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011889: (OHNE AUTOR) - Amerikanische Traumhäuser
4437: - A New Baptist Church Manual
1904: - Dong-a's English-Korean-Korean-English Dictionary
1851: - Canadian Army Manual of Training: The Principles of Motor Mechanics
4715: - How to Fix Your Suzuki Three Cylinder Motorcycle
3069: - Magill's Literary Annual 1998: Essay-Reviews of 200 Outstanding Books Published in the United States During Vol. 1 and 2
011662: -
540: - The Times History of the War on Land and Sea
2415: - Dandelion Volume 26, Number 2
360: - The Best of Masterfile 29
4683: - L'Encyclopedie Du Xse Siecle: Le Debut Du Siecle 1900-1914
6226: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1933
008673: MITCHELL S.A. AND ABBOT C. G - The Fundamentals of Astronomy
008553: N/A - I.C. S. Reference Library Materials of Construction Strength of Materials Testing of Materials Machine Design
007524: N/A - History of St. George's Parish Guelph, Ontario. 1832-1932
4205: N/A - Memorable Occasions
012163: N/A - Portrait of Pelham in the Year 2000
010202: HIEB LOUIS A. - Tony Hillerman: From the Blessing Way to Talking God, a Bibliography (Signed)
5642: N/A - Architecture and Water Verona Waterfront Project
5903: N/A - Evergreen and Gold Vol. XXVIII
956: N/A - Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea: Or, Accounts of the Principal Calamities on the Ocean, Which Have Occurred During the Present Century
007900: N/A - The St. Catharines Centennial Book
5397: N/A - Egg-Citing Ideas
746: N/A - Who's Who Among American High School Students Vol. I, 1992-1993
008934: N/A - Astral Bellevue Classics 1983/84 Non-Theatrical Catalogue
3314: N/A - Mother Goose in 5 Languages
5125: N/A - Patisseries-a la Table Des Grands Chefs
012577: N/A - Concordia Club 1873 1998 125th Anniversary
010804: N/A - 10 Years of Passion for Cinema--the Dubai International Film Festival
5440: N/A - Creative Source 17
1477: N/A - The Counting House Arithmetic a New and Improved Work on Buisness Calculations, with Valuable Reference Tables
3876: N/A - The Victory Anchor English-Japanese Dictionary
5616: N/A - House Plan Favorites Issue No. 58
5398: N/A - You Can Create Exquisite Eggs
6199: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1929
012542: CUMMING PETER A (ET AL) - Inuit and the Law
6232: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1956
6231: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1952
6575: N/A - The Great Lakes Story: Building Foundations of Faith 1952-2002
5094: N/A - The Manual of the United Church of Canada
5190: N/A - The Australian Home Handyman Manual
1858: N/A - Tres Nuevos Simbolos Para la Ciudad de Mexico
6533: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1938
4329: N/A - The International Plant Propagators' Society Combined Procedings Volume 25 1975
5624: N/A - Dicionarios Escolares: Portugues-Ingles
5632: N/A - 1992 Service Manual Buick Riviera
6467: N/A - Bass Drum Secrets the Complete Bass Drumming Workbook
5381: N/A - A Treasury of Favourite Australian Poems
6516: N/A - 1937 Popular Mechanics Magazine: Around the World by Air
009600: N/A - South West Africa Survey 1974
6227: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1950
007595: N/A - Pattern Collection (No. 4) Coleccion de Disenos Collection de Modeles
009933: N/A - Canada's National Parks: A Celebration = Les Parcs Nationaux Du Canada: Une Celebration
007205: N/A - Conference on Democratic Transition and Consolidation
940: N/A - Publishing a Best Selling Cookbook: A Guide for the First-Time Publisher
6175: N/A - Collateral Damage the Impact of Anti-Trafficking Measures on Human Rights Around the World
6228: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1954
008327: N/A - I.C. S. Reference Library: Building Superintendence Specification Writing Specification Writing Memoranda Estimating and Calculating Quantities Contracts Permits
595: N/A - Changing Services for Changing Clients
009829: N/A - Canada's National Parks : A Celebration = Les Parcs Nationaux Du Canada: Une CéLébration
6234: N/A - The Royal Academy Illustrated, 1960
