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425662: N/A - [Freemasonry] St. John's Lodge No. 1, Portsmouth, Nh, Communications 1969-1978
427465: - Bibliotheca Sanctorum (Italian Edition)
427762: - Medieval Spirituality in Scandinavia and Europe: A Collection of Essays in Honour of Tore Nyberg (Odense University Studies in History and Social Sciences, V. 234. )
424831: N/A - Aeronautics: The American Magazine of Aerial Locomotion. Vol. 7, No. 1, July, 1910
427332: [RANDS, WILLIAM BRIGHTY] - Henry Holbeach, Student in Life and Philosophy: A Narrative and a Discussion
427794: - Vocabulaire Historique Du Moyen Age (French Edition)
427640: - Falschungen IM Mittelalter: Internationaler Kongress Der Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Munchen, 16. -19. September 1986 (Schriften / Monumenta Germaniae Historica) (German Edition)
424598: (DEKAY, JAMES ELLSWORTH) - Sketches of Turkey in 1831 and 1832 by an American
426610: (HALL, BENJAMIN HOMER) - A Collection of College Words and Customs
421470: N/A - Costumes Militaires Catalogue Des Principales Suites de Costumes Militaires Francais Parues Tant En France Qu'a L'Etranger Depuis le Regne de Louis XV Jusqu'a Nos Jours Et Des Suites de Costumes Militaires Etrangers Parues En France Par Un Membre de la Sabretache
422077: N/A - Public Improvements for the Metropolitan District. Report of the Commission on Metropolitan Improvements Appointed Under Resolves of 1907, Chapter 108, to Consider the Subject
426368: - Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems: The Falling Cat and Related Problems
424622: - Judaism in Late Antiquity. Part Five: The Judaism of Qumran: A Systemic Reading of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Volume One: Theory of Israel
424824: - La Fontaine Et le Premier Recueil Des Fables
421421: N/A - Tableaux de la Civilisation Et de la Vie Seigneuriale En Allemagne Dans la Derniere Periode Du Moyen Age
427609: - Le Paysage Monumental de la France Autour de L'an MIL: Avec Un Appendice, Catalogne (French Edition)
421261: [KENNEDY, GRACE] - Philip Colville; or, a Covenanter's Story. Unfinished
415862: N/A - Le Chiese Parrocchiali Della Diocesi Di Bologna Ritratte E Descritte
427820: - Predication Et Propagande Au Moyen Age: Islam, Byzance, Occident : Penn-Paris-Dumbarton Oaks Colloquia, III, Session Des 20-25 Octobre 1980 (French Edition)
427400: - Roma Nell'Alto Medioevo: 27 Aprile-1 Maggio 2000 (Settimane Di Studio Del Centro Italiano Di Studi Sull'Alto Medioevo) (Italian Edition)
427919: MUSEE ARCHEOLOGIQUE DEPARTMENTAL DU VAL-D'OISE - L'Ile-de-France de Clovis a Hugues Capet: Du Ve Siecle Au Xe Siecle : [Exposition] (French Edition)
425655: SHREERAM SHANKAR ABHYANKAR - Enumerative Combinatorics of Young Tableaux (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
427813: ABOU-EL-HAJ, BARBARA - The Medieval Cult of Saints: Formations and Transformations
427659: ABULAFIA, DAVID - Mediterranean Encounters, Economic, Religious, Political, 1100-1550 (Collected Studies)
426456: ACKER, THOMAS S. - The Baroque Vortex: Velázquez, Calderón, and Gracián Under Philip IV (Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures)
428024: ADAMS, HENRY - A Letter to American Teachers of History
426946: ADLERBLUM, NIMA H. - Memoirs of Childhood: An Approach to Jewish Philosophy
427053: ADLINGTON, ROBERT - The Music of Harrison Birtwistle (Music in the Twentieth Century)
426902: AGASSI, JOSEPH - Science in Flux (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science)
426906: AGASSI, JOSEPH - Towards a Rational Philosophical Anthropology (Jerusalem Van Leer Foundation)
426099: AHLFORS, LARS V. - Lectures on Quasiconformal Mappings
427487: AIGLE, DENISE - Miracle Et Karama : Hagiographies Médiévales Comparées
427932: AIGRAIN, RENÉ - L'Hagiographie: Ses Sources, Ses Méthodes, Son Histoire (Subsidia Hagiographica)
422884: AIJAZUDDIN, F. S. - Pahari Paintings and Sikh Portaits in the Lahore Museum
426970: AIKEN, NANCY E. - The Biological Origins of Art
427685: MARYAN WYNN AINSWORTH - Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures: Jan Gossart's Renaissance: The Complete Works (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
426277: AKIN, ETHAN - Simplicial Dynamical Systems
427335: ROBERTO DEL VALLE ALCALÁ - British Working-Class Fiction: Narratives of Refusal and the Struggle Against Work
425271: ALEXANDER, SHAWN LEIGH - An Army of Lions : The CIVIL Rights Struggle Before the Naacp
425454: ALEXANDER, NEAL, AND DAVID COOPER, EDITED - Poetry & Geography: Space and Place in Post-War Poetry
