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27556: [GOODRICH, SAMUEL GRISWOLD] - Peter Parley's Tales About the Sun, Moon, and Stars with Numerous Engravings
28047: [DICKES, WILLIAM] EDITOR. - Women of Worth; a Book for Girls
28603: [S.N] - Riviere Verte 1784-1979
27301: ABBOTT, KATE - Abbottville Farm Market Cookbook [Clinton, Ct]
23006: ABEL, ALISON M.; STANDON, EDWARD - Now You Are Six a Birthday Book
27213: ACKLEY, CLIFFORD S. - Printmaking in the Age of Rembrandt
27343: ACKLEY, EDITH FLACK; FLACK, MARJORIE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Marionettes: Easy to Make! Fun to Use!
24319: ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. ILLUSTRATED BY LEE J. AMES - The Pony Express. Landmark Series Book No. 7
28307: ADAMS, MILTON K.; TIBEAU, ANTHONY J. (PHOTO REPRODUCTIONS) - Old Manchester [3 Volumes] Book I, a Picture Book; Book Ii, the Storytellers; Book Iii, Manchester Green
25985: ADAMS, THOMAS R. - The Twelfth Night Club a Record of the Attic 1880 to 2000
26642: ADAMS, RICHARD; BAYLEY, NOCOLA, (ILL.). - The Tyger Voyage (Plus 13 Illustrations Painted By Nicola Bayley)
28306: ADAMS, GLADYS S. - Buckland; the North West Section of Manchester, Connecticut
18540: ADAMS, HAROLD - Legend of Chincoteague 'the Beautiful Land Across the Water'
26264: ADASKINA, N. L., ANTONOVA, IRINA ALEKSANDROVNA., MERKERT, JÖRN - Berlin Moskau 1900 - 1950.
25742: ADLER, C. S. - Daddy's Climbing Tree
27281: FEDERAL WRITER'S PROJECT OF THE WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION - Connecticut a Guide to Its Roads, Lore and People
28432: AGAY, DENES, (EDITOR). - Teaching Piano a Comprehensive Guide and Reference Book for the Instructor .
23312: AIKEN, JOAN; STEWART, ARVIS, (ILL.). - Mooncusser's Daughter; a Play for Children
28171: PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT - Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp Model R2800-18w Parts Catalog. (R-2800-18w, an 02-10gd-4)
19246: ALBORGHETTI, MARCI; BLONDEN, HERVÉ - The Miracle of the Myrrh
27338: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY; HOGARTH, PAUL (ILLUSTRATOR) - Little Men [the Macmillan Classics 13]
28046: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag, Volume 1: My Boys Etc.
20894: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - A Christmas Dream
27352: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Jack and Jill; a Village Story
27404: ALDEN GAMALIEL BEAMAN, COMPILER - Rhode Island Vital Records, New Series Volume 3, Washington County, Rhode Island Births and Marriages from Gravestone Inscriptions 1688-1850.
27395: ALDIN, CECIL, (ILL.); BYRON, MAY, (AUTHOR). - Jack and Jill
21484: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY - The Story of a Bad Boy
25391: ALEXANDER, ELIZABETH & MARILYN NELSON; COOPER, FLOYD - Miss Crandall's School for Young Ladies & Little Misses of Color
18401: ALEXANDER, WILLIAM - A Farming Century the Darent Valley 1892-1992
21765: ALEXANDER, LLOYD; ABRAMS, LESTER, (ILL.). - The Four Donkeys
27417: ALEXOPOULOS, JOHN - The Nineteenth Century Parks of Hartford ; a Legacy to the Nation
26340: ALLEN, IDA BAILEY - Ida Bailey Allen's Modern Cook Book; 2500 Delicious Recipes
28521: ALLEN, DANIEL - The Sky Above, the Kingdom Below in the Footsteps of Thomas Coryate
6375: ALLISON, K. J. ; BERESFORD, M. W. ; HURST, J. G. - The Deserted Villages of Oxfordshire
26023: MOLIERE; DRAWINGS BY MM. GEFFROY AND H. ALLOUARD - Oeuvres Completes de Moliere. La Seule Complete En 2 Volumes, Ornee de 10 Portraits En Pied Colories
28420: VAN ALLSBURG, CHRIS - Jumanji
28195: ALLSWANG, JOHN M. - A House for All Peoples: Ethnic Politics in Chicago 1890-1936
20921: ALVEY, EDWARD JR. - The Streets of Fredericksburg
27142: ALVIS, MICHAEL & HAYNES W. ALVIS & GEORGE WEBB & PEGGY W. COOK & ET. AL. - Distant Crossroads, Volumes 19 -22, 2002-2005 (16 Issues) . Journal of the Hawkins County Genealogical & Historical Society, Rogersville, Tennessee
28495: AMES, SCRIBNER - Marsden Hartley in Maine
27470: ANANOV, ANDREI - Ananov Russian Jewelry Art: The Experience of Revival of "the Faberge Russian Jewelry School" .
28620: ANASTAKIS, DIMITRY - Autonomous State the Struggle for a Canadian Car Industry from Opec to Free Trade
27809: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN; KREDEL, FRITZ, (ILL). - Andersen's Fairy Tales, Translated By Jean Hersholt; Illustrated By Fritz Kredel
28450: ANDERSEN, JEFFREY W.; HILDEGARD CUMMINGS - The American Artist in Connecticut: The Legacy of the Hartford Steam Boiler Collection
23817: ANDERSON, LAVERE; HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM M. - Tad Lincoln, Abe's Son
28044: ANDERSON, JOSEPH (EDITOR); AND ANNA L. WARD - The Town and City of Waterbury, Connecticut from the Aboriginal Period to the Year Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Five; Volume Ii Only.