008360: N/A - Toronto International Film Festival of Festivals September 9-18, 1993
009613: N/A - Mechanix Illustrated December 1939
007393: N/A - The Book and Paper Group Annual Volume Twenty-Six 2007
374: N/A - Century 1867 1967 the Canadian Saga
1541: N/A - Thirteen Centuries of Christianity of the Croats
007056: N/A - Canadian Success in the Making 50 Years Apma the Voice of the Canadian Automotive Parts Industry Since 1952. Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association
723: N/A - Evangeline
6168: N/A - Saint-Avold Contribution a Son Histoire Par L'Abbe Albert Meyer 1883-1946 Archipretre de Saint-Avold de 1929 a 1946
19: N/A - The Baby
964: AALDRIKS, J. - Dutch Castles: 32 Drawings in Full Colour
3254: MARI AAS, TIINA RANDVIIR, ANU LAITILA (EDITED BY) - Estonian Citieseesti Linnad Estonian Cities
011670: ABBOTT, DAVID R. - Centuries of Decline During the Hohokam Classic Period at Pueblo Grande
010423: JENNIE ABELL (AUTHOR), ELIZABETH SHEEHY (AUTHOR) - Criminal Law & Procedure: Cases, Context, Critique
010308: ABELL, JENNIE; SHEEHY, ELIZABETH - Criminal Law & Procedure: Proof, Defense and Beyond
012389: ABELL, H. K. - Being Human
2892: ABERG, CLAES - The Nature of Falsterbonaset an Account of the Nature in the Municipality of Vellinge
011284: ACADEMY - Deconstruction II
3048: ACORN, MILTON; BARRETT, HERB; FLOMEN, MARTY - After the Eclipse Poems
011798: PAT ADACHI - Asahi: A Legend in Baseball a Legacy from the Japanese Canadian Baseball Team to Its Heirs
007068: ADAM, JAN - Planning and Market in Soviet and East European Thought, 1960s-1992
010580: BRYAN ADAMS - American Women
009028: K M ADAMS - Twentieth Century Australia 1900 - 1960
012321: ADELMAN, HOWARD ED. - The Indochinese Refugee Movement: The Canadian Experience : Proceedings of a Conference in Toronto, October 19, 20 and 21 1979
4522: ADLER, ELIZABETH - A Coeur Perdu
011381: RONALD B. ADLER (AUTHOR), GEORGE RODMAN (AUTHOR), ALEXANDRE SEVIGNY (AUTHOR) - Understanding Human Communication: Second Canadian Edition
011569: ADONNA, OAKLEY, STONE, KREJCI - Lest We Forget: A History of the O'Neal - Hinton Family 1700-1990
010973: THE ADVERTISING AND DESIGN CLUB OF CANADA - Fiftieth Anniversary Book 1949 - 1999
010837: AGGARWAL, ARJUN P.; GUPTA, MADHU M. - Sexual Harassment Investigations: How to Limit Your Liability and More
011375: FRED ; AGRANOFF, ANN ANDERES - Ice Palaces
1699: AHERN, FRANCES ROBIN - Oakville, a Small Town: 1900-1930
006758: AHERN, FRANCES ROBIN - Oakville, a Small Town: 1900-1930
010999: AHERNE, WILLIAM A.; DUNNILL, MICHAEL S. - Morphometry
012405: AHLSTRAND, ALAN - Toyota Celica, 1982-1985: Shop Manual/Pbn A297
5196: SAEED MAULANA AHMAD - What Happens After Death? Parts I & II
011204: MAROUSSIA HAJDUKOWSKI-AHMED (EDITOR), ED (EDITOR), NAZILLA KHANLOU (EDITOR), MOUSSA (EDITOR), HELENE MOUSSA (EDITOR) - Not Born a Refugee Woman: Contesting Identities, Rethinking Practices
008695: MAROUSSIA HAJDUKOWSKI-AHMED (AUTHOR, EDITOR), NAZILLA KHANLOU (EDITOR), HELENE MOUSSA (EDITOR) - Not Born a Refugee Woman: Contesting Identities, Rethinking Practices (Studies in Forced Migration)
011129: AKENSON, DONALD, H. (EDITOR) - Canadian Papers in Rural History Volume X
4591: ALBRECHT, LISA; BREWER, ROSE M.; - Bridges of Power: Women's Multicultural Alliances
009456: ALCOCK, NORMAN Z. - The War Disease
011736: ALCORN, RANDY - Heaven
010053: ALDERSHOT - Leonidata 69 (Aldershot High School Year Book)
010041: ALDERSHOT - Leonidata 66 (Aldershot High School Year Book)
010052: ALDERSHOT - Leonidata 65 (Aldershot High School Year Book)
010059: ALDERSHOT - Leonidata 68 (Aldershot High School Year Book)
011461: ROSS, ALEXANDER AND CROWLEY, TERRY - The College on the Hill : A New History of the Ontario Agricultural College, 1874-1999
009718: ALEXANDRA, ANDREW; BAKER, DEANE-PETER; CAPARINI, MARINA - Private Military and Security Companies : Ethics, Policies and CIVIL-Military Relations
006963: ALGER, HORATIO JR. - The New Schoolma'Am, or, a Summer in North Sparta
006959: ALGER, HORATIO - Dean Dunham: Or, the Waterford Mystery
006960: HORATIO ALGER JR - Grand'Ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving with Other Ballads and Poems
