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015947: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 29-1948
011576: - Kungur Ice Cave
015977: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 32-1951
015976: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 33-1952
015975: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 34-1953
015973: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 36-1955
015970: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 39-1958
015969: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 35-1954
015968: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 30-1949
015967: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 45-1964
015966: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 46-1965
015965: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 12-1931
019351: - Gracious Living in the Canadian Rockies : Banff Springs Hotel, Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
015963: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 43-1962
015964: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 11-1930
018578: - Edmonton: the First Fifty Years
018377: - Vie Et Enseignement En France Du Maitre Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
018293: - Geophysical Prospecting 1929: Papers and Discussions Presented at Meetings Held at New York, February, 1928, and at Boston, August, 1928
015948: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 19-1938
015971: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 42-1961
015938: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 31-1950
015939: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 2-1921
015940: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 9-1928
015941: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 49-1968
015944: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 13-1932
015960: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 7-1926
015957: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 24-1943
019543: - Punch Vol. CLXXVI January-June, 1929
019544: - Punch Vol. CLXXXV July-December, 1933
015954: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 14-1933
015955: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 18-1937
015953: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 25-1944
011585: - Resalah (Epistle): Concise Commandments of Islam
015931: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 1-1920
015932: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 40-1959
015933: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 48-1967
015934: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 8-1927
015950: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 17-1936
015951: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 20-1939
015943: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 27-1946
015961: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 6-1925
015962: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 5-1924
019989: - Napoleonic Military Series : Waterloo
019507: - Canada By Rail - Deluxe Box Set (includes Tracks of the Beaver; A Yellowhead Winter; Canadian Pacific Heart of the Rockies; Canadian Pacific's Mountain Sub & Rogers Pass) / America By Rail (includes Colorado's Scenic Train Rides; America By Rail: Winter W
019780: - Povungnituk 1972 : Prints
015945: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 23-1942
015946: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 26-1945
015958: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 28-1947
015959: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 16-1935
015952: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 22-1941
015937: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 41-1960
015936: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 47-1966
020228: - History of Alberta Mental Deficiency Nurses
013804: - Retrospect: the Story of St. Philip's Anglican Church, Vancouver 1925-1975
015935: - Canadian Historical Review: Volume 44-1963
020430: - A Report on Alberta Elections 1905-1982
010697: ACORN, JOHN - Bugs of Alberta
014200: ACORN, JOHN - Butterflies of Alberta
019356: ADAIR, DARYL T. - Canadian Rail Travel Guide
020470: ARETAEUS; ADAMS, FRANCIS (TRANSLATOR) - The Extant Works of Aretaeus, The Cappadocian
018450: ADDISON, OTTELYN - Early Days in Algonquin Park
017037: ADER, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Psychoneuroimmunology (Behavioral Medicine Series)
020148: AHMAD, KHAIDIR - Save the Penans
020283: AIRALDI, GABRIELLA - Giovanni Caboto: Da San Marco a Bonavista, 1497-1997 / From St. Mark's to Cape Bonavista, 1497-1997
018053: AIRNE, C. W. - Abbeys of Britain: Told in Pictures
018375: AIVANHOV, OMRAAM MIKHAEL - The Great Universal White Brotherhood / La Grande Fraternite Blanche Universelle
020112: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - The Year Before Yesterday
015856: ALDRED, DIANE - Alymer Quebec: Its Heritage / Son Patrimoine
020161: ALEXANDER, ROB - The History of Canmore
012183: ALFORD, MONTY - Winter Wise: Travel and Survival in Ice and Snow
018125: ALFORD, EDNA - The Garden of Eloise Loon
018351: ALLISON, CLAY - Gun Gold of the West (Western Pocket Library No. 18)
020378: ALLISON, LES; HAYWARD, HARRY - They Shall Grow Not Old: A Book of Remembrance
019160: ALLODI, MARY MACAULAY; MOOGK, PETER N.; STOCK, BEATE - Berczy (French language edition)
019551: ZE-AMI - Kadensho: The Secret of No Plays
020247: ANAHAREO - Devil in Deerskins : My Life with Grey Owl
011427: ANDERSON, IAN - Sitting Bull's Boss: Above the Medicine Line with James Morrow Walsh
