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9645: - Strawberries. Test of Varieties
5196: - Deutsche Gedichte Der Klassischen Zeit
9529: - The Western Fruit Grower. An Illustrated Magazine for Progressive American Farmers
2835: - Kriegs-Und Heldenthaten Des Freyherrns Sideon Von Laudon
2845: - Roses of Yesterday and Today 1982
10128: - Espanol Elelab B2
6702: - Criticism a Quarterly for Literature and the Arts Volume 2
10025: - The Charism of Intercession Father Son Holy Spirit
6634: - Chrinik Mercedes-Benz Fahrzeuge Und Motoren
5623: - Report of the Botanical Department of the New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station
10205: - Language of Flower Collection at Cornell University
2253: - Radolfzell Am Bodensee
8253: - Solas 1992: Consolidated Text of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, and Its Protocol of 1978: Articles, Annex, and Certificates
6567: - Poeta de Tristibus; or, the Poet's Complaint (1682)
6763: - The Scriblerian Spring 1970
6764: - The Scriblerian Spring 1971
6765: - The Scriblerian Spring 1969
6766: - The Scriblerian Autumn 1969
6768: - The Scriblerian Autumn 1970
6771: - Princeton University Library Chronicle 1945
6778: - The Scriblerian Autumn 1971
6780: - The Scriblerian Spring 1972
6781: - The Scriblerian Autumn 1972
6782: - The Scriblerian Spring 1980
6940: - Construction of Chimneys and Fireplaces
9903: - Landscape Design with Plants
5803: - Prefaces to Fiction
5827: - Poems on the Reign of William III (1690, 1696, 1699, 1702)
5834: - An Essay Concerning Critical and Curious Learning (1698)
9815: - Butterflies and Moths Injurious to Our Fruit-Producing Plants
4266: - Deutschland - Wir Kommen!
4278: - Die Sibylle Der Religion Aus Der Welt- Und Menschengeschichte
6703: - Critisism a Quarterly for Literature and the Arts Volume 1
9391: - Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Volume 6
8955: - Fruit Set and Development. Technical Communications of International Society for Horticultural Science Ishs
5750: - A Letter from a Clergyman to His Friend, with an Account of the Travels of Captain Lemuel Gulliver (1726)
9387: - Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Volume 1
4543: - English Historical Documents 1714-1815
4590: - The Princeton University Library Chronicle
4613: - Essays and Studies 1958
9390: - Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Volume 5
2236: - The Gardener’S Manual,
5675: - Advances in Drainage. Proceedings of the Fourth National Drainage Symposium
5718: - A Learned Dissertation on Dumpling (1726); Pudding and Dumpling Burnt to Pot or a Compleat Key to the Dissertation on Dumpling Burnt to Pot (1727)
2805: - Grundriß Der Nationalökonomie Und Staatswirthschaft
2806: - Encyclopädie Und Methodologie Der Anthroponomie (Menschenlehre) IM Grundrisse
5601: - Grasses and Leguminous Crops in New York State
5726: - Essays on the Stage. No. 3 Some Remarks on the Tragedt of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
7857: - Genera Muscorum Sinicorum Pars Prima
6568: - Dir Gedichte Und Gedanken Fuer Dich
9345: - The Michigan Manual of Clinical Diagnosis: The Basis of Cost-Effective Medical Practice
6783: - The Scriblerian Spring 1981
4257: - Die Pflugschar
4256: - Die Pflugschar
9150: - Controlling Brown Rot of Peaches
9519: - The Missouri State Capitol. A Collection of Historic Information About Its Architectural Design
4336: - International Rose Registrations Supplement 2
71: - African Violets in Your Home
8949: - A Second Census of Apple Orchards in Nova Scotia
