of Padraic Colum Hardcover
006984: PADRAIC COLUM - A Treasury of Irish Folklore the Stories, Traditions, Legends, Humor, Wisdom, Ballads and Songs of the Irish People
007170: MARY COLUM - Life and the Dream First Edition Hardcover
006435: COLM O'LAOGHAIRE HILARY PYLE MONK GIBBON PADRAIC COLUM - The Mystique of Robert Flaherty the Dubliner Summer
007350: ALAN DENSON PADRAIC COLUM - Printed Writings by George W. Russell (Ae) a Bibliography Hardcover
007238: PADRAIC COLUM - The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes Hardcover
005778: PADRAIC COLUM - Moytura a Play for Dancers Hardcover
007090: JAMES STRACHAN COMMENTARY - Pictures from a Mediaeval Bible
014540: U.S.DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - Atlantic Coast Cape Cod to Sandy Hook with Supplement United States Coast Pilot 2 Hardcover
008180: NEW YORK STATE FREEDOM TRAIN COMMISSION - Official Document Book New York State Freedom Train Hardcover
009044: JOHN LYNCH ARCHBISHOP OF TUAM IRISH MANUSCRIPYS COMMISSION - The Life of Francis Kirwan Bishop of Killala by John Lynch Pii Antistitis Icon Hardcover First Edition
016632: SUTRA TRANSLATION COMMITTEE - The Buddhist Liturgy
015921: LUCIS PUBLISHING COMPANY - Thirty Years Work the Books of Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khuk
010602: PHOTO-ELECTROTYPE ENGRAVING COMPANY - Antique Views of Ye Towne of Boston Original 1882 Hardcover
016965: BO ALMQVIST COMPILED AND EDITED - Crossing the Border a Sampler of Irish Migratory Legends About the Supernatural a Symposium
015624: DAVID COMYN - The Youthful Exploits of Fionn Original 1898 Hardcover
015966: MAVERICK SUNDAY CONCERTS - Maverick Sunday Concerts 1916-19990 the 75th Anniversary Book and Progrmaverick Concertsam
017230: CONLETH MANNING EDITED TOM CONDIT AND GABRIEL COONEY - Glanworth a Medieval Castle, Friary and Town in County Cork Archaeology Heritage Guide No. 9
006891: MARY CONDREN - The Serpent and the Goddess
006008: MICHAEL GREATREX CONEY - King of the Scepter'd Isle Hardcover
016672: JAN SHELDON CONLEY - The Battle of Fort Montgomery a Short History
011761: DEAN SWIFT JOHN PHILIPOT CURRAN FATHER O'LEARY DANIEL O'CONNELL - Irish Wit and Humor Anecdote Biography of Swift Curran O'Leary and O'Connell Original 1878 Hardcover
013740: GERALD O'CONNELL - The Burren a Guide Text and Fold out Map
014524: K.H.CONNELL - Irish Peasant Society Four Historical Essays
005148: ZACK BOWEN EDITED JOHN HENRY RALEIGH DEBORAH BYRD MANTELL JAMES CARENS THOMAS T.CONNOLLY - Irish Renaissance Annual II Leopold Bloom: Joyce's Loveless Irishman, or Everlasting Caricture of the Serious World Six James Joyce Essays Hardcover
016290: FRANK O'CONNOR - A Short History of Irish Literature a Backward Look Hardcover
150: JOHN O'CONNOR - Amadis de Gaule and Its Influence on Elizabethan Literature
013442: MAJOR G.B.O'CONNOR - Stuart Ireland Catholic and Puritan First Irish Edition Hardcover
009476: TRANSLATED BY FRANK O'CONNOR - Kings, Lords, & Commons an Anthology from the Irish Hardcover
012364: ULICK O'CONNOR - The Times I'Ve Seen Oliver St. John Gogarty a Biography
1098: NIGEL HESELTINE FRANK O'CONNOR - Dafydd Ap Gwilym Selected Poems Cuala Press Hardcover
016076: NORREYS JEPHSON O'CONOR - Battles and Enchantments Retold from Early Gaelic Literature
014316: NICK CONSTABLE - Ancient Ireland
008777: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT CHARLES THOMAS CONSULTANT - The Search for King Arthur Hardcover
012681: JOAN CONWAY - The Temple of Jerusalem Hardcover
005046: HELENE CONWAY - The End Is the Beginning Hardcover
781605986112: EUGENE ALFRED CONWELL - Discovery of the Tomb of Ollamh Fodhla Original 1873 Hardcover Ireland's Famous Monarch And Law-Maker Upwards Of Three Thousand Years Ago
008858: DAVID POWER CONYNGHAM - The Irish Brigade and It's Campaigns Hardcover
016321: FREDERICK COOK - Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779