27287: ANDERSON, LEON (BUCKSHOT) - Growing Up Isn't All Fishing and Hunting
27957: ANDERSON, C. W. - The Outlaw
24698: ANDRADE, HECTOR RODAS - Canto Amatorio
28277: ANDREWS, ALFRED - Genealogy and Ecclesiastical History of New Britain, Connecticut
27722: ANDREWS, CLARENCE - Christmas in Iowa
28136: ANDREWS, J. R. H. - The Southern Ark: Zoological Discovery in New Zealand, 1769-1900
25996: ANDRUPS, JANUS; KALVE, VITAUS - Latvian Literature - Essays
24645: ANGEL, EDUARDO ZULETA; LUIS DUQUE GOMEZ; OCTAVIO QUINONES PARDO - Revista de Folklore; Numeros 1--5 (Bogota, Columbia)
27675: ANGEL, MARIE - Cottage Flowers
22420: DE ANGELI, MARGUERITE - Skippack School Being the Story of Eli Shrawder and of One Christopher Dock, Schoolmaster, About the Year 1750
28094: DE ANGELI, MARGUERITE - Thee, Hannah!
25546: DE ANGELI, MARGUERITE - Henner's Lydia
28459: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - Love Is a Special Way of Feeling
27233: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - Christmas Is a Time of Giving
24457: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - Spring Is a New Beginning
27624: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - What Color Is Love ?
27825: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - Morning Is a Little Child
26987: ANONYMOUS - Memoirs of General la Fayette, Embracing Details of His Public and Private Life, Sketches of the America Revolution, the Downfall of Bonaparte and the Restoration of the Bourbons. With Biographical Notices of Individuals Who Have Been Distinguished Actors in the Events. [Leather Bound]
21727: ANOUILH, JEAN - Five Plays, Volume Ii: Ardele, the Lark, Restless Heart, Time Remembered, Mademoiselle Colombe
27456: APOSTOLOS-CAPPADONA, DIANE; AND BRUCE ALTSHULER, EDITORS. - Isamu Noguchi: Essays and Conversations
23693: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift on the Phantom Satellite
27649: APPLETON, VICTOR: KAYE, GRAHAM - Tom Swift and His Jetmarine. The New Tom Swift Adventures, #2.
21390: AREND, GUY FRANZ - Bastogne: The Most Outstanding Photographs of the Battle
26106: ARIS, ERNEST A. - The Tale of Chickaboo Chick
24143: ARLOTT, JOHN; IN COLLABORATION WITH REX COWAN & FRANK GIBSON - Island Camera the Isles of Scilly in the Photography of the Gibson Family
22130: ARMSTRONG, WARREN - Fire Down Below
28043: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G. - Historic Lebanon Highlights of an Historic Town
22654: ARMSTRONG, R. L.; BROOKINS, D. G.; PRESSEL, D. C.; PAGE, LOU WILLIAMS (EDITOR) - Contributions to Geochronology in Connecticut, Ii
25732: ARNOLD, FRANCIS M. - Festivals and Plays of Children a Series of Rhythmic Plays and Dances Arranged According to the Seasons of the Year
17283: ARNOLD, OREN - Flame Boy and the Indians' Secret (Better Little Book 1464)
27767: ARNOLD, MORRIS S. - Colonial Arkansas, 1686-1804 a Social and Cultural History
28096: ARNOLD, A.A. - Sequence of Take-Down and Assembly Operations Winchester Model 12 Slide Action Repeating Shotgun
26468: ARPEE, EDWARD - From Frigates to Flat-Tops; the Story of the Life and Achievements of Rear Admiral William Adger Moffett, U.S. N. , "the Father of Naval Aviation," October 31, 1869-April 4, 1933
11059: ARRINGTON, JOHN; ZIENTEK, WALTER - Labrador Tales: A Celebration of America's Favorite Dog
28079: ARTUSI, PELLEGRINO; ABBOTT, ELIZABETH, (TRANSLATOR) - Italianissimo: Italian Cooking at Its Best
24661: ASHBY, JOHN - Sea Gift
16467: ASHEIM, IVAR (EDITOR) - The Church, Mysticism, Sanctification and the Natural in Luther's Thought Lectures Presented to the Third International Congress on Luther Research, Jarvenpaa, Finland, August 1966
26903: ASHTON, DORE - Life and Times of the New York School
21416: ASQUITH, LADY CYNTHIA; WATSON, A.H. (ILL.). - Sails of Gold
28112: ASQUITH, STUART; IAN J. KNIGHT; EDWIN J. HERBERT; DIANA M. HENDERSON; MARK BRETHERTON. (EDITORS OF VARIOUS ISSUES). - Soldiers of the Queen; Journal of the Victorian Military Society, Issues 1- 64 (May 1975-March 1991)
25638: OFFICE OF THE TAX ASSESSOR - City of Middletown Connecticut 1940 List of Real Property Tabulated By Streets
27543: WESTERN CONNECTICUT BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION - Beekeeper's Cookbook a Book of Favorite Recipes
26171: ATIL, ESIN; SOUSEK, PRISCILLA; STERN, HAROLD B.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
26172: ATIL, ESIN; GRABAR, OLEG; SPINK, WALTER; STERN, HAROLD B.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
26169: ATIL, ESIN; SOUSEK, PRISCILLA; FRENCH, CALVIN.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
26165: ATIL, ESIN; SOUSEK, PRISCILLA; STERN, HAROLD B.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
24002: ATTO, KATHLEEN H.; AND COMMITTEE - Lennoxville, Volume 1. [Quebec, Canada]
27382: ATWOOD, JOHN E. - Constituents of the Universe
23202: AUGARDE, STEVE - Barnaby Shrew, Black Dan and . . . The Mighty Wedgewood
25339: D'AULAIRE, INGRI & EDGAR PARIN - Buffalo Bill
15344: D'AULNOY, MADAME (MARIE DE BERNEVILLE) - The Peacock King and Other Stories