7681: - Grassland Agriculture in Canada
7671: - Hybrid Delphinium - Delphinium Culture
7672: - Growing Gladioli in the Home Garden
7674: - Gladiolus - Essential Requirements
4632: - Nine
8958: - Urban and Agricultural Communitites: Opportunities for Common Ground
3862: - The Statesman's Yearbook 2004: The Politics, Cultures, and Economies of the World
4737: - Tragic Themes in Western Literature
2850: - Roses of Yesterday and Today 1978
2901: - The Garden Manual
2903: - The a-Z Guide to Garden Plants
9342: - World Communist Movement Selective Chronology 1818-1957
1610: - The Gardeners Monthly Directions
1613: - Pictorial Gardening. Flowers, Shrubs, Vegetables and Fruit
4711: - Beowulf the Oldest English Epic
9217: - The Gentleman Farmer 1898
8172: - Blueberries. Production Guide for North Carolina
8173: - Blueberry Diseases in Maine
3973: - Epistolae Ad Pisones, Et Augustum
2557: - Home Vegetable Gardening
5912: - Essays on the Stage: No 1 a Letter to A.H. Esq; Concerning the Stage (1698) and the Occasional Paper: No IX (1698)
5913: - Essays on the Stage: No 2: Representation of the Impiety and Imorality of the English Stage (1704) and Some Thoughts Concerning the Stage (1704)
5915: - G.W. Magazine or Animadversions on the English Spelling
9651: - Clover
10226: - Herbertia 2002-2003
5449: - Upright Lives Documents Concerning the Natural Virtue and Wisdom of the Indians (1650-1740) with: A Dialogue between and East-Indian Brackmanny or Heathen-Philosopher and a French Gentleman Concerning the Present Affairs of Europe (1683)
8616: - The House of Boughs: A Sourcebook of Garden Designs, Structures, and Suppliers
9388: - Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Volume 3
3086: - ägyptisches Totenbuch
3090: - Moderne Biographien, Oder Kurze Nachrichten Von Dem Leben Und Den Thaten Der Berühmtesten Menschen
9727: - Recommendations for Coddling Moth Control in Washington for 1936
9392: - Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Volume 7
9589: - American Fruit Grower. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Fruit Growing and Marketing
9634: - Better Fruit. A Monthly Illustrated Magazine Published in the Interest of Up-to-Date, Progressive Fruit Growing and Marketing
8654: - Dahlias
8426: - Collection of About 50 Research and Extension Publications on Strawberry Breeding Culture Diseases Varieties
8451: - American Agriculturist for the Farm, Garden and Household 1860
8458: - Orange Judd Farmer - Central Edition American Agriculturist September 1894
8460: - American Agriculturist for the Farm, Garden and Household 1868
8466: - The Practical Farmer
10084: ALLEN-BROWN, A & D - The Violet Book
7701: SCHOTH, H.A. AND G. R. HYSLOP - Common Vetch
9688: SPRAGG, F. A. AND A. J. CLARK - Red Rock Wheat
9143: BLAKE, M.A. AND C.H. CONNORS - Early Results of Peach Breeding in New Jersey
1990: SEARLE, SIDNEY A. AND BARRIE J. MACHIN - Chrysanthemums the Year Round
7947: GRANT, JOHN A. AND CAROL L. GRANT - Trees and Shrubs for Coastal British Columbia Gardens
6037: GILMOUR. M.A. AND R. W. YOUNGER - The National Species Collection of Tulips at Cambridge
9804: DICKASON, E. A. AND R.W. EVERY - Legume Insects of Oregon
9543: EAVES, C. A. AND H. HILL - Functional Disorders of Apples
8496: SISTRUNK, W. A. AND J. N. MOORE - Strawberry Quality Studies in Relation to New Variety Development
8638: CROSBY, M.A. AND L.W. KEPHART - Sweetclover in Corn Belt Farming
8154: BARKER, W.G., I.V. HALL, L.W. AALDERS AND G.W. WOOD - The Lowbush Blueberry Industry in Eastern Canada
