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4710: - Artibus Asiae. Institute of Fine Arts. New York University. Vol XLII, 2/3.
2601: ABBEY, LYNN. - The Black Flame.
2603: ABBEY, LYNN. - Daughter of the Bright Moon.
2611: ABBEY, LYNN. - Daughter of the Bright Moon.
302929: ABDULLAH, ACHMED. - The Thief of Bagdad. Based on Douglas Fairbanks' Fantasy of the Arabian Nights. Illustrated with Scenes from the Photo Play.
302930: ABDULLAH, ACHMED. - Alien Souls.
2605: ADAMS, ROBERT. - Castaways in Time.
1336: ALDISS, BRIAN. - Enemies of the System. A Tale of Homo Uniformis.
308878: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Cities and Stones. A Traveller's Jugoslavia.
302072: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Intangibles, Inc. And Other Stories. Five Novellas.
308905: ALDISS, BRIAN. - The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths.
2608: ALDISS, BRIAN. - Forgotten Life.
2610: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - The Malacia Tapestry.
2612: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Helliconia Winter.
2613: ALDISS, BRIAN. - Helliconia Spring.
2614: ALDISS, BRIAN. - Helliconia Spring.
2615: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Helliconia Summer.
2616: ALDISS, BRIAN. - Seasons in Flight.
2619: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - A Romance of the Equator: The Best Fantasy Stories of Brian W. Aldiss.
2621: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Man in His Time: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss.
2622: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - An Island Called Moreau.
303058: ALDISS, BRIAN. - Moreau's Other Island. A Novel.
308936: ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE,VOL 2, NO 2, FEBRUARY, 1957 ISSUE. [THOMPSON, JIM] - The Frightening Frammis by Jim Thompson [in] Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine,Vol 2, No 2, February, 1957 Issue.
3913: ALGER, HORATIO. - Sam's Chance and How He Improved It.
309054: ALL FICTION DETECTIVE STORIES MAGAZINE, 1942 EDITION. THE FIRST ISSUE. - All Fiction Detective Stories Magazine, 1942 Edition. The First Issue.
309490: ALLEN, GERTRUDE M. - Nightshade.
302894: ALLEN, GRANT. - The Indian Mystery, or, Kalee's Shrine.
309439: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY. - Mystery Mile.
309572: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY. - Sweet Danger.
309045: AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE, VOL 9, NO. 3, JULY, 1934 ISSUE. - Amazing Stories Magazine, Vol 9, No. 3, July, 1934 Issue.
309047: AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE, VOL 10, NO. 5, AUGUST, 1935 ISSUE. - Amazing Stories Magazine, Vol 10, No. 5, August, 1935 Issue.
309044: AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE, VOL 10, NO. 3, JUNE, 1935 ISSUE. - Amazing Stories Magazine, Vol 10, No. 3, June, 1935 Issue.
309043: AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE, VOL 9, NO. 4, AUGUST, 1934 ISSUE. - Amazing Stories Magazine, Vol 9, No. 4, August, 1934 Issue.
4855: AMES, JOSEPH B. - Curly and the Aztec Gold. Illustrated by E.B. Comstock.
303033: AMIS, KINGSLEY. - I Like It Here.
303034: AMIS, KINGSLEY. - I Like It Here.
303035: AMIS, KINGSLEY. - One Fat Englishman.
303037: AMIS, KINGSLEY. - What Became of Jane Austen? and Other Questions.
2625: ANDERSON, POUL. - Let the Spacemen Beware!.
2626: ANDERSON, POUL. - Three Hearts and Three Lions.
2627: ANDERSON, POUL. - The Boat of a Million Years.
2628: ANDERSON, POUL. - Harvest of Stars.
2630: ANDERSON, POUL. - Fire Time.
2631: ANDERSON, POUL. - Orion Shall Rise.
2632: ANDERSON, POUL. - Harvest the Fire.
4737: ANDERSON, POUL. - A Midsummer Tempest.
303379: ANDOM, R [PSEUDONYM OF ALFRED W. BARRETT]. - The Magic Bowl and the Blue-Stone Ring. Oriental Tales with Occi (or Acci)Dental Fittings.
310501: ANDREWS, GEORGE AND VINKENOOG, SIMON [EDITORS]. - The Book of Grass. An Anthology of Indian Hemp.