18126: AVERY, AMOS & BETTY; REYNARD, REV. FREDERIC; GRAY, LEILA - History of the First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Ledyard, Connecticut 1725-1975
26125: AYLESWORTH, JIM; MCCLINTOCK, BARBARA - Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy
27269: BABBITT, ELLEN C. (RETOLD BY) - Jataka Tales
24885: BACA, JIMMY SANTIAGO - What's Happening
27990: BACH, SUZANNE - Assuming the Guise African Masks Considered and Reconsidered
27278: BACHMAN, BEN - Upstream a Voyage on the Connecticut River
22660: BACKUS, CHARLES - Five Discourses on the Truth and Inspiration of the Bible. Particularly Designed for the Benefit of Youth. By Charles Backus, Pastor of a Church in Somers
25882: BACON, EDWIN M. - The Connecticut River and the Valley of the Connecticut, Three Hundred and Fifty Miles from Mountain to Sea
28479: BACON, EDWIN M.; LODI, EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Connecticut River Valley in King Philip's War
26585: BACON, JOSEPHINE - Patisserie of Vienna
27984: BAILEY, BERNADINE; WIESE, KURT, (ILL.). - Picture Book of Connecticut
28408: BAKER, JULIE P., AND T. LINDSAY BAKER, EDITORS. OLIVER, KERMIT, (ILL.). - Till Freedom Cried out Memories of Texas Slave Life
24643: BAKER, MARGARET J.; THELWELL, NORMAN - Away Went Galloper
27160: BAKER, ANTHONY; ROBERT B. MACKAY; CAROL A. TRAYNOR. (EDITORS). - Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940
15968: BAKER, ELIZABETH - Fire in the Wind
27435: BAKER, BETTY; SHORTALL, LEONARD (ILL.). - The Treasure of the Padres
26383: BAKER, PAUL R. - Richard Morris Hunt
28045: BALAJKA, PETR - Jewish Prague [Das Judische Prag/ Jewish Prague/Praga Judia/Prague Juive/Praga Ebraica]
25883: BALAN, BRUCE; MEIER, DAVID SCOTT - Jeremy Quacks
27365: BALCH, WILLIAM RALSTON; TALMAGE, T. DEWITT, (INTRODUCTION). - Perfect Jewels: A Collection of the Choicest Things in the Literature of Life, Love and Religion to Which Is Added the Music of Home. Beautifully Illustrated By the Best American and European Artists
25737: BALDWIN, WILLIAM - Charleston: My Picture Guide to a Holy City
28228: BALL, BERENICE M. - Barns of Chester County, Pennsylvania
28234: BALMORI, DIANA; DIANE KOSTIAL-MCGUIRE; ELEANOR M. MCPECK - Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes Her Gardens and Campuses
27179: BANAC, KRISEN (EDITOR); GILMAN, DEBBIE (ARTIST) - Walter Stewart's Cookbook [New Canaan, Connecticut] a Collection of Prize Winning Recipes
27669: BANCROFT, JAMES W. - The Rorke's Drift Men Heroes of the Zulu War
28337: BANFILL, B. J - Labrador Nurse
26994: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Cobwebs from a Library Corner
27126: BANKS, CAROLYN (EDITOR). - The New Horse Play, Volume 3, No. 6, June 1975
28622: BANNERMAN, D. DOUGLAS - The Scripture Doctrine of the Church Historically and Exegetically Cconsidered
28644: BARANY-KEVEI, ILONA; & JOHN GUNN, EDITORS. - Essays in the Ecology and Conservation of Karst; Acta Geographica,Tomus Xxxvi.
26380: BARATH, BETTY; KOH, KYUNG-HUN, (ILL.). - The Little Lion That Couldn't Roar
27097: BARBAULD, ANNA LETITIA - Poems; to Which Is Added an Epistle to William Wilberforce.
22170: BARBER, JANET; LYON, BELINDA - My Learn to Sew Book
26137: BARBER, MRS; ET. AL. - The Pet Squirrel and Other Stories
25533: BARE, COLLEEN STANLEY - Never Grab a Deer By the Ear
23162: BARENBOIM, DANIEL; LEWIN, MICHAEL, (ED.) - Daniel Barenboim a Life in Music
26310: BARHAM, TONY - Witchcraft in the Thames Valley; Traditional Witchcraft Tales of the Thames Valley
27861: BARKER, DON W. - Odyssey of the Barkers and the Russells
28424: BARONE, DENNIS, (EDITOR). - Garnet Poems an Anthology of Connecticut Poetry Since 1776
26986: BARR, ROBERT; MOORE-SMITH, C. (ILL.). - In the Midst of Alarms
28346: BARR, LOCKWOOD - Eli Terry Pillar & Scroll Shelf Clocks
16463: BARRETT, EDWARD (EDITOR) - Sociomedia: Multimedia, Hypermedia, and the Social Construction of Knowledge
26539: BARRETT, LEONARD E. - The Rastafarians Sounds of Cultural Dissonance
15691: BARRIE, J. M. ; PARTRIDGE, BERNARD (ILLUSTRATOR) - Tommy and Grizel
28572: BARRON, DAVID P. & SHARON MASON & VANCE TIEDE - The Greater Gungywamp, Twentieth Anniversary Issue
21629: BARROW, THOMAS C. - Connecticut Joins the Revolution
26365: BARROW, CLYDE W., (ED.). - Portuguese-Americans and Contemporary Civic Culture in Massachusetts
25552: BARROWS, MARJORIE; EVERS, HELEN AND ALF - The Organ Grinders' Garden Poems Younger Children Love
26792: BARRY, THEODORE J. - The Bryn Mawr Hospital 1893-1968
27026: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN. - Handy Reference Atlas of the World; with Complete Index and Geographical Statistics
25141: BARTLETT, ELLA HERBERT, (EDITOR); AGNOLUCCI, MARIO,(ARRANGEMENTS). - Stephen Foster Songs for Boys and Girls
27750: BARTON, HUMPHREY - Vertue Xxxv
28348: BARTON, H. ARNOLD - Letters from the Promised Land Swedes in America, 1840-1914
27780: BARUCH, MICHAEL J. - Street Food Chicago
27698: BARYATINSKY, MIKHAIL - The Is Tanks: Is-1, Is-2, Is-3. (Russian Armour, Volume 1).