006964: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - Bertha's Christmas Vision, an Autumn Sheaf
006948: ALGER, HORATIO, JR - Wait and Win. The Story of Jack Drummond's Pluck
007055: R.S. SURTEES; ILLUSTRATOR-HENRY ALKEN - The Analysis of the Hunting Field with Title and Six Coloured Plates and Forty-Three Illustrations in Black and White by Henry Alken
006871: STARES D. ALLAN - Hello Up There: Letters from New Zealand
010414: ALLCUT, E.A. - An Introduction to Heat Engines
009712: MICHAEL ALLEN, ROBERT GILLESPIE, PAMELA TELLEJOHN HAYES - Essential Elements 2000 for Strings: A Comprehensive String Method Violin Book One
2432: ALLEN, JAMES - Creative Memories
4430: ALLEN, GLYN;CALDER, DALE R.;RENFORTH HISTORICAL COMMITTEE (ETOBICOKE, ONT.) - Trials and Triumphs: The 150-Year History of Ebenezer/Renforth Church
5980: ALLEN, JIMMY - This Firefighter's Life
009227: ALLEN, JENNIFER - Sociology of Education : Possibilites and Practice
007737: ALLEN, K, EILEEN: PAASCHE, CAROL: CORNELL, APRIL: ENGEL, MARGARET - Exceptional Children : Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs
012130: ALLEN, GEORGE RICHARD; RITGER, DICK - The Complete Guide to Bowling Strikes (the Encyclopedia of Strikes)
012132: ALLEN, GEORGE; RITGER, DICK - Complete Guide to Bowling Principles - (for Right and Left-Handed Bowlers)
012561: ALLENBAUGH, KAY - Chocolats Pour L'Esprit D'Une Femme
011899: D'ALPUGET, LOU - Yachting in Australia: From Colonial Skiffs to America's Cup Defence
1795: ALTH, MAX - Making Plastic Pipe Furniture
008949: AMUNDSON, RON - The Changing Role of the Embryo in Evolutionary Thought: Roots of Evo-Devo (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology)
4217: BROUGH AMY AND GASIOROWSKI, BRUNO - Psychic Delights Cookery
010129: ANDERSEN, NEIL; BARRY, JAMES - Literature and Media 11
006668: ANDERSEN, TORBEN JUUL - Currency and Interest Rate Hedging: A User's Guide to Options, Futures, Swaps, & Forward Contracts
008874: ANDERSON, JOHN - Voyage of the Griffin: As Told in Jackanory
011464: ANDERSON, DORIS, MCCUBBIN (EDITOR) - Chatelaine: The Canadian Home Journal Volume 33, No 7-12 July 1960-December 1960.
3067: ANDERSON, ELLEN - Judging Bertha Wilson Law As Large As Life
3147: ANDERSON, ALEX (EDITOR) - In Time of War Inverurie Academy and the Second World War
5829: ANDERSON, JANE, TERESA - 101 Dream Interpretation Tips
4877: ANDERSON, M. - Beyond All This: Thirty Years with the Mountain Peasants of Haiti
009372: ANDERSON, MARY J. - Tragedy and Triumph: Ruby and Thomas B. Mcquesten
011343: ANDERSON, DAVID R.; SWEENEY, DENNIS J.; WILLIAMS, THOMAS A. - Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics, Revised
3825: ANDREW, CAROLINE: TREMBLAY MANON (EDITED BY) - Women and Political Representation in Canada
012625: BOB ANDREWS, STAN LAPINSKI, ZIG MISIAK, MATT STRAW - Niagara 1812 at War Re-Enactments of the Niagara Frontier
008719: HARVEY MONICA; RAVANO ANNA - Wow the Word on Words. Grande Dizionario Inglese-Italiano Di Parole E Frasi Idiomatiche Colloquiali E Gergali
1371: ANONYMOUS - Canadian Book of Printing: How Printing Came to Canada and the Story of the Grapic Arts, Told Mainly in Pictures
012238: JANNE FAULKNER; HARLEY ANSTEE - Using Australian Colour
009401: RICK ANTONSON - To Timbuktu for a Haircut: A Journey Through West Africa
011369: ANTRIM, HARRIET, STOCKTON - Records of the Antrim Family of America
007140: APPLETON, MARIE (EDITOR) - Australia's Northern Territory
5063: ARAGON - L'Exemple de Courbet
5418: ARAPURA, J. G. - Religion As Anxiety and Tranquillity an Essay in Comparative Phenomenology of the Spirit
007316: DANIEL ARASSE - The Universal History of Painting - Perspective on Man, the "Primitives" of Italy
010730: ARBUCKLE, WENDELL S. - Ice Cream
010703: GINO ARCARO - Criminal Investigation: Forming Reasonable Grounds, Fourth Edition
4333: ARCHAMBAULT, A / BEAUDRY, R. / PARÉ, P. / THOMSON, A.B.R. / SHAFFER, E.A. - Principes Fondamentaux de Gastro-Entérologie. états Pathologiques Et Démarches Thérapeutiques
007213: ARCHAMBEAU, GERALD A. - A Struggle to Walk with Dignity: The Story of a Jamaican-Born Canadian, the Autobiography of Gerald A.
