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CR-13002*: - Scrap Crafts from McCall's Needlework & Crafts
CR-13001*: - Christmas Crafts from McCalls Needlework & Crafts
004065: TRANSLATED - Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
CH-12104: - Cabbage Patch Kids - Xavier's Fantastic Discovery
CH-12086: - Starting Up - Look What You Can Do!
CH-02026: - Three Little Kittens
003924: - Our African Heritage Holy Bible
CH-01008: - Walt Disney's Mother Goose
001406: - Canada
CH-12089: - Eye Openers Farm Animals
000404: - Find Santa Claus as He Brings Christmas Joy
LI-08001: - Favorite Novels of H. Rider Haggard
HO-13001: - Treasury of Christmas Stories
CR-20002: - Stitch by Stitch, Vol. 3
CR-20001: - Stitch By Stitch, Vol 2
CR-06002: - Creative Ideas for Christmas 1985
CR-02002: - Christmas Crafts to make ahead; Better Homes and Gardens
CR--2001: - Crocheting and Knitting; Better Homes and Gardens
CH-23024: - A Treasury of Disney Little Golden Books
CH-40000: - Russian Wonder Tales; The Cow-Tail Switch and other West African Stories
CH-23005: - Bambi
CH-12183: - Little People Big Book About Bedtime
CH-12131: - Little Golden Picture Dictionary
CH-12123: - Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Some Ducks Have All the Luck
CH-12122: - Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Some Ducks Have All the Luck
CH-12120: - Walt Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Patch
CH-12010: - Walt Disney's Bambi
CH-01323: - Mickey's Birthday Surprise (volume 1)
CH-01313: - Walt Disney's Mickey and Friends; Time Twisters
CH-01312: - 366 Stories for Bedtime
CH-01130: - Pooh Plans a Party
CH-01127: - Hiawatha's Kind Heart
CH-01128: - Li'l Wolf Saves the Day
CH-01129: - Donald Learns a Lesson
CH-01124: - Welcome Back, Snow White
CH-01122: - Wendy's Adventure in Never Land
CH-01120: - The Ugly Stepsisters
CH-01121: - Dumbo at Bat
CH-01118: - Goofy's Big Race
CH-01119: - Pooh's New Clothes
CH-01116: - Thumper's Little Sisters
CH-01115: - Mickey Meets The Giant
CH-01062: - Henny Penny
CH-01059: - The Three Little Kittens
CH-01060: - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
CH-01053: - Farm Friends
CH-01011: - The Three Little Pigs
003187: - Insects: A Pocket Companion
002971: - Autographs: A Reference and Price Guide for Sports and Celebrity Autographs
004090: - The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
002671: - Gemstones: A Pocket Companion
002573: - Oor Wullie: Oor Wullie - Your Wullie - A'body's Wullie!
002572: - The Broons: Scotland's Happy Family That Makes Every Family Happy!
002478: - The Revelation of St. John the Divine
002433: - Blank Journal
001926: - Vietnam Primer
001925: - Peace in Vietnam A New Approach in Southeast Asia
001912: - The Wisdom of Ramala
001780: - Dinosaur: Giants of Sea and Air
001774: - The Merrie Christmas Cook Book
001767: - Redstone Japanese Journal
001311: - Tom Thumb
001787: - The Art of Ivan Gantschev: The Sun, the Moon, and Other Things
001101: - Best in Children's Books
001929: - State of New York: In Memoriam: Theodore Roosevelt
000990: - ABC
001017: - The Biblical Reason Why
000595: - Prayers for Children
000589: - Sleeping Beauty
000590: - Puss in Boots
000502: - The story of the Three Bears
000260: - Pork and Ham Menus (Great Meals in Minutes Ser.)
000220: - The First Christmas (I Can Read by Myself)
002709: - Get a Clue!: A Nickelodeon Booktivity Pack
CH-01215: - The Arabian Nights Entertainments
001527: - The Sleeping Beauty
001528: - The Sleeping Beauty
001701: - Shirley Temple's Stories That Never Grow Old
003388: ABBOTT, GAIL; BOLSOVER, JANE; - Creative Living Thirty Two Projects
002851: ABRAHAMS, MARC - The Ig Nobel Prizes: The Annals of Improbable Research
002561: ACKER, KATHY - Literal Madness: Kathy Goes to Haiti/My Death My Life by Pier Paolo Pasolini/Florida Three Novels
002886: ACKERMAN, BRUCE - The Failure of the Founding Fathers: Jefferson, Marshall, and the Rise of Presidential Democracy
001617: ADAIR, VIRGINIA HAMILTON - Living on Fire: A Collection of Poems
CH-01023: ADAM, BARBARA - The Big Big Box
003960: ADAMS, ALEX - White Horse: A Novel
003570: AESOP - The Aesop for Children
N-01003: AGEE, JONIS - Sweet Eyes
002741: AIKEN, JOAN - The Cuckoo Tree
CH-12001: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Jo's Boys
CH-01150: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Jack and Jill
003070: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Rose in Bloom
003462: ALDRICH, ROBERT - The Age of Empires
004273: ALEX, KOTLOWITZ - Never a City So Real; A Walk in Chicago
N-10002: ALEXANDER, LIZA - Asylum for the Queen
002151: ALEXANDER, LLOYD - The Gawgon and the Boy
000193: ALEXANDER, LIZA - Baby Animals on the Farm
004195: ALGER, JR., HORATIO - The Tin Box
002860: ALLEN, RODNEY - Threshold of Terror: The Last Hours of the Monarchy in the French Revolution
001034: ALLEN, LOIS - Venturesome Voyage
003509: ALLOUCHE, JEAN-PAUL; SHALLIT, JEFFREY - Automatic Sequences Theory, Applications, Generalizations