308564: ANONYMOUS [LIKELY EDITED BY ALLETZ PONS AUGUSTIN ALLETZ OR FRANÇOIS XAVIER RIGOURD]. - Connoissance de la Mythologie, Par Demandes Et Par Réponses. Augmentée Des Traits D'Histoire Qui Ont Servi de Fondement à Tout le Systême de la Fable: Avec Une Table Très-Commode Pour Les Lecteurs.
303538: ANONYMOUS. - The White Fawn; or, the Fairies of Fire and Water! Founded Upon the Celebrated French Drama Called "la Biche Au Bois!" from Which the Fairy Extravaganza, Entitled "the White Fawn. " Now Playing at Niblos, New York, Was Adapted.
310471: ANONYMOUS [BY "A FRENCH ARMY SURGEON"] [CHARLES CARRINGTON, DR. JACOBUS X, LOUIS JACOLLIOT] - Untrodden Fields of Anthropology. Observations on the Esoteric Manners and Customs of Semi-Civilised Peoples. Being a Record by a French Army Surgeon of Thirty Years' Experience in Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. With Special Reference to the Work of Sir Richard F. Burton, Mantegazza, Havelock Ellis, Lombroso, Drs Ploss and Schlegel, Archdn. Gray (of Hong-Kong), Krafft-Ebing, Edward B. Tylor, and Others. In Two Volumes.
3856: ANONYMOUS. - Flora, the Flower Girl; or, Wizard Will's Vagabond Pard.
309326: ANONYMOUS [COLE, CORNELIUS]. - California Three Hundred and Fifty Years Ago. Manuelo's Narrative. Translated from the Portugese by a Pioneer. [Published Anonymously].
303592: ANSTEY, F. - Tourmalin's Time Cheques.
302937: ANSTEY, F. - The Talking Horse.
309367: ANTHOLOGY. - Stories from the Chap-Book. Being a Miscellany of Curious and Interesting Tales, Histories, &C; Newly Composed by Many Celebrated Writers and Very Delightful to Read.
2636: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Virtual Mode.
2637: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Omnivore.
2638: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Phaze Doubt.
2639: ANTHONY, PIERS. - For Love of Evil.
2640: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Being a Green Mother.
2645: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Split Infinity.
2646: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Juxtaposition.
2647: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Shade of the Tree.
2648: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Demons Don't Dream.
2649: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Ghost.
2650: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Unicorn Point.
2651: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Robot Adept.
2652: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Out of Phaze.
2653: ANTHONY, PIERS. - Bio of an Ogre: The Autobiography of Piers Anthony to Age Fifty.
310357: ANTIQUE CEDAR-LINED CIGARETTE BOX MADE FROM TWO EARLY 19TH CENTURY FRENCH BOOKS. - Antique Cedar-Lined Cigarette Box Made from Two Early 19th Century French Books.
309590: APPLETON, HONOR C. [ILLUSTRATOR]. EDGAR, M.C AND CHILMAN, ERIC [EDITORS]. - A Treasury of Verse for Home and School [Cover Title: The Book of English Verse]. Selected by M.G. Edgar and Eric Chilman. With Illustrations by Honor C. Appleton.
309704: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. DUSSAUD, RENE. - La Notion D'âme Chez Les Israélites Et Les Phéniciens.
309700: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. FRIEDRICH, JOHANNES. - Zur Einleitungsformel Der ältesten Phönizischen Inschriften Aus Byblos.
309688: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. DELITZSCH, FRIEDRICH. - Ex Oriente Lux! Ein Wort Zur Förderung Der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft.
308786: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. VALENTIN, DR. VEIT - Orpheus Und Heracles in Der Unterwelt. Ein Antikes Bild Nach Drei Vasengemälden Beurtheilt Und Versuch Einer Würdigung Seines Künstlerischen Gehaltes. Mit Einer Lithographirten Tafel.
309705: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. DUSSAUD, RENE. - La Notion D'âme Chez Les Israélites Et Les Phéniciens.
309699: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. SIDERSKY, D. - Contributions a L'étude Du Proto-Phénicien Des Textes de Ras-Shamra.
