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140911: - The Life of the Venerable Joseph Benedict Cottolengo
141093: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea I, Volume 1
110698: - Military Uniforms Visual Encyclopedia.
141098: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea X, Volume 17
141102: - Catholic Record Society: The English Franciscan Nuns 1619-1821 and the Friars Minor of the Same Province 1618-1761, Volume 24
107010: - Le Visage Vert: Anthologie Fantastique No. 6.
141099: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea XI, Volume 19
110209: - Pick-Me-Up Vol. XXIV No. 621 August 25 1900.
141096: - Catholic Record Society: The Diary of the 'Blue Nuns' or Order of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, at Paris. 1658-1810, Volume 8
120068: - Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina
122948: - The Caves of the Earth: Their Natural History, Features, and Incidents/Mines and Mining.
122747: - Documents Historiques: Correspondance Echangee Entre Les Autorites Francaises Et Les Gouverneurs Et Intendants: Vol. I [Complete].
106932: - Sixpenny Wonderfuls: 6d Gems from the Past.
110211: - Pick-Me-Up Vol. XXIV No. 620 August 18 1900.
110210: - Pick-Me-Up Vol. XXIV No. 622 September 1 1900.
141095: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea IV, Volume 4
120062: - Word and Spirit: A Monastic Review: In Honor of Saint Basil the Great
120063: - Word and Spirit: A Monastic Review: Christology
120064: - Word and Spirit: A Monastic Review - St. Bede: A Tribute
141094: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea III, Volume 3
24742: - The Royal Family in Wartime.
130273: - English Music [1604 to 1904]: Being the Lectures Given at the Music Exhibition of the Worshipful Company O Musicians
122757: - Arte Moderno En Mexico: Siglos XIX Y XX.
122620: - E Kaine Diatheke: Text with Critical Apparatus.
141101: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea XII, Volume 22
112018: - Childs Prayerbook: Instructions and Prayers for Catholic Children.
122826: - The Holy Bible.
110932: - The American Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1862.
112841: - The Pamunkey Indians of Virginia.
130265: - Bill Arp So Called: A Side Show of the Southern Side of the War
141262: - Catechism of the Catholic Church
132171: - Pii Affetti Per Visitare Con Spirito Di Religione la S. Casa Di Loreto
122633: - Controversy between Rev. Messrs. Hughes and Breckenridge on the Subject "Is the Protestant Religion the Religion of Christ?
140905: - Report of the Nineteenth Eucharistic Congress, Held at Westminster from 9th to 13th September 1908
45608: - Historical and Philosophical Memoirs of Pius the Sixth.
122631: - St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York.
65516: - Ethics of the Businessman.
27286: - The Romance of Tristan and Iseult.
27009: - The Nato Handbook.
28240: - Selected Poems of Thomas Walsh.
44623: - The Life of the Venerable Mother Mary de Sales Chappuis of the Order of the Visitation Holy Mary 1793-1875.
28248: - From the Four Winds: Selected Poems of "Spirit," a Magazine of Poetry.
28202: - The Poems of Eugene Field: Complete Edition.
24950: - Der Grosse Herder: Nachschlagewerk Fur Wissen Und Leben [Complete Set].
47130: - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 43, Part II.
61569: - Man and Philosophy: German Opinion on Problems of Today.
42896: - Bulletin de Litterature Liturgique.
42946: - Collectio Decretum Ad Sacram Liturgiam Spectantium Ab Anno 1927 Ad Annum 1946.
43107: - Kyriale Seu Ordinarium Missae: Missa Pro Defunctis Toni Communes Missae.
43165: - Collectio Benedictionum, Instructionum Et Precum Sanctae Apostolicae Sedis Auctoritate.
43200: - Preces Et Pia Opers, Indulgentiis Ditata Ab a 1899 Ad a 1928.
43601: - Praxis Synodalis: Manuale Synodi Diocesanae Ac Provincialis Celebrandae.
