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003468: - The City of London: Official Guide. Issued with the Approval of the Corporation of London
003517: - The Honourable Artillery Company. Captain-General Her Majesty the Queen
005505: - Laird & Lee'sVest-Pocket Pronouncing Dictionary including Leading Synonyms , Speller, Gazetteer of the World and Toasts and Speeches for all Occasions
005231: - Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. Volume 4: Asia & Oceania
005041: - Belgian Congo 57. Monthly Report No.2. November
005569: - University of Pennsylvania Bulletin: South Asia Regional Studies 1957-1958
005501: - Taxila West Pakistan
004429: - The Brooklyn Daily Eage Almanac. 1910. A Book of Information General of the World, and Special of New York City and Long Island
004430: - The Brooklyn Daily Eage Almanac. 1917. A Book of Information General of the World, and Special of New York City and Long Island
005465: -
004061: ??? - Jalal-ud-din Akbar, Emperor of Hindustan. [from Darbar i-Akbari?]
005556: - An Outline History of China
004968: - Crescent and Green: A Miscellany of Writings on Pakistan
004217: ??? - The Clique. The Antiquarian Booksellers' Medium. No. 4013 (Oct 13, 1962)
005564: - Vivekenanda Centenary Number. Vedanta for East and West. Vol.XII, No.6 (July-August 1963)
005217: - American Oriental Society, 169th Meeting--1959. Abstract of Communications
004490: - Bibliography of Selected Indian Books 1976
004911: - Lenin Central Museum
004571: - Political Map of Punjab. Scale 1 Inch = 12 Miles
004572: - Map: Himachal Pradesh. Political
004573: - Map: Kerala. Political. Scale 1 Inch = 8 Miles
004588: - Map of West Bengal showing boundaries of small sub-divisions
001528: MARSH, Z.A. AND G. KINGSNORTH - An Introduction to the History of East Africa
003360: AZHAR, B.A. AND W. EBERHARD - Origin and Development of the Socio-Economic Research Project
004216: FIDELL, ESTELLE A. AND RACHEL SHOR, EDITORS - Standard Catalog for Public Libraries 1959-1963, A Classified & Annotated List of 2820 Non-Fiction Books Recommended for Public & College Libraries, with a Full Analytical Index
003907: GOLDSTON, JAMES A. AND PATRICIA GOSSMAN - Human Rights in India: Kashmir Under Siege
005394: Y.W.C.A. - The Fsce of Southern Thailand. 1974 Appointment Calendar
002804: GHANI, ABDUL AND KHWAJA NUR ILAHI - Bibliography of Iqbal
005339: ABERCROMBIE, THOMAS J. - "Ladakh--The Last Shangri-La.", in, National Geographic, Vol.153, No.3 (March 1978), pp 332-358.
004816: ABERNETHY, GEORGE L., COMPILER - Pakistan: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
000007: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D - Modern Mountaineering
001441: GHALIB ACADEMY - Welcome Address ...to Dr Zakir Hussain, Guide to Academy Art Gallery, Etc. and List of Distinguished Honorary Members and Membership Application
005568: ADAMEC, LUDWIG W. - Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan: Asian Historical Dictionaries, No. 5
005054: ADAMEC, LOUIS W. - Mission of an Afghan Prince to London: Nasrullah Khan's Visit to Britain....
004170: ADAMIC, LOUIS - From Many Lands
003396: PAKISTAN INSTITUTE OF PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION - Employees Welfare in Pakistan. Foreword by A.
002374: HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF AFGHANISTAN - Afghanistan Journal. Volume XI, No 4 (Oct-Dec 1956)
001187: FRIENDS OF AFGHANISTAN - Afghan Connections. Vol 6, Issue 1 (March 1999) and Vol 8, Issue 1 (March 2001)
004650: AHEARN, ALLEN - Book Collecting: A Comprehensive Guide
002767: AHMAD, MIRZA MUBARAK - Our Foreign Missions
002773: AHMAD, MIRZA GHULAM - The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam
003112: AHMAD, HAZRAT MIRZA BASHIR-UD-DIN MAHMUD - Introduction to the Study of the Holy Quran
003113: AHMAD, MIRZA BASHIR-UD-DIN MAHMUD - The Life of Muhammad
003364: AHMAD, MUSHTAQ - Government and Politics in Pakistan
003965: AHMAD, M.B. - Select Constitutions of the World. Volume I: Constitutions of Eastern Countries
001054: AHMAD, N.D. (COLONEL) - The Survival of Afghanistan: two imperial giants held at bay in the nineteenth century
004300: AHMAD, KAFIL., CHIEF EDITOR - Pakistan Pictorial. Vol VIII/No 4 (July-August 1984)
003705: AHMAD, NAFIS - The Indo-Pakistan Boundary Disputes Tribunal, 1949-1950. From Geographical Review Vol 43, No 3, 1953, pp 329-337