3238: ARCHIBALD, W. PETER - Marx and the Missing Link 'Human Nature'
011940: ARIEMMA, VIRGINIA WILLIAMS - The Story of Villa Charities 1971-1996: A Quarter Century of Community Development by Italian Canadians in Greater Metropolitan Toronto
007277: ARMATAGE, KAY - Equity and How to Get It : Rescuing Graduate Studies
5091: ARMOUR, ELIZABETH - Juliana Everybody's Sister
008946: ELIZABETH P. ARMOUR (AUTHOR) - Juliana: Everybody's Sister
010777: ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER; NELLES, H. V. - Wilderness and Waterpower: How Banff National Park Became a Hydro-Electric Storage Reservoir
008615: ARMSTRONG, JOHN - Vancouver Geology
4468: ARNIEL, M.S. - Atlas of Prince Edward Island Canada and the World
6223: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Moments with Matthew Arnold
011979: TOM; ARNOULD, GRAHAME; HAIBECK, THOMAS M. HAIBECK - The Wedding MC: A Complete Guide to Success for the Master of Ceremonies
4508: ARONOFF, MYRON (EDITED BY) - Religion and Politics
5906: THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Crossroads Toward a New Reality: Aboliginal Art from Australia
008072: O'SHEA REVEREND ART - Diocese of Charlottetown: A Faith Walk Un Sentier de Foi
2089: ARTHUR, ROBIN; BAYAT, SAM - Canada's Immigrants, Heroes and Countrymen
6153: ROYAL CANADIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS - 90th Annual Exhibition 1970
729: EXPLORING THE ARTS - Cox, Beatrice (Editor)
008090: ASH, LORRAINE - Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing
011581: DELBERT M. ASHBY - Make Money Trading Mortgages : As a Business, As an Investment, As a Retirement Fund: It's the Money Maker of the 90's and Beyond!
009505: ASHE, DAVID: BURNELL, JOYCE - Oakville Street Names & Landmarks
4587: EL-ASHI, ARAFAT - Why We Embraced Islam Books Nine & Ten
011814: NEAL M. ASHKANASY - Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate
5939: ASHTON, BARBARA - No Place to Go a History of the Stevens-Children's Home
2678: ASHWORTH, MARY - Effective Teachers, Effective Schools: Second-Language Teaching in Australia, Canada, England and the United States
2664: ASPLEY, JOHN, CAMERON - The Sales Manager's Handbook
008210: CANADIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION (AUTHOR), CYNTHIA I. GREEN (EDITOR - Wordscape 5 - Mystery and Suspense - Stories and Poems : An Anthology
009848: ONTARIO REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION - Real Estate Encyclopedia: Canadian Edition
010658: ONTARIO TRUCKING ASSOCIATION - Trucking and Triumphs: 80 Years of the Ontario Trucking Association
1936: STEEL WORKERS LOCAL 1005 STELCO ASSOCIATION - 1005 It Started with a Whisper: A History of the 1946 Strike
5023: ANA PAULA ASSUNÇÃO - Dar Sentido à Argila Giving Clay Its Sense
5243: ASTER, HOWARD (EDITED BY) - Challenges for International Broadcasting: The Audience First?
012676: ATTECK, HELEN; ATTECK, PHILIP - Stress of Weather: A Collection of Original Source Documents Relating to a Voyage from China to Trinidad, West Indies, in 1862 : In Conjunction with a Family Chronicle
5947: ATTECK, HELEN - Bound for Trinidad : An Historical Novel
011648: ATTINI, ANTONIO - Venetian Colour: The Spirits of Carnival
011812: JAMES P. AUBUCHAN (AUTHOR), MD (AUTHOR), LAWRENCE PETZ (AUTHOR), ARLENE FINK (AUTHOR), PHD (AUTHOR) - Policy Alternatives in Transfusion Medicine
010801: AUGUSTINUS, PAUL - Desert Adventure: In Search of Wilderness in Namibia and Botswana
6459: AUSTEN, PETER - Wild Wild Wets an Aquaphiliac at the End of His Paddle
007677: NO AUTHOR - Reflections '78 Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School
010407: GEORGE (FWD.) JAMES WILEY PHOTOS RUST-D'EYE (AUTHOR) - Images of Cabbagetown
010785: NO AUTHOR - Winter Journeys: Coloured Shadows, Photographs and Texts About Winter
2921: NO AUTHOR - A Green & Pleasant Place a Glimpse of Creemore & Area
359: NO AUTHOR - European Lifestyle: The Zefa Collection from Dusseldorf
012540: S. J. R. (ED. ) WHELAN (AUTHOR) - Pro Patria 2000 Special Paardeberg Centennial Edition (February 2001)