008217: ALBERT S.COOK AND CHAUNCEY B.TINKER EDITED - Select Translations from Old English Poetry Hardcover
016698: DAVID COOK - Castles of Wales and the Welsh Marches the Pitkin Guide
005868: GRACE & IVAN COOKE - The Light in Britain
015814: ARDIST COOPER JR. - Every Tub Sits on Its Own Bottom the True Story of a Very Unlikely Boy Who Chose Not to Accept Reality As His Destiny Signed and Inscribed
014221: SUSAN COOPER - The Grey King Hardcover Third U.S. Edition
016780: JOHN H.COOPER - Beothuk Origins Neara Monograph
009659: LORD COOPER - Supra Crepidam Presidential Addresses Delivered to the Scottish History Society Solar Eclipses and the Scottish Chronicles
008729: SUSAN COOPER - The Boggart
014216: D. JASON COOPER - Mithras Mysteries and Initiation Rediscovered
017208: DAVID A. COOPERSON - The Holocaust Lessons on Compassionate Parenting and Child Corporal Punishment
017135: EDIED HENRY CHARLES COOTE, JOHN FENTON, J.B.ANDREWS, REV.J.LONG, JAMES BRITTEN, J.S.UDAL - The Folk-Lore Record Vol. III. Part I Stories from Mentone Catskin: The English and Irish Peau Danne, Christmas Mummers in Dorsetshire Original 1880 Hardcover Edition
013270: LOUIS JACOBS TRANSLATED FROM THE HEBREW RABBI MOSES CORDOVERO - The Palm Tree of Deborah Rabbi Moses Cordovero First Edition Hardcover
016944: ROBERT J. CORLEY - Cherokee Photography by David G. Fitzgerald Hardcover
015979: CORIN CORLEY - Lancelot of the Lake a New Translation
009271: CAROL CORNELIUS - Iroquois Corn in a Culture Based Curriculum a Framework for Respectfully Teaching About Cultures
005317: BERNARD CORNWELL - Enemy of God a Novel of Arthur First Edition Hardcover
006481: THE ISRAEL GOVERNMENT TOURIST CORPORATION - The Holy Land in Ancient Maps Eight Tipped in Color Maps
014690: DONNCHA O'CORRAIN - Ireland Before the Normans the Gill History of Ireland
015992: ROBERT HIERONIMUS LAURA CORTNER - Founding Fathers Secret Societies Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and the Decoding of the Great Seal
014785: EVA MARCH TAPPAN FANNY Y.CORY - Old Ballads in Prose Illustrated by Fanny Y. Cory
581: MONICA COSENS - Tales and Legends of Ireland Hardcover
011678: MADELEINE PELNER COSMAN - Fabulous Feasts Medieval Cookery and Ceremony
009787: M.CRISTINA COSTA - L'Antico Delle Notarie Nel Castrum Di Reggio Emilia
014364: PATRICE R.ROISMAN G. ALEXANDER IRVING JOHN LEFEVER BIB STEUDING TERESA MARTA COSTA - Woodstock Occult Seasoner 79 Legend and Lore in the Catskill Region
017160: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DE COSTA - Inventio Fortunata Arctic Exploration with an Account of Nicholas of Lynn
007383: PETER COSTELLO. - In Search of Lake Monsters Hardcover
011002: PATRICK COTHIAS - Les Heros Cavalier the Heroic Knights of the Round Table
534: LEONARD COTTRELL. - A Guide to Roman Britain Hardcover
011108: JOHN COULTER - Turf Smoke on Manhattan a Fable of Two Countries
009891: G.G.COULTON - Ten Medieval Studies Side Lights on the Franciscans
010185: G.G.COULTON - Side-Light on the Franciscans Medieval Studies (First Series) Includes Long Seperate Hand Written Letter with Three Appendices Inscribed by the Author G.G. Coulton
006564: TOWN HISTORIANS WESTCHESTER COUNTY - Historical Records North Castle New Castle Colonial History and Minutes of Town Meetings 1736-1791
012819: EVELYN COWAN - Spring Remembered a Scottish Jewish Childhood
006781: ELIZABETH COXHEAD - Lady Gregory a Literary Portrait
007219: MAURICE CRAIG - The Personality of Leinster
011114: REV.A.D.CRAKE - The Last Abbot of Glastonbury a Tale of the Dissolution of the Monasteries Original 1910 Hardcover
767: PATRICK CRAMPTON - Stonehenge of the Kings
016666: NICHOLAS CRANE - Mercator the Man Who Mapped the Planet
014976: ROBERT H.BYINGTON KENNETH S.GOLDSTEIN EDITED SAMUEL P. BAYARD MACEDWARD LEACH HIRAM CRANMER - Two Penny Ballads and Four Dollar Whiskey a Pennsylvania Folklore Miscellany "King Arthur's Tomb Told by Hiram Cranmer Hardcover