003693: AHMAD, SYED ALAY. EDITOR - The Muslim Review: An English Monthly Magazine Of Madrasatul Waizeen. Volume X, No 6 (June 1932)
003694: AHMAD, S. ALAY. EDITOR - The Muslim Review: An English Monthly Magazine Of Madrasatul Waizeen. Volume XI, No 3 (Sept 1932)
004703: AHMAD, KAFIL., CHIEF EDITOR - Pakistan Pictorial. Vol VIII/No 5 (Sept-Oct 1984)
004704: AHMAD, KAFIL., CHIEF EDITOR - Pakistan Pictorial. Vol VIII/No 6 (Nov-Dec1984)
003566: AHMADI, FAREDA. FOUNDING EDITOR - The Afghan Mosaic Magazine. Issue No 2, Summer 1998
003531: AHMADI, FAREDA. FOUNDING EDITOR - The Afghan Mosaic Magazine. Issue No. 3. Autumn 1998/Winter 1999
003532: AHMADI, FAREDA. FOUNDING EDITOR - The Afghan Mosaic Magazine. Issue No 4. Spring & Summer 1999
003533: AHMADI, FAREDA. FOUNDING EDITOR - The Afghan Mosaic Magazine. Premier Issue, Spring 1998
001846: AHMED, A.F. SALAHUDDIN - Social Ideas and Social Change in Bengal 1818-1835
004147: AJMAL, MUHAMMAD - The New Regime: A Psychological Interpretation
001771: AKBAR, MUHAMMAD - The Punjab Under the Mughals
003363: AKHTAR, S.M. - Economics of Pakistan. Volume I: The Primary Sector
004037: SMITH, GEORGE ALAN AND CAROL D. - The Armchair Mountaineer: A Gathering of Wit, Wisdom & Idolatry
004359: SZABO, ALBERT AND THOMAS J. BARFIELD - Afghanistan: An Atlas of Indigenous Domestic Architecture. Foreword by Eduard F. Sekler
002847: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry
001110: ALFERIEFF, BARBARA E. - One Life Through Many Facets
005015: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - The Erie Train Boy
002407: ALI, SYED AMEER - Persian Culture
002746: ALI, MUHAMMAD - The Living Thoughts of the Prophet Muhammad
002748: ALI, MUHAMMAD - A Manual of Hadith
002751: ALI, MAULANA MUHAMMAD - The Muslim Prayer-Book
004137: ALI, M. AHMAD - The Tragedy of Muharrum
005425: ALI, TARIQ. INTRODUCTION BY SALMAN RUSHDIE - An Indian Dynasty The Story of the Nehru-Gandhi Family
000211: ALI, SYED AMJAD - Aaj aur Kul (Today and Tomorrow)
005011: ALLWORTH, EDWARD - Central Asian Publishing and the Rise of Nationalism. An Essay and a List of Publications in the New York Public Library.
004873: ALLWORTH, EDWARD - Central Asian Publishing and the Rise of Nationalism. An Essay and a List of Publications in the New York Public Library.
005318: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Band of Brothers: E Company, 506yh Regiment, 10`st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest
004062: ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA - Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism: Muslim Position and Responsibilities
005359: AMIN, SAMIR - Irak et Syrie 1960-1980: Du projet national a la Transnationalisation
001248: AMOSS, HAROLD L. - The Story of Afghanistan
004351: RIJKSMUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Album Picture-Book: Paintings
004451: ANAND, MULK RAJ - Untouchable
005620: ANAND, MULK RAJ, GENERAL EDITOR - Marg. Heritage of Kashmir. Volume VIII, No.2 (MMarxh 1955)
002657: ANDERSON, JOHN. EDITED BY B. ROY - Speeches and Addresses of Sir John Anderson, P.C., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., M.P. Governor of Bengal 1932-1937
004077: ANDERSON, JON W., EDITOR - Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Volume 29, No 2 (December 1995)
004078: ANDERSON, JON W., EDITOR - Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Volume 29, No 1 (July 1995)
004079: ANDERSON, JON W., EDITOR - Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Volume 29, Nos 1 & 2 (July & Dec 1996)
005384: ANGLE, PAUL M., EDITOR - The Lincoln Reader
003591: THE LAHORE ANJUMAN - The Lahore Anjuman Presents Folk, Classical & Ballet Dances By the Rhythmic Art Centre, Karachi at the Open Air Theatre, Bagh-i-Jinnah, Lahore June 7 & 8, 1958. Director: Ghanshyam
004586: DUPREE, ANN AND LOUIS, A.A. MOTAMEDI - A Guide to the Kabul Museum. The National Museum of Afghanistan
000440: SIEGFRIED, MARY ANN AND OTHERS - Afghanistan Forum
003804: FARKAS, ANN ET AL - From the Lands of the Scythians. Ancient Treasures from the Museums of the USSR; 3,000-100 B.C.
003477: SINAI, ANNE AND ALLEN POLLOCK, EDITORS - The Middle East Confrontation States: The Syrian Arab Republic. A Handbook
005638: WANG, HELEN. WITH AN INTRODUCTION, ANNOTATATIONS AND INDEX BY HER. - Sir Aurel Stein in The Times. A collection of over 100 references to Sir Aurel Stein and his extraordinary expeditions to Chinese Central Asia, India, Iran, Iraq and Jordanin The Times newspaper 1901-1043.