43760: - Codicis Iuris Canonici Interpretationes Authenticae.
43736: - Canonical Legislation Concerning Religious.
44073: - Memorial Volume of the Centenary of St. Mary's Seminary of St. Sulpice, Baltimore, Md.
44195: - Festschrift Zum Silbernen Jubilaum Des Leo-Hauses.
71158: - Religion and Aging: The Behavioral and Social Sciences Look at Religion and Aging.
62611: - Memorial J. Chaine.
70791: - Proceedings of the 25th Meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Charities: August 6-9, 1939.
71142: - Conference Papers: 1906.
70785: - The Mission Apostolate.
39037: - Neutestamentliche Abhandlungen, Vol. 19, #3-5.
70288: - Programmes of Sermons and Instructions.
71128: - Manual of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
70015: - Sermons by the Fathers of the Congregation of St. Paul the Apostle in New York [Vol. VI].
70954: - The School Question: Catholics and Education.
70663: - Guida Delle Missioni Cattoliche.
39039: - Neutestamentliche Abhandlungen, Vol. 20, #1-5.
71428: - Vie de Mme. D'Youville.
39040: - Neutestamentliche Abhandlungen, Vol. 21, #1-4.
71536: - Saint Vincent de Paul: A Tercentenary Commemoration of His Death, 1660-1960.
71677: - Declaration on Religious Freedom.
71712: - Mass Means of Communication.
71705: - Sacrosancti Oecumienici Concilii Tridentini.
72186: - Hirtenbriefe Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Episkopats: 1926.
72187: - Hirtenbriefe Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Episkopats: 1927.
72262: - The Sixth National Eucharistic Congress, Omaha Ne, September 23-25, 1930.
72580: - Jesuitenkalender 1814-1914.
62262: - The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau.
39036: - Neutestamentliche Abhandlungen, Vol. 18, #1-3.
72188: - Hirtenbriefe Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Episkopats: 1928.
35815: - Prince of Darkness: Witchcult, Satanism, Sorcery, Lycanthropy.
32562: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 36, #1.
32570: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 43, #1.
62119: - Jacques Maritain.
62773: - The Word of Life: Essays on the Bible.
32312: - The Library of Congress.
62924: - Het Nieuw Testament: Galatiers, Ephesiers, Philippiers, Kolossers.
47131: - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 44, Part I.
64125: - Vita S. Pauli.
63785: - The New English Bible: New Testament.
63765: - Novum Testamentum: Graece.
62630: - Introductio in Libros Sacros: Veteris Et Novi Testamenti.
47133: - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 46, Part I.
63795: - Le Nouveu Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ.
62903: - Greek, Latin, English: New Testament Students' Workbook.
63233: - Supplements to Vetus Testamentum: Congress Volume: Oxford 1959.
63226: - Supplements to Vetus Testamentum: Volume Du Congres, Strasbourg 1956.
62765: - Los Generos Literarios de la Sagrada Escritura En Colaboracion de Varios Escriturarios.
63634: - Libri Danielis Ezrae Et Nehemiae.
64070: - Nova Evangeliorum Synopsis.
38932: - XXVIII International Eucharistic Congress, June 20-24 1926, Chicago, ILL.
39011: - The New Testament: Revised Standard Version and King James Version in Parallel Columns.
62617: - Proceedings of the Catholic Biblical Association of America.
39002: - New Testament Abstracts, Vol. I, #1.
47132: - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 45, Part II.
66743: - Priest's Guide to Parish Worship.
68568: - 20th Century Teenagers.
68837: - Instruction on the Renewal of Religious.
68831: - Communal Life.
68859: - Obedience.
68604: - Questions on Religious Life: Compiled from Review for Religious, 1942-1961.
65765: - The Catholic Church from Within.
68702: - My Clerical Friends and Their Relations to Modern Thought.
67894: - Proceedings of the Archdiocesan Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies.