004109: ALVAREZ M.D., MANNY - The Checklist: What You and Your Family Need to Know to Prevent Disease and Live a Long and Healthy Life
003729: AMATO, IVAN; MORRISON, PHILIP (FOREWORD) - Super Vision: A New View of Nature
001903: AMBESI, ALBERTO CESARE - Oceanic Art
N-01002: AMBLER, ERIC - The Light of Day
000683: AMIS, MARTIN - Time's Arrow : Or the Nature of the Offense
002068: AMMEN, AMY - Training in No Time: An Expert's Approach to Effective Dog Training for Hectic Life Styles
002929: AMMERMAN, MARK - The Rain From God
000783: AMMERMAN, MARK - The Ransom (Cross and the Tomahawk Ser., Vol. 2)
000782: AMMERMAN, MARK - Longshot (Cross and the Tomahawk Ser., Vol. 3)
000941: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - Off the Mangrove Coast
000223: ANASTASIO, DINA - Kissyfur and His Dad
003818: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Emperor's New Clothes: An All-Star Retelling of the Classic Fairy Tale
000256: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER - Jackie After Jack: Portrait of the Lady
000218: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Snow Queen
004138: ANDERSON, BONNIE S. - Joyous Greetings: The First International Women's Movement, 1830-1860
003377: ANDERSON, PETER - Aldo Leopold American Ecologist
001510: ANDERSON, POUL - Time and Stars
000792: ANDERSON, JOY - The Pai-Pai Pig
002989: ANDRETTI, MARIO (INTRODUCTION BY); GORDON, JEFF (AFTERWORD BY) - American Speed: From Dirt Tracks to Indy to NASCAR
R-01001: ANDREWS, ROBIN (EDITED BY) - Creeds of Faith and Inspiration
003478: SCOTT-JAMES ANNE - Down to Earth
004303: ANNINO, JAN GODOWN; JUMPER, JR., MOSES (AFTERWORD BY) - She Sang Promise; The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader
004085: ANOBILE, RICHARD J.; ROHAUER, RAYMOND (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Best of Buster; The Classic Comedy Scenes Direct From the Films of Buster Keaton
004204: ANON - The First Christmas
002300: ANONYMOUS - Streamside Reflections: 30 Postcards from an Angler's Paradise
002819: ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
002431: ANONYMOUS - Blank Journal
003743: APEL, DORA - Memory Effects: The Holocaust and the Art of Secondary Witnessing
001441: APOLZON, LINDA - I'll Share with You
001440: APOLZON, LINDA - I'll Share with You
003791: APPLETON II, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Atomic Earth Blaster
003792: APPLETON II, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Jetmarine
003781: APPLETON II, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Space Solartron
003782: APPLETON II, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Outpost in Space
N-01005: ARCHER, JEFFREY - Honor Among Thieves
N-01006: ARCHER, JEFFREY - As the Crow Flies
002069: ARDAGH, PHILIP - Dreadful Acts
002221: ARKIN, ALAN - The Lemming Condition
004012: ARMSTRONG, EDITH MASON - The Lost Teddy Bear and Other Stories
000129: ARNO, PETER (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Bedside Tales - a Gay Collection
001032: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN - Bhagavadgita
001871: VAN ARSDALE, SARAH - Toward Amnesia
003905: ARTISTS - Fauve Birds, Butterflies, and Flowers
003904: ARTISTS - Art Nouveau Paris 1895
001637: ASHLEY, MIKE (EDITED BY) - The Chronicles of the Holy Grail
001374: ATHERTON DUPUY, WILLIAM - Bird Friends Every Child Should Know
000020: ATKINS, LINDA - Jamaica & Me
004274: AUERBACH, RED; FEINSTEIN, JOHN - Let Me Tell You A Story
002339: D'AURIA, SUE; LACOVARA, PETER; ROEHRING, CATHARINE H. - Mummies & Magic: The Funerary Arts of Ancient Egypt
003345: AUSTEN, JANE - Emma
000625: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Rare as Hens' Teeth
004186: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Swingboat Story Book
001859: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Drawn & Quarterly #4
002530: VARIOUS AUTHORS (HAWTHORNE, JULIAN; EDITED BY) - The Lock and Key Library: Classic Mystery and Detective Stories - American Stories
004187: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Joy Book A Picture & Story Annual for Little Folk 1925
004172: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Young People's Scrap-Book
000403: VARIOUS AUTHORS - A Treasury of Christmas Tales
003978: AVELINE, ERICK; CHARGUERAUD, JOYCE - Temporary Tattoos
002446: AVI - Poppy and Rye
000533: AVI - Poppy
002543: AXELROD, HERBERT R. - Tropical Fish
003539: AYLESWORTH, JIM - Mary's Mirror (Signed)
003531: AYLESWORTH, JIM - Mr. McGill Goes to Town (Signed)
003512: AYLESWORTH, JIM - Through the Night
000568: BACH, RICHARD - There's No Such Place as Far Away
003816: BACHELLER, IRVING - The Prodigal Village
003793: BAILEY, MATILDA - Nancy Craig and the Mystery of the Fire Opal of Guatemala
003067: BAILEY, TEMPLE - Wild Wind
003064: BAILEY, TEMPLE - I've been to London
003638: BAIRD, PAT - Quick Harvest : A Vegetarian's Guide to Microwave Cooking
002927: BAKER, MARK ALLEN - Advanced Autograph Collecting
002634: BAKER, STEPHEN - How to Live With a Neurotic Cat
001085: BALDUCCI, RITA (RETOLD BY) - Jack and the Beanstalk (Little Golden Bks.)