004115: ANON - ARIC Bulletin. Number VII/2 (Feb 1996) and VII/5 (May 1996)
005504: ANON. - Victoria & Albert Museum Guide. Revised Edition, Autumn 1957
004502: ANON - Rules of the Royal Central Asian Society...circulated to Members in January 1962
005247: ANON - City Map pf Pokhara. Scale 1.876"=1 km
004869: ANON. - Menu: Maasbach's Restaurant of Ridgewood/Flushing, Queens, New York City
003295: ANONYMOUS - Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman
001306: ANONYMOUS - Masters of Literature and Art of Tashkent
002446: ANONYMOUS - Indian Studies
005226: ANTALFFY, GYULA - A Short Geography of Hungary
005039: ANTHON, ROSE REINHARDT - Stories of India: Moral, Mystical, Spiritual and Romantic
004057: ANTHONY, EVELYN - The Persian Price
000600: ANTONOVA, K., G. BONGARD-LEVIN, G. KOTOVSKY - A History of India in Two Books. Book I Only
002121: ANWAR, ABDUL AZIZ - Soil Erosion in the Punjab
005277: APTE, ROBERT Z. - Three Kingdoms On the Roof of the World: Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh
001550: ARCHER, W.G. - The Loves of Krishna in Indian Painting and Poetry
005530: ARCHER,JJULES - Chou En-lai
005276: ARIS, MICHAEL - Views of Medieval Bhutan: The Diary and Drawings of Samuel Davis 1783
005096: ARLISS, GEORGE - Up the Years from Bloomsbury: An Autobiography
005587: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Islam: A Short History
004247: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN - The Light of Asia and The Indian Song of Songs (Gita Govinda)
002728: ROYAL ASCOT - Official Programme. Fourth Day: 18 June 1965
005209: ASHE, GEOFFREY - Gandhi
002285: ASIRI, F. M. - Shah Wali Allah
004347: AMERICAN FOREIGN SERVICE ASSOCIATION - 1998-1999 Directory of Retired Members
004329: AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Richer By Asia: A Selected Bibliography of Books and Other Materials for Promoting West-East Understanding among Young Adults
002666: ATKINSON, EDWIN T. - Religion in the Himalayas
001635: AUROBINDO, SRI - Uttarpara Speech of Sri Aurobindo
003815: AUSTIN, DENNIS - West Africa and the Commonwealth
002161: D'AUTREMONT, FAUSTIN - Etude sur la Renaissance Islamique et Les Purissances Chretiennes a la Fin du Dix-Neuvieme Siecle
002660: AVEDON, JOHN - "Tibet-in-Exile: Looking Homeward." With photo essay entitled, "Triumph of a People." In Geo, May 1981, pp 84-110
002137: AYYATH, K.M. - Land Reform in India and Kerala
004085: AZIZ, K.K. - The Pakistani Historian
004156: AZIZ, MAHMUDUL. EDITOR - The Diplomat: A Monthly International Review. Volume II/No 9 (November 1958)
003963: STRONG, TRACY B. AND HELENE KEYSSAR - Right In Her Soul: The Life of Anna Louise Strong
004073: BACHARACH, JERE L., EDITOR - Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Volume 22, No 2 (December 1988)
001254: DE BAER, OLIVER RUDSTON - Afghan Interlude
002494: BAIG, TARA ALI - Sarojini Naidu
002213: BAILEY, SYDNEY D. - Constitutions of the British Colonies with a Foreword By the Rt. Hon. James Griffiths, M.P. (Secretary of State for the Colonies)
002829: BAILEY, E.M., COMPILER - A List of Modern Arabic Words. As Used in Daily and Weekly Newspapers of Cairo
005605: T. GRAHAME BAILEY - Studies in North Indian Languages
004917: BAILLIE, ALEXANDER F., F.R.G.S. - The Oriental Club and Hanover Square
002492: BAIN, F.W. - A Digit of the Moon and A Draught of the Blue
001038: BAIN, FRANCIS WILLIAM - A Draught of the Blue. Translated from the original manuscript By F.W. Bain
001546: BAJPAI, K.D. - Archaeology in Uttar Pradesh
003048: KHUDA BAKHSH, S. - Politics in Islam
002207: BANERJI, S.K. - Earthquakes in the Himalayan Region
004371: SHORTER, MRS. BANI AND OTHERS - Books on Asia for Children
004655: BANTOCK, NICK - Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence
004460: COHEN, BARBARA AND JUDITH STONEHILL - New York Bound Bookshop: Catalogue Fourteen 1990
005149: FOSTER, BARBARA AND MICHAEL - Forbidden Journey: The Life of Alexandra David-Neel. With a Foreword By Lawrence Durrell
003446: BARBER, NOEL - The Black Hole of Calcutta: A Reconstruction
003374: BARBER, NOEL - From the Land of Lost Content: The Dalai Lama's Fight for Tibet
002435: BARBIER, C. - Deux Ans dans L'Inde
004747: BARRETT, WILLIAM E. - The Wine and the Music
005482: BARRIER, N. GERALD - Punjab History in Printed British Documents: A Bibliographic Guide to Parliamentary Papers and Select, Nonserial Publications, 1843-1947
001213: BARRY, MICHAEL, CHANTAL LOBATO, ET AL. PREFACE BY ALEXANDRE BENNIGSEN - Afghanistan dix annees terribles 1977-1987
005524: BARRY, TOM - Guerilla Days in Ireland
003488: BARTH, FREDRIK - Nomads of South Persia: The Basseri Tribe of the Khamseh Confederacy
001236: BARTH, FREDRIK - Political Leadership Among Swat Pathans + 7 page typescript on Swat Administration
003822: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN & SON - Map: Central & East Africa. With Boundaries, Roads and Railways. Scale 1: 4,000,000
003826: BARTLETT, VERNON - Struggle for Africa
000995: BARTON, SIR WILLIAM - India's Fateful Hour
005436: DE BARY, WM. THEODORE, S.N. HAY, R. WEILER, A. YARROW, A.L. BASHAM, ET AL - Sources of Indian Tradition
005125: DE BARY, WM. THEODORE, GENERAL EDITOR - Sources of Indian Tradition. Introduction to Oriental Civilizations. 2 Volumes
005423: BASHAM, A.L. - The Wonder That Was India: A Survey of the Culture of the Sub-continent Before the Coming of the Muslims