309703: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. SCHAEFFER, C.F.A. - Note Sur la Chronologie de la Periode de Transition de Bronze Moyen Au Bronze Recent (1700-1500 Av. Notre Ere).
309697: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. VIROLLEAUD, CHARLES. - Les Tablettes Cuneiformes de Mishrife-Katna.
309698: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. VIROLLEAUD, CH. - La Légende Du Roi Kérèt, D'Après de Nouveaux Documents.
309687: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. DAVID, MADELEINE. - Recherches Sur la Notion Babylonnienne Du Destin: Du Choix Des Documents.
309694: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. TSERETHELI, M. V. [MICHAEL VON TSERETHELI]. - Die Neuen Haldischen Inschriften König Sardurs Von Urar?U (Um 750 V. Chr. ), Ein Beitrag Zur Entzifferung Des Haldischen, Von M.V. Tseretheli... Vorgelegt Von H. Ranke. Eingegangen Am 9. Januar 1928.
309685: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. MAYR, ALBERT. - Ueber Die Vorroemischen Denkmaeler Der Balearen : Mit 13 Tafeln.
308782: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. LENORMANT, FRANÇOIS. - Le Déluge Et L'épopée Babylonienne.
308784: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. D'EICHTHAL, M. GUSTAVE. - étude Sur Les Origines Bouddhiques de la Civilisation Américaine. Premiere Partie.
1942: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. CRAWFORD, VAUGHN EMERSON, PH.D. - Sumerian Economic Texts from the First Dynasty of Isin.
1880: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. BEZOLD, PROF. DR. CARL. - Babylonisch-Assyrische Texte. I. Schopfung Und Sintflut. Zweite Um Den Sintflutbericht Vermehrte Auflage.
2180: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. STAERK, W. - Alte Und Neue Aramaische Papyri. Ubersetzt Und Erklart Von Prof D. Dr. W. Staerk.
309680: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. KITTEL, PROF. D.R. [RUDOLF]. - Die Babylonischen Ausgrabungen Und Die Biblische Urgeschichte. Dritte, Erweiterte Auflage.
309681: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. MEYER, EDUARD. - Die ältere Chronolgie Babyloniens, Assyriens Und ägyptens, Nachtrag Zum Ersen Bande Der Geschichte Des Altertums.
2140: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. REITZENSTEIN, R[ICHARD]. - Lugal Ud Me-LáM-Bi Nir-GáL: Le Récit épique Et Didactique Des Travaux de Ninurta, de Déluge Et de la Nouvelle Création. Tome 1: Introduction. Texte Composite. Traduction.
309701: [ARCHAEOLOGY]. JESTIN, RAYMOND. - Un Hymne de Gu-de-a à la Déesse Ba-U.
309637: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD [ILLUSTRATOR]. WEBSTER, JEAN. - Daddy-Long-Legs. With New Illustrations by Edward Ardizzone.
4155: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD. - Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain.
4156: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD. - Tim to the Rescue.
4157: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD. - Tim and Charlotte.
4158: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD. - Tim in Danger.
4159: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD. - Tim and Ginger.
4160: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD. - Tim's Friend Towser.
302476: ASH, FENTON [PSEUDONYM OF FRANCIS HENRY ATKINS]. - The Black Opal. A Romance of Thrilling Adventure. By Fenton Ash [Pseudonym].
302477: ASH, FENTON [PSEUDONYM OF FRANCIS HENRY ATKINS]. - By Airship to Ophir. By Fenton Ash [Pseudonym].
303106: ASHDOWN, CLIFFORD [PSEUDONYM OF R. AUSTIN FREEMAN & JOHN J. PITCAIRN]. - From a Surgeon's Diary. By R. Austin Freeman & John J. Pitcairn, Writing As Clifford Ashdown. With an Introduction by Norman Donaldson and Illustrations by William Dixon.
303107: ASHDOWN, CLIFFORD [PSEUDONYM OF R. AUSTIN FREEMAN & JOHN J. PITCAIRN]. - The Queen's Treasure. By R. Austin Freeman & John J. Pitcairn, Writing As Clifford Ashdown. Edited & Introduced by Norman Donaldson. Frontispiece by William Dixon.
4286: ASHTON, JOHN. - Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne Taken from Original Sources. In Two Volumes. With Eighty-Four Illustrations by the Author from Contemporary Prints.