426376: ALEXANDER, THOMAS M. - John Dewey's Theory of Art, Experience, and Nature: The Horizons of Feeling
426392: ALFARO, GUSTAVO A. - La Estructura de la Novela Picaresca
425805: ALFRED DE ARMAS, FREDERICK - The Four Interpolated Stories in the Roman Comique: Their Sources and Unifying Function
425486: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - La Divina Commedia Di Dante Alighieri. Manoscritta Da Boccaccio
427606: ALTSCHULE, MARK D. - Roots of Modern Psychiatry: Essays in the History of Psychiatry
425631: AMADIO, ROBERTO M.; CURIEN, PIERRE-LOUIS - Domains and Lambda-Calculi (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science)
425632: AMBJORN, JAN, BERGFINNUR DURHUUS, AND THORDUR JONSSON - Quantum Geometry: A Statistical Field Theory Approach
428021: ANDERSON, MARJORIE OGILVIE - Kings and Kingship in Early Scotland
417170: ANDERSON, RUFUS - History of the Sandwich Islands Mission: A Heathen Nation Evangelized
425526: ANDREWS, HERBERT CORNELIUS. EDITED BY ALFRED L. HOLMAN - Hinsdale Genealogy: Descendants of Robert Hinsdale of Dedham, Medfield, Hadley and Deerfield, with an Account of the French Family of de Hinnisdal
428007: ANONYME - Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina Antiquae Et Mediae Aetatis : 1898-1901
424833: APPLEBY, JOYCE O. - Technology and Society Under Lenin and Stalin
420108: APPLEGATE, JOHN S - Reminiscences and Letters of George Arrowsmith of New Jersey, Late Lieutenant-Colonel of the One Hundred and Fifty-Seventh Regiment, New York State Volunteers
424915: ARKUSH, ELIZABETH N. - The Archaeology of Warfare: Prehistories of Raiding and Conquest
425714: ARNOL'D, V. I., EDITED - Dynamical Systems VI: Singularity Theory I
426539: ARTAUD, ANTONIN - 50 Dessins Pour Assassiner la Magie
426504: ASCHENAUER, RUDOLF - Review of the War Crimes Trials?
426816: ASHWORTH, WILLIAM - History of the British Coal Industry: Volume 5: 1946-1982: The Nationalized Industry
428013: WILLIAM ASPRAY - Computing Before Computers
427824: ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA PER LO STUDIO DELLA SANTITA, DEI CULTI E DELL'AGIOGRAFIA - Santita, Culti, Agiografia: Temi E Prospettive : Atti Del I Convegno Di Studio Dell'Associazione Italiana Per Lo Studio Della Santita, Dei Culti E... Roma, 24-26 Ottobre 1996 (Italian Edition)
427825: ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA PER LO STUDIO DELLA SANTITA, DEI CULTI E DELL'AGIOGRAFIA;GOLINELLI, PAOLO (CURA) - IL Pubblico Dei Santi: Forme I Livelli Di Ricezione Dei Messaggi Agiografici: Atti Del III Convegno Di Studio Dell'Associazione Italiana Per Lo Studio Della Santita, Dei Culti E Dell'Agiografia, Verona, 22-24 Ottobre 1998
425575: ATIYAH, MICHALEL - Michael Atiyah: Collected Works (Volumes I-VI)
427352: ATIYEH, GEORGE N. - Al-Kindi: The Philosopher of the Arabs
427764: ATKINS, SIR HEDLEY - Down: The Home of the Darwins. The Story of a House and the People Who Lived There
427249: VON AUE, HARTMANN - German Romance III: Iwein, or the Knight with the Lion (Arthurian Archives)
427987: AURELL, MARTIN - Les Noces Du Comte: Mariage Et Pouvoir En Catalogne (785-1213) (Serie Histoire Ancienne Et Medievale) (French Edition)
427501: AVEMARIE, FRIEDRICH; WILLEM VAN HENTEN, JAN - Martyrdom and Noble Death: Selected Texts from Graeco-Roman, Jewish and Christian Antiquity (the Context of Early Christianity)
425230: AVERY, DAVID - Not on Queen Victoria's Birthday : The Story of the Rio Tinto Mines
426396: AZOR'N - Con Permiso de Los Cervantistas
426378: BACH, PETER - Collector's Treasury of Antique Slot Machines from Contemporary Advertising, 1925-1950
425193: BAEDEKER, KARL - The Dominion of Canada with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska: Handbook for Travellers
425194: BAEDEKER, KARL - The Dominion of Canada with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska: Handbook for Travellers
426399: BAENA, JULIO - Novelas Ejemplares: Las Grietas de la Ejemplaridad (Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs) (Spanish Edition)
426328: BAETJER, KATHARINE - British Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1575-1875
425466: BAGNALL, ROGER S. - The Hellenistic Period: Historical Sources in Translation
428028: ANTHONY PAUL BALE - St Edmund, King and Martyr: Changing Images of a Medieval Saint (York Medieval Press)
426457: ALAN BALFOUR - World Cities Berlin (World Cities Series)
426374: BALL, THOMAS - My Threescore Years and Ten
427240: BALZAC, JEAN-LOUIS GUEZ DE. TRANSLATED BY RICHARD BAKER - Letters of Monsieur de Balzac. 1.2. 3. And the 4th Parts. Translated out of French Into English. Now Collected Into One Volume, with a Methodicall Table of All the Letters.