68000: - Man Before God: Toward a Theology of Man, Readings in Theology.
37864: - Pax Vobis, Being a Popular Exposition of the Seven Sacraments.
65234: - De Conscientia.
66954: - From a Friend to a Friend on the 30th Anniversary of Our Sunday Visitor.
65074: - Fondazione Della Morale.
64759: - Tractatus de Indulgentiis.
65537: - Verhandlungen Der 53 Generalversammlung Der Katholiken Deutschlands.
61815: - La Situation Actuelle de la Philosophie Parmi Les Catholiques Dans Divers Pays.
64934: - Man and Eternity: Papers Read at the Summer School of Catholic Studies, Held at Cambridge, July 25th to August 3rd, 1936.
39065: - Annual Report of the American Historical Association, 1937.
39063: - Annual Report of the American Historical Association, 1934.
39042: - Biblische Zeitfragen, Vols. 1-13.
36014: - Preces Et Pia Opera in Favorem Omnium Christifidelium...
32563: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 37, #2.
32571: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 43, #4.
73908: - The New Testament: Holy Land Edition.
66619: - The Mysteries: Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks.
32569: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 42, #1-4.
32567: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 40, #1-4.
32568: - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review: Vol. 41, #1-4.
44182: - Secular Institutes: A Symposium.
44284: - Elenchus Facultatum Et Gratiarum Quibus Congregatio a Passione D.N. J.C.
72260: - Religious Community Life in the United States: Proceedings of the Men's Section of the First National Congress of Religious of the United States.
61791: - Possibility: Lectures Delivered Before the Philosophical Union of the University of California, 1933.
39027: - Current Scripture Notes.
39001: - Rand Mcnally Historial Atlas of the Holy Land.
69783: - Pastor Halloft: A Story of Clerical Life.
69368: - Rex Meus.
65538: - Verhandlungen Der 54 Generalversammlung Der Katholiken Deutschlands in Wurzburg.
71535: - Saint Vincent de Paul: A Tercentenary Commemoration of His Death, 1660-1960.
43754: - Codex Pro Postulatoribus Causarum Beatificationis Et Canonizationis.
44300: - The Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate: A Sketch of the Institute, Vol. I: 1920-1923.
62621: - The Bible Today: Historical, Social, and Literary Aspects of the Old and New Testaments.
64180: - The Gospels Reconsidered: A Selection of Papers Read at the International Congress on the Four Gospels in 1957.
30195: - Historical Relics Unearthed in New China.
5108: - The Historical Encyclopedia of World War Two.
30245: - Proceedings of the General Court Martial on Captain Wathen, 15th Kings Hussars.
1292: - Proceedings of the General Court Martial on Capt. Wathen 15th Kings Hussars.
141097: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea IX, Volume #14
81135: - Aufnahme Und Verarbeitung Von Nachrichten Durch Organismen.
41045: - New Saint Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal and Hymnal [1967 Edition].
25917: - Charles and Anne.
25915: - The Life and Times of King George VI: 1895-1952.
25611: - British Historical Portraits.
34940: - Les Belges a la Conquete de L'Air.
45403: - Pedigree of Champions: Boeing Since 1916.
45812: - The Popes and the Priesthood: A Symposium of Seven Papal Documents.
73050: - Fifty Years of Aeronautical Research.
35695: - The Holy Bible: Contemporary English Version.
74019: - Blessed by God and His Creation.
575: - The Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley.
73565: - Norbert Wiener: 1894-1964: Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 72, No. 1, Part II.
46812: - Mitteilungen Aus Dem Max-Planck-Institut Fur Stromungsforschung.
74018: - Obedience.
45394: - Popular Aviation, March-December 1967.
50752: - Mount Saint Mary Seminary of the West: A Gateway to the Priesthood 1829-1929.
81113: - The Theory of Electromagnetic Waves: A Symposium.
43103: - John Galsworthy: A Sketch of His Life and Works.