018773: ANDERSON, FRANK W. ET. AL. - Outlaws & Lawmen of Western Canada (Volume 2)
019382: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Oldtime Western Sheriffs & Outlaws
018548: ANDERSON, FRANK - Sagas of the Canadian West: True Tales of Western Canada, Volume One
020299: ANDERSON, ANNE - Read and Write "The Cree Language" Nehiyawewin Ayamichike Mena Musinahike
020516: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Fort Walsh and the Cypress Hills
019779: ANFINDSEN, ANNE (INTRODUCTION) - Povungnituk 1975 : Povungnituk Prints
020504: ANTAKI, KAREN (CURATOR) - Ordinary Magic: Aspects of Ritual in Contemporary Art / La Magie Ordinaire: Aspects du Rituel en Art Contemporain
015884: ARCHER, FRANK - An Actor's Notebooks: Being Some Memories, Friendships, Critcisms and Experiences of Frank Archer
018796: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH H. - The Crisis of Quebec 1914-18
020513: ARMSTRONG, JOHN; QUINTON, SARAH (CURATORS) - Textiles, That is to Say
018380: CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS - The Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts 2004 / Les Prix Du Gouverneur General En Arts Visuels Et En Arts Mediatiques 2004
017717: ASCH, FRANK; LEVIN, TED - Sawgrass Poems: a View of the Everglades
016068: ASFAR, DAN - Outlaws and Lawmen of the West (Volume II)
019022: ASHETON, PAM - Alberta Backcountry Equestrian One-Day Trail Guide
019285: ASHTON, ADA - Crestomere Sylvan Heights Heritage
018498: CANADIAN HOCKEY ASSOCIATION - 2002 Men's Olympic Hockey Team / 2002 Women's Olympic Hockey Team Media Guide (Canada)
020469: THE OLDS OLD TIMERS ASSOCIATION - See Olds First: A History of Olds and Surrounding District
019608: SCOTTISH YOUTH HOSTELS ASSOCIATION - Scottish Youth Hostels Handbook 1938 - The Official Year-Book of the Scottish Youth Hostels Association, 7th Year
019834: CANMORE SENIORS ASSOCIATION - Canmore Seniors at the Summit : "Tell Us a Story"
020423: GADSBY PIONEER ASSOCIATION - From the Bigknife to the Battle: Gadsby and Area
011776: ATKINSON, CHRIS; PICHE, MARC - The Bugaboos Guide
019454: JEAN-AUBRY, G.; SCHMIT, ROBERT - Eugene Boudin
020125: AUDISIO, ALDO (CURATOR) - Valle d'Aosta Nelle Immagini Dei Viaggiatori Dell'Ottocento
019410: AUDOUIT, M. EDMOND - L'Herbier des Demoiselles ou Traite Complet de la Botanique
018810: EL AZHARY, M. S. - The Impact of Oil Revenues on Arab Gulf Development
019102: BABAYAN, LEVON - The Romance of the Oriental Rug
018438: BAILEY, HENRY TURNER; ROBERTSON, FRANCIS H. - Famous Paintings: Landscapes
010985: BAIN, D. M. - Canadian Pacific in the Rockies (Volume Eight)
010987: BAIN, D. M. - Canadian Pacific in the Rockies (Volume Nine)
011178: BAIN, DONALD; HOPE, JIM - Memories of Canadian Pacific Steam Power in British Columbia (Volume 2)
018996: BAIN, D. M.; PHILLIPS, D. R. - Canadian Pacific in the West (Volume One)
020188: BAIN, DONALD; MATTHEWS, RAY - The Railways of Calgary (Volume One): The Early Years - 1883 to 1930
019460: BAINES, A. P, (EDITOR) - Pioneer Pemmican Club Roundup 1885-1985
018942: BAKKEN, BORGE - Migration in China
020317: BALL, RONALD O. (EDITOR) - Advances in Pork Production Volume 22, 2011
018793: KOWCZ-BARAN, ANNA MARIA - Blessed Endeavour: From Pioneer Times to 30 Years of Eparchy
015912: SCHALKWIJK-BARENDSEN, HELENE M. E. - Mushrooms of Western Canada
020217: BARLEYCORN, MICHAEL - Moonshiner's Manual
017632: BARNES, LARRY - A Cyclist's Guidebook to the Canadian Rockies: Calgary, Banff, Edmonton, Jasper
020477: BARRIE, RON; MACPHERSON, KEN - Cadillac of Destroyers: HMCS St. Laurent and Her Successors
019416: BARRITT, VERA RENETTA - To the Future - Your Heritage - Ripley
018416: BARSS, BEULAH M. - The Pioneer Cook: a Historical View of Canadian Prairie Food
017816: BARTLEY, L. J. - The Story of Bexhill
017784: BASARAB, JOHN - Pereiaslav 1654: a Historiographical Study
018975: BASQUE, GARNET - Gold Panner's Manual
019225: BASSETT, R. H. - Romantic Ceylon : Its History, Legend and Story
013437: BATES, MURRAY - Game Warden II
014518: BATES, MURRAY - Game Warden III :The Profile of a Poacher
020383: BAYLEY, DENIS - A Londoner in Rupert's Land: Thomas Bunn of the Hudson's Bay Company
018855: BEARE, FRANCIS WRIGHT - The First Epistle of Peter: the Greek Text With Introduction and Notes
019641: BEAUMONT, SALLY (RETOLD BY) - Gwich'in Legends
018051: BECK, JANICE SANFORD - No Ordinary Woman : The Story of Mary Schaffer Warren
018430: BECK, JEANNE R. - To Do and to Endure: the Life of Catherine Donnelly, Sister of Service
018341: BEDE, ELBERT - 5-15 Minute Talks
010908: BEERS, DON - Banff-Assiniboine : A Beautiful World: Scenes, Tales, Trails
010906: BEERS, DON - The World of Lake Louise : A Guide for Hikers
016297: BEERS, DON - Jasper-Robson : A Taste of Heaven-Scenes, Tales, Trails
013921: BEGLINGER, RUEDI - Revelstoke Rock
020490: BEK, ALEXANDER - Volokolamsk Highway
018618: BELL, KEITH - Picasso Prints
014301: BELL, J. - Report on the Toporaphy and Geology of Great Bear Lake and of a Chain of Lakes and Streams Thence to Great Slave Lake
018181: BELL, SANDRA M. - Victory Bonding / Victoire Oblige: Wartime Messages From Canada's Government 1939-1945 a Bibliography
019164: BELYEA, BARBARA - Dark Storm Moving West
010093: BENNETT, R. ALLAN - "Suggestion" and Common Sense
011457: BENNETT, JACK - Not Won in a Day: Climbing Canada's High Points
020309: BENNINHFIELD, PHILLIP; SAMET, MATT - Colorado Bouldering 2
016009: BENTON, FLETCHER; HOPKINS, HENRY T. - Fletcher Benton
019793: BERKOWITZ, N. - Coal Science and Technology 7: The Chemistry of Coal
009510: BERNHART, UDO; LANER, JUL BRUNO - Leben, Die Sich Gleichen: Bergkloster Aus Alpen Und Himalaya