296: ABBOTT, DAISY T. - The Indoor Gardener
8265: ABDALLA, D. A. - Supply and Use of Blueberries in Maine
8266: ABDALLA, D. A. - 1966 Blueberry Dust Program
8162: ABDALLA, DENNIS - Raking and Handling Lowbush Blueberries
137: ABISS, H. W. - Commercial Bulb Growing in Great Britain
1940: ACKERSON, CORNELIUS - The Complete Book of Chrysanthemums
8379: LEVINE, ADAM AND RAY ROGERS - The Philadelphia Flower Show, Celebrating 175 Years
10225: ADAMS, RICHARD MACDONALD - A Systematic Study and Monograph of the Turk's-Cap Lilies of Eastern North America (with the Introduction of Some New Cultivars)
5317: ADEN, JOHN M., EDITOR - The Critical Opinions of John Dryden. A Dictionary
6769: AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETICS - Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism Dec 1948
6145: AGATE, JAMES (EDITOR) - The English Dramatic Critics an Anthology 1660-1932
5521: ONTARIO MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD - 1999 Ontario Tender Fruit Tree Survey
6832: ONTARIO DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Apple Orcharding in Ontario
9889: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Handbook for Farmers in South Africa. 3 Volumes. Agriculture and Related Services; Agronomy and Horticulture; Stock Farming and Pastures
968: (UK) MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES - Pests and Diseases of the Sugar-Beet
1702: (UK) MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD - Fruit Production - Bush Fruits
9216: BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES - Leaflets Nos 101 to 200
8401: CANADA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Four New Ottawa Strawberry Varieties: Cavalier Grenadier Guardsman Redcoat
1372: (UK) MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD - Collected Leaflets on Insect Pests of Farm and Garden Crops.
10142: ONTARIO DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Fruits Recommended for Planting in Various Parts of Ontario
5931: (UK) MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES - Fruit Production: Soft Fruits
7283: BRITISH COLUMBIA MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE - British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture
7697: AHLGREN, GILBERT H. - Bromegrass in New Jersey
7692: AHRING, ROBERT - The Production of Southland Smooth Bromegrass Seed Bromus Leyss in Oklahoma
7655: DE L'AIGLE, ALMA - AIGLE - Begegnung Mit Rosen
4949: AIKIN, JOHN - Essays on Song-Writing; with a Collection of Such English Songs As Are Most Eminent for Poetical Merit
9017: BOYNE, WALTER J.;NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM - Vertical Flight: The Age of the Helicopter
10199: FUSONIE, ALAN AND JUDITH HO - Ikebana. Rare Book Collection Located at the U.S. National Arboretum
9990: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR IN ALASKA - Kennecott Kids Interviews with the Children of Kennecott Volume Two
8661: DOUB, ALBERT AND ALICE WOLFE - Tobacco in the United States
6818: DICKENS, ALBERT AND T.J. HEADLEE - Spraying the Apple Orchard
9905: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Seasons in Flight
5786: ALEMAN, MATEO; FRANCIS COVENTRY; ROYAL TYLER - Prefaces to Three Eighteenth-Century Novels (1708 - 1751 - 1797)
8891: ALEX, J. F.; C. G. WAYWELL; C.M. SWITZER - Weed Control in Lawns and Gardens
5109: NEUMANN, ALFRED AND DAVID ERDMAN - Literature and the Other Arts, a Select Bibliography, 1952-58