2176: AVERY, DONALD - Reluctant Host: Canada's Response to Immigrant Workers, 1896-1994
4897: AXFORD, MARION - Me 'n' You
006982: BARRETT HARRY B - Murray and Me, Memories of Murray Hammond and Harry B Barrett While Growing Up in Woodhouse Township between the Two World Wars ---a Signed Copy
007498: AKINS THOMAS B - History of Halifax City
3453: BACHHOFER, LUDWIG - Die Kunst Derjapanischen Holzschnittmeister
5715: BADIE, BERTRAND - The Imported State the Westernization of the Political Order
012150: BAILEY, MELVILLE, T. (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Hamilton Biography. Volume II, 1876-1924
012151: T. MELVILLE BAILEY - Dictionary of Hamilton Biography. Volume II, 1876-1924
012146: MICHELE BAILEY - It's Not All About You, It's About the Company You Keep
011927: BAILEY, MELVILLE T; STEWART R LESLIE; MURRAY W AIKMAN / HAMILTON MOUNTAIN HERITAGE SOCIETY - Mountain Memories: A Pictorial History of the Hamilton Mountain
1000: BAILEY, THOMAS, MELVILLE - Pillars, Pulpits and Pews: A History of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 1794-1994
007558: BAILEY, THOMAS, MELVILLE (EDITED BY) - Wee Kirks and Stately Steeples a History of the Presbytery of Hamilton the Presbyerian Church in Canada 1800-1990
011981: BAILEY, NORMAN - The Helicopter Pilot's Manual: Principles of Flight and Helicopter Handling
010350: THOMAS MELVILLE BAILEY - Dictionary of Hamilton Biography
010349: THOMAS MELVILLE BAILEY - Dictionary of Hamilton Biography Volume III 1925-1939
008525: LESLIE E. SPONSEL; THOMAS N. HEADLAND; ROBERT C. BAILEY - Tropical Deforestation: The Human Dimension
6073: BAILY, HERBERT J.T. - Francesco Bartolozzi, R.A. A Biographical Essay
008096: BAIN, RICHARD - Mcmaster University
011742: BAIN, RICHARD - University of Guelph
012494: RICHARD BAIN, LISA LAFLAMME (FORWARD) - County Roots - Gobal Gifts: Mages of Waterloo Region
007475: BAIRD, BOB; REEVES, ANNA; GRACE CHURCH, MARKHAM STAFF - Grace : The First 150 Years of Grace Church, Markham
008530: BAIRD, HEATHER; MCKINTY, JAMES (EDITORS) - On Tranquil Land or Stormy Sea: Gravestone Inscriptions and Interments, Island Magee New Cemetery, Co. Antrim 1925-2002
009304: BAIRD, DONAL - The Story of Firefighting in Canada
012127: EVERETT BAKER - Everett Baker's Saskatchewan: Portraits of an Era
010128: BAKER, JOHN - Race
012140: BAKKER, KAREN - Eau Canada: The Future of Canada's Water
012120: BALAN, JARS - Salt and Braided Bread: Ukrainian Life in Canada
4704: BALDECK, ANDREA - The Heart of Haiti
008361: BALDWIN, GARY, BARRIE, DON, VARRIN, KEVIN - Five Decades with the Petes
5636: BALL, NORMAN R. - Mind, Heart, and Vision: Professional Engineering in Canada 1887 to 1987
5222: BALL, W. W. R. - A Short Account of the History of Mathematics (Indigo)
5502: BALL, KENNETH - Fiat 131 1975-77 Autobook
3713: BANCE, MICHAEL - Smokey Joe the Life and Times of a Provincial Newspaper Editor
009251: BANKS, DAVID - The Book of Watchet: A Millennium Portrait
009254: BANKS, DAVID - The Book of Watchet: A Millennium Portrait
009550: BARAM, TALLIE Z.; SHINNAR, SHLOMO (EDITORS) - Febrile Seizures
009932: BARANOVA, OLGA - Kuskovo 18th-Century Russian Estate and the Museum of Ceramics
5982: BARASCH, MOSHE - Modern Theories of Art 2: From Impressionism to Kandinsky
012091: BARBER, BRUCE; GUILBAUT, SERGE; O'BRIAN, JOHN - Voices of Fire: Art, Rage, Power, and the State
818: BARBER, PETER - Diplomacy: The World of the Honest Spy
2939: BARBER, LOU - Dropout to Test Pilot
6406: BARBOUR, DAVID - The Landscape: Eight Canadian Photographers = le Paysage Huit Photographes Canadiens
011043: BARCLAY, JAMES A. - St. Georges Golf and Country Club Celebrating 75 Years
007654: HJALMAR R. BARDARSON - Ice and Fire: Contrasts of Icelandic Nature
010805: BARNARD, SANDY - Digging Into Custer's Last Stand
011144: BARNES, JOHN - Sports and the Law in Canada
010784: MICHAEL BARNES - The Scholarly Prospector
011257: BARNES, JOHN - Sports and the Law in Canada
007136: BARRATT, GLYNN - Melanesia and the Western Polynesian Fringe
