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sh1460: (JOINT ECONOMIC COMMITTEE) - U.S. Economic Growth from 1976 to 1986: Prospects, Problems, and Patterns, Vol. 3, Capital, November 13, 1976.
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ss709: - Plaisir de France : Theatre de France I.
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sh1394: (FORD, GERALD; NIXON, RICHARD). - Time August 19, 1974: Special Issue.
CWF25: - The Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads, Parts I & II (2 Vol. Set).
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sh1501: - Apollo, November 1966.
sh1499: - Antiques, June 1963.
sh1497: - Revista Cam-Sam Del Colegio de Arquitectos de Mexico y de la Soliciedad de Arquitectos Mexicanos: Arquiectura de Mexico el Pasado Magico y el Presente Social , Vol. 1, #1, Oct/Dec 1968.
sh1754s2: - Appalachian Trailway News, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 1939.
000054: - Mendelssohn Studien Band 13
ss1067: - Chinese Myths.
sh1752s2: - Program: Army/Yale Football Game, Oct. 5, 1985.
sh1468: - Graphis 103, Sept/Oct 1962.
ss1066: (SOTHEBY'S). - The Glory of the Garden : A Loan Exhibtion in Association with the Royal Horticultural Society 2 January - 28 January, 1987.
sh1756s3: - Appalachian Trailway News, Vol. 1, No. 4, May 1940.
sh1611: - Plural : Tales of Two Reigns.
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sh1459: (JOINT ECONOMIC COMMITTEE) - U.S. Economic Growth from 1976 to 1986: Prospects, Problems, and Patterns, Vol. 4, Resources and Energy, November 16, 1976.
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ss678: (CHRISTIE'S). - The Magnificent Sachsen-Meiningen Set of Audubon's Birds of America, June 25, 2004
ss535: - 67th Pga Championship (Cherry Hills 1985).
KL515s1: - L'Orgue, Revue Trimestrielle, No. 143, 1972.
KL514s1: - L'Orgue, Revue Trimestrielle, No. 144, 1972.
sh1673: - Archivio Storico Bergamasco 10: Rassegna Semestrale Di Storia E Cultura, N. 1, Anno VI, 1986
sh1243: - Travel December 1928, Vol. LII, #2.
sh1259: (AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF CUBA). - Cuba : Facts and Figures.
ss542: - Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. CLXXVII, July-December 1929
sh1757s2: - The Ceramic Art of China.
sh1547: - Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. II, #1-4, January-October 1940.
KL461: - Chums Annual 1933-34
sh1242: - The Maryland Historical Magazine, Volume XXXVII, #4, December 1942.
sh1504s4: - Landscape and the Environment : Patterns for the Future; a Symposium at Connecticut College New London, Ct, April 2-3, 1982.
sh1607s1: - Simply Nutritious Good Tasting Nutty Recipes with Less Salt.
KL520s1: - L'Orgue, Revue Trimestrielle, No. 145, 1973
KL519s1: - L'Orgue, Revue Trimestrielle, No. 142, 1972.
KL522s1: - L'Orgue, Revue Trimestrielle, No. 148, 1973.
sh1384: - Dinner Menu; M.S. "Asama Maru", April 5, 1937.
HX13: - Jewish Oddities.
sh1003: - Chinese Recipes.
sh1290: - Principles
FX13: - Do-Not Press Taster.
sh1291: - Freedom
sh1535s1: - New York History, Vol. , #, 19.
MMA13: - Brauer Bunte Mauer, Varicoloured Wall, le Mur de Couleurs.
ss685: - Wiener Kunst Auktionen, 2 December 1997.
sh1299: - The Valve World, July, 1930: A Trip Through Crane Town.
sh1298: - Politics and the Pulpit: A Series of Articles Which Appeared in the Journal of Commerce and in the Independent During the Year 1850: Together with Articles from the Independent, Entitled "Shall We Compromise!", "Cause and Cure of Agitation," Etc.
ss735: (UDALL, STEWART L. : SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR). - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Water Desalination : Washington D.C. , October 3-9, 1965; Volume 2.