120: DOUGLAS HYDE (AN CRAOIBHIN) - The Children of Tuireann the Third of the Three Sorrows or Pities of Story-Telling Original 1941 Edition
009073: AN CRAOIBIN - Sgeuluide Fior Na Seactmaine Hardcover
016476: EDITED BARBARA E.CRAWFORD - Conversion and Christianity in the North Sea World
011757: JOHN MARTIN CRAWFORD - The Kalevala the Epic of Finland Into English Two Volume Hardcover Set
011695: THOMAS CRAWFORD - Society and the Lyric a Study of Thr Song Culture of Eighteenth Century Scotland
005213: O.G.S.CRAWFORD, ILLUSTRATED BY PHOTOS - Archaeology in the Field
015850: BARBARA E.CRAWFORD - Northern Isles Connections Essays from Orkney & Shetland Presented to Per Sveaas Anderson Limited Edition Hardcover
006280: O.G.S.CRAWFORD AND ROLAND AUSTIN EDITED IORWERTH C.PEATE STUART PIGGOTT CECIL MOWBRAY - Eastern Influences on Carvings at St. Andrews and Nigg, Scotland Antiquity December 1936 Vol. X No. 40
014347: JOHN HURT FISHER EDITED HOWARD M. JONES ROBERT P.CREED - The Pigmy and the Giant Pmla March 1966 Vol. LXXXI Number 1 a New Approach to the Rhythm of Beowulf
008376: HELEN CREIGHTON - A Life in Folklore Helen Creighton Hardcover
015339: WILLIAM MATTHEWS ROBERT L. KINDRICK MICHELLE R. CREPEAU - Arthuriana Volume 7 Number 1 Spring 1997 Special Issue William Matthews on Caxton and Malory
005704: PAUL CRESWICK - King Arthur the Story of the Round Table Hardcover
010168: W.S.CROCKETT - The Scott Country
016429: DAIBHI O'CROININ - Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200 (Hardcover)
010527: EDITED TOBY BARNARD, DAIBHI O'CROININ AND KATHARINE SIMMS - A Miracle of Learning Studies in Manuscripts and Irish Learning Essays in Honour of William O'Sullivan
016170: DAIBHI O' CROININ - Early Irish History and Chronology Hardcover
006744: ARNAUD DE LA CROIX - Sur Les Routes Du Moyen Age
1033: T. CROFTON CROKER. - Killamey Legends Original 1853 Hardcover
233: T.CROFTON CROKER - Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland Original 1902 Hardcover
010088: ANNE ELIOT CROMPTON - Percival's Angel Author of Merlin's Harp First American Edition
ABE-240028: ANNE ELIOT CROMPTON - Merlin's Harp First Edition Hardcover
007119: ANNE ELLIOT CROMPTON - Gawain and Lady Green a Novel
016641: ANNE ELIOT CROMPTON - Merlin's Harp
012359: MIKE CRONIN AND DARYL ADAIR - The Wearing of the Green a History of Saint Patrick's Day First Edition Hardcover
016373: MERLIN G. MYERS FOREWORD FRED EGGAN AFTERWORD BY M.SAM CRONK - Households and Families of the Longhouse Iroquois at Six Nations Reserve Hardcover
009341: JAMES E.CRONON - The Diary of Elihu Hubbard Smith (1771-1798) Hardcover
015386: TOM PEETE CROSS AND C.H. SLOVER - Ancient Irish Tales Hardcover
012699: ERIC CROSS - Silence Is Golden and Other Stories
014911: TOM PEETE CROSS AND WILLIAM A NITZE - Lancelot and Guinevere a Study on the Origins of Courtly Romance Original 1930 Hardcover
013334: RUSSEL CROUSE - Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives a Note on Their Lives and Times Hardcover
010825: C.G CRUICKSHANK - The English Occupation of Tournai 1513-1519 Hardcover
015708: T. PATRICK CULBERT - The Ceramic History of the Central Highlands of Chiapas Mexico
014211: EDWARD CULLETON - Celtic and Early Christian Wexford Hardcover
014707: W.A. CUMMINS - The Age of the Picts
010793: W.A.CUMMINS - King Arthur's Place in Prehistory Hardcover
017002: W.A.CUMMINS - The Picts and Their Symbols Hardcover
007595: W.A.CUMMINS - The Age of the Picts Hardcover
645-: TOM CUNLIFFE - Topsails & Battleaxe a Voyage in the Wake of the Vikings
772: BARRY CUNLIFFE - The Celtic World First Edition Hardcover
014886: JOHN HAYWOOD BARRY CUNLIFFE - Atlas of the Celtic World Hardcover
005876: BARRY CUNLIFFE - Danebury Anatomy of an Iron Age Hillfort Hardcover
005562: EDITED BARRY CUNLIFFE - Iron Age Communities in Britain an Account of England, Scotland and Wales from the 7th Century B.C. Until the Roman Conquest