28638: BASSETT, LYNNE ZACEK - Modesty Died When Clothes Were Born Costume in the Life and Literature of Mark Twain
23816: BASSIN, ETHEL; BOWMAN, DEREK. (ED.) - Old Songs of Skye Frances Tolmie and Her Circle
27512: BATCHELDER, DANA A. - The Descendants of John Fall of Berwick, Maine
24950: BATES, SYLVIA CHATFIELD - The Vintage
20950: BATES, ALBERT CARLOS - The Charter of Connecticut a Study
28200: BATIGNANI, KAREN - Maine's Coastal Cemeteries
26181: BAUME, ERIC - Yankee Woman [Armed Services Edition]
27450: BAUMGARDT, JOHN P. - How to Identify Flowering Plant Families
27066: BEACH, FRANK CONVERSE (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF); RINES, GEORGE EDWIN (EDITOR). - Encyclopedia Americana; Complete in 16 Volumes
27831: BEACH, REBECCA DONALDSON; GIBBONS, REBECCA DONALDSON - The Reverend John Beach and His Descendants: Together with Historical and Biographical Sketches and the Ancestry and Descendants of John Sanford, of Redding, Connecticut
13536: BEALER III, ALEX W. - The Picture-Skin Story
27402: BEAMAN, ALDEN GAMALIEL - Rhode Island Vital Records, New Series, Volume 8 - Washington County, Rhode Island Births 1760 - 1860 from Death and Marriage Records a - I
27403: BEAMAN, ALDEN GAMALIEL - Rhode Island Vital Records, New Series, Volumes 8 & 9 - Washington County, Rhode Island Births 1760 - 1860, from Death and Marriage Records, a-I and J-Z
27401: BEAMAN, ALDEN - Rhode Island Vital Records, New Series, Volume 9 - Washington County, Rhode Island Births 1760 - 1860, from Death and Marriage Records J - Z
28252: BEAMAN, ALDEN G. - Rhode Island Genealogical Register, Volumes 1 Through 4 Complete, July 1978- April 1982. 16 Issues.
27837: BEARD, RAIMON L. - Reflections on the Canal in Cheshire; a Scrap-Book Account.
21562: BEAUVAIS, JOHN H. - Celebrations
28564: BECHDOLT, JACK - Fox's Handy Book for Boys
26441: BEER, GRETEL - Classic Austrian Cooking
28016: BEETON, MRS.; WARD LOCK EDITORS - Mrs. Beeton's Every-Day Cookery with About 2,500 Recipes
28274: BEGG, JOAN PENFIELD; DOROTHY SANFORD MCCUNN - Pine Grove; a Walk Through the Past
27588: BELDEN, BAUMAN L. - Indian Peace Medals Issued in the United States 1789 - 1889
21353: BELKO, VIVIAN - Historic Adamsville It's People and It's Places
27408: BELL, MICHAEL - The Face of Connecticut : People, Geology, and the Land
26922: BELL, JANICE WIGHTMAN - Historic Ledyard: The Bluff --Gales Ferry Village
28639: BELL, MICHAEL - The Face of Connecticut : People, Geology, and the Land
26666: BELL, JANICE WIGHTMAN BELL; GODINO, SHEILA ANYAN - Historic Ledyard, Volume Iii: Seven Families -- Avery Gallup Geer Lester Morgan Spicer Williams
27170: BELLI, MELVIN M - Dallas Justice the Real Story of Jack Ruby and His Trial
26135: BELSON, MARY - The Rambles of a Butterfly. Revised, with an Introduction, By Mrs. Anna Bache
26164: BENEDICT, DAVID - A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America, and Other Parts of the World; Complete in Two Volumes
28132: BENNETT, LOLA M. - The Company Towns of the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company Robertsdale and Woodvale, Pennsylvania
27908: BENNETT, JOHN - Madame Margot; a Legend of Old Charleston
27368: BENNINK, DON; TAPLIN, CHARLES R.; ET. AL. - Class of 1915 Dartmouth College, Twenty-Fifth Reunion
21762: BENSON, SALLY; SAVAGE, STEELE - Stories of the Gods and Heroes
16837: BENTON, E. O. - Man and Boy in a Norfolk Village
1901: BERGAMINO, GINA; LIFSHIN, LYN - White Horse Cafe
27836: BERGAN, WILLIAM M. - Old Nantasket; a Robust Portrait of Nantasket at the Turn of the Century
18442: BERGER, BARBARA - Animalia Thirteen Small Tales Retold, Handwritten, & Illuminated
23320: BERGER, CHRISTINA & ALAN CAREY & CHRIS DONNELLY & KEN PLACKO & ROBERT M. RICARD - Connecticut Tree Laws; a Compilation of Pertinent Statutes and Regulations for Arborists, Foresters, Tree Wardens and Others Involved with Connecticut Trees
17521: BERLIN, IRVING - They Say It's Wonderful (Sheet Music from Annie Get Your Gun)
23135: BERMAN, RHODA; MARIANA (ILL.). - When You Were a Little Baby
28241: BERMINGHAM, PETER - Jacques Lipchitz: Sketches and Models in the Collection of the University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
25044: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook
28316: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook
28265: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - The American Woman's Cook Book
19645: BERREAN, SALLY; HYUB, KIM CHYUNG, (ILL.). - The Korean Countryside, with Yong Shik and the Old Grandmother
27981: BERRIGAN, DANIEL - False Gods, Real Men
27760: BERRY, WENDELL - Entries Poems
26120: BESKOW, ELSA; EULALIE, (ILL.). - Pelle's New Suit
27918: BEST, EARNEST L. - Sharecropper's Son (Down in Arkansas)
27725: BETROS, LANCE - West Point: Two Centuries and Beyond
26670: BIBLE, JEAN PATTERSON - The Melungeons Yesterday and Today
22580: BICKFORD, CHRISTOPHER P. & CAROLYN C. COOPER & SANDRA L. RUX - Voices of the New Republic: Connecticut Towns 1800-1832 ; Volume I: What They Said
28131: BICKFORD, CHRISTOPHER P. - Plainfield Transformed: Three Centuries of Life in a Connecticut Town 1699-1999
27506: BICKFORD, CHRISTOPHER P.; COOPER, CAROLYN C. - Voices of the New Republic. Connecticut Towns 1800-1832. Two Volumes. Volume I; What They Said; Volume Ii: What We Think)
13854: BIELSCHOWSKY, ALBERT - The Life of Goethe; 3 Volumes Complete
27477: BIGELOW, DAVID C. - My Mother Loved Tea the Story of Ruth Bigelow
27181: BILENKO, ANATOLE (TRANSLATOR) - How Ivan Went to See the Sun Ukrainian Folk Tales
25472: BIRD, JONATHAN - Sermons, on Various Subjects, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental
15789: BISCHOFF, JULIA BRISTOL; WOODWARD, HILDEGARD, (ILL.). - Great-Great Uncle Henry's Cats
21449: BISGROVE, RICHARD - The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll
4846: BIXIO, C. A. ; CHERUBINI, B. ; KENNEDY, JIMMY - Serenade in the Night (Sheet Music)
23060: BLACK, JEANNETTE D.;ROELKER, WILLIAM GREEN, (EDS.) - A Rhode Island Chaplain in the Revolution; Letters of Ebenezer David to Nicholas Brown 1775-1778
28296: RUTH ANNE HEISEY BLACK - 1973 Supplement to the 1897 Edition of John Lee of Farmington, Conn. And His Descendants Limited to the Descendants of His Youngest Child, David Lee.