N-02005: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The Wild Ass's Skin and The Quest of the Absolute Vol. XXI
000432: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Scenes from Country Life: Volume VI
003685: BAMBERGER, BERNARD J. - The Story of Judaism
001812: BANCROFT, BARB - Medical Minutiae
003121: BANGS, RICHARD; SCATURRO, PASQUALE - Mystery Of The Nile: The Epic Story of the First Descent of the World's Deadliest River
003747: BANKS, LYNNE REID - Angela and Diabola - Signed
003746: BANKS, LYNNE REID - The Key to the Indian - SIGNED
003021: BANKS, LYNNE REID - The Dungeon
001568: BANTA, WILLIAM F. - AIDS in the Workplace: Legal Questions and Practical Answers
001222: BANTA, MILT AND DEMPSTER, AL (ADAPTED BY) - Walt Disney's The Three Little Pigs
001509: BARBOUR, DAVID; RALEIGH, RICHARD - Shadows Bend: A Novel of the Fantastic and Unspeakable
003646: BARD, SHARON; NIELSEN, BIRGIT; ROSEMARDA, CLARA; (EDITORS) - Steeped in the World of Tea
M-02004: BARDIN, JOHN FRANKLIN - The Deadly Percheron
N-02001: BARFOOT, JOAN - Duet for Three
003776: BARKER, CICELY MARY - Flower Fairies of the Trees
003778: BARKER, CICELY MARY - Flower Fairies of the Wayside
003975: BARNES, PETER W. AND CHERYL SHAW - Nat, Nat, The Nantucket Cat - signed
003974: BARNES, PETER W. AND CHERYL SHAW - Nat, Nat, the Nantucket Cat Goes to the Beach - signed
002443: BARNES, ANNIE M. - Mistress Moppet
003582: BARNES, MOLLY; HILTON, PAT - How to Get Hung: A Practical Guide for Emerging Artists
001392: BARNETT, LOUISE - Ungentlemanly Acts: The Army's Notorious Incest Trial
W-02002: BARRECA, REGINA - Perfect Husbands (& Other Fairy Tales)
003197: BARRETT, EDNA DUERINGER - Mrs. Colletti & Other Poems
000576: BARRY, JONATHAN, WITH STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Catmagic: A Tale of Modern Witchcraft
002857: BARTY-KING, HUGH - The Worst Poverty; A History of Debts and Debtors
003668: BASE, GRAEME - Curious Mystery of the Eleventh Hour - Signed
003667: BASE, GRAEME - Curious Mystery of the Eleventh Hour - Signed
001633: BASKIN, JOHN (WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY THE AUTHOR) - New Burlington: The Life and Death of an American Village
002243: BASS, PATRIK HENRY - Like a Mighty Stream: The March on Washington August 28,1963
004232: BASTONE; GREEN; GLAUBER, WILLIAM, DANIEL, BARBARA - The Smoking Gun; A Dossier of Secret, Surprising, and Salacious Documents
CH-12160: BATES, BETTY - That's What T.J. Says
000649: BATESON, MARY CATHERINE - With a Daughter's Eye: a Memoir of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson
004165: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
004244: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Last Egyptian; A Romance of the Nile
002442: BAUM, L. FRANK (ADAPTED BY LAIKEN, DEIRDRE S.) - The Wizard of Oz
002153: BAUM, L. FRANK - Magic of Oz
000485: BAUMGARTNER, BARBARA - Crocodile! Crocodile! Stories Told Around the World
N-02011: BAUMGOLD, JULIE - Creatures of Habit
N-02013: BAWDEN, NINA - The Witch's Daughter
CH-12169: BAWDEN, NINA - The Witch's Hour
000149: BAWDEN, NINA - The Robbers
002896: BAXTER, JOHN - Bunuel
N-02014: BAYER, WILLIAM - Mirror Maze
003644: BAZALGETTE, CARY (EDITED BY); BUCKINGHAM, DAVID (EDITED BY) - In Front of the Children: Screen Entertainment and Young Audiences
001269: BEATTIE, ANN - Where You'll Find Me and Other Stories
004164: BECK, IAN - Pastworld: A Mystery of the Near Future
003632: BECK, KEN; CLARK, JIM; PITKIN, JULIA M. (RECIPES EDITED BY) - Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook
002266: BECK, KATHRINE - Opal: A Life of Enchantment, Mystery, and Madness
002696: BECKER, JIM; MAYER, ANDY; MAYER, DOUG - Bill & Al's Excellent Adventure: A Paper Doll Book
001254: BEDFORD, ANNIE NORTH (RETOLD BY) - Frosty the Snow Man
001892: BELASCO, DAVID - The Return of Peter Grimm
003976: BELDING, MARTHA - Blast Zone At Mount St. Helens
001055: BELFER, LAUREN - City of Light
000009: BELLAK, GEORGE - Come Jericho
003057: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline's Rescue
002834: BEN-DOV, MEIR; NAOR, MORDECHAY; ANNER, ZEEV - The Western Wall (Hakotel)
WO-02001: BENDER, SUE - Everyday Sacred; a Woman's Journey Home
003814: BENET, WILLIAM ROSE - With Wings as Eagles - Poems and Ballads of the Air
N-02002: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - Western Star
004163: BENIOFF, DAVID - City of Thieves: A Novel
004214: BENNETT, WILLIAM J. (EDITED BY) - The Children's Book of Heroes
TR-02001: BENNETT, JACK - The Voyage of the Lucky Dragon
L-02001: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Old Wives' Tale
004169: BENNETTS, LESLIE - The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much?
004150: BENTHAM ESQ., M.A., JEREMY - Principles of Morals and Legislation
CH-12184: BERENSTAIN, STAN AND JAN - The Bears' Picnic
000199: BERENSTAIN, STAN AND JAN - The Berenstain Bears' Home Sweet Tree
000032: BERENSTAIN, MICHAEL - Michael Berenstain's When I Grow Up (Oh, the Things I Can Be!)
002147: BERG, A. SCOTT - Kate Remembered
CH-23011: BERGER, TERRY - Special Friends
002429: BERLE, MILTON AND ROEBURT, JOHN - Earthquake
001535: BERRIAULT, GINA - The Great Petrowski: A Fable
CH-01311: BERRY, JOY - Children's Books 1) About Teasing and 2) About Disobeying
000843: BERRY, JOY - What to Do When Your Mom or Dad Says. GO TO BED!
003968: BEZMOZGIS, DAVID - The Free World
004094: ERACH BHARUCHA - Wonders of the Indian Wilderness
002899: BIDDLE, ELLEN MCGOWAN - Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife
003392: BIERCE, AMBROSE - The Shorter Devil's Dictionary
002083: BIGHAM, MADGE A. - Merry Animal Tales
003166: BILLINGTON, JILL - London's Parks & Gardens
001989: BINCH, CAROLINE - Since Dad Left
004055: BIREK, LAURA - Picture Perfect Knits
003208: BIRNBACH, LISA - Barbie LIVE
002167: BJORKMAN, TOM - Russia's Road to Deeper Democracy
003803: BLACK, HOLLY - Ironside: A Modern Faery's Tale
003516: BLACK, CLAIRE - Jack & the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Pinocchio Treasured Tales CD & Book
001099: BLAINE, JOHN - The Rocket's Shadow
002149: BLAIR, J. H. (EDITED BY) - The Hot Spots: The Best Erotic Writing in Modern Fiction
003680: BLAZEK, SARAH KIRWAN - An Irish NIght Before Christmas (Signed)
000499: BLISHEN, EDWARD (COMPILED BY) - Oxford Book of Poetry for Children
001846: BLOOR, THOMAS - The Memory Prisoner
002401: BLOUNT, ROY, JR. - Am I Pig Enough for You Yet? : Voices of the Barnyard
003339: BLUM, DEBORAH; KNUDSON, MARY - A Field Guide for Science Writers
004106: BLUMENTHAL, DEBORAH - Ice Palace
000375: BLYTON, ENID - De Knopenelfjes
004155: BLYTON, ENID - The Second Holiday Book
001909: BODANSKY, YOSSEF - Offensive in the Balkans: The Potential for a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina
N-02022: BOGGS, MARCUS - Scissors, Paper, Stone
000184: BOLLINGER, MARILYN L. (REVISED BY) - Who Broke It?