019170: BERRY, WENDELL - Traveling at Home
010713: BEZENER, ANDY; KERSHAW, LINDA J. - Rocky Mountain Nature Guide
017909: BHARADIA, SEEMA - The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms: the Canadian Collections
019892: BINGELIS, TONY - Sportplane Construction Techniques: A Builder's Handbook
020269: BINGHAM, RUSSELL (CURATOR) - Goodridge Roberts: A Selection of Works from Alberta Collections, February 8 - March 16, 1980
019642: BIRD, MARTI; NELLES, WENDY - The Sampler : A Book About Brantford
020506: BIRD, WILL R. - North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
019744: BIRDSALL, J. E. - The Sixth Decade at the Alberta Agricultural Colleges, 1964-1974
019983: BISHOP, MARY HARELKIN - Next Stop - Chicago : The 5th Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventure
019408: BISHOP, DWIGHT R.; TKACH, ALEK - Butte's Climbing Guide, Third Edition : Featuring Whiskey Gulch Bouldering by Alek Tkach
020263: BISHOP, A.C.; WOOLLEY, A.R.; HAMILTON, W.R. - Guide to Minerals, Rocks, & Fossils
020248: BISMANIS, MAIJA (CURATOR); LONG, TIMOTHY (ESSAY) - Marilyn Levine : A Retrospective
019893: BLACKLEY, F. D.; HERMANSEN, G. (EDITORS) - The Household Book of Queen Isabella of England for the Fifth Regnal Year of Edward II, 8th July 1311 to 7th July 1312
018154: BLAIR, GLADYS; BLACKBURN, CLYDE - Towns and Villages of the National Capital Region
019856: BLODGETT, JEAN; ARDIES, HEATHER; BOYD, LESLIE; SUTHERLAND, LINDA - In Cape Dorset We Do It This Way: Three Decades of Inuit Printmaking
017391: BLUMBERG, DONALD - Donald Blumberg
019967: INDIAN TAXATION ADVISORY BOARD - First Nations Gazette: 1997, Vol.1, No.1
020121: BOAS, FRANZ - Primitive Art
019848: BODKER, LAURITS; CHRISTINA HOLE; G. D'ARANCO (EDITORS) - European Folk Tales (Volume I of European Folklore Series)
018649: BOK, CHRISTIAN - Crystallography
018165: BOLES, GLEN - Glen Boles: My Mountain Album-Art & Photography of the Canadian Rockies & Columbia Mountains
020354: BONIFACE, JEAN-MICHEL; JEUDY, JEAN-GABRIEL - The GMC 6x6 and DUKW: A Universal Truck
020512: BORCOMAN, JAMES; JAMES, GEOFFERY; CLARK, DOUGLAS (CURATOR) - Eugene Atget: Six Photographs
017747: BORDEAUX, EDMOND SZEKELY - Father, Give Us Another Chance
019725: BORGERSON, LON; SUNTEP THEATRE - A Thousand Supperless Babes : The Story of the Metis
017455: BOTTARI, FABRIZIO; MARTINI, ENRICO - Cinque Terre E Un Golfo
017234: BOTTING, GARY - Chief Smallboy: in Pursuit of Freedom
019050: LE BOURDAIS, D. M. - Northward on the New Frontier
019034: RE-BOW, VERONA; DUNE, JONATHAN - Vegetarian Dogs : Towards a World Without Exploitation
019339: BOWEN, R. SIDNEY - Dave Dawson at Casablanca (The War Adventure Series)
017856: BOWMAN, CHARLES A. (EDITOR) - Report of the Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting / Rapport De La Commission Royale De La Radiodiffusion
019095: BOYCE, MARK S.; HAYDEN-WING, LARRY D. (EDITORS) - North American Elk: Ecology, Behavior and Management
018471: BRADFORD, ROBERT D. - Historic Forts of Ontario
020468: BRADFORD, ROARK - Ol' King David an' the Philistine Boys
019878: BRADLEY, MICHAEL; THEILMANN-BEAN, DEANNA - Holy Grail Across the Atlantic: The Secret History of Canadian Discovery and Exploration
019842: BRANSTON, BRIAN - Time and Motion on the Farm
019759: BRAUTIGAM, IRENE - An Open Heart (Passions Between the Sheets of Life Trilogy - Book One)
017811: BRAWN, CHRISTOPHER ALAN - Eco-Backpacking: a Pilgrimage Home to Wilderness
014573: BRAWNER, C. O.; MILLIGAN, V. (EDITORS) - Stability in Open Pit Mining: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Stability in Open Pit Mining
011442: BRENNAN, BRIAN - Alberta Originals: Stories of Albertans Who Made a Difference
014199: BRENNAN, BRIAN - Scoundrels and Scallywags: Colourful Characters From Alberta's Past
014206: BRENNAN, BRIAN - Boondoggles, Bonanzas and Other Alberta Stories
016195: BRENNAN, BRIAN - Romancing the Rockies: Mountaineers, Missionaries, Marilyn & More
018854: BRERETON, F. S. - Roger the Bold: a Tale of the Conquest of Mexico
016289: BRESTLER, DON - A Young Adult's Guide to the Canadian West
020379: BRETT, R. DALLAS - History of British Aviation, 1908-1914
010046: BRIDGE, KATHRYN - Phyllis Munday: Mountaineer
017999: BRIDGE, KATHRYN - A Passion for Mountains: the Lives of Don and Phyllis Munday
020382: THE MANITOBA BRIDGE AND IRON WORKS LIMITED - The Manitoba Bridge and Iron Works Limited Catalogue "F", 1927 - Structural and Fabricated Steel and Iron for Architects, Contractors and Manufacturers
018738: BRINK, NICKY; BOWN, STEPHEN R. - Forgotten Highways: Wilderness Journeys Down the Historic Trails of the Canadian Rockies
018820: BRISSENDEN, PAUL F. - The I. W. W: a Study of American Syndicalism
020051: THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY - John: A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators
018691: ROYAL COMMISSION ON BROADCASTING - Report of the Royal Commission on Broadcasting 1957 (Volume 1-Report; Volume 2-Programme Analysis)
018448: BROADUS, EDMOND KEMPER - Saturday and Sunday
013436: BROWN, GEORGE A. - Lloyd's War Medal for Bravery at Sea
016861: MCKENZIE-BROWN, PETER; PHILLIPS, STACEY - In Balance: an Account of Alberta's Ca Profesion, 1910-2000
018228: MCKENZIE-BROWN, PETER - The Richness of Discovery: Amoco's First 50 Years in Canada, 1948-1998
018741: BROWN, RAYMOND LAMONT; BURNS, ROBERT - Robert Burns's Tour of the Borders 5 May-1 June 1787
020371: BROWNELL, R. J.; HANCOCK, SIR VALSTON (FORWARD) - From Khaki to Blue: The Autobiography of Air Commodore R. J. Brownell C.B.E., M.C., M.M.