011342: BARRETT, ANTHONY - Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia: Architecture and Challenge in the Imperial Age
2414: BARRETT, HERB (EDITOR) - Tidepool 6 a Magazine of Haiku and Short Poetry
008880: BARRETT, HARRY B. - The Navy & Me
010539: DAVID N. BARRON - Newfoundland and St. Pierre (Atlantic Diver Guide, Vol. 1) Plus Atlantic Shipwreck List- 1965 to 1883
5996: BARRY, PETER - Erotic Lingerie
4450: BARRY, D A - Polar Circus
012232: LESLEY BARSKY (AUTHOR) - From Generation to Generation: A History of Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital
011914: LESLEY BARSKY (AUTHOR) - From Generation to Generation: A History of Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital
012631: JAMES BARTLEMAN - Out of Muskoka
4168: BARTLETT, TOMMY - Tommy Bartlett's Guide to Water Skiing
007033: BARTLEY, KARA - The Moon in Habock's Mirror
4128: BARTLEY, KARA - The Siamese Mummy
007032: BARTLEY, KARA - The Siamese Mummy
4133: BARTLEY, KARA - The Unearthlings
4315: BASCOM, ANGELLA - Incorporating Herbal Medicine Into Clinical Practice
011622: BASHOW, DAVID - No Prouder Place: Canadians and the Bomber Command Experience, 1939-1945
3971: BASSELS, PETER - The Immigrant
012258: BATSON, C. DANIEL - The Altruism Question: Toward a Social-Psychological Answer
4740: BATTERSBY, GREGORY J.; GRIMES, CHARLES W. - The Toy & Game Inventor's Guide
009665: BAUDELAIRE (CHARLES) - Constantin Guys - le Peintre de la Vie Moderne
5376: BAUMANN, HELMUT SIEGFRIED KUNKELE - Die Wildwachsenden Orchideen Europas
4237: BAUN, BOB - Lowering the Boom the Bobby Baun Story
4874: BAVINCK, J.H. - Faith and Its Difficulties
2327: BAXTER, THOMAS S. H. - Birding Handbook
011628: BEAHEN, WILLIAM; HORRALL, STAN - Red Coats on the Prairies: The North-West Mounted Police 1886-1900
4089: BEALES, PETER - Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Grower's Handbook of Species Roses, Old Roses and Modern Roses, Shrub Roses and Climbers
5521: BEATTIE, ANTONIA - The Girls' Handbook of Spells
4072: BEATTIE, JESSIE - William Arthur Deacon Memoirs of a Literary Friendship
5451: BEATTIE, JESSIE - Black Sheep Folklore of Canada
4703: BEAUCHAMP, KENNETH (EDITED BY) - New Advances in Distributed Computer Systems: Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Study Institute Held at Bonas, France, June 15-26, 1981
008906: EUGEN [ANDRE BEAULIEU, TEXTES] KEDL (AUTHOR) - Quebec Par Kedl [Boxed Edition]
6380: WHITE: MAXIM: BEAVON (EDITORS) - Aboriginal Policy Research Setting the Agenda for Change Volume II
010704: BEBEE, ED - The Invisible Army: Hard Times, Heartbreak & Heritage
012643: BECKER, MARTYN - Understanding Gmp: A Practical Guide
010473: BEEBE, STEVEN A. - Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others, Fifth Canadian Edition (5th Edition)
010121: BEHAN, RICHARD - Pain Its Origin, Conduction, Perception and Diagnostic Significance
4752: BEINER, RONALD - Liberalism, Nationalism, Citizenship Essays on the Problem of Political Community
3402: BELA, LAM - Emlekkepek Gyertyafenyben 12 Ev Haboruban Es Bekeben 1943-1954
011592: JUTTA-ANNETTE PAGE; PETER MORRIN; ROBERT BELL - Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012
4882: BELLITTO, CHRISTOPHER M. - 101 Questions & Answers on Popes and the Papacy
008298: BELLOMO, FRANCESCO; CAZELAIS, NORMAND - Montréal from the Air
008299: BELLOMO, FRANCESCO; CAZELAIS, NORMAND - Montréal from the Air
5667: BELTON, ROBERT - Sights of Resistance Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture
5668: BELTON, ROBERT - Sights of Resistance Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture
012294: BEN, DAVID - Slaight: Off Hand the Astonishing Journey of Media Mogul Allan Slaight
012293: BEN, DAVID - Slaight: Off Hand the Astonishing Journey of Media Mogul Allan Slaight
008089: URIE A BENDER - All the Days of My Life the Story of Peter and Anna Dick
008140: URIE A BENDER - All the Days of My Life the Story of Peter and Anna Dick
3848: BENNETT, RODNEY - What Can We Do Now?