2664: ASPRIN, ROBERT. - Myth Conceptions.
2663: ASPRIN, ROBERT L. - Myth-Nomers and IM-Pervections.
2665: ASPRIN, ROBERT L. - M.Y. T.H. Inc. In Action.
2666: ASPRIN, ROBERT LYNN. - M.Y. T.H. Inc. Link.
2667: ASPRIN, ROBERT. - Little Myth Marker.
2668: ASPRIN, ROBERT. - Hit or Myth.
2669: ASPRIN, ROBERT LYNN. - The Bug Wars.
2670: ASPRIN, ROBERT LYNN. - Tambu.
309051: ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE, VOL 29, NO. 6, AUGUST, 1942 ISSUE. [INCLUDING ROBERT A. HEINLEIN AS 'ANSON MACDONALD']. - Astounding Science Fiction Magazine, Vol 29, No. 6, August, 1942 Issue. [Including Robert A. Heinlein's Waldo Written Under the 'Anson Macdonald' by-Line].
309042: ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE, VOL 13, NO. 4, JUNE, 1934 ISSUE. - Astounding Science Fiction Magazine, Vol 13, No. 4, June, 1934 Issue.
309055: ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE, VOL 28, NO. 5, JANUARY, 1942 ISSUE. [INCLUDING L. RON HUBBARD]. - Astounding Science Fiction Magazine, Vol 28, No. 5, January, 1942 Issue. [Including L. Ron Hubbard's the Invaders].
2313: [ASTROLOGY]. VREESE, JACQUES DE. - Petron 39 Und Die Astrologie. Academisch Proefschrift...
309702: [ASTRONOMY]. CLERE, J.J. - Un Texte Astronomique de Tanis.
302040: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE. - The Bell in the Fog and Other Stories.
309915: ATLANTIS - FICTION]. DUNN, (J. ALLAN) - The Treasure of Atlantis.
2671: ATTANASIO, A. A. - Wyvern.
2672: ATTANASIO, A. A. - Hunting the Ghost Dancer.
309390: ATWOOD, MARGARET. - Procedures for Underground.
4870: AUBREY, FRANK (PSEUDONYM OF FRANCIS HENRY ATKINS). - The Devil Tree of El Dorado. By Frank Aubrey (Pseudonym).
1184: AUSTIN, F. BRITTEN. - On the Borderland.
302956: AUSTIN, F. BRITTEN. - Tomorrow. With Lino Cuts by William Kermode.
1023: AUSTIN, F. BRITTEN. - Under the Lens and Other Stories.
5410: AVEDON, JOHN F.; MEYER, FERNAND; BOLSOKHOEVA, N.D.; GERASIMOVA, K.M.; BRADLEY, TAMDIN S. - The Buddha's Art of Healing. Tibetan Paintings Rediscovered.
90: AYCLIFFE, JONATHAN - The Talisman.
4149: BABCOCK, GEORGE. - Yezad. A Romance of the Unknown.
1081: BACHELLER, IRVING. - Keeping Up with Lizzie. Illustrated by W.H. D. Koerner.
309324: BACHELLER, IRVING. - The Master of Silence. A Romance.
302950: BALCH, FREDERICK HOMER. - The Bridge of the Gods. A Romance of Indian Oregon.
858: BALDICK, ROBERT - The Duel. A History of Dueling.
309762: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The Norsemen in the West; or, America Before Columbus. A Tale. With Illustrations.
138: BALLARD, J.G. - Myths of the Near Future.
140: BALLARD, J.G. - The Unlimited Dream Company.
302114: BALLARD, J.G. - Hello America.
302057: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK. - The Idiot at Home. Illustrated by F.T. Richards.
302054: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK. - The Enchanted Type-Writer. Illustrated by Peter Newell.
302235: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK. - The Dreamers. A Club. Being a More or Less Faithful Account of the Literary Exercises of the First Regular Meeting of That Organization, Reported by John Kendrick Bangs. With Illustrations by Edward Penfield.
309733: BANNERMAN-RICHTER, GABRIEL. - The Practice of Witchcraft in Ghana.
2318: BARBARINO, JOSEPH LOUIS. - The Evolution of the Latin B - U Merger : A Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of the B-V Alternation in Latin Inscriptions
394: BARBER, NOEL. - Sinister Twilight. The Fall and Rise Again of Singapore.