019881: BRUFF, BARRY (INTRODUCTION) - The Village Atlas: The Growth of Birmingham and the West Midlands, 1831 - 1907
017597: BRUNEAU, ZOLA; LOW, CAROL TURMAN; HAIG, BRUCE - Routes: Alberta Highway History Series-Book 1 Highways 1 & 3: Saskatchewan to Lethbridge
017598: BRUNEAU, ZOLA; LOW, CAROL TURMAN; HAIG, BRUCE - Routes: Alberta Highway History Series-Book 2 Highway 3: Lethbridge to Cranbrook, B.C.
019343: BRYAN, LIZ - Country Roads of Alberta: Exploring the Routes Less Travelled
019037: BRYAN, GERALD B. - Psychic Dictatorship in America
020320: BRYAN, LIZ - Stone by Stone: Exploring Ancient Sites on the Canadian Plains
020065: BRYBYCIN, GEORGE - The Glorious Banff & Jasper National Parks
020066: BRYBYCIN, GEORGE - The Rockies Alive
020067: BRYBYCIN, GEORGE - Many Moods of the Rockies
020042: BRYCE, ROB - Hiking Jasper and Mount Robson (includes interactive DVD)
010277: BUCK, GEORGE H. - From Summit to Sea: an Illustrated History of Railroads in British Columbia and Alberta
018446: BUCK, RUTH MATHESON - The Doctor Rode Side-Saddle: the Remarkable Story of Elizabeth Matheson, Frontier Doctor and Medicine Woman
020073: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS - A History of Ethiopia: Nubia & Abyssinia (According to the Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Egypt and Nubia, and the Ethiopian Chronicles)
019969: BULLEN, J. B. (EDITOR) - Post-Impressionists in England : The Critical Reception
018359: BULTER, RHODA - Shaela: Shetland Poems
018001: BUNKER, EMMA CADWALADER (BLUETT & SONS, LTD. ) - Ancient Chinese Inlaid Bronzes: Late Warring States-Early Western Han Periods
019677: BURMEISTER, MARY; PFLUEGER, LYNNE - "What Mary Says . . ."
019673: BURMEISTER, MARY - Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is : Book 1 - Getting to KNOW (help) MYSELF, Art of Living
019675: BURMEISTER, MARY - Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is : Book III - Fun with Fingers and Toes
019676: BURMEISTER, MARY - Fun with Happy Hands
018732: BURNS, ROBERT - Poems 1786 and 1787 (Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect By Robert Burns)
020417: BURNS, BOB; BURNS, MIKE - Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter, & GPS
019099: BURROWS, G. EDMOND - Canadian Clocks and Clockmakers
019566: BURSEY, BRIAN C. - Exploring Newfoundland / Exploring Labrador (Boxed Set)
011422: BUSCH, ROBERT H. - The Grizzly Almanac
017412: BUSH, CLARICE (EDITOR); NAMPA AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Turning the Pages of Time: a History of Nampa and Surrounding Districts Volumes I and II
018980: BUSH, C. DANA - The Compact Guide to Wildflowers of the Rockies
018153: BUSH, WENDY MARIE - Dorsey
019593: BUTCHART, REUBEN - The Disciples of Christ in Canada Since 1830
018685: BUTLER, DALE - Love on the Rock: the 100 Best Places to Kiss, Smooch and Cuddle in Bermuda-the Complete Guide Based on Research and Search (With Love Letters)
018442: BYRNE, NIALL; QUARTER, JACK (EDITORS) - Must Schools Fail? the Growing Debate in Canadian Education
009984: CALVERT, KATHY - Beyond the Hills: a Celebration of the Adventures of Don Forest
012541: CALVERT, KATHY - Don Forest: Quest for the Summits
018167: CALVERT, KATHY; PORTMAN, DALE - Guardians of the Peaks: Mountain Rescue in the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains
015243: CAMERON, JAMES M. - Industrial History of the New Glasgow District
009072: CAMERON, AARON; GUNN, MATT - Hikes Around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley
018126: CAMERON, MATTHEW K. - Herbal Remedies From Natures Pharmacy
009981: CAMPBELL, COLIN - Trails of the Southern Cariboo (Second Edition)
018814: CAMPBELL, CLYDE AND MYRLE; MOYLES, R. G. (EDITOR) - Challenge of the Homestead: Peace River Letters of Clyde and Myrle Campbell, 1919-1924
014708: FEDERATION OF DANISH ASSOCIATIONS IN CANADA - 12th Danish Canadian Conference: Kingston, May 28-30, 1993
017522: THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA (DONALD W. BUCHANAN, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR) - Second Canadian International Salon of Photographic Art
017468: THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA (DONALD W. BUCHANAN, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR) - 1957 Second Biennial Exhibition of Canadian Art
020019: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CANADA - Contributions to Canadian Palaeontology: Bulletin No. 63, Geological Series No.51
015671: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA (ALFRED R. C. SELWYN, DIRECTOR) - Geological Survey of Canada Annual Report (New Series) Volume V Part II Reports P, Q, R, S, Ss 1890-91
011848: CANCIAN, ANITA - Classic Hikes of Southwestern British Columbia
019813: CANNING, W. J. - Ballyshannon Belcoo Bertincourt: The History of the 11th Bn. The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Donegal and Fermanagh Volunteers) in the First World War
018680: CANNON, JAMES P. - America's Road to Socialism
020109: CARR, TERRY - Cirque
019970: CARSTENS, HAROLD H. (EDT.) - Circus Trains, Trucks & Models
020374: CARTER, DAVID J. - Prairie Wings: Royal Air Force Training Base #34 Service Traing School British Commonwealth Air Traing Plan Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada - February 1941 - November 1944
019819: CARTY, R. K. - Party and Parish Pump: Electoral Politics in Ireland
018261: CASE, GRANT J. - Conibear Craft
019505: CASSIDY, MAUREEN - The Gathering Place : A History of Wet'suwet'en Village of Tse-kya