MMD01: - Specimens of Linotype from the Plimpton Press.
sh677: - A Suppletment to the Bulletin of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. : Vol. XVII, 1975 Annual Index.
sh1172: - The New Yorker, Oct. 26, 1957
sh1188: (GEBHARD, ELIZABETH L>) - The Freedom Tree : A Pageant Depicting the Life and Times of the Early History of Claverack.
sh1286: - Patterns for Elizabethan Costumes : Man's Elizabethan Costume.
sh1326: - The Gramophone Shop Sale of Records, August 12, 1936
sh1324: - Calberson.
sh1320: - The Windsor Lamp, February 1917.
SS12: - Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 1982.
SS13: - Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 1983.
SS14: - Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 1981.
sh1630s2: (MADONNA; CYNDI LAUPER; TINA TURNER; JANET JACKSON) - A Tribute to Madonna and the Pop Music Queens of the 80's, Starline Presents Vol. 1, #2.
KL506s1: - Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Louisiana, Forty-First Annual Grand Convocation, February 14th and 15th, 1888.
SS183: - Premio Periodismo de Excelencia 2003.
KL507s1: - Proceedings of the Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Louisiana, Forty-Second Annual Grand Convocation, February 12th and 13th, 1889.
SS244: - How to Write.
pb581: (HOYLE) - Hoyle's Games: Containing the Established Rules and Practice of Whist, Reversis, Quadrille, Connexions.
sh1087: (NEW HAMPTON SCHOOL). - The Belfry 1935
ST72: - The Art of Norway 1750-1914
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SU2: - Metallurgical Transactions: Vol. 20a-No. 4, April 1989.
sh1577s1: - Christie's : Fine Japanese Prints, Paintings and Screens, October 28, 1980.
SS257: - Tumac.
CWF60: (SOTHEBY'S). - German & Austrian Art 2000: The Marvin & Janet Fishman Collection; German Art from Expressionism to Resistance; Paintings by Ludwig Meidner from the Fishman Family Collection (Slipcased).
sh1636s2: (RAND MCNALLY) - Hand Railroad Atlas of the United States.
sh1337: - Georgia 1800-1900 : A Series of Selections from the Georgiana Library of a Private Collector: Series 12: Georgia Maps and Plans.
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sh1534s1: - New York History, Vol. LI , #2, March 1970.
XX67: - Archeological Relics in Mexico.
sh1565s1: - New York History, Vol. XLIX , #3, July 1968.
sh954: - The Ormond G. Smith Copy of the Original Folio Edition of Audubon's Birds of America ; First Editons, Standard Sets; April 11 &12, 1939.
SS303: - Mini Colonial Village to Press out and Assemble.
BXX67: (KING, STEPHEN). - Castle Rock Vol. 1, #10, October 1985.
CXX67: (KING, STEPHEN). - Castle Rock Vol. 1, #9, September 1985.
SU359: - Medical Directory of Greater Boston 1911-1912. Third Edition.
dxx39: (TEPPER, SHERI S.) - The Perils of Puberty.
st226: - Anais Da Faculdade Nacional de Odontologia Vol. VII 1954.
sh1741: (LEUPOLD-LOWENTHAL, HARALD; COMPILER) - Sigmund Freud 1856-1939, an Exhibition of the Goethe-Institut Ze Pflege Deutscher Sprache Und Kultur IM Ausland E.V. , Munich.
ix7: - Popular Psychology Guide Vol. 5, #2, June 1943.
rx7: - Military Roentgenolgy : Technical Manual 8-275.
sh1410: - World War II Record : Noble and Greenough School, Volmann School.
sv101: - A National Strategy to Restore Coastal and Estuarine Habitat.
sv102: - Effectiveness of Louisiana Coastal Wetland Restoration Projects.
st234: - Seasonality in Agricultural Futures Markets.
sv113: - Manual of Instructions for Investigators : Alcohol Tax Unit, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Treasury Department.
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sv173: - Social Register Summer All Cities 1943.
sv174: - Naive Painting : 89 Pictures by 32 Artists from the Federal Republic of Germany.