14513: - Impressions: Reflections in the Graphic Arts.
14069: - Paul Davis.
16454: - South Africa at War.
16455: - The Boer Struggle Against Imperialism.
4569: - A Series of Answers to Certain Popular Objections Against Separating from the Rebllious Colonies.
3794: - Verdun: An Illustrated Historical Guide.
1567: - Das Testament Napoleons.
15947: - A Pickwick Portrait Gallery: From the Pens of Divers Admirers of the Illustrious Members of the Pickwick Club.
51362: - Joys of Friendship: A Celebration of Girlfriends.
39911: - Ernest Lelievre 1826-1889.
80397: - Some Mathematical Questions in Biology.
80398: - Some Mathematical Questions in Biology VI.
80399: - Some Mathematical Questions in Biology VII.
80396: - Some Mathematical Questions in Biology IV.
26009: - The Life and Times of King George VI 1895-1952.
45397: - Puss in Boots.
73006: - National Aircraft Collection: Smithsonian Institution National Air Museum.
72977: - Days of Trial and Triumph: A Pictorial History of Lockheed: Based on the 100 Memorable Lockheed Days Collection.
37727: - XXVIII International Eucharistic Congress: June 20-24, 1926, Chicago Illinois.
47359: - Home Almanac: A Souvenir 1894.
47358: - Home Almanac: A Souvenir 1893.
50722: - Catechisme de L'Eglise Catholoque.
40286: - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal - Large Type Edition [1985 Edition].
51337: - Historic Kentucky Highways.
23693: - A Treatise on Photographic Optics As Applied to Scientific Process Negative Making.
798: - Aireview Book No. 88.
42871: - Officium Majoris Hebdomadae a Dominica in Palmis Usque Ad Sabbatum in Albis.
2627: - Heroes of Texas.
38798: - Emmanuel: Official Monthly of the Priests' Eucharistic League [Vols. 1-71].
35687: - Dictionnaire de L'Academie Francaise [Three Volumes].
38887: - Acta Et Documenta Concilio Oecumenico Vaticano II Apparando: Series I (Antepraeparatoria), Vol. I: Acta Summi Pontificis Ioannis XXIII.
38888: - Acta Et Documenta Concilio Oecumenico Vaticano II Apparando: Series II (Praeparatoria), Vol. I: Acta Summi Pontificis Ioannis XXIII.
39041: - Biblische Studien, Vols. 1-23.
50329: - Napoleon: La Republique, le Consulat, L'Empire, Sainte-Helene.
36719: - Memorial Volume of the Centenary of St. Mary's Seminary of St. Sulpice, Baltimore, Md.
8470: - The Sportsman's Annual.
10824: EX-LEGIONNAIRE 1384. - Spies of the Sahara.
20233: - The Little Drummer Boy.
141100: - Catholic Record Society: The Ven. Philip Howard Earl of Arundel 1557-1595, Volume 21
141103: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea XIII, Volume 26
132244: - The Key of Heaven: A Manual of Select Prayers for the Use of the Faithful
140906: - Cardinal D'Amboise; or, the Story of a Bell
112705: - The Mother and Child 1892.
132249: - Life of St. Bonaventure
132246: - The Key of Heaven: A Manual of Prayers, Containing a Selection of Prayers and Devout Exercises
130316: - Cristoforo Colombo: E IL Quarto Centenario Dalla Scoperta Dell'America
122793: - Views of Stonyhurst College.
141181: - The Holy Bible: Catholic Action Edition (with the Confraternity Text)
141032: - Decrees of the Leeds Synods; Also Some Papal Encyclicals and Other Decrees and Documents
120054: A.G. LITTLE M.A. - Studies in English Franciscan History
130593: KARL AAM - Christ Our Brother
43320: ANTONINUS ABATE, O.P. - The Dissolution of the Matrimonial Bond in Ecclesiatical Jurisprudence.