27869: BLAISDELL, KATHARINE - Over the River and Through the Years for Children, Book One Early History of the Upper Connecticut Valley
26801: BLAISDELL, ALBERT F., (ED.). - Stories of the Civil War Adapted for Supplementary Reading
24763: BLAKE, ROBERT J. - The Perfect Spot
24776: BLAKE, ROBERT J. - The Perfect Spot
20641: BLANCHARD, GRACE - Phil's Happy Girlhood
15308: BLASHKI, PAM; PUGH, CLIFTON - Chai the Kangaroo
27816: BLEIBERG, EDWARD - Tree of Paradise: Jewish Mosaics from the Roman Empire
27322: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED. ) - Poets of World War I : Wilfred Owen & Isaac Rosenberg Comprehensive Research and Study Guide
26547: BLOOMER, NONA - A Guilford [Connecticut] Bibliography
24729: BLUE, ANTHONY DIAS - The Complete Book of Spirits a Guide to Their History, Production, and Enjoyment
28266: BOEGEHOLD, BETTY; CHALMERS, MARY, (ILL.). - Three to Get Ready
28491: BOGDONOFF, NANCY DICK - Handwoven Textiles of Early New England; the Legacy of a Rural People, 1640-1880
28547: BOMAN, ERIC - The Paper Doll's House of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Birdsall Otis, Aged Twelve
27384: BONHAM, VALERIE - A Place in Life: The Clewer House of Mercy, 1849-83
25174: BONNICI, PETER; KOPPER, LISA - The Festival
19259: BOOTH, MAUD BALLINGTON - Lights of Child-Land
26874: BORAH, WOODROW - Justice By Insurance the General Indian Court of Colonial Mexico and the Legal Aides of the Half-Real
23556: BORDERS, MERWYN - The Circle Comes Full New England Southern Baptists, 1958-1998
28477: BORUCKI, KENNETH - Penn Guinn and the Arctic Adventurers Voyage North
24979: BOSCH, MRS. HERMANN - Bible Stories Told to "Toddles"
25529: BOSS, SARAH JANE; CANN, HELEN - Mary's Story
23142: BOSSCHAERT, GREET - Un Drôle de Petit Frère
24509: BOSSE, ALEXANDRA VON - Wallis Abenteurer
25747: BOTERO, FERNANDO - Fernando Botero Monumental Sculpture/ Botero in New York
19194: BOUCHER, JACK E. - Absegami Yesteryear
26580: BOUGAULT, VALERIE - Paris Montparnasse a L'heure de L'art Moderne, 1910-1940
20996: BOUJOUEN, NORMA; NEWTON, JAMES R. - The Puerto Rican Experience in Willimantic
28256: BOULESTIN, MARCEL; ADAIR, A. H. - Savouries and Hors-D'oeuvre, One-Hundred & Twenty-Seven Ways of Preparing
22614: BOWEN, PETER; TOWNES, BROOKS - The Sausalito-Indian Navy
28462: BOWEN, RICHARD LEBARON - Rhode Island Colonial Money and Its Counterfeiting 1647-1726
27130: BOWEN, FANNY COREY; BOWEN, J. WHITNEY - The Descendants of John Bowen
27576: BOWERS, PETER M. - Scale Aircraft Drawings: World War Ii, Volumes I and Ii.
27811: BOWYER, EMERSON; DE CASO, JACQUES - David D'angers: Making the Modern Monument
28626: BOYD, LIZZIE, (EDITOR). - British Cookery Based on Research Undertaken for the British Food Information Service of Food from Britain and the British Tourist Authority By the
27554: BOYESEN, HJALMAR HJORTH - Against Heavy Odds; a Tale of Norse Heroism
27532: BOYLSTON, HELEN DORE; ORR, FORREST W., (ILL.). - Sue Barton, Student Nurse
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24354: FOWLER, JANET - A History of Education in a Small New England Town - Marlborough, Connecticut
23096: FOWLES, LLOYD WRIGHT; (EDITED, WITH ADDITIONAL MATERIAL BY WILLIAM JOSEPH URICCHIO) - The Fowles History of Windsor, Connecticut, 1633-1900
28651: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Le Lys Rouge
26024: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Histoire Comique/ le Jardin D' Epicure
27087: FRANCOISE - Jeanne-Marie in Gay Paris.
27174: FRANK, MAURO - A Brief History of Lionism in Connecticut
10727: FRANZ, ROBERT; APTHORP, WILLIAM FOSTER - Fifty Songs By Robert Franz, for High Voice
27463: FRAPRIE, FRANK - New Britain General Hospital Reflections of Our Past
26089: FRAZER, JAMES GEORGE; ABRIDGED BY ROBERT K. G. TEMPLE - The Illustrated Golden Bough; a Study in Magic and Religion
25192: FREEDMAN, DEBORAH - Scribble
27492: FREEMAN, DR. LARRY - New Light on Old Lamps.