4083: BENNETT, CAROL - Renfrew County : People and Places
6096: BENNETT, RICHARD - History of the Great-West Life Assurance Company
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010235: O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT; WILLS, J. J. - The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State (Throne of the Antichrist Series)
010232: O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT; WILLS, J. J. - The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State (Throne of the Antichrist Series)
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4495: EBERSPAECHER, ALEX - Not Another Wine Book! Vino Veritas "in Wine the Truth"
011070: EBERTS, MARY A - The Case for Women's Equality: The Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
010901: EBERTS, E.M. - Surgical Diseases of the Thyroid Gland
6419: TURNER LAWRENCE ED. - Raymond Remembered: Settlers Sugar and Stampedes
5956: EDACOTT, JAN - The Fitball Workout: The Easy Way to a Toned, Flexible Body
012319: EDDINGTON, BRIAN - Out of Bounds: The Glen Mountain Ski Story
007599: EDGE, FRED - The Iron Rose : The Extraordinary Life of Charlotte Ross, M.D.
6329: MORYS-EDGE, DEREK - Artists of British Columbia
4593: GRASSROOTS WOMEN'S COLLECTIVE EDITED - Voicing Our Stories/Remaking Our Lives
1043: QUINTET EDITING - Unexplained Mysteries of World War II
011430: JOHN MILNE (AUTHOR): SUSAN HALDANE (EDITOR) - Under Oxygen: Celebrating 75 Years of Mine Rescue in Ontario
011102: GEORGE A.SEIBEL: (AUTHOR) OLIVE M. SEIBEL (EDITOR) - The Niagara Portage Road: A History of the Portage on the West Bank of the Niagara River
009226: UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY FACULTY OF EDUCATION - My Most Memorable Teacher: 100 Alberta Stories for 100 Years
012112: ONTARIO. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION (AUTHOR) - Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Resource Guide
4815: EDWARDS, DICK - Born to Live
2747: EFRAT, EDGAR, SHLOMO - The Black Shofar and Other Vignettes
6023: EGERTON, H.E. - British Colonial Policy in the Twentieth Century
008693: EGGER, NORBERT - Sap Bw Professional
009326: EGGLESTON, WILLIAM - Ancient and Modern
012693: LESLIE G. ELDENBURG (AUTHOR), SUSAN K. WOLCOTT (AUTHOR), LIANG-HSUAN CHEN (AUTHOR), GAIL COOK (AUTHOR) - Cost Management: Measuring, Monitoring, and Motivating Performance, Third Canadian Edition
6094: THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS, INC (IEEE) - 19th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering
012459: ROBERT GREENE; JOOST ELFFERS - The 48 Laws of Power (a Joost Elffers Production)
009857: PEPPER, ELIZABETH AND JOHN WILCOCK - The Witches' Almanac (Complete Astrological Guide from Aries 1972 to Pisces 1973)
5776: ASHMAN: ELKINS - Educating Children with Diverse Abilities
012178: JOHN M. ELLIOTT - The Official Monogram U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide, Vol 2: 1940-1949
011740: ELLIOTT, DAVID - Introduction to Public Law Sourcebook (Canadian Legal Studies Series) 7th Edition
010926: ELLIS, DAVID - D.H. Lawrence: Dying Game 1922-1930: The Cambridge Biography of D.H. Lawrence (Volume 3)
009549: ELLIS, CHRIS - The Complete Book of Radio Controlled Models
012285: ELLIS, R. E - What... No Landing Field?: Adventures of an Alaskan Seaplane Pilot
009274: ELLIS, FRANK H. - Canada's Flying Heritage
008676: ELLS, A. DALE - Shaped Through Service: An Illustrated History of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College
011266: ELLSWORTH, BLANCHE - English Simplified, Fifth Canadian Edition (5th Edition)
4040: ELWOOD, MARJORIE (ED) - More Fun and Flavour with Spices
3428: EMBLETON, PHIL: THORNE, GERARD - Steroid Myths : Responsible Use of Anabolic Steroids
008486: WILLIAM MESSIER; CRAIG EMBY - Auditing & Assurance Services: A Systematic Approach
265: ENCH, J - Life and Consciousness
2797: ENGDAHL, SYLVIA, LOUISE - Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains
4531: ENGELMAJER, LUCIEN - Stay Away from Drugs
2404: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING ENGINEERS - 53rd National Open Hearth and Basic Oxygen Steel Conference Proceedings Volume 53 Detroit Meeting, April 6-8, 1970
2403: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING ENGINEERS - Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Conference National Open Hearth Steel Committee of the Iron and Steel Division
2199: ENSINK, BERNADINE J. - Confusing Realities: A Study on Child Abuse and Psychiatric Symptoms