4077: BARING-GOULD, S. [SABINE]. - Freaks of Fanaticism and Other Strange Events.
4738: BARKER, CLIVE. - The Damnation Game. Inscribed by the Author.
4306: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 5 [Number Five].
4302: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 1 [Number One].
4303: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 2 [Number Two].
4304: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 3 [Number Three].
4307: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 6 [Number Six].
4308: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 7 [Number Seven].
4309: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 8 [Number Eight].
4310: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 9 [Number Nine].
4311: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No 10 [Number Ten].
4312: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 11 [Number Eleven].
4313: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 12 [Number Twelve].
4314: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 13 [Number Thirteen].
4315: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 14 [Number Fourteen].
4316: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 15 [Number Fifteen].
4317: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 16 [Number Sixteen].
4318: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 17 [Number Seventeen].
4319: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 18 [Number Eighteen].
4320: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 19 [Number Nineteen].
4321: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 22 [Number Twenty-Two].
4322: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 23 [Number Twenty-Three].
4323: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No 24 [Number Twenty-Four].
4324: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color No. 28 [Number Twenty-Eight].
4326: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color No. 2 [Number Two].
4328: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color No. 4 [Number Four].
4331: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color No. 8 [Number Eight].
4333: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color No. 12 [Number Twelve].
4336: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color No. 18 [Number Eighteen].
4337: BARKS, CARL. - The Carl Barks Library of 1940's Donald Duck Christmas Giveaways in Color No. 1 [Number One].
301649: BARRETT, WILSON AND ROBERT HICHENS. - The Daughters of Babylon. A Novel.
303117: BARRIE, J.M. - The Little Minister. In Three Volumes.
308927: BARRY, THE REV. WILLIAM (WILLIAM FRANCIS BARRY, 1849-1930). - The Place of Dreams.
302948: BARTON, C. JOSEPHINE. - Evangel Avallah; or, the White Spectrum. A Novel. Whose Incidents Are Linked Together by a Chain of Metaphysical Deductions.
875: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES. ARTHUR SYMONS, TRANSLATOR. - The Letters of Charles Baudelaire to His Mother 1833-1866. Translated by Arthur Symons.
309611: BAUER, JOHN [ILLUSTRATOR]. - Great Swedish Fairy Tales. Illustrated by John Bauer. Translated by Holger Lundbergh. Selected by Elsa Olenius.
309612: BAUER, JOHN [ILLUSTRATOR]. AGRENIUS, HELEN. - The Artist John Bauer and His Work. By Helen Agrenius.
310353: BAUM, L. FRANK. - The Sea Fairies. Illustrated by John R. Neill.
3980: BAWLF, SAMUEL. - The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake 1577-1580.
308915: BAXTER, STEPHEN. - Titan.
309638: BAYNES, PAULINE [ILLUSTRATOR]. LEWIS, C.S. - A Book of Narnians. The Lion, the Witch and the Others. By C.S. Lewis. Text Compiled by James Riordan. Illustrated by Pauline Baynes.
308984: BAYNES, PAULINE [ILLUSTRATOR]. TOLKIEN, J.R.R. [JOHN RONALD REUEL]. - Farmer Giles of Ham. Aegidii Ahenobarbi Julii Agricole de Hammo Domini de Domito Aule Draconarie Comitis Regni Minimi Regis Et Basilea Mira Facinora Et Mirabilis Exortus, or in the Vulgar Tongue the Rise and Wonderful Adventures of Farmer Giles, Lord of Tame, Count of Worminghall and King of the Little Kingdom. Embellished by Pauline Diana Baynes.
302892: BAYNES, PAULINE [ILLUSTRATOR]. LEWIS, C.S. - The Horse and His Boy. By C.S. Lewis. With Illustrations by Pauline Baynes.
309024: BAYNES, PAULINE [ILLUSTRATOR]. TOLKIEN, J.R.R. [JOHN RONALD REUEL]. - Smith of Wootton Major. By J.R. R. Tolkien. Illustrations by Pauline Baynes.
422: BEAR, GREG. - Eon.