426361: BAOUENDI, M. SALAH - Microlocal Analysis: Contemporary Mathematics Series
424631: BARASCH, MOSHE - Teorias Del Arte: De Platon a Winckelmann
427224: BARBER, GILES, AND C. P. COURTNEY - Enlightenment Essays in Memory of Robert Shackleton
426579: BARBER, STEPHEN - Hijikata: Revolt of the Body
428009: LUCRETIUS. TRANSLATED BY THOMAS CHARLES BARING - The Scheme of Epicurus: A Rendering Into English Verse of the Unfinished Poem of Lucretius, Entitled de Rerum Natura, (the Nature of Things)
426097: BARKER, WILLIAM - Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups
427771: BARKER, LEWELLYS F. - Treatment of the Commoner Diseases Met with by the General Practitioner
418360: BARLOW, A. R - Company G: A Record of the Services of One Company of the 157th N.Y. Vols. In the War of the Rebellion from Sept. 19, 1862, to July 10, 1865
426521: BARNES, DONNA R.; MINTY, NANCY T.; ROSE, PETER G. - Matters of Taste: Food and Drink in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Life
417651: BARRAL, CARLOS - Torre En Medio
427634: DOMINIQUE BARTHELEMY - L'an MIL Et la Paix de Dieu: La France Chretienne Et Feodale, 980-1060 (French Edition)
424814: BARTHOU, LOUIS - Lettres Inedites D'Alfred de Vigny a Victor Hugo (1820-1831)
427844: BARTLETT, ROBERT, EDITOR/TRANSLATOR - The Miracles of Saint Aebbe of Coldingham and Saint Margaret of Scotland (Oxford Medieval Texts)
419487: VAN BASTELAER, RENE, ET GEORGES H. DE LOO - Peter Bruegel L'Ancien: Son Oeuvre Et Son Temps. Etude Historique
426917: BASTHOLM, E. - The History of Muscle Physiology
426565: BASTIAN, HEINER, EDITOR - Anselm Kiefer: Dein Und Mein Alter Und Das Alter Der Welt : Your Age and Mine and the Age of the World
424893: BATCHELLOR, ALBERT STILLMAN, ET ALIA, EDITED - The Laws of New Hampshire Including Public and Private Acts and Resolves and the Royal Commissions and Instructions, with Historical and Descriptive Notes, and an Appendix
426674: BATESON, M. - George Ashby's Poems (Early English Text Society Extra Series)
425119: BAULDIE, JOHN - Bob Dylan & Desire
427636: BAZANNA, ANDRE, ET ETIENNE HERBERT - Castrum : Tome 6, Maisons Et Espaces Domestiques Dans le Monde Méditerranéen Au Moyen Age
425432: BEAMISH, RICHARD J. - [Salesman's Dummy] the Story of Lindbergh, the Lone Eagle
424988: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W. - The Art of Lydia Lopokova, Including a Portrait in Sanguine by Glyn Philpot, a Portrait by Pablo Picasso, and Nine Full-Page Hand-Coloured Illustrations, Three Decorations and Cover Design by Arabella Yorke, Together with an Appreciation by Cyril W. Beaumont
426833: BELKNAP, CHARLES E. - History of the Michigan Organizations at Chickamauga, Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge, 1863
426629: BELL, J. MUNRO, ARRANGED BY. INTRODUCTION BY ARTHUR HAYDEN - The Furniture Designs of Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton
426381: BELL, IAN A.; DALDRY, GRAHAM - Watching the Detectives : Essays on Crime Fiction
427179: BELLON, EUGEN; SCHALLIOL, WILLIS - Schalliol Is Our Family Name - 1985 Edition
427777: BENEDICT, ABBOT OF PETERSBOROUGH - The Life and Miracles of Saint Thomas of Canterbury
427315: BENNATI, F. - Recherches Sur le Mécanisme de la Voix Humaine [Together with] Recherches Sur Les Maladies Qui Affectent Les Organes de la Voix Humaine
427527: BERIOU, NICOLE - La Predication de Ranulphe de la Houblonniere: Sermons Aux Clercs Et Aux Simples Gens a Paris Au Xiiie Siecle (French Edition)
425006: BERKELEY, GEORGE. PREFECAS AND ANNOTATIONS BY ALEXANDER CAMPBELL FRASER - The Works of George Berkeley, D.D. , Formerly Bishop of Cloyne: Including Many of His Writings Hitherto Unpublished
427839: BERKOWITZ, ALAN - Patterns of Disengagement: The Practice and Portrayal of Reclusion in Early Medieval China
427566: BERLIOZ, JACQUES - Identifier Sources Et Citations (L'Atelier Du Medieviste) (French Edition)
424967: BERNARD, GEORGES - Principia Economica
424940: BERRY-HILL, HENRY & SIDNEY - Ernest Lawson American Impressionist 1873-1939
427705: BERTELLI, CARLO - La Pittura in Italia: L'Altomedioevo (Italian Edition)
427475: BERTRAM, JEROME - The Chrodegang Rules: The Rules for the Common Life of the Secular Clergy from the Eighth and Ninth Centuries. Critical Texts with Translations and... Faith, and Culture in the Medieval West)