CH-01174: BOND, NANCY - The Best of Enemies
001302: BOND, REBECCA - Bravo, Maurice!
002039: BONDESON, JAN - The London Monster: A Sanguinary Tale
003796: BONET, EDUARDO; SALCEDO, LUIS FERNANDEZ - Bulls & Bullfighting: History, Techniques, Spectacle
003753: GRANGE BOOKS - Vincent Van Gogh
004159: BORDEAUX, ARIEL - No Love Lost
003640: BOROSON, WARREN - The Reverse Mortgage Advantage: The Tax-free, house-Rich Way to Retire Wealthy!
003996: BOROWITZ, ALBERT - Innocence and Arsenic: Studies in Crime and Literature
003506: BORROR, DONALD J.; WHITE, RICHARD E. - A Field Guide to Insects America North of Mexico
003890: BORTON, ELIZABETH - Pollyanna's Golden Horseshoe
002672: BORTON DE TREVINO , ELIZABETH - Turi's Poppa
002019: BOTEACH, SHMUELY - Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments
N-02010: BOTTOME, PHYLLIS - The Heart of a Child
003683: BOWDEN, JOAN CHASE - Little Gray Rabbit
000086: BOWEN, MICHAEL - Corruptly Procured
003637: BOWLING, STELLA - Everyday Cooking for Diabetics
003775: BOWMAN, JOHN CLARKE - Isle of Demons
001307: BOX, RICHARD; FIELDING, SUE - Cross Stitch Cats
003495: BOYD, LIZZIE ED - Successful Gardening Colour Round the Year
002382: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Paul the Traveller
000335: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - A Secret Affair
003666: BRADFORD, BETSY - Princess Patty In Peace on Earth - Signed
CH-12127: BRADLEY COCO, EUGENE (ADAPTED BY) - Walt Disney's Peter Pan
001186: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - Gravelight
003669: BRAGG, RUTH GEMBICKI - Alphabet Out Loud (Signed)
002742: BRANFIELD, JOHN - The Fox in Winter
N-02012: BRASHER, WILLIAM - The Traders
002920: BRAUN, HANS - Mirrors of the Economy: Historische Aktien USA; Historic Stock Certificates USA, Volume 1
003398: BRAUN, HANS; URMSTON, RICHARD - Mirrors of the Economy: Historic Share Certificates Europe; Historische Aktien Europa, Volume 1 Spiegelbilder Der Wirtschaft
004034: BRAUNSTEIN, LESLIE - I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog
001784: BRAYBROOKS, ANN - Eeyore, You're the Best
000918: BRAYBROOKS, ANN - Where's Percy
003430: BRENNAN, GEORGEANNE; LUEBBERMANN, MIMI - Beautiful Bulbs Simple Secrets For Glorious Gardens Indoors And Out
004292: BRIDWELL, E. NELSON - Superman From Krypton to Metropolis
002136: O'BRIEN, DOMINIC - Learn to Remember : Practical Techniques and Exercises to Improve Your Memory
CH-01044: BRIGHTMAN, HOMER - Mary Poppins
001447: BRINKLEY, DOUGLAS - American Heritage History of the United States
N-01010: BRISKIN, JACQUELINE - The Other Side of Love
004122: BRITTON, JADE - The Herbal Healing Bible
000972: BRODERICK, JESSICA POTTER - Little Elephant
002858: BRODY, JANE E. - Jane Brody's Allergy Fighter
CH-01175: BROMELL, HENRY - I Know Your Heart, Marco Polo (Stories)
000857: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre
003932: BROOKE-LITTLE, J. P. (RICKMOND HERALD OF ARMS) - Beasts in Heraldry
003851: BROOKS, KIX; DUNN, RONNIE; WITH FITZHUGH, BILL - The Adventures of Slim & Howdy
000587: BROOKS, WALTER R. - Freddy and the Space Ship
001413: BROUGH, JAMES - Princess Alice: A Biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth
001696: BROUGHTON, PAMELA - Noah's Ark: Genesis 6:5-9:17
003129: BROWN-LOWE, ROBIN; THESIGER, SIR WILFRED (FOREWORD BY) - The Lost City of Solomon & Sheba: An African Mystery
CH-01160: BROWN, OSA - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Activity Book
001130: BROWN, JOHN GREGORY - Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery
001086: BROWN, MARGARET WISE - Home for a Bunny
001046: BROWN, JOHN GREGORY - Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery
003897: BROWNING, DIANE - Signed, Abiah Rose
001430: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution
002248: BRUMBERG, JOAN JACOBS - Kansas Charley: The Story of a 19Th-Century Boy Murderer
004241: DE BRUNHOFF, ROSE - Babar's Museum of Art
004282: BRYANT, DOROTHY - The Kin of Ata Are Waiting For You
003181: BRYSON, BILL - I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away
CH-01088: BUCHHOLZ, DON - Chris's Story, Paula & Bob's Story
002388: BUCK, PEARL S. - Pearl Buck's America
002724: BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH - Ultimate Topiaries: The Most Magnificent Horticultural Art Through the Years
003500: B‹CKLING, MARIAKE; SYNDRAM, DIRK; RAMHARTER, JOHANNES (COMMENTARY BY) - Masterpieces from the Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Weaponry
001417: BUFF, SHEILA AND OLSTEIN, JUDI - Coolers: Low-Alcohol and Nonalcoholic Drinks
003984: VON BUHLER, CYNTHIA - The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside : Based on A True Story
N-02024: BUKIET, MELVIN JULES - Sandman's Dust
CH-01165: BULLA, CLYDE ROBERT - The Ghost of Windy Hill
ME-02001: BURNETT, CAROL - One More Time