309634: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY [ILLUSTRATOR]. CALLOWAY, AUBREY. - Aubrey Beardsley. By Stephen Calloway.
309635: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY [ILLUSTRATOR]. WARRACK, CLARE. - Aubrey Beardsley. Short List 3. By Claire Warrack.
300454: BECHDOLT, JACK. - The Lost Vikings.
308798: BECKE, LOUIS. - The Strange Adventures of James Shervinton and Other Stories.
302954: BELISLE, D. W. (DAVID) - The American Family Robinson; or, the Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West. With Illustrations.
302955: BELISLE, D. W. (DAVID) - The American Family Robinson; or, the Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West. With Illustrations.
303104: BENFORD, GREGORY. - Timescape.
4724: BENFORD, GREGORY. - Across the Sea of Suns.
3829: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Old Wives' Tale.
4781: BENOIT, PIERRE. - Atlantida (L'Atlantide). Translated by Mary C. Tongue and Mary Ross.
1286: BENOIT, PIERRE. - The Queen of Atlantis.
301940: BENSON, E.F. - The Image in the Sand.
5155: BERGLUND, EDWARD P. [EDITOR]. - From Beyond the Dark Gateway 4.
309815: BERTON, PIERRE. - The Secret World of Og. Illustrated by William Winter. Signed First Edition.
3806: BETT, HENRY. - English Myths and Traditions. Illustrated from Drawings by Michael Ayrton.
1785: BHATTACHARYYA, DR. DIPAK CHANDRA. - Tantric Buddhist Iconographic Sources
309201: [BIBLIOGRAPHY] BOEHME, JACOB [BÖHME]. BUDDECKE, WERNER. - Verzeichnis Von Jakob Böhme-Handschriften. Bearbeitet Von Werner Buddake.
302951: BIEN, H.M. - Ben-Beor. A Historical Story. In Two Divisions. Part I. - Lunar Intaglios. The Man in the Moon, a Counterpart of Wallace's "Ben Hur. " Part II. Historical Phantasmagoria. The Wandering Gentile, a Companion Romance to Sue's "Wandering Jew.
309593: BLAKE, WILLIAM. NOON, PATRICK. - The Human Form Divine. William Blake from the Paul Mellon Collection.
309851: BLAVATSKY, H[ELENA] P[ETROVNA]. - The Theosophical Glossary. A Photographic Reproduction of the Original Edition, As First Issued at London, England, 1892.
303101: BLOCH, ROBERT. - Dragons and Nightmares. Four Short Novels.
302420: BLYTON, ENID. - The Ship of Adventure. With Illustrations by Stuart Tresilian.
3835: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - The Decameron. Translated from the Latin by Frances Winwar.
308546: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI; ALESSANDRO M. BANDIERA [EDITOR]. - Decamerone Di M. Giovanni Boccaccio. Ripurgato Con Somma Cura Da Ogni Cosa Nocevole Al Buon Costume. E Corredato Con Note Riguardanti Al Buon Indrizzo Di Chi Desidera Scrivere Con Purita, E Proprieta Toscana a Norma Dell'Uso Presente. Si Aggiungono Col Medisimo Divisamento le Lettere Dell'Istesso Autore, Per Alessandro M. Bandiera.
4111: BOILIEU, LAMBERT DE (EDITED BY THOMAS F. BREDIN) - Recollections of Labrador Life.
309620: BOK, HANNES. - Lot of Six Digest Science Fiction Magazines with Cover Artwork by Hannes Bok.
309608: BOK, HANNES [AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR] - The Sorceror's Ship [in] Unknown Worlds Magazine, Volume VI, No 4, December, 1942 Issue.
5396: BOND, NELSON. - Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman.
1069: BONNELL, JAMES FRANCIS. - Death over Sunday.
309476: BOOTHBY, GUY. - My Strangest Case. With a Frontispiece by Frank T. Merrill.
310327: BOOTHBY, GUY. - Pharos the Egyptian. Illustrated by John H. Bacon. Complete [in] the Windsor Magazine, Volume VIII, June to November, 1898. First Appearance in Print.
308541: BORGER, ELIAS ANNE. - Disputatio de Mysticismo [Verhandelingen Raakende Den Natuurlyken En Geopenbaarden Godsdienst Uitgegeeven Door Teyler's Godgeleerd Genootschap].