28235: FREEMAN, MAE BLACKER - Fun with Cooking
28591: FREEMAN, ROGER A. - Airfields of the Eighth, Then and Now
22139: FRENCH, ADELA HABERSKI (EDITOR) - The Social Reform Papers of John James Mccook a Guide to the Microfilm Publication
25873: FRENCH, FIONA - Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone
27028: FRENCH, HARRY W. - Through Arctics and Tropics Around the World By a New Path for a New Purpose
12839: FRENCH, EARL A. ; ROYCE, DIANA - Portraits of a Nineteenth Century Family: A Symposium on the Beecher Family
26335: AN INGENIOUS FRENCHMAN - Innocent Amusement; Or, the Hieroglyphical Fortune-Teller
27494: FREY, HILDEGARD G. - The Campfire Girls: Larks and Pranks
27353: FRIED, MICHAEL - Realism, Writing, Disfiguration: On Thomas Eakins and Stephen Crane
26741: BIRMINGHAM FRIENDS - Three Hundred Year of Quakerism at Birmingham 1690-1990
11512: FRINK, C. R. ; NORVELL, W. A. - Chemical and Physical Properties of Connecticut Lakes (Bulletin 817)
24529: FRISCH, JUDITH; WOROB, BRENDA F. (EDITORS). - The 1962 Dial: Central Connecticut State College (Yearbook)
14126: FRISCH, WALTER; HEPOKOSKI, JAMES (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xvi, No. 1, Fall 1992
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14146: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xv, No. 2, Summer 1991
14150: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN; KERMAN, JOSEPH (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Viii, No. 3, Spring 1985
14139: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xiii, No. 1, Summer 1989
14153: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN; KERMAN, JOSEPH (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Ix, No. 3, Spring 1986
14152: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN; KERMAN, JOSEPH (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Ix, No. 2, Fall 1985
14145: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xv, No. 1, Summer 1991
14143: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xiv, No. 2, Fall 1990
14144: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xiv, No. 3, Spring 1991
14141: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xiii, No. 3, Spring 1990
14140: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xiii, No. 2, Summer 1989
14138: FRISCH, WALTER; HOLOMAN, D. KERN; KERMAN, JOSEPH (EDITORS) - 19th Century Music: Volume Xii, No. 1, Summer 1988
28460: FRITH, HENRY - Practical Palmistry; a Reliable Treatise on the Art of Character Reading, and Methods of Recalling Past and Foretelling Future Events Upon Examination of the Hand,
24521: FRITZ, JEAN; YOUNG, ED, (ILL.). - The Double Life of Pocahontas
26240: FROEHLICH, DR. BOB - Ants Using Alternative and Non-Traditional Investments to Allocate Your Assets in an Uncertain World
20065: FRONTINUS, SEXTUS JULIUS - The Two Books on the Water Supply of the City of Rome of Sextus Julius Frontinus, Water Commissioner of the City of Rome, A.D. 97
28328: FRYER, JANE EAYRE - The Mary Frances Cook Book, Or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People
20030: FUKUDA, KAZUHIKO - Japanese Stone Gardens: How to Make and Enjoy Them
28204: FULLER, STEVE - Thomas Kuhn a Philosophical History for Our Times
25710: FURNEAUX, H. ; ANDERSON, J. G. C. - Cornelii Taciti de Vita Agricolae
26927: GADDIS, EUGENE R. - All That Mighty Heart William George Delana
27881: GADDIS, EUGENE R. (ED.); HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL, (FOREWORD) - Avery Memorial Wadsworth Atheneum. The First Modern Museum.
28546: GADDIS, EUGENE; GEOFFREY GROSS, PHOTOGRAPHY - Magic Façade the Austin House
24219: GAIMAN, NEIL; MCKEAN, DAVE - The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
14474: GAINES, DAVID N. ; GODARD, GEORGE S. ; JONES, EDWARD P. - Hartland Patriotic Celebration and Unveiling Bronze Tablet on Millstone Used in the Colonial and Revolutionary Wars for Grinding Grain for Soldiers
28605: GAITHER, BILL - Bill Gaither Presents Homecoming Souvenir Songbook, Volumes I, Ii, and Iii.
17702: GALLAGHER, GRANDMASTER JOE - Trends in the Sveshnikov, Vol. 2
17456: GALLICO, PAUL - Mrs. 'arris Goes to New York
20509: GALLICO, PAUL - Ludmila: A Story of Lichtenstein
13916: GALLON, SILVANO - Italiani in Macedonia 1941-1943
24366: GALLOP, ANNABEL TEH - Early Views of Indonesia Drawings from the British Library
27114: GANGEL, JOHN R. (DESCRIPTIONS); GOODWIN, PAUL (PHOTOS) - Important Firearms Auction January 9, 2006, Session I; Little John's Auction Service
27123: GARDNER, DORSEY; WEBSTER, NOAH; PORTER, NOAH - Webster's Condensed Dictionary. A Condensed Dictionary of the English Language with Copious Etymological Derivations, [ . . . ], Chiefly Derived from the Unabridged Dictionary of Noah Webster
28089: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Swept from the Storm
28458: GARIS, HOWARD R. ; JULIA GREENE, (ILL.). - The Curlytops in the Woods Or Fun at the Lumber Camp. The Curlytops Series #8
25850: GARLAND, JOSEPH E. - That Great Pattillo
24358: GARRETT, LEROY - Stone-Campbell Movement an Anecdotal History of Three Churches
25952: GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD; VILLARD, FANNY GARRISON; TOLSTOY, LEO - William Lloyd Garrison on Non-Resistance; Together with a Personal Sketch By His Daughter, Fanny Garrison Villard and a Tribute By Leo Tolstoi
26198: GART, GALEN - First Pressings; the History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 6: 1956
26199: GART, GALEN - First Pressings; the History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 8: 1958
26194: GART, GALEN - First Pressings; the History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 2: 1952
26197: GART, GALEN - First Pressings; the History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 5: 1955
26193: GART, GALEN - R & B Stars of 1953 36 Authentic-Looking Postcards in Glorious Full Color
24601: GARVER, JOSEPH G. - Surveying the Shore: Historic Maps of Coastal Massachusetts, 1600-1930
28099: GATES, GILMAN C. - Saybrook at the Mouth of the Connecticut: The First One Hundred Years
27714: GATTI, ANNE; MALONE, PETER, (ILL.) - The Magic Flute
22473: GAVITT, BENJAMIN H.; DEGROOT, A. T. - Eighty Years in Iowa
25917: GAY, TERI P. - Strength without Compromise: Womanly Influence and Political Identity in Turn-of-the-Twentieth Century Rural Upstate New York
24111: GEDIN, BIRGITTA; PETTERSSON, PETTER - The Little House from the Sea
25962: GEE, MAURICE - Priests of Ferris
28542: GEIOGAMAH, HANAY & JAYE T DARBY - Stories of Our Way an Anthology of American Indian Plays
26857: GELBURD, GAIL - Robeson, Du Bois and the Spirit of African Culture
27015: GELDART, HANNAH RANSOME - Stories of Scotland and Its Adjacent Islands
28381: GENERAL ASSEMBLY, STATE OF CONNECTICUT - Record of Service of Connecticut Men : I. - War of the Revolution. Ii- War of 1812. Iii- Mexican War.