426460: BERWICK, R. C.; ABNEY, S.P.; TENNY, C.L. - Principle-Based Parsing: : Computation and Psycholinguistics (Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy)
426691: BETANCOURT, ANGEL - Jurisprudencia Cubana, Prontuario, Por Orden Alfabetico, de la Doctrina Establecida Por El Tribunal Supremo de la Republica de Cuba. Parte CIVIL Y Contencioso-Administrativa, Tomo I: 1899 a 1908
427829: BIJSTERVELD, A - Negotiating Secular and Ecclesiastical Power: Western Europe in the Central Middle Ages (International Medieval Research)
425468: BIRKHOFF, GEORGE D. - Aesthetic Measure
427605: BISHOP, ERRETT - Selected Papers
417138: BLACKALL, JOHN - Observations on the Nature and Cure of Dropsies, and Particularly on the Presence of the Coaguable Part of the Blood in Dropsical Urine; to Which Is Added an Apendix, Containing Several Cases of Angina Pectoris with Dissections &C
427168: BLACKBURN, RODERIC H.; PIWONKA, RUTH - Remembrance of Patria: Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America 1609-1776 (Albany Institute of History and Art)
427982: BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON - The Human Chord
427470: BLAIR, JOHN - The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society
427672: LE BLANC, L'ABBE [JEAN-BERNARD] - Letters on the English and French Nations; Containing Curious and Useful Observations on Their Constitutions Natural and Political; Nervous and Humorous Descriptions of the Virtues, Vices, Ridicules and Foibles of the Inhabitants: Critical Remarks on Their Writers; Together with Moral Reflections Interspersed Throughout the Work
425232: BLEDSOE, SAMUEL THOMAS - Indian Land Laws
426670: BLISS, ALAN - Spoken English in Ireland, 1600-1740: Twenty-Seven Representative Texts (Dolmen Texts)
424601: BOCKES, BERNARD - Sixteen Poems in Verse & Wood
427956: BOEREN, P.C. - Jocundus: Biographe de Saint Servais
426057: BOGOLIUBOV, M. N.; SHIRKOV, D. V. - Quantum Fields
426134: BOLL, TOM - Octavio Paz and T.S. Eliot : Modern Poetry and the Translation of Influence
427836: BOLLANDIANI, SOCII, EDIDERUNT - Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina Antiquae Et Mediae Aetatis
427030: BONAFEDE, GIULIO - Antologia Del Pensiero Francescano
425178: BONNER, CAMPBELL - Studies in Magical Amulets, Chiefly Graeco-Egyptian
427548: GARCIA DE LA BORBOLLA - La Praesentia Y la Virtus, la Imagen Y la Funcion Del Santo a Partir Hagiografia Castellano Leonesa
425489: BOREK, ERNEST - Storia E Conquiste Della Biochimica
426293: BOREL, ARMAND - Representations de Groupes Localement Compacts
427447: BORTOLAMI, SANTE - Chiese, Spazi, Societa Nelle Venezie Medioevali
425437: BOSMAN-JELGERSMA, HENRIETTE, EDITED - Petrus Forestus Medicus
426252: BOTTCHER, ALBRECHT;SILBERMANN, BERND - Analysis of Toeplitz Operators
423450: BOUDARD, J. B - Iconologie Tiree de Divers Auteurs, Ouvrage Utile Aux Gens de Lettres, Aux Poetes, Aux Artistes, & Generalement a Tous Les Amateurs Des Beaux Arts
427832: PIERRE BOUET - Manuscrits Et Enluminures Dans le Monde Normand (Xe-Xve Siecles) (French Edition)
427988: BOUGARD, FRANCOIS - La Justice Dans le Royaume D'Italie: De la Fin Du Viiie Siecle Au Debut Du Xie Siecle (Bibliotheque Des Ecoles Francaises D'Athenes Et de Rome) (French Edition)
427964: BOUILLET, A. - Liber Miraculorum Sancte Fidis
422782: BOULLET, JEAN - Oedipe
425596: BOURBAKI, NICOLAS - Elements of Mathematics: Commutative Algebra Chapters 1-7
426235: BOUTET DE MONVEL, L.;GUILLEMIN, VICTOR - The Spectral Theory of Toeplitz Operators
424995: PLAUTUS. EDITED BY DAVID R. SLAVITT AND PALMER BOVIE - Plautus: The Comedies (in Four Volumes)
424585: BOWERS, WILLIAM S. - Gunsmiths of Pen-Mar-Va 1790-1840
425149: BOWIE, JR., AUG. J. - A Practical Treatise on Hydraulic Mining in California, with Description of the Use and Construction of Ditches, Flumes, Wrought-Iron Pipes, and Dams; Flow of Water on Heavy Grades, and Its Applicability, Under High Pressure, to Mining
427326: BOWKER, FRANCIS E. - Hull-Down
425044: BOYLE, T. C. - The Human Fly and Other Stories
426390: BOZARTH-CAMPBELL, ALLA - The Word's Body: An Incarnational Aesthetic of Interpretation
427942: EDINA BOZOKY - La Politiques Des Reliques de Constantin a  Saint-Louis (French Edition)
423292: BRADFORD, E. E. - The True Aristocracy
424557: BRAGDON, CLAUDE FAYETTE - The Golden Person in the Heart