005429: BASHAM, A.L. PROFESSOR OF THE HISTORY OF SOUTH ASIA IN THE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON - The Indian Sub-continent in Historical Perspective. An inaugural lecture delivered on 11 March 1958
005299: BASHIR, SHAHZAD - Messianic Hopes and Visions: The Nurbakshiya Between Medieval and Modern Islam
004671: BATESON, MARY CATHERINE - With A Daughter's Eye: A Memoir of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson
005215: BAUER, DOUGLAS F., EDITOR - News Sheet of the Grolier Club. Broken run of 7 issues between April 1979 and Nov 1980
002913: BAZAZ, PREM NATH - Truth About Kashmir
001192: BAZGER, MOHAMMAD TARIQ, EDITOR-PUBLISHER - Dawat International: Monthly Afghan Newspaper from Norway. Vols 75-80,108 &113-114 (Mar-Apr 1997-May-June 2000)
004228: BECKER, JOSEPH - The Story of Bibliophone and the Spiral Book Chute
004964: BEEBE, WILLIAM - Unseen Life in New York As A Naturalist Sees It
004984: GILYARD-BEER, R. - Abbeys: An Introduction to the Religious Houses of England and Wales
003890: BELENITSKY, ALEKSANDR - Central Asia. Translated from the Russian by James Hogarth
002366: BELL, WILLIAM DIXON - The Secret of Tibet
004151: BELL, JOHN O. - Pakistan's Development and American Aid
004953: BELLEW, SIR GEORGE - Britain's Kings and Queens: 63 Reigns In 1100 Years
004767: BENEDICT, REX - Epitaph for A Lady
004386: BENEDICT, REX - Haloes for Heroes
004570: BENNETT, ALLISON P. - The People's Choice: A History of Albany County in Art and Architecture
004801: BENNIGSEN, ALEXANDRE A. - "Traditional Islam in the Customs of the Turkic Peoples of Central Asia." In Middle East Journal, Vol 12/2 (Spring 1958)
005322: BERCOVICI, KONRAD - Around the World in New York
004967: BEREZOV, P. - Revolution Museum
004694: BERGER, MEYER - Meyer Berger's New York. With Foreword By Brooks Atkinson
005052: BERGEVIN, RUTH E. - One of Us: Adventures in Living.
002839: BERGMAN, INGMAR - Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman Translated from the Swedish by Lars Malmstrom and David Kushner
003904: BERKOWITZ, MONROE - India: Struggle Against Time. Preface by Lewis Wagner
005340: POSTAL, BERNARD AND LIONEL KOPPMAN - Jewish Landmarks in New York: An Informal History and Guide
001136: SMITH, HARVEY H., DONALD W. BERNIER ET AL - Area Handbook for Afghanistan
003207: BERNSTEIN, JEREMY - The Wildest Dreams of Kew: A Profile of Nepal
003266: BHANU, DHARMA - History and Administration of the North-Western Provinces Subsequently called the Agra Province 1803-1858. Foreword by Sir Jadunath Sarkar
002925: BHASKARAN, R. - Approaches to the Study of Politics in India. 8th Annual Harold Laski Institute Lecture 1962
003212: BHATIA, B.M. - Famines in India: A Study in Some Aspects of the Economic History of India (1860-1965)
003873: BIDDLE, GEORGE - Indian Impressions
003908: BIDWELL, SHELFORD - The Chindit War: Stilwell, Wingate and the Campaign in Burma--1944. Introduction by John Masters
005421: BIELINSKI, STEFAN - Research and Publications in New York State History 1977
002425: F.L. BIRD - Modern Persia and Its Capital and an Account of an Ascent of Mount Devavend, the Persian Olympus
005124: BIRD, ISABELLA L. - Among the Tibetans
003230: BIRKHEAD, GUTHRIE S., ED. - Administrative Problems in Pakistan. Foreword by Irving Swerdlow
005105: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - "Our Crowd": The Great Jewish Families of New York
002949: BISCH, JORGEN (JERGEN BITSCH) - Mongolia: Unknown Land. Translated from the Danish by Reginald Spink
004918: BLAGOYAVA, B.D. - Dimitrov, with a Foreword by Hiren Mukerjee
004990: BLANC, JEAN-CHARLES - Afghan Trucks
001819: BLUMHARDT, J.F. - Catalogues of the Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, and Pushtu Printed Books in the Library of the British Museum
001691: BLUNT, WILFRED - The Golden Road to Samarkand
004125: JAMIAT-E-ISLAMI AFGHANISTAN. ADVISORY BOARD - Political Map of Afghanistan
004227: BOARDMAN, EUGENE P., EDITOR - Asian Studies in Liberal Education: The Teaching of Asian History and Civilizations to Undergraduates
002590: BOBRICK, BENSON - East of the Sun: The Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia
004986: LE BOEUF, RANDALL J., JR - Some Notes on the Life of Robert Fulton
005544: BOLTON, REGNALD PELHAM - Indian Life of Long Ago in the City of New York
005270: LE BON, GUSTAVE. TRANSLATED BY DAVID MACRAE - The World of Islamic Civilization
004036: BONINGTON, CHRIS - Everest the Hard Way
003100: BONNE, M. - Asie Par M. Bonne, Ingr. Hydrographe de la Marine
001055: BONNER, ARTHUR - Among the Afghans
004995: BONNER, ARTHUR - Among the Afghans
005250: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. - The Discoverers: A History of Man's Search To Know His world and Himself
004737: BOOTH, PHILIP - Letter from A Distant Land
001628: BORUA, PROFULLA CHANDRA - Fundamentals of Assamese Culture
002351: BOULANGER, ROBERT - Iran
005106: BOURDILLON, JENNIFER - Visit to the Sherpas
003738: BOURNE, F.C., CHAIRMAN - Annual Report for the Year 1963: Oxford Mission to Calcutta
004520: BOYD, ANDREW - An Atlas of World Affairs
005446: BRADLEY, VAN ALLEN - The Book Collector's Handbook of Values. 1982-1983 Edition
005561: EDITED BY JOHN BRADLEY WITH A FOREWORD BY NIGEL NICOLSON - Lady Curzon's India: Lettrs of a Vicereine.