27727: GENT,LESLIE - Bolton Past
27705: GENTILLI, ROBERTO - Savoia Marchetti S. 79 in Action [Aircraft No. 71]
28658: GEORG, WILLY (PHOTOGRAPHS) ELIE WIESEL - In the Warsaw Ghetto Summer 1941, Photographs By Willy Georg with Passages from Warsaw Ghetto Diaries
23976: GEPP, EDWARD; APPLEBY, JOHN SAMUEL - An Essex Dialect Dictionary
20410: GERARDI, MARIE (EDITOR) - Wheelock '77 (Yearbook)
25169: GERAS, ADELE; JORDAN, JAEL - My Grandmother's Stories a Collection of Jewish Folk Tales
25294: GIBBON, EDWARD; MILMAN, REV. H. H., (NOTES). - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In Six Volumes [Leather Bound]. With Notes, By the Rev. H.H. Milman. A New Edition to Which Is Added a Complete Index of the Whole Work.
16101: GIBSON, WILLIAM - A Cry of Players
27631: GIBSON, KATHARINE; TENGGREN, GUSTAF, (ILL.) - The Tenggren Tell-It-Again Book
7668: GIBSON, JOHN - New Work By John Gibson 9/2001 - 4/2003
23897: GILBERT, HENRY; PYLE, HOWARD - Robin Hood
27803: GILL, GENE - Jest for Janeites [Cartoons]
27517: GILL, BOYD A. - Perspective Delineation
23025: GINSBURG, MIRRA, (EDITOR & TRANSLATOR) - The Lazies Tales of the Peoples of Russia
28222: GIORDANA, GIUSEPPE; MARIA TERESA CORRADO; ANTONIO PASIMENI - Mesagne Fra le Immagine Del Passato; Catalogo Delle Cartoline 1901-1986
27833: GIRDWOOD, EUGENE N., (EDITOR). - The First Church of Christ in Saybrook (Congregational), 1646-1996
27483: GLACKENS, IRA - William Glackens and the Eight the Artists Who Freed American Art
28633: GLAZERSON, M.; R. HARRIS, (REVISIONS). - Music and Kabbala
18780: GLEINIGER, ANDREA - Szyszkowitz + Kowalski 1973-1993
19910: GLOAG, JOHN - Victorian Comfort a Social History of Design from 1830-1900
28073: GLOVER, MICHAEL - Wellington's Peninsular Victories
26526: GODDARD, STEPHEN B. - Race to the Sky the Wright Brothers Versus the United States Government
27256: GOLDEN, JAMES L.; CORBETT, EDWARD P. J. - The Rhetoric of Blair, Campbell, and Whately with Updated Bibliographies
25986: GOLDOWSKY, SEEBERT J. - A Century and a Quarter of Spiritual Leadership the Story of the Congregation of the Sons of Israel and David (Temple Beth-El), Providence, Rhode Island
27493: GOLDSMITH, MILTON - Practical Things with Simple Tools a Book for Young Mechanics
25469: GOLDSMITH, DR. - Dr. Goldsmith's Roman History, Abridged By Himself. For the Use of Schools
27787: GOLDSTEIN, DARRA - A Taste of Russia
23491: GOLDSTEIN, MEL - Dr. Mel's Connecticut Climate Book
26763: GOMI, TARO - Santa Through the Window
27277: GOOD, DONNIE D.; ROSSI, PAUL A, (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Buffalo Soldier [American Scene Vol. X, No. 4]
26978: REV. C. A. GOODRICH - The History of the United States of America (with Engravings)
27011: GOODRICH, CHARLES A. - The Bible History of Prayer, with Practical Reflections
15716: GOODRICH, LLOYD; WIGHT, FREDERICK; MONGAN, AGNES; FORSYTH, GEORGE H. - A New England Town: A Portrait By Alice Stallknecht (1880-1973)
27877: GOODSELL, LEWIS - A History of Bethel, 1759-1976 a Commemorative Book
27904: GOODWATER, LEANNA - Women in Antiquity an Annotated Bibliography
27873: GOODWIN, JOSEPH O. - East Hartford: Its History and Traditions
27668: GORDON, DAN; JOSEPH, GARY - Cape Encounters Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories
24805: GORDON, ALVIN; GRAZIA, TED DE - Brooms of Mexico
11897: GORDON, JOLEEN - Edith Clayton's Market Basket: A Heritage of Splintwood Basketry in Nova Scotia
17103: GORDON, JOHN W. - His Majesty's Traitor: The Descent of Ernest Jaycock
24404: GORDON-SMITH, DOLORES - As If By Magic
4862: GORDON, MACK (LYRICS) ; MONACO, JAMES V. (MUSIC) - I Can't Begin to Tell You (Sheet Music)
23073: THE GORDONS [MILDRED AND GORDON] - Walt Disney Presents That Darn Cat
24812: GOREY, EDWARD - Dracula : A Toy Theatre the Sets and Costumes of the Broadway Production of the Play
28483: GORMAN, BOB - Hornsby's Heroes of 1926
24024: GOSCINNY, RENE; UDERZO (ILLUSTRATOR) - Asterix le Gaulois
22876: GOSSETT, MARGARET; BENDICK, JEANNE - The First Book of Boats
19617: GOSTELOW, MARY - Embroidery of All Russia
19618: GOSTELOW, MARY - Blackwork
28629: GOTT, KENDALL D. - Where the South Lost the War an Analysis of the Fort Henry-Fort Donelson Campaign, February 1862
24649: GOULART, RON - Broke Down Engine and Other Troubles with Machines
27134: GOULD, A. C. (GREENWOOD, RALPH) - Modern American Rifles
20942: DE GOUY, L.P. - The Derrydale Cook Book of Fish and Game, Volume Ii -- Fish
28283: DE GOUY, LOUIS P. ; OSCAR OF THE WALDORF, (INTRO). - The Gold Cook Book
23200: GOVAN, CHRISTINE - The Curious Clubhouse
26168: GRABAR, OLEG; SPINK, WALTER.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
26166: GRABAR, OLEG; SPINK, WALTER.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
26170: GRABAR, OLEG; SPINK, WALTER.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
26167: GRABAR, OLEG; SPINK, WALTER.; (EDITORS); ET. AL. - Ars Orientalis the Arts of Islam and the East
18016: GRAHAM, ADA AND FRANK, JR.; LINE, LES, (PHOTOS). - Puffin Island
28616: GRAHAM, B. J; L. G. PROUDFOOT - An Historical Geography of Ireland
24493: GRAHAM, AL; PALAZZO, TONY - Songs for a Small Guitar
20675: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
27652: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days [First Edition]
26835: GRAJALES, GLORIA; BURRUS, EARNEST J. - Bibliografia Guadalupana (1531-1984)
28621: VITRUVIUS; TRANSLATED BY FRANK GRANGER - Vitruvius on Architecture; Volume I, Books 1-5
21866: GRANT, ELLSWORTH - Connecticut Disasters True Stories of Tragedy and Survival
27508: GRANT, ELLSWORTH S. - The Miracle of Connecticut
28575: GRANT, MARION HEPBURN - The Hart Dynasty of Saybrook
22255: GRANVILLE, A. B. (AUGUSTUS BOZZI, 1783-1872) - St. Petersburgh, [Volume I Only] : A Journal of Travels to and from That Capital; Through Flanders, the Rhenish Provinces, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, the Federated States of Germany, and France.