421044: BRAINARD, MARY GENEVIE GREEN - Campaigns of the One Hundred and Forty-Sixth Regiment, New York State Volunteers, Also Known As Halleek's Infantry, the Fifth Oneida, and Garrard's Tigers
426478: BRAY, MAYNARD; MAYHER, BILL - Joel White: Boatbuilder/Designer/Sailor
426665: BRAY, VIOLA E. FOREWORD BY WALTER S. FINLEY - Bray-Swart and Allied Families: A Genealogical Study with Biographical Notes
427058: BREATNACH, MARY - Boulez and Mallarme: A Study in Poetic Influence
411356: BREUIL, HENRI - The Rock Paintings of Southern Africa (Five Volume Set): The White Lady of the Brandenburg, Philipp Cave, the Tsiab Ravine and Other Brandenberg Sites, Anibib and Omandumba, (and) Southern Rhodesia the District of Fort Victoria and Other Sites
426596: BREWSTER, EDWIN TENNEY - Swimming
427910: THOMAS BRIDGMAN - Memorials of the Dead in Boston; Containing an Exact Transcript from Inscriptions, Epitaphs and Records on the Monuments and Tombstones, in Copp's Hill Burying Ground, in the City of Boston
427953: BRIVIO, ERNESTO, AND MARCO NAVONI - Vita Di Sant'Ambrogio Narrata Nell'Antico Coro Ligneo Del Duomo Di Milano
427975: BROCK, THOMAS D. - The Emergence of Bacterial Genetics
427753: BROGIOLO, GIAN PIETRO; WARD-PERKINS, B. - The Idea and Ideal of the Town between Late Antiquity and the Early Modern Ages (Transformation of the Roman World)
427754: BROGIOLO, GIAN PIETRO; GAUTHIER, NANCY; CHRISTIE, NEIL - Towns and Their Territories between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (Transformation of the Roman World)
425985: BRONSTED, ARNE - Introduction to Convex Polytopes
426313: BROWNRIGG, BEATRICE - The Life & Letters of Sir John Moore
426950: BRUNELLE, CHRISTOPHER - Ovid, Ars Amatoria Book Three: Commentary by Christopher M. Brunelle (Oxford Greek and Latin College)
427164: BRYCCHAN CAREY, STIG CLAESSON - Slavery and the Cultures of Abolition: Essays Marking the Bicentennial of the British Abolition Act of 1807 (Essays and Studies)
413652: [MILTON, JOHN], EDITED BY SIR EDGERTON BRYDGES - The Poetical Works of John Milton
424746: BUCHHEIM, LOTHAR-GUNTHER - Der Blaue Reiter Und Die Neue Kunstlervereinigung Munchen
427241: BUCKLAND, WILLIAM - Geology and Mineralogy Considered with Reference to Natural Theology
425511: BUDD, ERIC N. - Conflicted Are the Peacemakers: Israeli and Palestinian Moderates and the Death of Oslo
426503: MOTHER BUNCH - Mother Bunch's Fairy Tales. Published for the Amusement of of All Those Little Masters and Misses Who, by Duty to Their Parents, and Obedience to Their Superiors Aim at Becoming Great Lords and Ladies
425471: BURCHENAL, ELIZABETH, COMPILED BY - Rinnce Na Eirann. National Dances of Ireland. Containing Twenty-Five Traditional Irish Dances Collected from Original Sources in Ireland
427247: BURGESS, GLYN S.; BROOK, LESLIE C. - French Arthurian Literature IV: Eleven Old French Narrative Lays (Arthurian Archives) (V. 4)
425531: BURKE, TERRY;DOLF, GAUDENZ;JEFFREYS, ALEC J. - Dna Fingerprinting: Approaches and Applications
416270: BURNS, ROBERT. INTRODUCTION BY WALTER B. STEVENS - Poems and Letters in the Handwriting of Robert Burns
425534: BURNSHAW, STANLEY - The Sunless Sea
426781: BURRELL, MARGARET, AND JUDITH GRANT, EDITED - L'Offrande Du Coeur: Medieval and Early Modern Studies in Honour of Glynnis Cropp
424916: BURROW, T. - The Sanskrit Language
424628: SAENZ DE BURUAGA - Homenaje a Saenz de Buruaga
425811: BUSCHINGER, DANIELLE - Autour D'Eustache Deschamps
426375: BUSS, DIETRICH G. - Henry Villard: A Study of Transatlantic Investments and Interests, 1870-1895
427578: GOSWIN OF BUSSUT - Send Me God: The Lives of Ida the Compassionate of Nivelles, Nun of la Ramee, Arnulf, Lay Brother of Villers, and Abundus, Monk of Villers (Medieval Women: Texts and Contexts)
426686: BUTTERICK, GEORGE F. - Guide to the Maximus Poems of Charles Olson
422408: BYNG, JOHN. EDITED BY C. BRUYN ANDREWS. INTRODUCTION BY JOHN BERESFORD - The Torrington Diaries, Containing the Tours Through England and Wales of the Hon. John Byng (Later Fifth Viscount Torrington) between the Years 1781 and 1794
414273: BYRNE, MRS. WM. PITT - Cosas de Espana: Illustrative of Spain and the Spaniards As They Are
427902: JEAN-PIERRE CAILLET - Tresors Carolingiens (French Edition)
425388: CALDERON, ARTURO - Ebrio Al Limite Del Tiempo
426925: CALHOUN, DANIEL HOVEY - The American CIVIL Engineer: Origins and Conflict