43325: ANTONIO ABATE, O.P. - La Potesta Ministeriale Della Chiesa Nel Vincolo Coniugale.
130338: ST. PROCOPIUS ABBEY - A Century of Benedictine Life 1885-1985: A Pictorial History
141028: JOHN A. ABBO AND JEROME D. HANNAN - The Sacred Canons, Vols I-II
113026: FRANK FROST ABBOTT - Roman Politics.
131365: CLAUDE COLLEER ABBOTT - The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges
112229: JANE ABBOTT. - Merridy Road.
131364: CLAUDE COLLEER ABBOTT, ED - The Correpondence of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Richard Waton Dixon
131596: FRANK FROST ABBOTT - A History and Description of Roman Political Institutions
120632: JOHN S.C. ABBOTT. - True Stories of the Famous Sons and Daughters of America for Young People
130539: GEORGE F. ABBOTT - Selling Slants
122769: JACOB ABBOTT - American History.
64083: EDWIN A. ABBOTT. - Light on the Gospel from an Ancient Poet.
64082: EDWIN A. ABBOTT. - The Son of Man or Contributions to the Study of the Thoughts of Jesus.
64085: EDWIN A. ABBOTT. - Indices to Diatessarica with a Specimen of Research.
1800: JOHN S.C. ABBOTT. - Napoleon at St. Helena.
140392: THOMAS KINGSMILL ABBOTT, TRANS. - Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and Other Works on the Theory of Ethics
35929: WILLIS J. ABBOTT. - Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose.
62715: F.-M. ABEL, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livre de Josue.
120783: LISA M. ABEL - Ecological Abundance: A Learning Instrument for the Practical Application of Ecologocal Sustainability in Industry
120744: BYRON R. ABERNETHY - Private Elisha Stockwell Jr. Sees the CIVIL War
38208: DR. FRIEDRICH ABERT. - Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Compendium Theologiae.
111588: RALEIGH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY. - The 2002 Eagle Talon: Raleigh Christian Academy.
109633: THE EDINBURGH ACADEMY. - Rudiments of the Greek Language for the Use of the Edinburgh Academy.
105053: ERWIN H. ACKERKNECHT. - Medicine at the Paris Hospital 1794-1848.
131064: R. ACKERMANN - Poetical Magazine: Dedicated to the Lovers of the Muse
62503: PETER R. ACKROYD. - Exile and Restoration: A Study of Hebrew Thought of the Sixth Century Bc.
32137: EVELYN MARTHA ACOMB. - The French Laic Laws (1879-1889).
80684: FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ACOUSTICS. - Congress Report II: Copenhagen, August 21-28 1962.
71100: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL SECRETARIAT OF CATHOLIC ACTION. - Studies in Catholic Action: A Practical Approach.
108945: WILLIAM ACTON. - Prostitution.
130754: KARL ADAM - The Roots of the Reformation
106770: KARL ADAM. - The Spirit of Catholicism.
130105: KARL ADAM - One and Holy
130104: KARL ADAM - Two Essays: Christ and the Western Mind; Love and Belief
121123: KARL ADAM - The Spirit of Catholicism
130801: KARL ADAM - The Son of God
103103: KARL ADAM. - Two Essays: Christ and the Western Mind - Love and Belief.
92950: FRANK ADAM - The Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands
64720: ADOLF ADAM. - Confirmation Et Pastorale.
67645: S.J. ADAMO. - While the Winds Blew.
113012: CHARLES DARWIN ADAMS - Demosthenes and His Influence.
131049: FRANCE V. SCHOLES & ELEANOR B. ADAMS. - Don Diego Quijada, Alcalde Mayor de Yucatan 1561-1565: Vol. I-II.
140739: CLINTON ADAMS - American Lithographers 1900-1960: The Artists and Their Printers
112340: FREDERICK UPHAM ADAMS. - The Kidnapped Millionaires: A Tale of Wall Street and the Tropics.