9458: ALLAN, MEA - Darwin and His Flowers: The Key to Natural Selection
227: AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY R. C. ALLEN - American Rose Annual 1947
9538: ALLEN, H. W. - Parasites of the Oriental Fruit Moth in the Eastern United States
9214: ALLEN, A. B (EDITOR) - The American Agriculturist 1843
8405: ALLEN, WILLIAM W. - Strawberry Pests in California. A Guide for Commercial Growers
2647: AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY R. C. ALLEN - American Rose Annual 1948
2648: AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY R. C.ALLEN - American Rose Annual 1949
8457: ALLEN, A. B. - The American Agriculturist January 1843
7155: ALLER, LEEON F. - North of the Coral Sea
7660: ALLISON, SALLY - Shrub Roses and Compatible Plantings to Enhance Your Garden
1642: ALLWOOD, MONTAGU - Carnations for Everyman
1430: ALLWOOD, MONTAGU - Carnations for Every Garden and Greenhouse
1942: ALLWOOD, MONTAGU - The Perpetual Flowering Carnation
7330: ALWOOD, WM B. - Notes on the Plum Orchard
2710: SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Soil Conditioners. Proceedings of a Symposium: Experimental Methods and Uses of Soil Conditioners
9478: AMIRSADEGHI, HOSSEIN - Twentieth Century Iran
8280: ISMAIL, AMR AND WALTER KENDER - Physical and Chemical Changes Associated with the Development of the Lowbush Blueberry Fruit Vaccinium Angustifolium Ait
1107: ANDERSON, E. B. - Camellias
7571: ANDERSON, H. W. - Diseases of Illinois Fruits
8916: ANGEL, HEATHER - Kew. A World of Plants
5801: ANONYMOUS - Political Justice. A Poem. (1736)
9723: ANTHON, EDWARD W. - The Peach Tree Borer
6306: PAUL, ANTHONY AND YVONNE REES - Designing with Trees, the Complete Guide to Using Trees in Your Garden
9661: APP, FRANK - Wheat and Rye
3952: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO - L'Orlando Furioso E le Satire Di Lodovico Ariosto
6472: ARMITAGE, ALLAN M. - Ornamental Bedding Plants. Crop Production Series 4
5218: ARTHOS, JOHN - On the Poetry of Spenser and the Form of Romances
7145: SIEVERS, ARTHUS AND RODNEY TRUE - A Preliminary Study of the Forced Curing of Lemons As Practiced in California
4826: ARUNDELL, DENNIS - The Critic at the Opera
4896: ARUNDELL, D.D. - Dryden & Howard 1664-1668
5537: WASHINGTON STATE HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION - Proceedings (of the Annual Meeting) of the Washington State Horticultural Association
9308: NORTH AMERICAN STRAWBERRY GROWERS ASSOCIATION - Advances in Strawberry Prodcution. Volumes 1-16 1982 - 1997
5782: ASTON, HERVEY - A Sermon Preached at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, Before the Sons of the Clergy (Attributed to Samuel Jonson) (1745)
4793: ATKINS, G. DOUGLAS - Strategy and Purpose in Pope's "Sober Advice from Horace"
8617: ATKINS, I. M; DENIS PEIER; LUCAS REYES; P.E. PAWLISCH; J. H. GARDENHIRE; M.E. MCDANIEL - The Feral Oats of Texas and Mexico and Their Possible Value As Germ Plasm Sources
3203: D'AUBIGNE, J. H. MERLE - History of the Great Reformation of the Sixteeth Century in Germany, Switzerland, &C.
5384: AUDEN, W. H. - Making Knowing and Judging. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford on 11 June 1956
3399: AUGSTIN, M. - Die Weidewirthschaft
4247: AUSTIN, SANDRA - Color in Garden Design
8708: AUSTIN, C.F. - Notes on Apple Culture
5035: MODERN WRITINGS ON MAJOR ENGLISH AUTHORS - Modern Writings on Major English Authors
433: MISCELLANEOUS AUTHORS - Collection of 65 Scientific Articles on Sugar Beet Reprinted from Annals of Applied Biology.