020266: CASSIDY, MAUREEN - 50 Years of Alpinism
019761: CAVELL, EDWARD; WHYTE, JON - Rocky Mountain Madness: A Historical Miscellany
020100: CHALKER, JACK L. - The Run to Chaos Keep: Book Two of the Quintara Marathon
017222: CHAMBERS, ADA PIERCE - In an Anatolian Valley
020416: CHAMBERS, FIONA HAMERSLEY; KARST, AMANDA - Wild Berries of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
015120: CHANDLER, MARGARET ROSS - A Century of Challenge: the History of the Ontario School for the Blind
017044: CHANG, BETSY U. - Industry of Identity Deficit and Cannibalization of Time Matrices
020126: CHAPDELAINE, PERRY A.; CHAPDELAINE, TONY; HAY, GEORGE (EDITORS) - The John W. Campbell Letters (Volume 1)
020509: CHARLES, COLIN - Chahkapees and the Shrew
018821: CHAUDHRI, RASHID AHMAD - Mosque: Its Importance in the Life of a Muslim
019318: CHESWORTH, WARD; MOSS, MICHAEL R.; THOMAS, VERNON G. (EDITORS) - Malthus and the Third Millenium : The Kenneth Hammond Lectues on Environment, Energy and Resources, 2000 Series:
015324: LE CHEVALLIER, JULES - Aux Prises Avec La Tourmente: Les Missionnaires De La Colonie De Saint-Laurent-De-Grandin Durant L'Insurrection Metisse De 1885
015770: CHILD, JOHN - New Zealand Insects
019818: CHILINGAR, GEORGE V.; MANNON, ROBERT W.; RIEKE, HERMAN H. III - Oil and Gas Production from Carbonate Rocks
010870: CHRISMAS, LAWRENCE - Coaldust Grins: Portraits of Canadian Coal Miners
010871: CHRISMAS, LAWRENCE - Alberta Miners : A Tribute
010872: CHRISMAS, LAWRENCE, R.C.A., ILLUSTRATED BY AUTHOR (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Canmore Miners: Coal Miner Portraits and Stories
011890: CHRISTENSEN, LISA - The Lake O'Hara Art of J. E. H. Macdonald and the Hiker's Guide
016932: CHRISTENSEN, LISA - A Hiker's Guide to Art of the Canadian Rockies
017691: CHRISTENSON, BERNIE AND BERNIECE - The Coyote Laffed: 103 Short Stories
016643: HAN CHONGREN; HSI CHU (EDITORS) - Proceedings - International Symposium on Heavy Oil and Residue Upgrading and Utilization
017815: CHUBB, JEAN; MILLIGAN, HILDA - Leaves of Yesteryear: a History of the Bon Accord District and the Biographies of the Men and Women Who Pioneered This Area
014323: CLARK, MYRLE - Clark's Trading Post: 46 Months at Rosevear (Alberta)
020422: CLARK, JANET (CURATOR); HILL, R. WILLIAM; MARTIN, LEE-ANN - Thunder Bay Art Gallery Permanent Collection 1996
019806: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The City and the Stars
016984: M'CLOSKEY, KATHY (CURATOR) - Threads of Time: Eldon House Embroideries
020233: SOUTH SHAUNAVON HISTORY CLUB - Quarter Stake Echoes : Area South of Shaunavon
019043: THE ALPINE CLUB OF CANADA / THE AMERICAN ALPINE CLUB - Accidents in North American Mountaineering: Volume 9, Number 2, Issue 60, 2007
020230: NOTUKEU HISTORY BOOK CLUB - Next Year Country
019452: CONSETT LION'S CLUB - The Consett Story
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020404: HUMBER LIMITED - The Humber Pullman Mark II and the Humber Super Snipe Mark II Service Parts Catalogue
016681: LIMPP, ISABEL B. - King City: 1856-1940
018603: LIN, ZHU - Snake's Pillow and Other Stories
019094: LINDSAY, IAN GORDON - The Cathedrals of Scotland
019417: LINDSAY, A. M. (TEXT); CHAPIN, R. T. (PICTURES) - The Light of Yesterday: A Pictorial History of Life in Northeastern Manitoba During the 1920's
019477: LINGARD, MONT - Next Stop, Wreckhouse : More Chats, Stats and Snaps of the Newfoundland Railway
012113: LIPSETT, KATHERINE (CURATOR) - Barbara Spohr: Apparent Reasons / Raisons Apparentes
020123: LIPSETT, KATHERINE; BOURDON, DONALD J. - West Canada : I fotografi alla scoperta delle Montagne Rocciose
020156: LISAK, PAVEL (PAUL FOX); GALUSKI, FRED; MATTHEWS, RICHARD - Ausgewählte Klettereien in Adrspach und Teplice / Selected Climbs in Adrspach and Teplice
019626: LITTLEWOOD, KEITH - Canadian National in the East (Volume Four)
019949: LLWYD, J. P. D. - Poems of Nature, Childhood, and Religion
019649: LOCKWOOD, KEITH - Arapiles : A Million Mountains
019945: LOHAN, FRANK J. - Pen & Ink Themes
019009: THE LONDON AND MIDDLESEX HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the London and Middlesex Historical Society : Part V
020107: LONGYEAR, BARRY B. - It Came from Schenectady
018582: LORAUX, NICOLE - Tragic Ways of Killing a Woman
018301: LORD, JIM - The Song of Alopeix
019984: LOTHIAN, JOSEPH L. - The Grasshopper
018838: LOUIS, WM. ROGER; STOOKEY, ROBERT W. (EDITORS) - The End of the Palestine Mandate
010995: LOVE, J. A. - Canadian National in the West (Volume One)
019630: LOWE, J. NORMAN - Canadian National in the East (Volume Three)
018757: LOWNDES, WILLIAM S. - Preliminaries Excavating Piling Mortars (International Library 244)
018758: LOWNDES, WILLIAM S. - Elementary Architectural Drawings, Parts 1-3 (International Library 238b)
018761: LOWNDES, WILLIAM S. - Painting and Wood Finishing (International Library 253)
018762: LOWNDES, WILLIAM S.; BOYD, D. KNICKERBACKER; COSGROVE, J. J. - Building-Unit Construction and Fireproofing (International Library 249b)
018764: LOWNDES, WILLIAM S.; FLETCHER, FREDERICK - Architectural Drawing, Parts 1-2 (International Library 239c)
020081: LUENINGHOENER, GILBERT KARL - The Post-Kansan Geologic History of the Lower Platte Valley Area - University of Nebraska Studies, September 1947 - New Series No. 2
020402: LUND, MARK - Mark's Guide for Alberta Paddlers
019228: LUXTON, ELEANOR - Banff: Canada's First National Park
017719: LYNCH, GERALD - One's Company