000698: BRAHAM, T.H., EDITOR - The Himalayan Journal. Vol.XX, 1957
004455: BRAYBROOKE, PATRICK - Kipling and His Soldiers
004616: BREEDON, ROBERT L., EDITOR IN CHIEF - Nomads of the World. Foreword By Leonard Carmichael
005174: O'BRIEN, FLANN - The Third Policeman. Introduction by Denis Donohue
004387: O'BRIEN, R. BARRRY. EDITOR - Ireland
002197: BRIGHT, JOHN. EDITED BY JAMES E.T. ROGERS - Speeches on Public Policy By the Right Honorable John Bright, M.P.
005459: BOOKSELLERS ASSOCATION OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND - A Project for Establishing Standards in Bookselling: A Charter for Booksellers
002001: BRITTAN, HARRIETTE G. - Shoshie: THe Hindoo Zenana Teacher
004676: BROBST, PETER JOHN - The Future of the Great Game: Sir Olad Caroe, India's Independence, and the Defense of Asia
004941: BROCKWAY, FENNER - Inside the Left: Thirty Years of Platform, Press, Prison and Parliament
004394: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke with an Inroduction By George E. Woodberry and a Biographical Note by Margaret Lavington
004884: [CITY OF BROOKLYN?] - Opening Ceremonies of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge. May 24, 1883
004921: BROOKS, HELEN MORGAN - I Choose Love
004925: BROOKS, HELEN MORGAN - A Slat of Wood & Other Poems
004915: BROOKS, HELEN MORGAN - A Slat of Wood & Other Poems
000385: YEATS-BROWN, FRANCIS - Lancer at Large
005047: YEATS-BROWN, FRANCIS - Bengal Lancer
005453: BROWN, T.J. ND MARGARET SCHEELE - Yhe Old Royal Library
003543: BROWN, LOUISE - The Dancing Girls of Lahore: Selling Love and Saving Dreams in Pakistan's Pleasure District
003643: BROWN, W. NORMAN - The United States and India and Pakistan
004840: BROWN, LOUISE - The Dancing Girls of Lahore: Selling Love and Saving Dreams in Pakistan's Pleasure District
003610: BROWN, D. MACKENZIE - The White Umbrella: Indian Political Thought from Manu to Gandhi
001680: BROWNE, EDWARD GRANVILLE - Account of A Rare Manuscript History of the Seljuqs
004396: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Ring and the Book. Volume II Only
003201: BROXUP, MARIE BENNIGSEN. EDITOR - Central Asian Survey, Volume 17, No 2 (June 1998)
005433: BRUCKNER, GERALDINE. EDITOR - Expedition.the Bulletin of of The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. Volume 13, Number 1 (Fall 1970).
002029: BRYNER, EDNA - Thirteen Tibetan Tankas
004443: BUCHANAN, FRANCIS, M.D. - A Journey from Madras Through the Countries of Mysore, Canara and Malabar. Probably Volume 8 of John Pinkerton's, The Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in All Parts of the World
000104: BUCK, PEARL S - Fighting Angel. Portrait of A Soul
005288: BUCK, PEARL S. - The Exile
005289: BUCK, PEARL - A House Divided
004736: BUCK, PEARL S. - Words of Love
004515: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 52, No 3, August 1993
004521: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 51, No 4, Novmber1992
004604: BUCK, PEARL S. - Imperial Woman. A Novel
005249: BUCK, PESRL S. - The Big Wave
001990: BUCK, PEARL S. - Fighting Angel. Portrait of A Soul
004974: BUCK, PEARL S - Mandala
004743: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 53, No 2 (May1994)
005357: BUCK, PEARL - The Long Love
005358: BUCK, PEARL SYDENSTRICKER - All Under Heaven
005294: BUCK, PEARL S. - Imperial Woman. A Novel
005295: BUCK, PEARL S. - The Goddess Abides
005280: BUCK, PEARL S. - Fighting Angel. Portrait of A Soul
005290: BUCK, PEARL - Kinfolk
004530: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 54, No 1 (February 1995)
004492: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 52, No 1, February 1993
004494: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 52, No 4, Novmber 1993
004495: BUCK, DAVID D., EDITOR - Journal of Asian Studies. Vol 53, No 4, February1994
004975: BUCK, PEARL S. - To My Daughters, With Love
000103: BUCK, PEARL S - The Three Daughters of Madame Liang. A Novel
005291: BUCK, PEARL - Peony
005292: BUCK, PEARL S. - Other Gods: An American Legend
005296: BUCK, PEARL S. - Death in the Castle: A Novel
005293: BUCK, PEARL S. - The New Year: A Novel
005075: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. - Marco Polo, If You Can. A Novel