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310246: DUNSANY, LORD. - 239. The Coronation. Four Paged Typescript Poem. "the Coronation". [N.P. , N.D. ]. [Unpublished?]. Accompanied by an Incomplete Earlier Version, Two Pages, Titled "the Watchers", Corrected in Dunsany's Hand.
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310084: DUNSANY, LORD. - 074. Unhappy Far-Off Things.
310175: DUNSANY, LORD. - 168. My Ireland.
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310059: DUNSANY, LORD. - 050. Fifty-One Tales.
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310026: DUNSANY, LORD. - 017. A Dreamer's Tales. With Illustrations by S.H. Sime. Fine, with a Three-Page Autograph Letter Signed by Dunsany.
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310054: DUNSANY, LORD. - 045. Five Plays. The Gods of the Mountain, the Golden Doom, King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior, the Glittering Gate, the Lost Silk Hat. Edited and with an Introduction by Edwin Björkman.
310057: DUNSANY, LORD. - 048. Fifty-One Tales.
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310143: DUNSANY, LORD. - 135. His Sainted Grandmother.
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399: DYKSTRA, ROBERT R. - The Cattle Towns.
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301614: HENTY, G.A. - The Treasure of the Incas. A Tale of Adventure in Peru. With Eight Illustrations by Wal Paget and a Map.
2178: HEPDING, HUGO. - Attis. Seine Mythen Und Seinen Kult.
308780: [HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY]. PIETSCHMANN, DR. RICHARD. - Hermes Trismegistos Nach ägyptischen, Griechischen Und Orientalischen ûberlieferungen. Dargestellt Von Dr. Richard Pietschmann.
309940: HERODOTUS. RAWLINSON, GEORGE. BLAKENEY. E.H. - The Egypt of Herodotus Being the Second Book, Entitled Euterpe, of the History, in the English Version of the Late Prof. George Rawlinson. With Preface and Notes by E.H. Blakeney, M.A.
4205: HERRIMAN, GEORGE. MCDONNELL PATRICK - Krazy Kat. The Comic Art of George Herriman.
302228: HERTZKA, DR. THEODOR; RANSOM, ARTHUR [TRANSLATOR]. - Freeland. A Social Anticipation. Translated by Arthur Ransom.
309922: HERWER, CHRIS, H.S.D. - Dwellers in the Temple of Mondama. By Chris Herwer, H.S. D. Under the Guidance and Inspiration of the Ancient Lemurian Master Gay O Numa.
308734: HEWITT, J.F. (JAMES FRANCIS). - The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India, South-Western Asia and Southern Europe.
3613: HICHENS, ROBERT. - The Return of the Soul and Other Stories. Edited with an Introduction by S.T. Joshi.
5412: HICKS, ROGER. - Hidden Tibet. The Land and Its People.
1443: HILL, HEADON [PSEUDONYM OF FRANCIS EDWARD GRAINGER]. - The Avengers. Illustrations by S.H. Vedder.
5633: HILL, GRACE LIVINGSTON. - The Search.
309214: HILLERMAN, TONY]. HIEB, LOUIS A. - Tony Hillerman: From the Blessing Way to Talking God. A Bibliography. By Louis A. Hieb.
310411: HOCKLEY, FREDERICK [TRANSCRIBER]. - Dr. Rudd's Hierarchies of Angels. Transcribed by Frederick Hockley. Edited, and with and Introduction by Alan Thorogood.
310410: HOCKLEY, FREDERICK [TRANSCRIBER]. - The Pauline Art of Solomon. Transcribed by Frederick Hockley. Edited, and with and Introduction by Alan Thorogood.
310498: HODGSON, BARBARA. - Opium. A Portrait of the Heavenly Demon.
303316: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE [IN] THE GRAND MAGAZINE, VOLUME XV, MARCH TO JUNE 1912. - The Song of the Great Bull Whale by William Hope Hodgson [in] the Grand Magazine, Volume XV, March to June 1912.
3516: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE. - The Dream of X. Introduction by Sam Moskowitz. Illustrated by Stephen E. Fabian.
4121: HODGSON, SHEILA. - The Ghost of M.R. James [in] Blackwood's Magazine, June, 1979 Issue.