020038: LYNCH, WAYNE - Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies
018508: LYNX, DUSTIN - Hiking Canada's Great Divide Trail (Revised and Updated)
016466: LYON, RALPH A. - The Mocking Bards: a Collection of Parodies, Burlesques and Imitations
019558: MAASS, DAVID; HILL, GENE - A Gallery of Waterfowl and Upland Birds
019795: MACDONALD, MURRAY; BLAKEY, JANIS - Watercolor Painting: A Dialogue
018742: MACDONALD, C. OCHILTREE - The Last Siege of Louisburg
018933: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 2 G-Jackson)
018934: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 4 Little-Myles)
018935: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 5 Nadeau-Perrigard)
018936: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 6 Perrin-Rakine)
019272: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 1 A - F)
019273: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 3 Jacobi - Lismer)
019274: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 7 Rakos - Sadowski)
019275: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary of Canadian Artists (Volume 8 Part 1 Safdie, Sylvia - Smith, Jori)
018844: MACDONALD, F. J. - The Gifts of the Child Christ: Fairytales and Stories for the Childlike-Volumes 1 and 2
020258: MACGILLIVRAY, GEORGE B. - Our Heritage: A Brief History of Early Fort William and the Great North West Company, 1764 to 1830
014335: MACIVER, KENNETH; THOMSON, WILLIAM - Tales for a New England Night
015842: MACKAY, ALLAN H. (ARTISTIC DIRECTOR) - Survey Alberta 88: January 29-March 4
014302: MACKENZIE, J. - The Crowsnest Volcanics
017644: MACLAREN, I. S. (IAN) - Mapper of Mountains: M. P. Bridgland in the Canadian Rockies 1902-1930
019109: MACLEOD, ROB - From Landfalls to Legacies: Lessons in Leadership from a Master Sailor
016067: MACPHERSON, M. A. - Outlaws of the Canadian West
016069: MACPHERSON, M. A.; MACLAREN, ELI - Outlaws and Lawmen of the West (Volume I)
019850: MENTOR MAGAZINE - The Mentor: Luxury Number-Perfume, Pearls, Silks, Enamels, Jade-Fine Dress, December, 1922; Volume 10, Number 11
019632: MAIERS, DAVID A. - Canadian National in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Volume One)
020325: MAIN, LINDSAY; WETHEY, TIM - South Island Rock
020160: GARY MAINPRIZE (CURATOR) - Stardusters: New Works by Jane Ash-Poitras, Pierre Sioui, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Edward Poitras
019656: MAIR, VICTOR H. (EDITOR) - An Alphabetical Index to the Hanyu Da Cidian
020463: MALOFF, GRETA - Recollections of the Homestead Trails, 1900 - 1978 - History of Bearberry and Sunberry Valleys
020272: MANCUSO, STEVE - The World of Hand Drumming, Volume One
020380: MARDER, ARTHUR J. - Portrait of an Admiral: The Life and Papers of Sir Herbert Richmond
018981: MARRIOTT, JOHN - Central Rockies Mammals (Pack-It Pocket Guide Series)
018982: MARRIOTT, JOHN - Central Rockies Mammals (Pack-It Pocket Guide Series)
019117: MARRIOTT, JOHN E. - Banff & Lake Louise : Images of Banff National Park
017417: MARTEL, LYNN - Route Finding: 40 Years of Canada's Mountain Guiding Association
019502: MARTEL, LYNN - Expedition to the Edge : Stories of Worldwide Adventure
020324: MARTEL, LYNN - Tales and Trails : Adventures for Everyone in the Canadian Rockies
017127: MARTIN, ARTHUR E. - Life in the Slow Lane
017712: MARTIN, JOHN & JONES, JON - Sport Climbs in the Canadian Rockies (Sixth Edition Updated Again!)
011171: MARTY, SID - Switchbacks : True Stories from the Canadian Rockies
019592: MARTY, SID - Men for the Mountains
020257: MARTY, SID - The Rider with Good Hands
019378: MASSIE, DONNA JO - A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook
015147: MATHESON, SHIRLEE SMITH; WATTS, BILL - A Western Welcome to the World: Calgary International Airport
011192: MATTHEWS, RAY A. - Canadian National in the West (Volume Six)
011194: MATTHEWS, RAY A. - Canadian National in the West (Volume Five)
020254: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - End of the Earth: Voyages to Antarctica
020251: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - The Birds of Heaven: Travels with Cranes
020253: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - The Snow Leopard
019859: MATTISON, DAVID - Eyes of a City: Early Vancouver Photographers 1868-1900
019914: MAUNUPAU, THOMAS K. - Huakai Makaikai a Kaupo, Maui / A Visit to Kaupo, Maui: As Published in Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, June 1, 1922 - March 15, 1923
020510: MAURICE, V. - Fifty Years in the Peace River Country and a Short Story of the Alaska Highway
016942: MAYBA, I. I. - Bonesetters and Others: Pioneer Orthopaedic Surgeons
019885: MCCANN, I.R. - The Grampians in Flower
018891: MCCARTHY, MARY - A Charmed Life
018208: MCCLELLAN, CATHARINE - Part of the Land, Part of the Water: a History of the Yukon Indians
009241: MCCLUNG, DAVID; SCHAERER, PETER - The Avalanche Handbook
015135: MCCORQUINDALE, DEREK - 1900-2001 Centennial History of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta
017137: MCDANIEL, E. F. - Discovering the Real Self
020212: MCDONALD, MIRIAM; ARRAGUTAINAQ, LUCASSIE; NOVALNGA, ZACK - Voices from the Bay: Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Innuit and Cree in the Hudson Bay Bioregion
011000: MCDONNELL, GREG - Rites of Passage: a Canadian Railway Retrospective
011014: MCDONNELL, GREG - Rites of Passage: a Canadian Railway Retrospective
012368: MCDONNELL, GREG - Canadian Pacific: Stand Fast, Craigellachie!