001051: BURNS, GEORGE - Gracie : A Love Story
002536: BUSCH, FRANCIS X. - In and Out of Court
M-02005: BUTLER, GWENDOLINE - Cracking Open a Coffin, A Case for John Coffin
003727: BUTLER, DANIEL ALLEN - Unsinkable" The Full Story of the RMS Titanic
002890: BUTLER, ANNE M. - Gendered Justice in the American West: Women Prisoners in Men's Penitentiaries
001408: BUTLER, PETER (DESIGNED BY) - The Victoria and Albert Museum Decorator's Record Book
003318: BUTTS, MRS., M. F. - Grandmother Merwin's Heiress
000064: BYARS, BETSY - The Summer of the Swans
003150: BYNUM, MIKE (EDITED BY) - Many Autumns Ago: The Frank Leahy Era at Boston College and Notre Dame
004147: COUNTESS C___________ - Beauty Aids or How To Be Beautiful
001620: CALDER, ANGUS - Gods, Mongrels, and Demons: 101 Brief but Essential Lives
N-02007: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - There Was A Time
N-03003: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - This Side of Innocence
MEM-03001: CALISHER, HORTENSE - Kissing Cousins; a Memory
003597: CALLAGHAN, HUGH; MULREADY, SALLY - Cruel Fate: One Man's Triumph over Injustice
CH-01067: CALLEN, LARRY - The Deadly Mandrake
003282: CALVERT, PATRICIA - Bigger
N-03002: CAMBOR, KATHLEEN - The Book of Mercy
N-03010: CAMP, WILLIAM MARTIN - Skip to My Lou
000714: CAMP, WESLEY D. - What a Piece of Work Is Man!: Camp's Unfamiliar Quotations From 2000 B. C. To the Present
000413: CAMPBELL, R. T. - Bodies in a Bookshop
003343: CAMUS, ALBERT; O'BRIEN, JUSTIN (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY) - The Fall and Exile and the Kingdom
001152: CANFIELD, JACK L.; HANSEN, MARK VICTOR; KIRBERGER, KIMBERLY - Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III : 101 More Stories of Life, Love and Learning (Chicken Soup for the Soul Ser.)
003664: CAPAUL, ROXANNE - Snakey Jake to the Rescue! (Signed)
CH-01199: CAREY, MARY - the Tawny Scrawny Lion and the Clever Monkey
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001345: DURKEE, LEE - Rides of the Midway: A Novel
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003593: FREUCHEN, PETER - Book of the Eskimos
002805: FRIED, CHARLES - Modern Liberty And the Limits of Government
003440: FRIEDMAN, HENRY; BERENBAUM, MICHAEL (FOREWORD BY) - I'm No Hero Journeys of a Holocaust Survivor
003439: FRIEDMAN, REENA SIGMAN - These Are Our Children : Jewish Orphanages in the United States, 1880-1925
002674: FRIEDMAN, KINKY - The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover
000424: FRIEDMAN, JON; MEEHAN, JOHN - House of Cards: Inside the Troubled Empire of American Express
003441: FRIEDRICH, OTTO - The Kingdom of Auschwitz
002504: FRIEND, CATHERINE - Hit By a Farm: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barn
003073: FROISSARD, JEAN; POWELL, LILY - Classical Horsemanship for Our Time: From Basic Training to the Highest Levels of Dressage
004288: FROMM, ERICH - The Dogma of Christ and Other Essays on Religion, Psychology and Culture
002991: FRONTY, LAURA - The Scented Home: Natural Recipes in the French Tradition
003050: FROUD, BRIAN; BERK, ARI - Goblins!: A Survival Guide and Fiasco in Four Parts
001543: FRUCHT, ABBY - Polly's Ghost: A Novel
002974: FUKAS, MASSIMILIANO - Less Aesthetics More Ethics: 7th International Architecture Exhibition
003848: FUNAI, MAMORU - Moke and Poki in the Rain Forest
000209: FUNAKOSHI, CANNA - One Morning
M-07003: GALLAGHER, STEPHEN - Nightmare, with Angel
001207: GALLAGHER, HUGH - Teeth
003283: GALLAGHER, ANN-MARIE - Inner Magic A Guide to Witchcraft
002662: GALLAGHER, RICHARD - I'll Be Watching You: True Stories of Stalkers and Their Victims
N-07005: GALLICO, PAUL - Trial by Terror
HO-07001: GAMARON, MAMIE G. - Hillel's Happy Holidays
004091: GAMARON, MAMIE G. - Hillel's Happy Holidays
003922: GAMOW, GEORGE - Mister Tompkins in Paperback
000604: GANTOS, JACK - Sleepy Ronald
001815: GARBER, MARJORIE B. - Vested Interests: Cross-Dressing & Cultural Anxiety
000438: GARDEN, NANCY - Monster Hunters: Mystery of the Kidnapped Kidnapper
000061: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Recipes to the Rescue
000060: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Recipes to the Rescue
003901: GARDNER, MARTIN - Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers
N-13014: GARDNER, JOHN - Maestro
002362: GARDNER, MARTIN; BAUM, L. FRANK - Visitors from Oz: The Wild Adventures of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman
CH-01033: GARFIELD, LILLIAN B. - See My Toys
003188: GARLOW, JAMES L.; MAXWELL, JOHN C. (FOREWORD BY) - The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Tested By Time: Those Who Followed Them.and Those Who Didn't!
003704: GARNER, JAMES FINN - Politically Correct Holiday Stories
CH23014: GARNER, JAMES FINN - Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
003136: GASKELL, JEREMY - Who Killed the Great Auk?