427464: CAMAJANI, G. GUELFI - Dizionario Araldico
427939: CANCE, ADRIEN - Le Code de Droit Canonique. Commentaire Succinct Et Pratique. Tome Quatrieme: Des Proces
401111: CANCELLIERI, FRANCESCO - Cancellieri Opuscoli
426614: CANCELLIERI, FRANCESCO - Sagrestia Vaticana Eretta Dal Regnate Pontefice Pio Sesto E Descritta Da Francesco Cancellieri, Romano
427477: CHARLES DU CANGE - Glossarium Mediae Et Infimae Latinitatis
427911: CANIVET, PIERRE - Le Monachisme Syrien Selon Theodoret de Cyr
427945: CANNON, JOANNA; VAUCHEZ, ANDRE - Margherita of Cortona and the Lorenzetti: Sienese Art and the Cult of a Holy Woman in Medieval Tuscany
427665: CAPPELLI, ADRIANO - Chronologica, Cronografica E Calendario Perpetuo
426803: CAPPERS, ELMER O. - History of Curling at the Country Club
427513: RAIMONDO DA CAPUA - Legenda Beate Agnetis de Monte Policiano (Ediz. Nazionale Dei Testi Mediolatini)
426249: CARMONA, J., AND M. VERGNE - Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis and Lie Groups: Actes Du Colloque D'Analyse Harmonique Non Commutative, 16 Au 20 Juin 1980, Marseille-Luminy
426365: CARMONA, J., AND M. VERGNE, EDITED - Non Commutative Harmonic Analysis and Lie Groups: Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol 1020 Y, June 21-26, 1982
426291: CARMONA, JACQUES, AND MICHELE VERGNE - Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis
427972: CAROZZI, CLAUDE - Le Voyage de L'Ame Dans L'Au-Dela, D'Apres la Litterature Latine: Ve-Xiiie Siecle (Collection de L'Ecole Francaise de Rome) (French Edition)
427927: CARR-SAUNDERS, A.M. - The Population Problem
426727: CARRUTHERS, P., AND J. RAFELSKI, EDITED - Hadronic Matter in Collision 1988
427800: CARVER, MARTIN - Arguments in Stone (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology)
425338: CARY, T. G. - Speech of T.G. Cary, on the Use of the Credit of the State for the Hoosac Tunnel, in the Senate of Massachusetts, May, 18, 1853
427714: O'CASEY, SEAN - Seven Plays by Sean O'Casey
426788: CASILLO, ROBERT - The Italian in Modernity
425322: CASSIRER, ERNST - Philosophie Der Symbolischen Formen. Erster Teil: Die Sprache. Zweiter Teil: Das Mythische Denken. Dritter Teil: Phanomenologie Der Erkenntnis
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425161: PAGE, CHRISTOPHER - Voices and Instruments of the Middle Ages: Instrumental Practice and Songs in France 1100-1300
426424: PALAIS, RICHARD S. - Real Algebraic Differential Topology, Part I
427887: PALAZZO, ERIC - L'éVêque Et Son Image: L'Illustration Du Pontifical Au Moyen âge
427419: PALMER, ANDREW - The Seventh Century in the West Syrian Chronicles (Liverpool University Press - Translated Texts for Historians)
427961: PALUMBO, GENOVEFFA - Giubileo Giubilei: Pellegrini E Pellegrine, Riti, Santi, Immagini Per Una Storia Dei Sacri Itinerari
427021: PANELLA, EMILIO - Per Lo Studio Di Fra Remigio Dei Girolami (1319)
425476: PARKER, JOHN H. - History of the Gatling Gun Detachment, Fifth Army Corps, at Santiago, with a Few Unvarnished Truths Concerning That Expedition
426802: PARKINSON, R. E. - Historical Sketch of St. Patrick's Masonic Lodge No. 77, Newry, 1737-1937
426173: PARSHIN, A. N., AND I. R. SHAFAREVICH - Algebra VII: Combinatorial Group Theory Applications to Geometry
424820: PARTON, ANTHONY - Mikhail Larionov and the Russian Avant-Garde
424884: PARTRIDGE, JOHN, EDITOR - Getting Into German: Multidisciplinary Linguistic Approaches
428017: GIUSEPPE PEANO - Selected Works of Giuseppe Peano
427082: PEARSON, GARDNER W. - Records of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to Suppress a Threatened Invasion During the War of 1812-14
424966: PELLEGRINI, LUIGI, E STANISLAO DA CAMPAGNOLA, A CURA DI - IL Francescanesimo Nella Valle Reatina
426384: PÉREZ MART'NEZ, ÁNGEL - El Buen Juicio En El Quijote
424991: PETTOELLO, ALBERTA - Libri Illustrati Veneziani Del Settecento. Le Pubblicazioni D'Occasione
426590: PHILLIPS, RACHEL - Alfonsina Storni: From Poetess to Poet (Monograf'As a)
425259: PHILLIPS, MARK SALBER - On Historical Distance
427565: PICARD, J.-CH - Le Souvenir Des Eveques: Sepultures, Listes Episcopales Et Culte Des Eveques En Italie Du Nord Des Origines Au Xe Siecle (Bibliotheque Des... D'Athenes Et de Rome) (French Edition)
427950: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - Veronese: L'Opera Completa