009577: FRANK EPP - Mennonites in Canada, 1786-1920: The History of a Separate People
011533: EPP, FRANK H. - Mennonites in Canada, 1920-1940: A People's Struggle for Survival
010215: EPP, FRANK H. - Mennonites in Canada 1920-1940 a People's Struggle for Survival
010005: EPPRECHT, MARC - Heterosexual Africa: The History of an Idea from the Age of Exploration to the Age of Aids (New African Histories)
012620: COTE ERIC - Gilles Kègle, le Missionnaire de la Paix
4395: ERICKSON, ARTHUR - The Architecture of Arthur Erickson
3294: ERICSON, JONATHAN - Superstitions, Coutumes Et Croyances Comment Elles Influencent Nos Vies
006776: ERICSON, RICHARD: STEHR, NICO (EDITORS) - Governing Modern Societies
010455: ROBERT ERIKSSON - Adolf H. Lundin: No Guts No Glory
011809: JACK ERJAVEC - Automotive Technology: A System Approach: First Canadian Edition
007782: ESPINDTLA, VICTOR, MANUEL (EDITOR) - Patrimonio de la Humanidad; Ciudades Mexicanas
011218: JAMES W. ESSEX - Victory in the St. Lawrence: The Unknown U-Boat War
009408: MARIA DE FATIMA ESTEVES - Portugal at Your Table: Cookbook with Traditional Recipes
3295: ESTEY, LOIS, BUTLER - When the Heart Speaks Selected Poems
007089: ETIENNE, JEAN-LOUIS - Expedition Erebus (French Edition)
009562: EUALE, JAMES: MARTIN, DIANNE: ROCK, NORA: SADEK, JILLAN - Principles of Evidence for Policing
009635: EUALE, JAMES; TURTLE, JOHN W. - Interviewing and Investigation
008909: EUALE, JAMES; TURTLE, JOHN W. - Interviewing and Investigation
009469: EVANS, ANNA MARGARET; BARKER, C. A. V. - Century One: A History of the Ontario Veterinary Association, 1874-1974
008410: EVANS, HUBERT - O Time in Your Flight
012269: GARY EVANS - Prints Across the Mountain: A Photographic Trip Through the Pages of Time
009697: EVANS, MARGERY A. - Baudelaire and Intertextuality: Poetry at the Crossroads
6466: EVANS, ART - Evans & Jones Up for. The Third Time
011900: EVERING, PAUL (EDITOR) - Creating Whole Organization Synergy: The Eidetic Reference Book
011568: EYESENCK, HANS: EYSENCK, MICHAEL - Mind Watching: Why We Behave the Way We Do
5740: F, HEALY PAUL - Archaeology of the Rivas Region Nicaragua
007973: FABER, J. - Essays in Reformed Doctrine
009588: FABIANO, LEN - Getting Staff Excited : The Role of the Nurse Manager in Long Term Care
010403: FALK, TOBY; ARCHER, MILDRED - India Revealed: Art and Adventures of James and William Fraser, 1815-26
008945: FALLA, JACK; BATTEN, JACK; HORNBY, LANCE; JOHNSON, GEORGE; MILTON, - Quest for the Cup: A History of the Stanley Cup Finals, 1893-2001
5629: FALLOON, IAN (EDITED BY) - Handbook of Behavioural Family Therapy
3925: FANCOTT, EDMUND - The Shell Game
012448: ANNA FÁROVÁ (AUTHOR), JOSEF SUDEK (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Josef Sudek: The Window of My Studio
010756: FARR, CAROL ANN - The Book of Kells: Its Function and Audience (British Library Studies in Medieval Culture)
009607: FARRIS, NOEL - The Wymondleys
009643: FARRNA, ROY - Operation Tombola (Special Forces Library)
4473: ROBERT JAMIESON A R FAUSSET AND DAVID BROWN - A Commentary, Critical, Experimental and Practical on the Old and New Testaments
5940: FAUX, RONALD - The West : A Sailing Companion to the West Coast of Scotland: Gigha to Cape Wrath
011728: W. FEIL (EDITOR) - Atlas of Surgical Stapling
011318: FELDER, RICHARD M.; ROUSSEAU, RONALD W. - Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes
011432: FERGUSON, JULIE H. - Through a Canadian Periscope: The Story of the Canadian Submarine Service
5103: FEYERABEND, HENRY - Tearing the Shroud from the Antichrist
009670: ALISTAIR FIELDER, GRAHAM E. QUINN - Retinopathy of Prematurity, an Issue of Clinics in Perinatology, 1e (the Clinics: Internal Medicine)
006923: FIERHELLER, GEORGE A. - Wireless in Wonderland : Canadians Cut the Cord: Cantel 1983-1993
011349: FIERHELLER, GEORGE A. - Wireless in Wonderland : Canadians Cut the Cord: Cantel 1983-1993
2216: FILER, PATRICIA - The Winemaker
007480: FILER, ROBERT F.; LEINONEN, GEORGE - Programmable Controllers and Designing Sequential Logic
009996: FILER, PATRICIA - The Winemaker
010862: FILER, COLIN - Dilemmas of Development: The Social and Economic Impact of the Porgera Gold Mine 1989-1994
1697: FILEY, MIKE - I Remember Sunnyside : The Rise and Fall of a Magical Era
010028: FILEY, MIKE - I Remember Sunnyside
008237: FILEY, MIKE - A Toronto Album: Glimpses of the City That Was
4061: FILEY, MIKE - Wish You Were Here; Great Postcards of Early Toronto
008794: ANTOINE FILISSIADIS - Surtout N'y Allez Pas

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