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st243: - The Lenox Lantern 1955.
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sv370: - Social Register Boston1968
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st382: - Journal, Number 6 : American Academy of Actuaries, 1980.
cx4x: (SAMUEL, JOHN.) - Follow the 1976 All Blacks.
ex5x: (PICASSO, PABLO) - Documents Sur Picasso, Octobre 1978, 2/3.
dx2x: - The Congressional Follies : Sense and Nonsense in the First Session of the Seventy-Second Congress of the United States.
sh41: - Pal : Directory of the College and Miscellany of Prose and Verse.
sh100: - Vogue Paris - #672, Decembre (December) 1986 / Janvier (January) 1987
sh99: - Vogue Paris - #670, Octobre (October) 1986 .
sh1379: (SOTHEBY'S) - Nineteenth Century European Paintings and Drawings, Tuesday June 21, 1983.
sh148: - Arkham House (Catalog) 1995-96
sh151: - Stock List of Books from Arkham House Mycroft & Moran September 1975
st398: (NATIONAL HOMES) - Multi Family Housing.
st399: - Technical Manual : Compuwriter, Compuwriter Jr. , and International. 26402- 001
sh161: - Vogue Italia Speciale : #12, Ottobre 1985.
sh162: - Vogue Deutsch: Juni (June) 1990.
sh1650s6: - A Real Navy Christmas, U.S. Receiving Ship at Boston, 1917.
KL494s1: - The Roosevelt Record : A Reprint of a Series of Articles Which Appeared in the New York Herald Tribune from August 4 to August 16, 1935.
ss701: (VAN SINDEREN, HENRY B.) - A Saga of Commerce.
sh1093: (SWARZ, SAHL). - Twenty-Fifth Anniversay Sculpture Center : Sculpture - the Tumultuous Quarter Century.
sh237: - The Morning Telegraph : How to Read Charts and Past Performances.
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sh548: - Bulletin of the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory : January 30, 1941.
sh352: - The Purple and Gold, November 1949- - May 1952.
sh358: - Zoom : #1, June-July 1978.
sh1418: - Swann Printed & Manuscript African-Americana, February 28, 2002.
sh1417: - Hadassah Purim Journal, March 1949
sh1412: - Town of Clermont Celebration of the New York State Year of History, August 15, 1959
ss786: (CASSILL, R. V.; GOLD, HERBERT; WOLFE, BERNARD). - The Dial, Vol. 1, # 3, 1960.
KL501s1: (BUTLER, PROF. JAMES DAVIE; BENNETT, PROF. CHARLES EDWIN). - Archaeological Institute of America, Wisconsin Society, Report of First Annual Meeting Held at Madison, May 2, 1890.
sh499: - Musik Und Kirche, Jan/Feb 1957.
sh500: - Musik Und Kirche, Nov/Dec 1962.
sh544: - Massage Therapy Journal : Fall 2002
sh543: - Massage Therapy Journal : Fall 2000
sh542: - Massage Therapy Journal : Spring 2000
sh545: - Massage Therapy Career Guide: Manuals 1-5.
sh553: - The Raven 12 Anarchist Quarterly : Vol. 3, #4, October-December 1990.
LX34: - Tops: A Study in the Development of the American Worsted Manufacturer: The Arlington Mills, Lawrence Massachusetts.
CWF12: (TOLBERT, JR., WILLIAM R.). - Republic of Liberia Presidential Papers: Second & Third Years of the Administration of President William R. Tolbert, Jr. ; August 1, 1972-July 31, 1974.
ss995: (TADAO ANDO) - Ja 1, 1991-1, Tadao Ando.
sh635: - Selected Translations in Mathematical Statistics and Probability, Volume 3.
sh1388: - Union Theological Seminary Directory 1968-69.
sx66: (IRVING, WASHINGTON). - The Crayon Miscellany. No. 1, a Tour on the Prairies.
zx51: (WHITING, LILIAN) - After Her Death, the Story of a Summer.
sh1212: - Historic Houses and Castles in Great Britain Open to the Public, 1954
st448: - Caring, Commitment & Choices : Self Help Strategies for Hiv/Aids Caregivers.