424954: PINHEIRO KOREN DE LIMA, CANDIDO, ET ALIA - Corografia Portuguesa: Indices Onomastico E Toponimico
426082: PIPKIN, A.C. - Lectures on Viscoelasticity Theory
424895: PODNOS, THEODOR H. - Bagpipes and Tunings
427541: POECK, DIETRICH - Cluniacensis Ecclesia: Der Cluniacensische Klosterverband (10. -12. Jahrhundert) (Munstersche Mittelalter-Schriften) (German Edition)
427635: WALTER POHL - Le Origini Etniche Dell'Europa. Barbari E Romani Tra Antichità E Medioevo
427742: POHL, WALTER - Kingdoms of the Empire: The Integration of Barbarians in Late Antiquity (Transformation of the Roman World)
426900: POIRION, DANIEL - Resurgences: Mythe Et Litterature a L'Age Du Symbole (Xiie Siecle) (Ecriture) (French Edition)
426505: POISSON, GEORGES - Album Saint-Simon
425616: J.C. WILLEMS AND J.W. POLDERMAN - Introduction to Mathematical Systems Theory: A Behavioral Approach (Texts in Applied Mathematics)
427773: ODETTE PONTAL - Histoire Des Conciles Mérovingiens (Histoire / Cerf)
427128: POOS, L. R. - A Rural Society After the Black Death: Essex 1350-1525 (Cambridge Studies in Population, Economy and Society in Past Time)
427126: PORTER - Religion, Health and Suffering
426552: JOSE GUADALUPE POSADA - Monografia: Las Obras de Jose Guadalupe Posada, Grabador Mexicano, Con Introduccion de Diego Rivera (Spanish Edition)
410499: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Roly-Poly Pudding
427547: DOMINIQUE IOGNA-PRAT - Etudes Clunisiennes, 1985-2001 (French Edition)
426989: PRAZ, MARIO - Studies in Seventeenth-Century Imagery
427036: PRICHARD, M. J., AND D. E. C. YALE, EDITED - Hale and Fleetwood on Admiralty Jurisdiction
422690: PRIOR, R. C. A. - Notes on Croquet: And Some Ancient Bat and Ball Games Related to It
426454: PROCLUS - Uber Die Vorsehung, Das Schicksal Und Den Freien Willen an Theodoros, Den Ingenieur (Mechaniker) (Beitrage Zur Klassischen Philologie ; Heft 121) (German Edition)
428018: JOELLE PROUST - Questions of Form: Logic and the Analytic Proposition from Kant to Carnap
427377: PURCELL, ROSAMOND, AND STEPHEN JAY GOULD - Illuminations: A Bestiary
427722: PURDY, FREDERICK - Mass-Consumption
426463: JAMES PUSTEJOVSKY - Semantics and the Lexicon
427904: PUTNAM, GEORGE - Sermons Preached in the Church of the First Religious Society in Roxbury
420123: PYNE, HENRY R - The History of the First New Jersey Cavalry (Sixteenth Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers)
425121: QUARANTA, BERNARD - Le Mystagogue Guide General Du Musee Royal Bourbon [Together with] Recueil Des Monuments Les Plus Interessans Du Musee Royal-Bourbon Et de Plusieurs Autres Collections Particulieres [and] Raccolta Delle Pui Interessanti Dipinture E de'Pui Belli Musaici Rinvenute Negli Scavi Di Ercolano, Di Pompei, E Di Stabia Che Ammiransi Nel Museo Reale Borbonico
425487: QUASIMODO, [SALVATORE] - Dall'Odissea
424818: QUENEAU, RAYMOND - Loin de Rueil: Roman
424834: QUETELET, ADOLPHE - Sur L'Homme Et le Developpement de Ses Facultes
427641: QUIGNARD, PASCAL - Petits Traites (French Edition)
427162: JESSICA K. QUILLIN - Shelley and the Musico-Poetics of Romanticism
427603: RADNITZKY, G.; ANDERSSON, G. - The Structure and Development of Science (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science) (Volume 136)
427424: OF VERONA RATHERIUS - The Complete Works of Rather of Verona (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies) (Hardcover)
425523: RATTRAY, R. SUTHERLAND - Hausa Folk-Lore, Customs, Proverbs, Etc. : Collected and Transliterated with English Translation and Notes
427981: RAYMO, ROBERT R.; STERNGLANTZ, RUTH E.; WHITAKER, ELAINE E. - The Mirroure of the Worlde: A Middle English Translation of the Miroir de Monde (Medieval Academy Books)
426329: READE, T. MELLARD, PHILIP HOLLAND, AND JOSEPH WRIGHT - Sands and Sediments (in Three Parts) [Together with] the Pleistocene Clays and Sands on the Isle of Man
427414: REBILLARD, ERIC - In Hora Mortis: Evolution de la Pastorale Chretienne de la Mort Aux Ive Et Ve Siecles Dans L'Occident Latin (Bibliotheque Des Ecoles Francaises D'Athenes Et de Rome) (French Edition)
427376: REDISH, MARTIN H. - The Logic of Persecution: Free Expression and the Mccarthy Era
424531: REID, WALTER V., EDITED - Bridging Scales and Knowledge Systems: Concepts and Applications in Ecosystem Assessment
425448: O'REILLY, MONTAGU. (WAYNE ANDREWS) - Who Has Been Tampering with These Pianos?