005512: HUNTER COLLEGE CONCERT BUREAU - The Kerala Kalamandalum Kathakali Company at Hunter. Program: November 1970
003859: PAMIR RECONSTRUCTION BUREAU - Annual Report 1996
004466: BURKE, THOMAS - English Inns
003449: BURKI, SHAHID JAVED - Historical Dictionary of Pakistan
005389: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Little Lord Fauntleroy
003824: BUSIA, KOFI A. - The African Consciousness: Continuity and Change in Africa. With a Foreword by Elsie Bown Meyer
005366: BUSSAGLI, MARIO - Chinese Bronzes
003897: BUSSAGLI, MARIO - Indian Miniatures. Translated from the Italisn by Raymond Rudorff
002656: BUTLER, HARCOURT - India Insistent
005283: BYRD, RICHARD E., LOWELL THMAS, JR., MELVILLE B. GROSVENOR, ET AL - Nstional Geographic Magazine. July 1957 (Vol CXII)
001932: SAIHGAL, M.C. AND MUNSHI P.C. SAIHGAL - Saihgal's Hindustani Grammar. Eleventh Edition
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003656: JILANI, GHULAM - General Presidential Address. Sixth Pakistan Philosophical Congress, Lahore, March 7, 1959
002436: JOAD, C.E.M. - The Story of Indian Civilisation
005546: MAYNARD, JOAN AND GWEN COTTMAN - Weeksville Then & Now: The Search to Discover, The Efforts to Preserve Memoties of Self in Brooklyn, New York
005061: BRAY, JOHN WITH NAWANG TSERING SHAKSPO - A Bibliography of Ladakh
005553: JOHNSON, JAMES WELDON - Black Manhattan with a new preface by Allan H. Spear
005499: DUPUY, TREVOR, CURT JOHNSON AND DAVID L. BONGARD - The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography
004525: JOHNSTON, R. J., DEREK GREGORY, PETER HAGGETT, ET AL. EDITORS - The Dictionary of Human Geography
004089: JOHNSTON, HENRY P. - The Campaign of 1776 Around New York and Brooklyn, Including a New and Circumstantial Account of the Battle of Long Island and the Loss of New York, with a Review of Events to the Close of the Year.
003399: BENCE-JONES, MARK - The Viceroys of India
001474: JOSHI, V.H. - Economic Development and Social Change in a South Gujarat Village (Social Consequences of Industrialization and Urbanization in a Village in South Gujarat with Special Reference to Tensions Between Groups and classes)
003142: KAHK, JUHAN AND KARL SIILIVASK - History of the Estonian SSR. Translated from Estonian by Gustav Liiv
002260: SHARMA, S.K. AND S.R. BAKSHI, EDITORS - Sheikh Abdullah and Kashmir. Volume 7 of Encyclopaedia of Kashmir
005304: NORTON DR. JAMES K. - Global Studies: India and South Asia
004991: VAN OLINDA, WALTER K. AND GEORGE FLEMING, CHIEF EDITORS - A Maritime History of New York Introduction by Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia
001377: KABIR, HUMAYUN - Britain and India
001442: KABIR, HUMAYUN - Student Indiscipline
003292: KABIR, HUMAYUN - Education in New India
003585: KABIR, HUMAYUN - The Indian Heritage
002440: KAMENETZ, RODGER - The Jew in the Lotus: A Poet's Rediscovery of Jewish Identity in Buddhist India
000997: KAPUR, ANUP CHAND - "Disraeli's Forward Policy on the North-West Frontier of India 1874-77."in, Research Bulletin of Panjab University, No IV, 1951, Pp 1-18
000285: KAR, CHINTAMONI - Indian Metal Sculpture
003132: KARIM, ABDUL - Early Muslim Rule in Bengal and their non-Muslim Subjects (down to A.D. 1538)
005236: TRANSLATED BY KIERAN KAVENAUGH AND OTILIO RODRIGUEZ - The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avils. Volume One
005472: EDWARDS, /KEN AND BRENT HOUSKEEPER - Skinning and Tanning. Booklet No.3. Serious Sportsman Taxidermy for Beginners
005361: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - O Albany! Improbable City of Political Wizards, Fearless Ethnics, Spectacular Aristocrats, Splendid Nobodies and Underrated Scoundrels
003571: KENNEDY, WILLIAM BEAN - The Shaping of Protestant Tradition: An Interpretation of the Sunday School and the Development of Protestant Educational Strategy in the United States 1789-1860
003580: KENNEDY, PRINGLE - History of the Great Moghuls
004686: KENNEDY, X.J. - Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and Drama
004859: KENNEY, ALICE P. - Stubborn for Liberty: The Dutch in New York
005019: KENWORTHY, LEONARD S. - Penington Speaks
001822: KERR, DIANA RAIT - Cricket: A Catalogue of an Exhibition of Books, Manusripts and Pictorial Records...with 2 Pamphlets by the M.C.C.