131501: HENRY AUSTIN ADAMS - Orations of Henry Austin Adams
131020: ELEANOR B. ADAMS - A Bio-Bibliography of Franciscan Authors in Colonial Central America
123255: CHARLES DARWIN ADAMS, ED. - Lysias: Selected Speeches: XII, XVI, XIX, XXII, XXIV, XXV, XXXII, XXXIV
131487: HAZARD ADAMS - William Blake: A Reading of the Shorter Poems
121573: JAMES TRUSLOW ADAMS - The British Empire 1784-1939
62959: J. MCKEE ADAMS. - Biblical Backgrounds: A Geographical Survey of Bible Lands in the Light of the Scriptures and Recent Research.
61502: GEORGE PLIMPTON ADAMS. - Idealism and the Modern Age.
66196: DONALD E. ADAMS. - The Truth Required in the Preces for Rescripts: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
113042: CHARLES DARWIN ADAMS - Demosthenes and His Influence.
103690: HENRY ADAMS. - The Education of Henry Adams.
111881: ANTON ADAMS. - The War in Mexico.
131484: F.E. ADCOCK - Thucydides and His History
150017: JANE ADDAMS - Forty Years at Hull-House
132018: RALEIGH ADDINGTON, EDITOR - Faber, Poet and Priest: Selected Letters by Frederick William Faber 1833-1863
1213559: WILLIAM E. ADDIS AND THOMAS ARNOLD - A Catholic Dictionary
131163: GEORGE ADE - Fables in Slang
131141: GEORGE ADE - True Bills
131586: GEORGE ADE - Single Blessedness and Other Observations
131177: GEORGE ADE - In Pastures New
98681: SENYO K. ADJIBOLOSOO. - International Perspectives on the Human Factor in Economic Development.
102767: ISIDORE ADLER. - X-Ray Emission Spectrography in Geology.
107910: GILBERT ADLER AND GERARD VOGELEISEN. - Un Siecle de Catechese En France 1893-1980.
102265: RICHARD B. ADLER. - Electromagnetic Energy Transmission and Radiation.
61124: MORTIMER J. ADLER. - How to Think About War and Peace.
104540: ELIJAH ADLOW. - Napoleon in Italy 1796-1797.
37912: PIERRE ADNES, S.J. - Le Mystere Chretien: Le Mariage.
67653: ROBERT ADOLFS, O.S.A. - The Church Is Different.
37859: JOSEPH ADRIAN. - Seele Und Glaube: Psychologie Des Christlichen Glaubens.
112522: GENERAL CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS. - The Soul-Winning Sabbath School.
123013: DIONYSIUS THE AEROPAGITE - The Mystical Theology and the Celestial Hierarchies.
120005: DAVID AERS - Piers Plowman and Christian Allegory
65042: JOSEPH AERTNYS. - Theologia Moralis, Volumes I-II.
65043: JOSEPH AERTNYS. - Theologia Moralis: Volumes I-II.
141250: AESCHINES AND DEMOSTHENES (AUTHORS), FRIDERICUS FRANKE (EDITOR) - Aeschinis Orationes; Demosthenis Orationes
120161: COMMISSIONER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Fifty-Ninth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior
101228: B.K. AGARWAL. - X-Ray Spectroscopy.
104988: JOSEPH AGASSI. - Faraday As a Natural Philosopher.
87463: JOSEPH AGASSI. - Science and Society: Studies in the Sociology of Science.
54968: C.C. AGATE ET AL. - History of the Essex Troop 1890-1925.
84625: LUCIEN AGNIEL. - Zeppelin.
112069: U.S. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE. - Special Report on Diseases of the Horse.
86294: EUGENIO SARRABLO AGUARELES. - El Conde de Fuenclara Embajador Y Virrey de Nueva Espana (1687-1752).