5186: COX, C. B AND A.E. DRYSON - Modern Poetry. Studies in Practical Criticism
7910: THOMSON, R. B. AND H. B. SIFTON - A Guide to the Poisonous Plants and Weed Seeds of Canada and the Northern United States
9536: CUMMINGS, M. B AND R. G. DUNNING - Bitter Pit of Apple - in Orchard and in Storage
6255: LOMBARD, PORTER B. AND MEL N. WESTWOOD - Peach Thinning with a New Hormone
8620: INTERNATIONAL BOTANICAL CONGRESS 1987 B - International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
8148: METZGER, HOMER B. AND AMRISMAIL - Costs and Returns in Lowbush Blueberry Production in Maine, 1974 Crop
5461: PIERCE. NEWTON B. - Peach Leaf Curl: Its Nature and Treatment
3057: C.B. - Die Bestimmung Des Menschen
8499: CUMMINGS, M. B. AND E. W. JENKINS - Sterility of Strawberries; Strawberry Breeding
7542: ROBB, B.B. AND J. L. STRAHAN - Ice on the Farm
4920: BABBITT, IRVING - The New Laokoon. An Essay on the Confusion of the Arts
9734: BACK, E.A. - Bedbugs
198: BAGUST, HAROLD - Miniature Geraniums
887: BAKER, J. O. - The Chrysanthemum
5135: BAKER, ARTHUR E. - Milton Modern Essays in Criticism
4742: GRANVILLE-BAKER, HARLEY - The Use of the Drama
1756: BAKER, J. O. - Herbaceous and Mixed Flower Borders
2422: BAKER, A. - The Cult of the Tulip in Turkey
5092: BALD, R.C. - Six Elizabethan Plays
9750: ANDERSON, J.H.; W. A. BALK AND G. B. NUTT - Cotton Mechanization. Recommended Production Practices Formechanically Harvesting Cotton
8256: BALL, PAMELA - The Complete Book of Dreams & Dreaming
8418: CLOSE, C. P., W. R. BALLARD AND T. H. WHITE - Strawberries
4797: BALLOU, F. H. - Apple Culture in Ohio
8413: BALLOU, F.H. - Strawberries: The Newer Strawberries
7337: BALMER, J.A. - Prunes
4906: BAMBOROUGH, J. B. - The Little World of Man
5077: BANKS, JOHN - Vertue Betray'd: Or, Anna Bullen (1682). Introduction by Diane Dreher. . [Augustan Reprint Society Series]
4393: BARKER, ELMER EUGENE - Heredity Studies in the Morning-Glory (Ipomoea Purpurea Roth)
10119: BARLEE, N. L. - Lost Mines and Historic Treasures
10118: BARLEE, N. L. - Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns
4871: BARNES, T.R. - English Verse. Voice and Movement from Wyatt to Yeats
2957: BARNES, H. F. - Lavender Pests
145: BARRON, LEONARD - Flower Growing
9525: BARTELS, ANDREAS;BAUMGARDT, JOHN PHILIP - Gardening with Dwarf Trees and Shrubs
2423: BARTLETT, MARY - Gentians
10100: BARTLETT, GEORGE - Hardy Fuchsias: Step by Step to Growing Success (Crowood Gardening Guides)
6122: BARTRUM, DOUGLAS - Colour and Contrast in the Garden
3: BARTRUM, DOUGLAS - Rock Gardens
5210: BATESON, F. W. (EDITOR) - Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (4-Vol. Set)
8221: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES; F.- F. GAUTHIER; Y.-G. LE DANTEC - Oeuvres Completes de Charles Baudelaire. Correspondance. I  1841-1863
8367: BAUER, ALLEN H. - Strawberry Diseases
5171: BEACH, JOSEPH WARREN - A Romantic View of Poetry: Being Lectures Given at the Johns Hopkins University on the Percy Turnbull Memorial Foundation in November 1941
4401: BEAL, A. C. - Growing China Asters
7183: BEAL, W. H. - Garden Sweet Peas. Winter Flowering Sweat Peas. (Plus 3 Other Topics).