428008: FREDERICK REINES - Cosmology, Fusion and Other Matters
427598: MARBODO DI RENNES - Vita Beati Roberti
428019: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Kant and the Reach of Reason: Studies in Kant's Theory of Rational Systematization
419451: RESTLE, MARCELL - Byzantine Wall Painting in Asia Minor
428004: REYNOLDS, ROGER E.; CUSHING, KATHLEEN G.; GYUG, RICHARD FRANCIS - Ritual, Text, and Law: Studies in Medieval Canon Law and Liturgy Presented to Roger E. Reynolds (Church, Faith, and Culture in the Medieval West)
426395: RICAPITO, JOSEPH V - Bibliografia Razonada Y Anotada de Las Obras Maestras de la Picaresca Espanola (Spanish Edition)
425458: RICE, WILLIAM GORHAM - Carillons of Belgium and Holland: Tower Music in the Low Countries
427292: F. RICH - Yesterday Once More: Story of Brighton's Steam
426367: RICHARDS, DONALD ST. P., EDITED - Hypergeometric Functions on Domains of Positivity, Jack Polynomials, and Applications: Proceedings of an Ams Special Session Held May 22-23, 1991 in
421461: RICHTER, CHRISTOPHORI PHILIPPI - Centuria Variarum Iuris Decisionum, Quamplurimos Casus Illustres, Singulare & Valde Utiles Diversasque Materias Judiciorum, Contractuum, Ultimarum Voluntatum, Delictorum Et Plures Alias Continentium, Atque in Probatissimis Collegius Juridicis Discussarum Usuque Practico Observatarum, & Solidissimis Responsis, Consiliis, Sententiisque Corroboratarum. In Duas Partes Divisa
426814: RICKETTS, CHARLES - A Defense of the Revival of Printing
427869: RICKS, CHRISTOPHER - Milton's Grand Style
426523: RIEBER, ROBERT - Dialogues on the Psychology of Language and Thought: Conversations with Noam Chomsky, Charles Osgood, Jean Piaget, Ulric Neisser, and Marcel Kinsbourne (Basic Life Sciences)
427973: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Ewald Tragy
426592: RINGROSE, JEROME ARTHUR - Ringrose's Heraldry: The Relation of the Science with History, Poetry and the Arts
424055: RIVI, PROSPERO - Francesco D'Assisi E IL Laicato Del Suo Tempo: Le Origini Dell'Ordine Francescano Secolare
427929: ROBERT, LOUIS - Le Martyre de Pionios: Pretre de Smyrne (Dumbarton Oaks Other Titles in Byzantine Studies)
427940: ROBERTINI, LUCA, EDITED - Liber Miraculorum Sancte Fidis (Biblioteca Di Medioevo Latino) (Latin Edition)
427593: ROBERTS, CECIL - Pleasant Years
427581: ROBERTS, CECIL - Bright Twenties
427059: ROBINSON, W. W., COMPILED BY - Zamorano Choice: Selections from the Zamorano Club's Hoja Volante 1934-1966
427819: ROCKELEIN, HEDWIG - Reliquientranslationen Nach Sachen IM 9. Jahrhundert: Uber Kommunikation, Mobilitat Und Offentlichkeit IM Fruhmittelalter
424933: ROEGIERS, JEAN-CLAUDE, EDITED - Rock Mechanics As a Multidisciplinary Science
425309: ROGERS, CLIFFORD - The Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare and Military Technology
425411: ROGERS, FAIRMAN - A Manual of Coaching
427595: ROISIN, SIMONE - L'Hagiographie Cistercienne Dans le Diocese de Liege Au Xiiie Siecle
427846: ROLLASON, DAVID, EDITOR/TRANSLATOR - Symeon of Durham: Libellus de Exordio Atque Procursu Istius Hoc Est Dunhelmensis Ecclesie: Tract on the Origins and Progress of This the Church of Durham (Oxford Medieval Texts)
427533: ROLLASON, DAVID; PIPER, A. J.; HARVEY, MARGARET - The Durham Liber Vitae and Its Context (Regions and Regionalism in History)
426635: ROLLIN, CHARLES - Opuscules de Feu M. Rollin, Ancien Recteur de L'Universite de Paris; Contenant Diverses Lettres Qu'IL a Ecrites Ou Recues, Ses Harangues, Discours, Compliments, Mandemens, &C. & Ses Poesies; Avec Son Eloge Historique Par M. De Boze, & Des Notes Sur Cet Eloge
423931: RONCUZZI, ISOTTA FIORENTINI - Arte E Tecnologia Nel Mosaico
427143: ROONEY, ANDREW A. - Not That You Asked...
427721: ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D. - The Happy Warrior: Alfred E. Smith
417273: ROSA, SALVATORE - Satire Di Salvatore Rosa Con le Note D'Anton Maria Salvini E D'Altri Ed Aloune Notizie Appartenenti Alla Vita Dell' Autore
424626: ROSENAU, HELEN - La Ciudad Ideal
425767: FEDERATION HISTORIQUE DU LANGUEDOC MEDITERRANEEN ET DU ROUSSILLON - La Femme Dans L'Histoire Et la Societe Meridionales (Ixe-Xixe S. ): Actes Du 66e Congres de la Federation Historique Du Languedoc Mediterraneen Et Du Roussillon Organise a Narbonne Les 15 Et 16 Octobre 1994 a L'Occasion Du Viiie Centenaire de la Fin Du Gouvernement de la VIC
426649: ROUSSINEAU, GILLES - Le Roman de Perceforest. Deuxième Partie, Tome II
426639: ROYLANCE, PATRICIA JANE - Eclipse of Empires: World History in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature and Culture
420124: RUDISILL, JAMES JEFFERSON - The Day of Our Abraham 1811-1899
425402: RUFFINI, LUCA - Poesie
427870: RUMRICH, JOHN P. - Milton Unbound: Controversy and Reinterpretation
426642: RUOTOLO, CRISTINA L. - Sounding Real: Musicality and American Fiction at the Turn of the Twentieth Century (Amer Lit Realism & Naturalism)
407923: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters
426445: RICHARD RANKIN RUSSELL - Modernity, Community, and Place in Brian Friel's Drama (Irish Studies)
425689: RYBAKOWSKI, KRZYSZTOF P. - The Homotopy Index and Partial Differential Equations
423899: SA'DI. GEORG GENTIUS, TRANSLATOR - Rosarium Politicum Sive Amoenum Sortis Humanae Theatrum, de Persico in Latinum Versun & Notis Illustratum
426372: SABATIER, J - Description Generale Des Monnaies Byzantines Frappees Sous Les Empereurs D'Orient
425228: SABOR, PETER - Horace Walpole: A Reference Guide
427862: SAINT-DENIS, ALAIN - Apogee D'Une Cite: Laon Et le Laonnois Aux Xiie Et Xiiie Siecles (French Edition)
424807: SALAZAR, ADOLFO - La Musica En la Cultura Griega (Teoria Y Practica de la Musica a Traves de la Historia I)
427906: GRAHAM SANDBERG - Tibet and the Tibetans

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