27158: GRASS, GUNTER - The Tin Drum
27153: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - The Hard Blue Sky
26176: GRAVES, ROBERT ; ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Ann at Highwood Hall Poems for Children
28279: GRAYBILL, HENRY BENNER - The Life Story of Joseph and Susan Graybill
26701: GREAVES, MARGARET; PINKNEY, JANE, (ILL.). - The Mice of Nibbling Village
28625: GREENBLATT, DAN - The Blues Scales, Essential Tools for Improvisation - Guitar Version
27570: GREENE, KATRINA E. - How He Was to His Talents: The Work of Ernest Haskell
28003: GREENE COUNTY CHAPTER, OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Greene County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume Ix: Xenia, Woodland, Pt. 1, Sections a-O.
28431: GREENHALGH, KATHLEEN - A History of Old Mystic 1600-1999
15072: GREENHOUSE, MELANIE; HEWITT, KENT (MUSIC) - Point of Land: A Dive Beneath the Surface of Noank
27354: GREENSPAN, EZRA; ROSE, JONATHAN, (EDS.). - Book History, Volume 9, 2006
19121: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Northern Neighbors: Stories of the Labrador People
22112: GRILLS, PHYLLIS WHEELER - Kith, Kin and Cooks-- Complete in Two Volumes-- a Stroll Down Memory Lane with Many Original Stonington Connecticut Famlies. A History of Foods from the Bible, the Indian, the Pilgrims, Our Ancestors and Ourselves. All Told in Recipes, Pictures, Prose, Poetry, and Genealogies.
25130: GRISCOM, LLOYD E. - The Down-Jerseymen: Spirited Adventurers
28494: GRISWOLD, MAC; WELLER, ELEANOR - The Golden Age of American Gardens Proud Owners * Private Estates * 1890-1940
23421: GRODIN, ELISSA; BROOKFIELD, MAUREEN - Yankee Doodle Numbers a Connecticut Number Book
22613: GROSS, CLAYTON H. - Island Chronicles Accounts of Days Past in Deer Isle and Stonington
27289: GROVER, KATHRYN (EDITOR) - Old-Time New England Volume 77 Number 267 (Fall/Winter 1999)
27650: GRUELLE, JOHNNY; GRUELLE, WORTH (ILLUS) - Raggedy Ann in the Magic Books
24023: GRUELLE, JOHNNY; GRUELLE, WORTH, (ILL.). - Raggedy Ann in the Magic Book
27092: GRUENBERG, SIDONIE MATSNER; WIESE, KURT (ILL.). - Favorite Stories Old and New
26345: GRUMET, ROBERT S., (EDITOR). - Northeastern Indian Lives, 1632-1816
28556: GUETH, OSWALD - Mechanical Drawing [Audel's]
22972: GUIE, HEISTER DEAN - Bugles in the Valley Garnett's Fort Simcoe
26221: GUILLERY, PETER - The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London
25097: LE GUIN, URSULA K; DOWNING, JULIE, (PAINTINGS). - A Ride on the Red Mare's Back
24352: GUINAN, BETTY; HOLLY, HAROLD (TED) - The Barns of East Granby Our Agricultural Heritage
27522: GULLOTTA, THOMAS P. - Everychild: A Social History of Caring, Or the Chronological Social History of Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut
28647: GUNDLACH, BRADLEY J. - Process and Providence the Evolution Question at Princeton, 1845-1929
28057: GUNZEL, HILDEGARD - Puppentraume: Doll Fantasies
18343: GUTHRIE JR. , A. B. ; GUTHRIE, CAROL B. (ILLUSTRATOR) - Once Upon a Pond
28219: GUY, CHRISTIAN; ABBOTT, ELISABETH (TRANSLATOR). - An Illustrated History of French Cuisine: From Charlemagne to Charles de Gaulle
26174: HADER, BERTA AND ELMER - Billy Butter
27895: HADLEY-GARCIA, GEORGE - Hollywood Hispano [En Espanol]
25202: HAGEN, VICTOR W. VON; BELTRAN, ALBERTO - The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas: Aztec, Maya, Inca
21138: HALE, NATHAN CABOT - On the Perception of Human Form in Sculpture : A History of Figurative Understanding
19886: HALE, SUSAN - Inklings for Thinklings
28267: HALE, NANCY - Dear Beast
28305: HALL, EILEEN CREEVEY - The Town of New Hartford, Conn. , in 1775 and 1852
12309: HALL, MALCOLM; GAMMELL, STEPHEN - And Then the Mouse . . . Three Stories
22313: HALL, NANCY CHRISTENSEN (EDITOR); TUDOR, TASHA; EULALIE; ET. AL. - The Platt & Munk Treasury of Stories for Children
25024: HALL, SIDNEY (MRS.) - Cemeteries and Burials in the Town of Preston, Including Deceased Veterans, 1967
27018: HALL, MARY - Report of the Celebration of the Centennial of the Incorporation of the Town of Marlborough [Connecticut], August 23nd and 25th 1903.
27575: HALL, FRED - Indoor Scale Model Flying

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