002122: KHAN, RANA NASIB - Working of the Co-operative Farming Societies in the Punjab
002134: KHAN, RANA NASIB. CONDUCTOR OF INQUIRY - Survey of Small Holdings in the Punjab
002164: KHAN, ABDUR RAHIM UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF K.B.SHEIKH NUR MOHAMMAD - An Economic Survey of Bhambu Sandila, a Village in the Muzaffargarh District of the Punjab
002778: KHAN, MUHAMMAD ZAFRULLA - The Message of Islam. Foreword by Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad
005640: KHAN, GHANI, A SKETCH - The Pathans
000288: KHOSLA, F.D. - Himalayan Circuit. The Story of a Journey in the Inner Himalayas with Foreward by Jawaharlal Nehru
002287: KHOSLA, A.N. - Development of the Indus River System: An Engineering Approach
004913: KHRUSHCHOV, N.S. - Report of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the Twentieth Party Congress February 14, 1956
004781: KHUAHISH, L.R., EDITOR - The Panjab's Who Is Who
004688: KIMBALL, FISKE - Domestic Architecture of the American Colonies and of the Early Republic
004295: KING, JOHN - Karakoram Highway: The High Road to China
004841: KING, JOHN - Karakoram Highway: The High Road to China
004225: KINROSS, LORD - The Kindred Spirit: A History of Gin and the House of Booth
004257: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
004456: KIPLING, RUDYARD - From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches. Letters of Travel. Volume II. Macmillan's Colonial Library
004457: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Definitive Edition. On India Paper
004465: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Kipling's Indian Tales., With Original Illustrations by L.J. Bridgman and Others
004804: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Life's Handicap Being Stories of Mine Own People
004808: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Barrack Room Ballads, Departmental Ditties and Ballads
004818: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Light That Failed
004245: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Stalky & Co: with Introduction and Glossary by John Rouse
004246: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Stalky & Co
005496: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Traffics and Discoveries
004774: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories and Poems
004296: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Stalky & Co
004483: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Selected Works of Rudyard Kipling, Volume I
004485: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Selected Works of Rudyard Kipling, Volume III
003817: CHOWDHURY, ANIS, IYANATUL ISLAM, COLIN KIRKPATRICK AND SALIM RASHID, EDITORS - Journal of the Asic Pacific Economy. Vol 5/Nos 1 & 2, 2000
005287: KISH, GEORGE - To the Heart of Asia: the Life of Sven Hedin
002739: KITAGAWA, JOSEPH M. - Religions of the East
004471: KITZINGER, ERNST - Early Medieval Art in the British Museum
003461: KLASS, ROSANNE - Land of the High Flags: A Travel Memoir of Afghanistan
004223: KNOWLES, F.L. - A Kipling Primer Including Biographical and Critical Chapters, an Index to Mr. Kipling's Principal Writings, and Bibliographies
002691: KNUTSON, JEANNE NICKELL - Outer Mongolia: A Study in Soviet Colonialism
004237: KOBRIN, DAVID - The Black Minority in Early New York
003616: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Lotus and the Robot
003997: KOLB, FRITZ - Himalaya Venture. Translated from the German by Lawrence Wilson
005222: KOOP, FREDERICK W. - Precise Leveling in New York City...executed 1909 to 1914
001536: KOTOVSKY, GRIGORY - Agrarian Reforms in India. Translated from the Russian By K.J. Lambkin
003314: KOTTURAN, GEORGE - The Himalayan Gateway: History and Culture of Sikkim
000704: KOUL, SAMSAR CHAND - Pahalgam and Its Environs
003262: KRISHNADASA, RAI - Mughal Miniature. Text and Notes by Rai Krishnadas. Introduction by Humayun Kabir
001451: KRITZECK, JAMES. EDITOR - Modern Islamic Literature from 1880 to the Present
004221: TIRMIZI, S.A.I., N.H. KULKARNEE AND P.K GHOSE - Archives in India
000565: KULKARNI, V.B. - The Future of Indian States
002649: KUNITZ, JOSHUA - Dawn Over Samarkand: The Rebirth of Central Asia
004128: KURAISHI, MOHAMMAD HAMID - The Archaeological Museum and Monuments of Ancient Taxila
003727: KUREISHY, K.U. - An Analysis of the Civilian Labour Force in Its Bearing on the Growth of Urban Population, West Pakistan 1901-1950
000742: KURIEN, JACOB - "Fossil Algae from Waziristan."
004997: FITZLYON, KYRIL AND TATIANA BROWNING - Russian and Its People Under the Czar
002727: PARK, RICHARD L. AND IRENE TINKER, EDITORS - Leadership and Political Institutions in India
003260: JONES, REX L. AND SHIRLEY KURZ JONES - The Himalayan Woman: A Study of Limbu Women in Marriage and Divorce
005584: SNELLGROVE, DAVID L. AND TADEUSZ SKORUPSKI - The Cultural Heritage of Ladakh: Volume 1, Central Ladakh
000080: POPLAI, S.L. AND PHILIPS TALBOT - India and America. A Study of Their Relations
004852: LAKING, GUY FRANCIS - Oriental Arms and Armour: Wallace Collection Catalogues
001766: LAL, SHADI (SIR) - Sir Shadi Lal's Punjab Alienation of Land Act
004683: LAL, KANWAR - Immortal Khajuraho
003811: RAM LALL AND SYEDA NASEEM CHISHTI, EDITORS - New Generation Three 1968
005514: LAMB, HAROLD - Nur Mahal
002419: LAMB, CHRISTINA - The Sewing Circles of Herat
004150: LAMB, BEATRICE PITNEY - Introduction to India
004374: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Here, of All Places
005063: LANDESMAN, ALTER F. - A History of New Lots, Brooklyn--to 1887 Including the Villages of East New York, Cypress Hills and Brownsville
005066: LANDESMAN, ALTER F. - Brownsville: The Birth, Development and Passing of a Jewish Community in New York.