1761: BEAN, W. J. - Ornamental Trees for Amateurs
1477: BEAN, W. J. - Ornamental Trees for Amateurs
2007: BEAR, P. K. - Simple Fruit Growing
8964: BEATTIE, W. R. - Celery
8965: BEATTIE, W. R. - Onion Culture
6560: BEATTIE, W. R. - The Peanut
5107: BEATTIE, W.R. - The Home Production of Onion Seed and Sets
9281: BEATTIE, JAMES H. - The Production of Cucumbers in Greenhouses
9283: BEATTIE, JAMES H. - Production of Carrots
9968: BEATTIE, W. R. - The Home Vegetable Garden
10034: BECHERVAISE, JOHN - Bendigo and Eastern Goldfields Sketchbook
10031: BECK, ALISON; BINETTI, MARIANNE; BINETTI - Annuals for Washington and Oregon
7153: BECKER, N.R.A. - Red Leagues
9035: BECKHAM, STEPHEN DOW - Lewis & Clark College
1763: BEDDALL, J. L. - Colour Hedges
10148: BEDIRIAN, GEORGE - Palouse Country : An Essay in Photographs
4687: BEER, JOHN - Milton, Lost and Regained
6633: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - Sonata Per Pianoforte Op 14 N. 1
6653: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - Five Piano Concertos No 1 in C Major Op 15; No 2 in B Flat Major Op 19; No 3 in C Minor Op 37; No 4 in G Major Op 58; No 5 in E Flat Major Op 73
6624: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN - Sonata Per Pianoforte (Casella) Op. 49 N. 2
6178: BEHR, H.H. - Flora of the Vicinity of San Francisco
186: BEHRENDS, F. G. - Repairing Harness
4966: BELFOUR, JOHN - Music, a Didactic Poem, in Five Cantos
4824: BELL, A. CRAIG - The Songs of Schubert
3084: BENECKE, BERTHOLD - Die Teichwirtschaft
7569: GARDNER, PETTIT, BENNETT AND DUTTON - Diagnosing Orchard Ills
8670: BENSON, GILBERT THEREON - The Trees and Shrubs of Western Oregon
8585: GIDDINGS, N.J., ANTHONNY BERG AND E.C. SHERWOOD - Dusting Vs Spraying in the Apple Orchard
3229: BERGEN, J. Y. - Elements of Botany
8735: BERGER, ALWIN A - Taxonomic Review of Currants and Gooseberries
368: BERRISFORD, JUDITH - Rhododendrons & Azaleas
1768: BERTRAND, A. - Succulent Plants
4122: BETTS, H. S. - The Strength of North American Woods
1230: BEWLEY, W. F. - Diseases of Glasshouse Plants
2615: BEWLEY, W. F. - Diseases of Glasshouse Plants
8324: VEREIN DEUTSCHER BIENENWIRTHE - Bienen-Zeitung 27. Jahrgang 1871
891: BIFFEN, ROWLAND - The Auricula
10101: BIGGS, MATTHEW - Complete Book of Vegetables - the Practical Sourcebook: Growing, Harvesting and Cooking Vegetables
8988: BIRD, RICHARD - Plantsmen on Plants an Anthology in Memory of Barbara White
8908: BIRD, RICHARD - Shrubs and Climbers. A Complete Guide to Successful Planting and Growing
9999: BISHOP, ROBERT; ATKINS, JACQUELINE MARX - Folk Art in American Life
9791: BISHOPP, F.C. - Fleas and Their Control
652: BISSLAND, JAMES H. - Common Sense in the Rock Garden
1029: BISSLAND, JAMES H. - The Rock Garden and What to Grow in It
7336: BLAIR, D.S. - Plums for Cold Areas of Eastern Canada
9134: BLAKE, MAURICE A. - The First Season with the Peach Orchard
9161: BLAKE, MAURICE A. - Peach Yellows and Little Peach
9788: BLAKE, DORIS H. - The Chrysomelid Beetles Luperodes Bivittatus (Leconte) and Varicornis (Leconte) and Some Allied Species
9162: BLAKE, MAURICE A. - The Second Season with the Peach Orchard
10130: BLANKINSHIP, J.W. - The Loco and Some Other Poisonous Plants in Montana
1694: BLASBERG, CHARLES H. - Growing Strawberries in Vermont
8153: BLASBERG, CHARLES H. - Growing Blueberries in Vermont
513: BLASDALE, WALTER C. - The Cultivated Species of Primula
5943: BLEHL, VINCENT FERRER - Realizations. Newman's Selection of His Parochial and Plain Sermons
3310: BLODGETT, F. M. - Hop Mildew
1770: BLOOM, URSULA - A Garden for My Child
1231: BLOOM, JOHN - Gardening for Pleasure
10220: BOARDMAN, ROSINA C. - Lilies and Orchids.