sh711: - Bulgarian Engineering
st237: - The Congress Book 1976 : Forty-Second American Philatelic Congress.
sh1051: - Gibran : Muses Medallions Monuments : A Decade in Bronze 1972 - 1982.
sh1176: - Artists and Architecture of Bedford Park 1875-1900, June 10-18, 1967
sh716: - Catalogue of Seven Paintings by Cezanne, Manet, Renoir, and Van Gogh : The Property of the Estate of the Late Jackob Goldschmidt of New York City.
sh1778s2: (LEMAY, ALAN; FLYNN, JOHN T., ETC). - Collier's, September 30, 1933.
ss1065: - Cultura E Industria : Peter Behrens E la Aeg 1907-1914.
sh1429: - Pathfinder, December 18, 1937.
bx10x: - Catalog of Victor Records 1930 with Biographic Material, Opera Notes, Artists Portraits, and Special Red Seal Section.
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sh1014: - Artistas E Artifices Do Brasil Seculos XVI, XVII E XVIII.
sh841: (KEBLE, JOHN). - The Christian Year : Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays Throughout the Year.
sv454: - Parsons School of Design Yearbook 1971
sv456: (BARBOUR, FREDERICK K. AND MARGARET R.). - Frederick K. & Margaret R. Barbour's Furniture Collection.
pb192: - Americanism : What Is It?
sv464: - The Spirit of the Public Journals, for the Year M. Dccc. XXIII : Being an Impartial Seclection Ox the Most Exquistie Essays, Jeux D'Esprit, and Tales of Humour, Prose, and Verse That Have Appeared in the Morning, Evening, and Sunday Newspapers.
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sh1159: - Transition 80 : Pop and Circumstance, Vol. 8, #4.
sw24: - Favorite Recipes.
sw40: - Modern Ghosts.
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sw60: - Warreniana : With Notes, Critical and Explanatory.
sw134: - The First Ten Years : Yale Library Associates Endowment Fund.
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sw191: - Starlog #55, February, 1982.
sw192: - Starlog #78, January, 1984.
sw200: - The Heritage of French Poster Art.
sw203: - Cleveland Browns Press Radio Tv Guide 1972
sw204: - Cleveland Browns Media Guide 1974
sw206: - Houston Oilers Media Guide 1972
sw207: - Houston Oilers Media Guide 1970.
sw208: - Kansas City Chiefs Media Guide 1974
sw210: - Kansas City Chiefs Media Guide 1972
sw209: - Denver Broncos Press Guide 1972
sw211: - Baltimore Colts Media Guide 1974
sw212: - Baltimore Colts Media Guide 1972
sw213: - Miami Dolphins Facts Guide 1974
sw214: - Miami Dolphins Media Guide 1970
sw215: - Pittsburgh Steelers Media Guide 1972
sw217: - Pittsburgh Steelers Media Guide 1974
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sw220: - Cincinnati Bengals Press Guide 1974
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sw223: - Oakland Raiders "Pride and Poise" 1972
sw224: - Oakland Raiders "Pride and Poise" 1970
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sw226: - Adbusters Jan/Feb 2001.
sw227: - Adbusters October/November 2000.
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sw277: - Starlog #60, July 1982.
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ss615: - 80 Five-Minute Golf Lessons from the World's Greatest Teaching Professionals.
ss841: - The Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. XCII, 2002
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sw332: - Selections from Treitschke's Lectures on Politics.
ss839: (HEALTH CARE ADVISORY BOARD). - Profiting from Innovation: Managing the Impact of New Clinical Technologies.
sw339: - Kunsthalle Zu Hamburg: Katalog Der Neueren Meister.
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ss491: - Why Did the Revolution of April 21, 1967 Take Place.
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KL46: - Sneakers, Size Isn't Everything
KL54: - 1967 National Chicken Cooking Contest Prize Winning Recipes
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sh1155: - Hungary's Fight for Freedom: A Special Report in Pictures.
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KL222: (POST, EMILY). - The Emily Post Cookbook
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