003600: GATES, JOHN - Sister Wife
004050: GEORGE, NELSON - Thriller - The Musical Life of Michael Jackson
004089: GERAS, ADELE - My Grandmother's Stories: A Collection of Jewish Folk Tales
001920: GERASSI, JOHN - North Vietnam: A Documentary
N-07006: GERSON, NOEL B. - The Conqueror's Wife
000545: GIANCANA, ANTOINETTE; RENNER, THOMAS C. - Mafia Princess: Growing Up in Sam Giancana's Family
001273: GIBBONS, KAYE - Sights Unseen
000934: GIBSON, WILLIAM - Virtual Light
000537: GIBSON, WALTER B. (ADAPTED BY) - Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone
004125: GIEDT, FRANCES TOWNER; SANDERS POLIN PHD, BONNIE - The Joslin Diabetes Great Chefs Cook Healthy Cookbook
003647: GIFFORD, BARRY; LEE, LAWRENCE - Jack's Book: An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac
004275: GIGERENZER, GERD - Gut Feelings
004264: GILBERT MURDOCK, CATHERINE - Princess Ben Being a Wholly Truthful Account of Her Various Discoveries and Misadventures, Recounted to the Best of Her Recollection, in Four Parts
001449: GILBERT, MARTIN - Never Again: The History of the Holocaust
001278: GILCHRIST, ELLEN - Anabasis: A Journey to the Interior
003431: GITTINGER, OTTO - So sem'mer Leut'! Schwarzwaldgedichte in der Mundart des oberen Murgtals (Black Forest Poems in the Dialect of the Upper Murgtals)
N-07004: GODDEN, RUMER - An Episode of Sparrows
002623: GODDIO, FRANCK; BERNAND, ANDRE - Alexandria: The Submerged Royal Quarters
003034: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON; BROWN, JANE K. (EDITED BY); HEURCK, JAN VAN AND WINSTON, KRISHNA (TRANSLATED BY) - Conversations of German Refugees: Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years of the Renunciants (Collected Works Volume X)
N-07019: GOLD, HERBERT - Dreaming
004142: GOLDBERG, VICKI; WHITE HOUSE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION - The White House: The President's Home in Photographs and History
003530: GOLDEN, MICHAEL - Bucky O'Hare (Signed)
N-07008: GOLDMAN, KATIE - In the Wings
CH-01167: GOLDMAN, KATIE - In the Wings
001461: GOLDSTEIN, BOBBYE S. (EDITED BY) - Mother Goose on the Loose: Illustrated With Cartoons from the New Yorker
CH-01135: GOLUB, ROSE W. - Down Holiday Lane
003964: GOODMAN, CAAROL - Arcadia Falls
003706: GOODMAN, JR., ROBERT CLIFTON - Through the Eyes of Santa: Stories From a Veteran Santa's Helper
002352: GOODMAN, SUSAN TUMARKIN (EDITOR) - Russian Jewish Artists in a Century of Change: 1890-1990
003454: GOODRUM, CHARLES A. - Treasures of the Library of Congress
004031: MOTHER GOOSE - Mother Goose Rhymes
004013: MOTHER GOOSE - Humpty Dumpty and other Mother Goose Rhymes
003363: GORDIS, DANIEL - Does the World Need the Jews? Rethinking Chosenness and American Jewish Identity
004144: GORDON, JON - The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work
003856: GORDON, KAREN ELIZABETH - Out of the Loud Hound of Darkness
002340: GORDON, CINDI - Painting Tiny Treasures
002730: GORDON, LINDA - The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction
001861: GORDON, S. P. - TRAINS: An Illustrated History of Locomotive Development
003337: GOREN, CHARLES H. - Eight Steps to Winning Bridge - Signed
000035: GORHAM, MICHAEL - The Real Book About Abraham Lincoln
002185: GORMAN, STEPHEN - The American Wilderness: Journeys into Distant and Historic Landscapes
004227: GOSCINNY - Asteriz in Switzerland
004222: GOSCINNY - Asterix and the Laurel Wreath
004223: GOSCINNY - Asteriz the Gaul
004226: GOSCINNY - Asteriz and Cleopatra
003184: GOSMAN, FRED - Unsafe on Any Burner: Misadventures of a Rookie Cook
002913: GOTTFRIED, MARTIN - Sondheim
R-07001: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The Child From the Sea
N-01011: GOUDGE, EILEEN - Garden Lies
W-07001: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Before and After
N-07017: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Random Descent
001118: GOVRIN, MICHAL - The Name
000211: GRAD, LAURIE BURROWS - Make it Easy Make it Light
B-07001: GRAHAM, FRANK - Al Smith, American
001169: GRAHAM, HEATHER - Spirit of the Season
000853: GRAHAM, KATHARINE - Personal History
000148: GRAHAM, JANETTE SARGEANT - Challenge of the Coulee
004060: GRANT, JOHN - Faeries and other Fantastical Folk
002499: GRANT, NEIL - The Egyptians
000442: GRANT, CAMPBELL (ADAPTED BY) - Walt Disney's Pinocchio
002130: GRAY, ROSEMARY - Goodbye, Cruel World: An Book of Memorable Epitaphs
000629: GRAY, ALICE (COMPILED BY) - Christmas Stories for the Heart (Stories for the Heart Ser.)
003925: GREEN, MARTIN I. - Santa My Life & Times: An Illustrated Autobiography
N-07001: GREEN, GERALD - To Brooklyn With Love
CH-01177: GREEN, PHYLLIS - The Empty Seat
000100: GREEN, PAUL - Land of Nod : And Other Stories
004059: GREENE, BERT - The Grains Cookbook
003849: GREENE, BOB; FULFORD, D. G. - To Our Children's Children; Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come
N-07003: GREENE, GRAHAM - A Burnt-Out Case
CH-01043: GREENE, WARD - Lady
002460: GREENE, MELISSA FAY - Last Man Out: The Story of the Springhill Mine Disaster
002710: GREENE, NAOMI - Landscapes of Loss: The National Past in Postwar French Cinema
001068: GREENFIELD, JEFF - The People's Choice : A Cautionary Tale
002925: GREENLAW, PAUL S. WITH SELLINGER, MARTIN - Affordable Foreign Errors: On Postage Stamps of the World
001185: GREIG, MAYSIE - Odds on Love
002020: GRIBBIN, JOHN - Stardust
000081: GRIESEMER, JOHN - No One Thinks of Greenland
CH-01092: GRIFFIN, ALEXANDER R. - Here Come the Marines!