020389: MCDOUGALL, WALTER A. - France's Rhineland Diplomacy, 1914-1924: The Last Bid for a Balance of Power in Europe
019702: MCEACHERN, HON. C. J. ALAN - Delgamuukw v. A. G. Reasons for Judgment (Supreme Court of British Columbia)
019963: MCGOWAN, DON C. - The Green and Growing Years: The Swift Current Region, 1907-1914
011846: MCINTOSH, P. & NORMAN, C. A. - The New Method Arithmetic
013500: MCKENZIE, RUTH (EDITOR) - The St. Lawrence Survey Journals of Captain Henry Wolsey Bayfield 1829-1853 Volume I (The Publications of the Champlain Society LIV)
013164: MCKOWN, DOUG (EDITOR) - Up the Creek: True Stories of Canoeists in Trouble
020001: MCLANE, KEVIN - Canadian Rock : Select Climbs of the West
010579: MCLANE, KEVIN - Whistler Rockclimbs: Squamish North Sport Guide
016360: MCLANE, KEVIN - The Climbers Guide to Squamish
008028: MCLANE, KEVIN - Alpine Select: Climbs in Southwest British Columbia and Northern Washington
019328: MCLEOD, W.; HARRIS, J. R. (EDITOR) - Tut'ankhamun's Tomb Series IV: Self Bows and Other Archery Tackle from the Tomb of Tut'ankhamun
019329: MCLEOD, W.; HARRIS, J. R. (EDITOR) - Tut'ankhamun's Tomb Series III: Composite Bows from the Tomb of Tutankhamun
020352: MCLEOD, CARROLL - The Path of the "Prop"
018902: MEAKER, MABEL SEARS - The Secret of Hollow Hill
018425: MENDEL, FREDERICK S. - The Book and Life of a Little Man: Reminiscences of Frederick S. Mendel
011344: MESSERLI, DOUGLAS - Maxims From My Mother's Milk: Hymns to Him: a Dialogue
020500: MESSNER, REINHOLD - The Seventh Grade: Most Extreme Climbing
020197: METCALFE, JOHN - The Feasting Dead
018969: MIDDLETON, HOLLY - Middleton
018072: MIDDLETON, JOHN - The Ultimate Strategy: the 50 Most Influential Strategic Ideas of All Time
018501: MIKA, NICK AND HELMA - Bytown: The Early Days of Ottawa
018472: MIKA, NICK AND HELMA - Grand Junction Railway
019888: MILBERRY, LARRY - The Leslie Corness Propliner Collection
019659: MILES, RICHARD; SAVILLE, JENNIFER - A Printmaker in Paradise: The Art and Life of Charles W. Bartlett
017413: MILLER, CHRIS; DORNIAN, DAVE - Canmore Sport Climbs
018881: MILLER, BRUCE - The Man Who Loved Shell Money: the Indian Reading Series: Stories and Legends of the Northwest)
017505: MILNE, DAVID; JARVIS, ALAN - David Milne: 1955-6
020476: MILNER, MARC - HMCS Sackville, 1941-1985
020451: MINCKLER, JAMES - Energy Balancing for Natural Health - A Body Owner's Maintenance Manual
011444: MITCHELL, DAVID J. - All Aboard! The Canadian Rockies By Train
018556: MITRA, UDAY - Whispering Winds: a Collection of Short Stories and Poems
019651: MODESITT, BRAD - Taking the Old Highway : A Canoe Journey from Fort Collins Colorado to New Orleans
015865: MOGG, EDWARD - Paterson's Roads: Being an Entirely Original and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales
020323: MOLE, RICH - Dirty Thirties Desperadoes : Forgotten Victims of the Great Depression - The Mounties Win the Battle of Banff
013003: MOLVAR, ERIK - Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks
020474: MOMBEEK, ERIC; SMITH, J. RICHARD; CREEK, EDDIE J. - Jagdwaffe: Birth of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force - Luftwaffe Colours, Volume One, Section 1
020475: MOMBEEK, ERIC; SMITH, J. RICHARD; CREEK, EDDIE J. - Jagdwaffe: The Spanish Civil War - Luftwaffe Colours, Volume One, Section 2
019639: MOON, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Moose Jaw Book: The Best and Most Extraordinary Crazy Name Small Town in the World
017341: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - Visages De Louisbourg: La Vie Dans Une Forteresse Au Xviiie Siecle
019951: MOOSE, MARTIN H. - Three of a Kind: Letters from Eden
019301: MORES, EDWARD ROWE; CARTER, HARRY (EDITOR); RICKS, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - A Dissertation Upon English Typographical Founders and Foundaries (1778) with a Catalogue and Specimen of the Typefoundry of John James (1782)
016812: MORIN, TOM - A Hiker's Guide to Scrambling Safely
016097: MORRIS, DESMOND - Inrock
019214: MORRIS, M.S.; SCHMAUTZ, J.E.; STICKNEY, P.F. - Winter Field Key to the Native Shrubs of Montana
016600: MORTON, A. S. (REVISED AND EDITED BY CARLYLE KING) - Saskatchewan: the Making of a University
020194: MOSSMAN, DOW - The Stones of Summer: A Yeoman's Notes, 1942-1969
020365: MOULSON, TOM - The Flying Sword : The Story of 601 Squadron
018397: RIDING MOUNTAIN AND AREA HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - History of Riding Mountain and Area, 1885-1984
017123: MOYER, BILL - This Unique Heritage: the Story of Waterloo County
018531: MOYER, BILL - Kitchener: Yesterday Revisited an Illustrated History
019667: MOYNIER, JOHN; LEWIS, MARTY - Bishop Area Rock Climbs (2nd edition)
020074: MUIR, J. - Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and Progress of the Religion and Institutions of India; Collected, Translated Into English, and Illustrated By Notes. Part First. The Mythical and Legendary Accounts of Caste.