4650: BOAS, FREDERICK S. - Songs and Lyrics from the English Masques and Light Operas
8759: MAIER-BODE, FR. - Der Praktische Landwirt. Handbuch Für Landwirte, Hausbesitzer, Gärtner, Winzer
4710: BOETHIUS - The Consolation of Philosophy
5464: AFRICAN VIOLET SOCIETY OF AMERICA; MARY BOLAND - Master Variety List. No. 4. Master Variety List 1976-1983. Registered Varieties 1948-1983
3882: BONNET, CH. - Oeuvres D'Histoire Naturelle Et de Philosophie
7729: BONNETT, O.T. - The Oat Plant: Its Histology and Development
3112: SUNSET BOOKS - Bulbs for All Seasons: Sunset
681: HAWORTH-BOOTH, MICHAEL - The Flowering Shrub Garden Today
7401: BORCHARD, RUTH - Oh My Own Rose. Of the History and Symbolism of the Rose
4946: DU BOS, M. ABBE - Reflexions Critiques Sur la Poesie Et Sur la Peinture
8341: BOSTIC, DENNIS L. - A Natural History Guide to the Pacific Coast and North Central Baja California and Adjacent Islands
8190: BRECK BRECK'S OF BOSTON - Breck’S Everything for Farm Garden & Lawn 1933
8192: BRECK BRECK'S OF BOSTON - Breck’S Garden Book 1947
8193: BRECK BRECK'S OF BOSTON - Breck’S Garden Book 1948
8194: BRECK BRECK'S OF BOSTON - Breck’S Garden Book 1950
7094: BOSWELL, VICTOR R.; PEARSON; MYERS; MCGINTY; FRIEND; ZIMMERLEY - Description of Types of Principal American Varieties of Cabbage
9289: BOSWELL, VICTOR R. - Growing Table Beets
9115: BOWERS, JANICE EMILY - A Full Life in a Small Place: And Other Essays from a Desert Garden
3394: BOWLES, E. A. - Monographs for an Amateur Gardener's Library
3425: BOWLES, E. A. - My Garden in Summer
2628: CANADIAN ROSE SOCIETY; ORVILLE BOWLES - The Canadian Rose Annual 1960
2629: CANADIAN ROSE SOCIETY; ORVILLE BOWLES - The Canadian Rose Annual 1961
2630: CANADIAN ROSE SOCIETY; ORVILLE BOWLES - The Canadian Rose Annual 1962
2633: CANADIAN ROSE SOCIETY; ORVILLE BOWLES - The Canadian Rose Annual 1965
7763: BOWMAN, R. LEWIS - Bumfuzzled Too
9749: BOYLSTON,H. G. - The 1947 Cotton Contest. For Better Quality and Higher Yields
6459: BRACKETT, G. B. - The Pear and How to Grow It
6377: BRADNER, LEICESTER - Edmund Spenser and the Faerie Queene
7175: EATON, G.W. BRADT AND RICKETSON - Fruit Varieties
6605: BRAHMS - Four Piano Pieces Op. 119, Vol 1502
5850: BRAMSTON, JAMES - The Art of Politicks, in Imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry (1729)
5776: BRAMSTON, JAMES - The Man of Taste Occasion'd by an Epistle of Mr. Pope on That Subject
10037: BRAUNGART, RICHARD DR. - Die Urheimat Der Landwirtschaft Aller Indogermanischen Voelker an Der Geschichte Der Kulturpflanzen Und Ackerbaugeraete in Mittel- Und Nordeuropa Nachgewiesen
4615: BRETT, S. REED - The Stuart England 1603-1714
346: BRETT, W.S. - Planning Your Garden
6097: BREWER, PETER C; GARRISON, RAY H.; NOREEN, ERIC W. - Introduction to Managerial Accounting 2nd Edition with Cd
7290: BREWERTON, DAVID V. - The Succulent Euphorbias. An Introduction