002023: GRIFFIN, ARTHUR; MCCORD, DAVID (EDITED BY) - New England Revisited
001732: GRIFFIN, ADELE - The Other Shepards
002043: GRIGSBY, SHAW E.; CORAM, ROBERT - Bass Master Shaw Grigsby: Notes on Fishing and Life
002534: GRIMES, ROBERTA - My Thomas: A Novel of Martha Jefferson's Life
001058: GRIMES, MARTHA - Cold Flat Junction
M-07009: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Pelican Brief
H-07001: GRIZZARD, LEWIS - Don't Bend Over in the Garden, Granny, You Know Them Taters Got Eyes
003867: GROS DE BELER, AUDE - Tutankhamun
TS-07001: GROTEKE, KRISTI WITH ROSEN, MARJORIE - Mia & Woody, Love and Betrayal
002234: GROTTA, DANIEL - J.R.R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth
002757: GRUNES, BARBARA - Skinny Grilling
001370: GUILD, ROBIN - Homeworks: The Ultimate Book of Display for People Who Are Proud of Their Homes and of Their Possessions
002253: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Changing Planes
001506: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - The Dispossessed
000401: GUNSON, JONATHAN; COOMBE, MARTEN - The Merlin Mystery
004302: DE BRUNHOFF; MERLE S HAAS (TRANSLATED BY) - The travels of the of Babar
002471: VON DER HAEGEN, ANNE MUELLER; STRASSER, RUTH - Tuscany: Art & Architecture
N-15002: O'HAGAN, CHRISTINE - Benediction at the Savoia
003540: HAGUE, MICHAEL - The Perfect Present (Signed)
003543: HAGUE, KATHLEEN - Out of the Nursery, Into the Night (Signed)
001226: HAINING, PETER (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Great Irish Tales of Horror
003299: HAIRSTON, MAXINE C. - Successful Writing Second Edition
CH-01161: HAKES NOBLE, TRINKA - The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
001326: HALKEN, HILLEL - Across the Sabbath River: In Search of a Lost Tribe of Israel
004123: HALL, SUSN T. - What is Christmas?
N-08015: HAMILTON, JANE - The Book of Ruth
001549: HAMILTON, JOHN MAXWELL - Casanova Was a Book Lover: And Other Naked Truths and Provocative Curiosities About the Writing, Selling, and Reading of Books
001389: HAMILTON, MASHA - Staircase of a Thousand Steps
000988: HAMPSON, DENMAN - What is That?
002852: HAN, CAROLYN (RETOLD BY) CHENG, JAIHO (TRANSLATED BY) - Tales from Within the Clouds: Nakhi Stories of China
002746: HANCOCK, JONATHAN - Maximize Your Memory - Techiques and Exercises for Remembering Just About Anything
001395: HANKINSON, MOIRA; HANKINSON, NICHOLAS - Garden Ornaments: 30 Beautiful Projects for Decorating Your Garden
001979: HANLEY, CHARLES J.; CHOE, SANG-HUN; MENDOZA, MARTHA - The Bridge at No Gun Ri: A Hidden Nightmare from the Korean War
000674: HANSBERRY, LORRAINE - A Raisin in the Sun: The Unfilmed Original Screenplay
002735: HANSEL, TIM - Through the Wilderness of Loneliness
002459: HANSHEW, MARY L. & THOMAS W. - The Riddle of the Frozen Flame
000304: HARBEN, WILL N. - The Cottage of Delight
003120: HARDIE, TITANIA - Titania's Magical Compendium: Spells and Rituals to Bring a Little Magic into Your Life
003590: HARGROVE, MARION; ANDERSON, MAXWELL (FOREWORD BY) - See Here, Private Hargrove
004035: HARLINE, LEIGH - When You Wish Upon a Star
003993: HARPER, BOB; CRITSER, GREG - The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin
001986: HARRE, T. EVERETT (EDITED BY) - Treasures of the Kingdom: Stories of faith, Hope and Love
CH-02028: HARRIS, JACK C. - Garfield's Picnic Adventure
000491: HARRIS, MARK JONATHAN - Confessions of a Prime Time Kid
N-08007: HARRIS, RUTH - Modern Women
002434: HARRIS, DAVID - Our War: What We Did in Vietnam and What It Did to Us
003641: HARRIS, NICHOLAS - The Incredible Journey to the Planets
002255: HARRIS, NICHOLAS - Dinosaur
003604: HARRISON, BARBARA GRIZZUTI - The Islands of Italy: Sicily, Sardinia, and the Aeolian Islands
N-08014: HART, JOSEPHINE - Sin
001110: HARTE, BRET - Salomy Jane's Kiss: Photoplay Edition
000859: HARTE, MARJORIE - The Closing Web
001814: HARTING, EMILIE C. - A Literary Tour Guide to the United States: Northeast
003991: HARTL, PAVEL - Concert of the Season: A Dozen Czech Stories For Children
004120: HARTL, PAVEL - Concert of the Season: A Dozen Czech Stories for Children
003417: HARTSFIELD, MARIELLA GLENN - Tall Betsy and Dunce Baby South Georgia Folktales
003449: HARVEY, RITA MORLEY - Those Wonderful, Terrible Years George Heller and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
001673: HASSINGER, PETER - The Book of Alfar: A Tale of the Hudson Highlands
T-08003: HATCH, K. I.; HAZELWOOD, J. A. - Elementary Agriculture with Practical Arithmetic
003061: HAVIGHURST, ROBERT J.; MORGAN, H. GERTHON - The Social History of the War-Boom Community
004011: HAWLEY, MABEL C. - Four Little Blossoms Through the Holidays
CH-02001: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Grandfather's Chair, A History for Youth
001158: HAYDER, MO - Birdman : A Novel
000564: HAYES, HELEN, WITH DODY, SANFORD - On Reflection: An Autobiography
002475: HAYES, BILL - Sleep Demons: An Insomniac's Memoir
001639: HAYS, DAVID - Today I Am a Boy: The Bar Mitzvah Journey of a Grown Man
000281: HAYWARD, LINDA - Five Little Bunnies
000195: HAYWARD, LINDA - I Can Count to Ten and Back Again
000194: HAYWARD, LINDA - Early Bird on Sesame Street
001214: HAZEN, CINDY; FREEMAN, MIKE - Love Always, Patsy : Patsy Cline's Letters to a Friend