001570: LANE, ARTHUR - Medieval Near Eastern Pottery
002857: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM - Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians. Introduction by M. Saad el-Din
004353: LANGEWIESCHE, WILLIAM - "The Wrath of Khan: How A.Q. Khan Made Pakistan a Nuclear Power--and Showed That the Spread of Atomic Weapons Can't be Stopped." In, Atlantic Monthly,Vol 296 (Nov 2005), pp 62-85
002429: LANSDELL, HENRY - Through Central Asia with a Map and Appendix on the Diplomacy and Delimitation of the Russo-Afghan Frontier
002367: LAQUEUR, WALTER Z., EDITOR - The Middle East in Transition: Studies in Contemporary History
005002: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor and Franklin: The Story of Their Relationship Based on Eleanor Roosevelt's Private Papers . Foreword by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr
003075: LATTIMORE, OWEN - The Situation in Asia
003079: LATTIMORE, OWEN - Ordeal by Slander
003784: LATTIMORE, OWEN - The Solution in Asia. With a Preface by C.P. Fitzgerald
003074: LATTIMORE, OWEN - The Solution in Asia
005492: LATTIMORE, OWEN - The Solution in Asia
002549: LAW, BIMLA CHARAN - Some Ksatriya Tribes of Ancient India. With a Foreword by A. Berriedale Keith
002920: MINISTRY OF LAW, GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN - The Cantonments Act, 1924 (II of 1924). (As modified up to the 20th December 1953)
003017: PAKISTAN MINISTRY OF LAW - The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (V of 1898) As modified up to the 1st March 1954
001335: LAW, NARENDRA NATH - Promotion of Learning in Muslim India
003663: PAKISTAN. MINISTRY OF LAW - The Religious Endowments Act, 1863 (As modified up to the 31st October 1955)
000956: LAWFORD, JAMES - 30th Punjabis
004980: LAWRENCE, T.E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
004994: LAWRENCE, T.E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
005020: LEAMING, BARBARA - Orson Welles: A Biography
005089: LEECH, MARGARET - Reveille in Washington 1860-1865
003561: LEGHARI, A.M. KHAN - Report on the Sargodha District Board Elections 1952-1953
002527: KERALA LEGISLATURE - Report of the Select Committee on the Kerala Agrarian Relations Bill, 1957 and the Bill as Reported by the Committee
001249: RIJKSMUSEUM VOOR VOLKERKUNDE LEIDEN - Het Leven Van Buddha in de Kunst
000295: LEITCH, MARY & MARGARET W. - Seven Years in Ceylon. Stories of Mission Life
002201: LELE, P.R. - Federation of India
003959: LENCZOWSKI, GEORGE - The Middle East in World Affairs
002650: LENGYEL, EMIL - Siberia
004912: LENIN, V.I. - The State and Revolution: The Marxist Doctrine of the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution
003713: LENS, SIDNEY - Letter from Karachi. In The Antioch Review, Vol XIV, No 3 (Fall 1954), Pp323-332
004381: HADAR, LEON AND JUDITH MILLER - Is Islam A Threat? in, Foreign Affairs, Vol 72, No 2 (Spring 1993), Pp
000801: KENT, LEONARD AND ELIZABETH KNIGHT - Selected Writings of E.T.A. Hoffmann. Edited and Translated by Leonard Kent and Elizabeth Knight. Foreword by Rene Wellek
005118: LERNER, MAX - The Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes: His Speeches, Essays, Letters and Judicial Opinions. Selected and Edited with Introduction and Commentary by Max Lerner
003925: LEVY, ROGER - Regards sur L'Asie: Chine, Japon, Coree, Viet Nam, Haute-Asie
003040: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Middle East and the West
003953: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Arabs in History
004145: LEWIS, BERNARD - Semites and Anti-Semites: An Inquiry Into Conflict and Prejudice
005567: LEWIS, TOM - The Hudson: a history
005525: LEWIS, TOM - The Hudson: A History
005458: NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - The Pforzheimer Lectures on Printing and the Book Arts
005451: PIERPONT MORGAN LIBRARY - The Written Wor: Inscriptions, Texts and Illuminated Manusripts from 3200 B.C. to the invention of Printing in the XVth Century
004342: HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY - Widener Library Shelflist, 19: Southern Asia
003036: LIEBESNY, HERBERT J. - Stability and Change in Islamic Law
003666: LIEBESNY, HERBERT J. - Hindu Law. A Review of J. Duncan Derrett's, Introduction to Modern Hindu Law (Oxford U. Press, 1963)
003527: LIEBKNECHT, WILHELM - Karl Marx Biographical Memoirs. Translated by Ernest Untermann
003016: LINCK, ORVILLE F. - A Passage Through Pakistan
005326: WALTER LIPPMAN - Men of Destiny
004651: LIVINGSTON, FLORA V. - Supplement to Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling (1927)
000774: LIVINGSTON, MARY WALTON - "Yours Sincerely, Mohandas K. Gandhi", from Prologue, Fall 1969, pp 1-6
005014: LIVINGSTON, FLORA V. - Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling
005548: LLEWELLYN, H.D., CADEIRYDD - rhaglen y dydd: Eistedfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru 1962. [Official Program of the Royal National Eistedfod of Wales, 1962]
002497: LOCKHART, ROBERT BRUCE - "Tibet in the New Chinese Empire." In, United Asia, July-Aug 1966, Pp 176-178
002880: LOCKHART, LAURENCE - Famous Cities of Iran. With a Foreword by Lord Cadman of Silverdale
005510: LOCKHART, R.L. BRUCE - Retreat from Glory
002412: LOEWENTHAL, RUDOLF - Russian Materials on Islam and Islamic Institutions: A Selective Bibliography
004919: LOHMANN, JEANNE - Steadying the Landscape
004243: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Queen Victoria: Born To Succeed

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