9377: RITTERSHAUSEN, BRIAN AND WILMA - The Practical Encyclopedia of Orchids
6647: RAVEL; NANCY BRICARD (EDITOR) - Gaspard de la Nuit. Three Poems for Piano by Aloysius Bertrand
3985: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER D. - The Vanishing Garden
8268: BRIDHAM, MARTIN - Seasonal Abundance of Stages of Two Specie of Blueberry Thrips
8157: BRIGHTWELL, W.T. - Three New Blueberry Varieties for the Southeast
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10045: GOULDING, EDWIN J. - Fuchsias: The Complete Guide
1535: GRACE, JULIE (EDITOR) - Bulbs and Perennials. Know Your Garden Series
10135: CAROL BELANGER GRAFTON - Victorian Spot Illustrations, Alphabets and Ornaments (Dover Pictorial Archives)
6430: GRANSDEN, K.W. - John Donne
9479: GRANT, JIM - The New Canvas Worker's Library
4725: GRANT (EDITOR) - Sterne. Memoirs of Mr. Laurence Sterne
5195: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Crowning Priviledge. A Selection of Lectures and Essays Concerned with Professional Standards in Poetry
10152: GRAY, EMMA (CONSULTANT) - Arranging Roses: How to Create Glorious Fresh and Dried Displays
7617: SOULE, HAYDEN, GLEASON GRAY AND NORMAN SMITH - Blueberry Harvester Progress Report
10138: GREATHOUSE, CHARLES H - The Vegetable Garden
6822: GREEN, SAMUEL - Apples and Apple Growing in Minnesota
8130: GREEN, ROY - Asiatic Primulas
736: GREEN AND GREEN - Early Cabbage
755: GREEN, DONALD E. - Diseases of Vegetables
4757: GREENE, THEODORE MEYER - The Arts and the Art of Criticism
5942: BARRINGTON GREENHOUSES - Nursery Catalog
4522: GREENWOOD, DAVID - William King Tory and Jocobite
7780: GRENE, NICHOLAS - Shakespeare's Tragic Imagination
8971: GRENHAM, JOHN - Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide
4367: GREY, CHARLES HERVEY - Hardy Bulbs Including Half-Hardy Bulbs and Tuberous and Fibrous-Rooted Plants. Volumes 1+2 (of 3)
6163: GRIERSON, H.J.C. - Cross Currents in English Literature of the Xviith Century, or, the World, the Flesh & the Spirit, Their Actions & Reactions
7958: GRIFFITHS, MARK - Index of Garden Plants
4921: GRIFFITHS, MARK - Index of Garden Plants
9885: GRIFFITHS, TREVOR - Old-Fashioned Roses: 150 Favorites
4652: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - Poetry of the Present. An Anthology of the Thirties and After
1820: GRISSELL, ERIC - Thyme on My Hands
3313: GRISWOLD, GRACE H. - The Control of Aphids on House Plants
5103: GRUBB, N. H. - Commercial Raspberries and Their Classification
7110: GUBA, EMIL F. - Red Forcing Tomatoes Immune to Cladosporium Leaf Mold
8814: VOITL, GUGGENBERGER AND WILLI - Das Grosse Buch Vom Biologischen Land-Und Gartenbau
7361: GUIBAUT, ANDRE - Tibetan Venture. In the Country of the Ngolo-Setas. Second Guibault-Liotard Expedition
6580: GUIGUET, C.J. - The Birds of British Columbia (8) Chickadees, Thrushes, Kinglets, Pipits, Waxwings, and Shrikes

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