4120: HODGSON, SHEILA. - The Villa Martine [in] Blackwood's Magazine, July, 1978 Issue.
3759: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE. - Out of the Storm. Uncollected Fantasies... Edited by Sam Moskowitz. Illustrated by Stephen Fabian.
5191: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE [MARGINAL INTEREST]. - The Night Land" by William Hope Hodgson - Classics of Science - Fantasy Fiction. The Cover Artwork for Canadian Fandom 17. September, 1951 Issue.
2518: HODSON, GEOFFREY. - Fairies at Work and at Play. Observed by Geoffrey Hodson.
1950: HOFFMANN, HELMUT. - Die Religionen Tibets. Bon Und Lamaismus in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwicklung.
308531: HOLLMANN, SAMUEL CHRISTIAN - Uberzeugender Vortrag Von Gott Und Der Schrift Mit Nothigen Unmerckungen Erlautert Von Samuel Christian Hollmann.
309166: HOLMAN, PAUL. - Tara Morgana. With 31 Black & White Photographs by Paul Lambert.
3985: HOLME, BRYAN [EDITOR]. - Tales from Times Past. Edited by Bryan Holme.
302994: HOLMES, GORDON [PSEUDONYM OF LOUIS TRACY]. - A Mysterious Disappearance.
309480: HOLT, HENRY. - The Sinister Shadow.
1059: HOLT, TOM. - Open Sesame.
4061: HOMUNCULUS (ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY). - John Bull and His Wonderful Lamp. A New Reading on an Old Tale. By Homunculus (Thackeray). 1849. With Six Illustrations Designed by the Author.
302598: HOOD, TOM. - Petsetilla's Posy: A Fairy Tale. For Young and Old. With Fifty Illustrations by F. Barnard, Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel.
3834: HORACE. - The Complete Works of Horace. Edited, with an Introduction, by Casper J. Kraemer, Jr.
5630: HORLER, SYDNEY. - The House of Secrets.
303582: HORLER, SYDNEY. - The Man with Three Wives.
1068: HORLER, SYDNEY. - Secret Agent.
5565: HORLER, SYDNEY. - They Thought He Was Dead.
5566: HORLER, SYDNEY. - The Dark Night.
5568: HORLER, SYDNEY. - Master of Venom.
5636: HORLER, SYDNEY. - Princess After Dark.
4210: HORN, MAURICE. - Women in the Comics.
4211: HORN, MAURICE. - Comics of the American West.
4224: HORN, MAURICE. - The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons. Two Volumes.
4225: HORN, MAURICE. - The World Encyclopedia of Comics.
309636: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE [ILLUSTRATOR]. ENGEN, RODNEY. - Laurence Housman. By Rodney Engen. The Artist and the Critic Series, Volume One.
302407: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - John of Jingalo: The Story of a Monarch in Difficulties.
303464: HOWARD, MICHAEL. - Scottish Witches and Warlocks. Paperbound Edition.
303499: HOWARD, MICHAEL. - By Moonlight and Spirit Flight. The Praxis of the Otherwordly Journey to the Witches Sabbath.
309809: HOWARD, ROBERT E. WAGNER, KARL EDWARD [EDITOR]. - The Hour of the Dragon [Along with] the People of the Black Circle [Along with] Red Nails. The 'Authorized' Editions, Edited by Karl Edward Wagner.
309235: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Black Vulmea's Vengeance and Other Tales of Pirates. Illustrated by Robert James Pailthorpe.
309234: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - A Witch Shall Be Born. Illustrated by Alicia Austin.
309233: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Red Nails. Illustrated by George Barr.
5026: HOWARD, ROBERT E. BOARDMAN, JOHN. - Colon the Conqueror by John Boardman [in] Fantastic Universe Magazine, Vol 9, No. 5, May, 1958 Issue.
309232: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - The Tower of the Elephant. Illustrated by Richard Robertson.
310002: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Poems. Four Volumes. Comprising a Song of the Naked Lands; the Gold and the Grey; Altars and Jesters. An Opium Dream; & Up, John Kane! & Other Poems.
301745: HOWARD, MICHAEL. - West Country Witches. Paperbound Edition.
302719: HOWARD, MICHAEL. - Children of Cain. A Study of Modern Traditional Witches. Standard Hardcover Edition.

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