003579: HEATH, GORDON R.; ABRAMSON, DORIS (FOREWORD BY); THELWELL, EKWUEME MIKE (AFTERWORD BY) - Deep Are the Roots : Memoirs of a Black Expatriate
003910: HEBERLE, RUDOLF - Social Movements: An Introduction to Political Sociology
002803: HECHT, TOBIAS - After Life: An Ethnographic Novel
002375: HEDRICK, SUSAN; MATCHETTE, VILMA - World Colors Dress & Dolls: Folk & Ethnic Dolls
000659: HEFFERNAN, WILLIAM - The Dinosaur Club
003316: HEILMAN II, CARL E.; MCKIBBEN, BILL (INTRODUCTION BY) - Adirondacks Views of an American Wilderness
CH-12148: HELFER, ANDREW (ADAPTED BY) - Batman Forever (from the hit movie)
000008: HELLER, JOSEPH - Something Happened
002399: HELLUM, AMANDA WATKINS; GOTTSHALL, FRANKLIN H. - You Can Whittle and Carve
002666: HELMERING, DORIS WILD - Happily Ever After: A Therapist's Guide to Taking the Fight Out and Putting the Fun Back into Your Marriage
003335: VAN HELSING, CORNELIUS; DE WOLFF, GUSTAV - Vampyre The Terrifying (Lost) Found Journal of Dr. Cornelius Van Helsing and Gustav de Wolff, His Trusted Companion
004069: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
004068: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - A Farewell to Arms
004067: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Sun Also Rises
002357: HENDERSON, CAROLYN (CONSULTING EDITOR) - The New Book of Saddlery and Tack
002999: HENDRICK, M.D., VICTORIA; GITLIN, M.D., MICHAELL - Psychotropic Drugs and Women: Fast Facts
001391: HENNEGAN, ALISON - The Lesbian Pillow Book
001900: HENRY, O. - Rolling Stones
CH-01320: HENSON, JIM - Jim Henson's Muppet Stories, Volume 8, Cozy Campfire Stories
000486: HENSON, JIM - Muppet Babies Christmas Book (Golden Book Ser.)
003998: HERNON, PETER; GANEY, TERRY - Under the Influence: The Unauthorized Story of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty
004285: HERRING, RUTH AND MANNERS, KAREN - Knitting Masterpieces
003615: HERRIOT, JAMES - Every Living Thing
003619: HERRIOT, JAMES - The Best of James Herriot: Favourite Memories of a Country Vet
001129: HERRIOT, JAMES - James Herriot's Cat Stories
000682: HERRIOT, JAMES - James Herriot's Yorkshire
N-08004: HERSEY, JOHN - Too Far to Walk
N-08002: HERSEY, JOHN - The Wall
000675: HERSHENOW, NICHOLAS - The Road Builder
CH-01133: HIGHTOWER, FLORENCE - The Ghost of Follonsbee's Folly
000915: HIJUELOS, ”SCAR - The Empress of the Splendid Season
CH-12075: HILL, ERIC - Where's Spot?
CH-12074: HILL, ERIC - Spot's Baby Sister
CH-01217: HILL, EILEEN - Robin Kane: The Candle Shop Mystery
000870: HILL, JENNIFER [EDITED BY] - An Exhilaration of Wings : The Literature of Bird Watching
001411: HILLERT, MARGARET - Witch Who Went for a Walk
001412: HILLERT, MARGARET - The Purple Pussycat
004064: HILLIER, MALCOLM - Malcolm Hillier's Christmas
001202: HILSMAN, ROGER - George Bush vs. Saddam Hussein : Military Success! Political Failure?
N-08006: HILTON, JAMES - Nothing so Strange
002332: HILTY, STEVEN L. - Birds Of Tropical America: A Watcher's Introduction To Behavior, Breedings, And Diversity
002244: HINDLE, TIM - Manage Your Time
W-08001: HINDUS, MAURICE - The Great Offensive
003766: HINE, MURIEL - Ten Days' Wonder
001619: HINEY, TOM - On the Missionary Trail: A Journey Through Polynesia, Asia, and Africa With the London Missionary Society
003603: HINTZ, HAROLD FRANKLIN - Horses in the Movies
001692: HIRO, DILIP - Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm
003494: HIRTLE, SHEILA; DE VILLIERS, MARQ; - Sahara A Natural History
003893: HOADLEY, MABEL VEATCH - Chikeeta and the Pukwudjis
003989: HOBERMAN, MARY ANN; WINSTON, LINDA - The Tree That Time Built: A Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination
001209: HODGE, JANE AIKEN - Last Act
001229: HOFFMAN, ALICE - Second Nature
000883: HOFFMAN, ALLEN - Small Worlds (Small Worlds Ser.)
001735: HOFMANN, GERT - Our Conquest
003171: HOLDERNESS-RODDAM, JANE - Fitting Tack
001966: HOLFORD, PATRICK - Vitamin Vitality
CH-01216: HOLL, ADELAIDE - Small Bear Solves a Mystery
CH-01200: HOLL, ADELAIDE - Colors are Nice
000594: HOLL, ADELAIDE - Colors are Nice
000493: HOLLAND, ISABELLE - Journey for Three
M-08005: HOLT, A.J. - Watch Me
M-08002: HOLT, VICTORIA - Menfreya In the Morning
001906: HOLZER, HANS - Psychic Photography: Threshold of a New Science?
004152: HONG, EDNA AND HOWARD - The Boy Who Fought With Kings
001420: HONIG, DONALD - The Greatest First Basemen of All Time
004045: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins and Baby May
004039: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook
002080: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale or Camping and Tramping for Fun and Health
002969: HOPPEN, STEPHANIE - Red on Red: Creating Stunning Interiors Using Reds and Pinks
T-08001: HORN, PH.D., ERNEST AND ASHBAUGH, PH.D., ERNEST J. - Lippincott's Horn-Ashbagh Speller
003575: HORTON BERG, JEAN - The Big Jump-Up Book of Trains, Trucks and Planes
001444: HORVATH, SHERL - My Little Book of Words
000996: HORVATH, SHERL - The Little Book
003786: HORWICH, DR. FRANCES R.; WERRENRATH, JR., REINALD - Miss Frances' Ding Dong School Book
003725: RANDOM HOUSE - The Sleepytime Storybook
003837: HOUSMAN, A. E. - More Poems

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