014361: MUNDAY, DON - The Unknown Mountain
019877: MURRAY, ROBERT; LECLERC, DENISE - Robert Murray de L'Atelier a L'Usine
020503: WHYTE MUSEUM - Return to Exceptional Pass
020007: MYERS, A. WALLACE - Fifty Years of Wimbledon: The Story of the Lawn Tennis Championships, 1877-1926
019789: MYERS, MARYBELLE (EDITOR) - Davidialuk 1977
019777: MYERS, MARYBELLE (EDITOR); ZIMMERMANN, WERNER (INTRODUCTION); CRAIG, MARY M. (ESSAY) - Povungnituk 1978 : Annual Print Collection from Povungnituk
019778: MYERS, MARYBELLE (EDITOR); LINDSAY, IAN G. (FOREWORD); CRAIG, MARY M. (ESSAY) - Povungnituk 1976 : Povungnituk Prints
018940: NASSER, GAMAL ABDEL - President Gamal Abdel-Nasser's Speeches and Press Interviews (January-March 1960)
019579: NAUMANN, FRANCIS M. - Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Making Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
019697: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; LING, WANG - Science and Civilisation in China : Volume III (3) - Mathematics and the Sciences of the Heavens and Earth
019698: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; LING, WANG; ROBINSON, KENNETH GIRDWOOD - Science and Civilisation in China : Volume IV (4) - Physics and Physical Technology Part 1 - Physics
019821: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; RONAN, COLIN A. - The Shorter Science & Civilisation in China: Volume 2, Volume III and a Section of Volume IV, Part I of the Major Series
018243: NEERING, ROSEMARY - Fur Trade
017092: NEETENS, A.; LOWENTHAL, A.; MARTIN, J. J. - The Visual System in Myelin Disorders (Bulletin De La Societe Belge D'Ophtalmologie Vol.208-1)
019181: O'NEILL, COLLEEN - Orifaces : Sandra Meigs
020178: NESS, GARY W.; BAIN D. M. - The Canadian : Canadian Pacific's Last Transcontinental Passenger Train
019627: NESS, GARY W. - Canadian Pacific's Dominion Atlantic Railway (Volume Two)
020145: NETRO, JOE - A Book of Indian Legends and Storys from Old Crow, Yukon Territory
018816: NEWMAN, L. H.; FRASER, J. G. C.; WHITESIDE, A. G. O. - Handbook of Canadian Spring Wheat Varieties
018944: NIBLEY, PRESTON - Exodus to Greatness
017643: NISBET, JACK - The Mapmaker's Eye: David Thompson on the Columbia Plateau
017345: NJURURI, NGUMBU - Agikuyu Folk Tales
017755: NORMAN, MARCUS - Bouldering in the Canadian Rockies (Second Edition)
020473: NORRIS, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - Royal Air Force Flying Review, A Journal of the Royal Air Force: Volume XVIII, No.1, 1962
017233: NORTH, DICK - The Mad Trapper of Rat River: a True Story of Canada's Biggest Manhunt
018706: NUGARA, ANDREW - More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
020312: NUGARA, ANDREW - Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies
020443: NUGARA, ANDREW - A Beginner's Guide to Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies
008368: NUNN, LORI; MCTAVISH, CAROL; WENTZLOFF, LINDEN (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Magic in the Mountains (Mountain Magic-a Wilderness Series Book Two)
010445: NUNN, LORI; MCTAVISH, CAROL; WENTZLOFF, LINDEN (ILLUSTRATIONS) - In the Path of Great Bear (Mountain Magic-a Wilderness Series Book One)
011416: NUNN, LORI; MCTAVISH, CAROL; WENTZLOFF, LINDEN (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Where Wolves Are Wild (Mountain Magic-a Wilderness Series Book Three)
019262: OBEE, BRUCE - Trans Canada Trail : British Columbia
020367: O'SHEA, PHILLIP P. - An Unknown Few : The Story of Those Holders of The George Cross The Empire Gallantry Medal and The Albert Medals Associated with New Zealand
017530: OHYAMA, TATSUKICHI - The Soul of Human Management in Japan: Japanese Business Behaviors and Background From Life Time Employment to Confucius-Advice for Foreign Companies
019370: OKILO, CHIEF MELFORD - Love Creates Balance: A Paper Presented to the World Balance Conference - Aspen, Colorado, U.S.A. June 2-4, 1989.
020102: OLIVER, CHAD - The Shores of Another Sea: Classics of Modern Science Fiction - Volume 3
020103: OLIVER, CHAD - Unearthly Neighbors: Classics of Modern Science Fiction - Volume 8
011454: OLTMANN, RUTH - Lizzie Rummel: Baroness of the Canadian Rockies
011455: OLTMANN, RUTH - My Valley: the Kananaskis (Formerly Valley of Rumours)
020244: OLTMANN, RUTH - Ruthie's Trails: A Lifetime of Adventure
019690: ONODERA, KEIJI; ARNTZEN, SONJA - Modern Japanese Calligraphy: Canadian Tour
015793: ONUFRIJCHUK, F. F. - Metropolitan Andrew: His Service to God, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and His People
018575: OOKA, MAKOTO - Beneath the Sleepless Tossing of the Planets: Selected Poems 1972-1989 (Asian Poetry in Translation: Japan #17)
019787: WEST-BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Eskimo Graphic Art / Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux, 1966
019957: HOLMAN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Holman 1972
020392: OPRSAL, PETER - Bow Valley Mountain Bike Trail Guide : A Local's Perspective
019953: ORGAN, GILLIAN; JOHNSON, GEOFF (CO-ORDINATORS) - Manotick One-Two-Five: Heritage Celebrations, June 1984
019904: ORR, GREGORY - Gathering the Bones Together
018600: ORRELL, JOHN - Fallen Empires: Lost Theatres of Edmonton, 1881-1914
019845: OSWALD, MARY - They Led the Way; Members of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
020293: LEVASSEUR-OUIMET, FRANCE - Saint-Joachim: La Premiere Paroisse Catholique d'Edmonton 1899-1999

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