130905: VICTORIANO AGUEROS - Escritores Mexicanos Contemporaneos
130406: VICTORIANO AGUEROS - Almanaque de El Tiempo: Diario Catolico de Mexico
71435: JOSEF IGANATIUS VON AH. - Des Seligen Einsiedlers Nikolaus Von Flue.
71204: REV. JOHN J. AHERN, S.T.L. - Eight Happy People.
44041: PATRICK HENRY AHERN. - The Catholic University of America 1887-1896: The Rectorship of John J. Keane.
42472: PATRICK HENRY AHERN. - The Life of John J. Keane, Educator and Archbishop 1839-1918.
105073: N. AHMED AND K.R. RAO. - Orthogonal Transforms for Digital Signal Processing.
106264: P.C. AICHELBURG AND R.U. SEXL. - Albert Einstein: His Influence on Physics Philosophy and Politics.
91021: DR. GEORG AICHER. - Kamel Und Nadelohr.
91475: RENE AIGRAIN AND OMER ENGLEBERT. - Prophecy Fulfilled: The Old Testament Realized in the New.
131342: CONRAD AIKEN - Selected Poems
130174: LUCY AIKIN - Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First: Two Volumes
123088: LUCY AIKIN - Memoirs of the Court of Elizabeth, Queen of England
131150: ALFRED AINGER - Lectures and Essays: 2 Volumes
73162: BOEING AIRCRAFT. - Pedigree of Champions: Boeing Since 1916.
121245: REV. JAMES AITKEN - The Book of Job
11393: AKC. - The American Kennel Club Blue Book of Dogs.
92342: JAMES AKIN. - The Papacy.
98865: JAN JOOST TEUNISSEN & AGE AKKERMAN. - Protecting the Poor: Global Financial Institutions and the Vulnerability of Low-Income Countries.
94706: M. ALADEL. - La Medaille Miraculeuse.
130951: D. LUCAS ALAMAN - Disertaciones Sobre la Historia de la Republica Megicana: Vols. I-III
130402: DON LUCAS ALAMAN - Historia de Mejico: Desde Los Primeros Movimientos Que Prepararon Su Independencia En El Ano de 1808: Vols. I-V.
91513: KURT ALAND. - Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum.
130426: TIPOGRAFIA DE PEDRO ALARCON - El Amigo de la Verdad
99537: AMBROGIO ALBANO. - Commentary on the Rule of Life of the Society of Mary.
61864: ERNEST ALBEE. - A History of English Utilitarianism.
52855: REV. JAMES ALBERIONE. - The Paschal Mystery and Christian Living.
102414: VERNON ALBERS. - Suggested Experiments for Laboratory Courses in Acoustics and Vibrations: Second Edition.
37958: DR. PAUL BRUNO ALBERS. - Florilegium Patristicum #16: S. Pachomi Abbatis Tabennensis Regulae Monasticae.
37957: DR. PAUL BRUNO ALBERS. - Florilegium Patristicum #15: S. Ambrosii Mediolanensis Episcopi de Obitu Satyri Fratris Lavdatio Funebris.
15678: MARVIN ALBERT. - That Jane from Maine.
69762: IOSEPHO ALBERTI. - Pars Theologiae Pastoralis.
107573: SISTER AMBROZJA STELMACH ALBERTINE. - Biography of Sister Bernardina Jablonska.
39453: A.F. CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ. - The Basis of Religious Liberty.
67582: A.F. CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ. - Religious Liberty.
67728: DR. A.F. CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ. - Roman Catholicism and Religious Liberty.
92268: W.F. ALBRIGHT. - New Horizons in Biblical Research.
68477: ST. PETER OF ALCANTARA. - De Meditatione Et Oratione Libellus Aureus.
130388: ANTONIO DE ALCEDO - Diccionario Geografico-Historico de Las Indias Occidentales O America: Vols. 1-5.
112693: LOUISA M. ALCOTT. - Marjorie's Three Gifts.
112183: BRIAN W. ALDISS. - The Malacia Tapestry.
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