007083: BARRY CUNLIFFE - The Ancient Celts
017065: BARRY CUNLIFFE - The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek: The Man Who Discovered Britain Hardcover
013897: A.D.CUNNINGHAM - Tales of Rannoch
011065: ALAN CUNNINGHAM - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns Huge 1920 Hardcover
013734: FRANCIS XAVIER CUNNINGHAM - A Huge Happy Pageant Irish Short Stories
013905: A.D.CUNNINGHAM - A History of Rannoch
015230: ALVARO CUNQUEIRO - Merlin and Company (from the Spanish Merli E Familia I Outras Historias
015255: BOB CURRAN - The Truth About the Leprechaun
012745: JANE LOUISE CURRY - The Sleepers First American Edition Hardcover
014311: JEREMIAH CURTIN - Myths and Folk-Lore of Ireland Hardcover
014086: RENEE L.CURTIS - Tristan Studies the Abatement of the Magic in Beroul's Tristan
008305: EDMUND CURTIS - A History of Ireland Original Hardcover
010552: R. CECIL CURWEN - Prehistoric Sussex
013901: THE NUN OF KENMARE C.F. CUSACK - The Illustrated History of Ireland from 400 A.D. To 1800 A.D. Hardcover
009247: RICHARD CARDINAL CUSHING - Saint Patrick and the Irish
005985: E.L.CUTTS - Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages Original 1926 Hardcover
017056: GWYN WILLIAMS TRANSLATED WILLIAM CYNWAL - In Defence of Woman by William Cynwal a Welsh Poem the Golden Cockerel Press
016603: DONALD L.CYR - King Arthur's Crystal Cave Stonehenge Viewpoint
014981: DONALD L.CYR - Chinese Visitors to King Arthur's Court" King Arthur's Crystal Cave
015587: DONALD CYR - Glastonbury Treasures
013797: MARGARY IVAN D. - Roman Roads in Britain Vol. I. South of the Foss Way Vol. II. North of the Foss Way Two Hardcovers
ABE-233456: W.HOWSHIP DICKINSON M.D. - King Arthur in Cornwall First Edition1900 Hardcover
009628: WALTER ADDISON JAYNE M.D. - The Healing Gods of Ancient Civilizations Hardcover
012286: BAYNES E NEIL EDMONDES OWEN REV.D - The Megalithic Remains of Anglesey the Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1910-11 Original 1912 First Edition
017047: SAMUEL DAICHES - Babylonian Oil Magic in the Talmud in the Later Jewish Literature Original 1913 Edition
013544: ALICE DALGLIESH - The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Newbery Honor Book
013919: TERENCE DALLEY - The Complete Guide to Illustration and Design Techniques and Materials Hardcover
014048: JOHN O'DALY - Fenian Poems Transactions of the Ossianic Society for the Year 1858 Original 1861 Hardcover
013866: DAVID A.WILSON GUY BEINER ANGELA BOURKE MARY E. DALY - The Fenians in Montreal 1862-68 Invasion Intrigue and Assassination Eire-Ireland XXXVIII III & IV Fall/ Winter 2003
016494: RAYMOND VAN DAM - Leadership and Community in Late Antique Gaul Hardcover
015347: MICHAEL DAMES - Taliesin's Travels
008346: MICHAEL DAMES - The Avebury Cycle First Edition Hardcover
012240: GERAINT JENKINS CAOIMHIN O'DANACHAIR - Representations of Houses on Some Irish Maps of C. 1600 Studies in Folk Life Essays in Honour of Iorwerth C. Peate
006354: KEVIN DANAHER - Folktales of the Irish Countyside Hardcover
007193: GEORGE DANGERFIELD - The Damnable Question One Hundred and Twenty Years of Anglo-Irish Conflict Hardcover
1085: T.G.E. POWELL GLYN DANIEL - The Celts Ancient Peoples and Places
739: T.G.E. POWELL & G.E. DANIEL - Barclodiad Y Gawres: The Excavation of a Megalithic Chamber Tomb in Anglesey Original 1956 Hardcover
017029: KATHLEEN ROWLANDS EDITED THOMAS E. DANIELS - Vermont Indians by Thomas E. Daniels
016490: KEN DARK - Britain and the End of the Roman Empire Hardcover
011367: EDITORS JOHN NAYLOR IMOGEN WELLINGTON OTAR LORDKIPANIDZE PETRA DARK AND HENRY GENT - Oxford Journal of Archaeology Volume 20 No. 1 Febuary 2001 York and It's Region in the Eighth and Ninth Centuries Ad: An Archaeological Study
016764: K.R.DARK - Britain and the End of the Roman Empire Hardcover

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