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34520: (ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D.). - The Old Navy * 1776-1860. A Catalog of an Exhibit of Prints and Watercfolors from the Naval Collection of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
34286: (ALGE, INGMAR). (HOFMANN, WERNER; BUECHELE, HERWIG). - Ingmar Alge. (Cover Title). (Catalog).
29858: (ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D.) (KING, WILLIAM H.; MCCARRAN, PATRICK; BURKE, EDWARD R.; ET AL). - Adverse Report of the Committee on the Judiciary on a Bill to Reorganize the Judicial Branch of the Government.
27708: (CLERGUE, LUCIEN; MULLER, ROBERT; ET AL). - Du: Kulturelle Monatsschrit. 23 Jahrgang. Februar 1963
23678: (LINDVEIT, DR. EARL W.; COMPILER). - Project Mercury: Man-in-Space Program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Report of the Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences, United States Senate. December 1, 1959. 86th Congress, 1st Session. Report No. 1014. (Cover Title).
31220: F. F. [FERN, FANNY]. - Mrs. Mcallister's Company / and Other Stories by Famous Authors.
34103: (AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY). - The Persian Girl. (Cover Title).
30381: (MORISON, STANLEY; VOX, MAXIMILIEN; HAMMER, VICTOR; GILL, ERIC; ET AL). - Type and Typography: Highlights from Matrix, the Review for Printers and Bibliophiles.
31767: (JEANSON, MARCEL). - Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson Premiere Partie Chasse. [Part I: Hunting].
25611: (HERITAGE AUCTION GALLERY). - Important African & Oceanic Art. June 7, 2007.
23806: (KORNBLUM, WILLIAM; PROJECT DIRECTOR). - West 42nd Street: The Bright Light Zone.
34438: (JOHNSTONE, FAWCETT, EMERY, MATTHEWS, &C.). - A Collection of the Most Favorite Comic Songs, Sung at the Theatres Royal and Public Meetings by Messrs. Johnstone, Fawcett, Emery, Matthews, &C. (3 Books in One Volume).
26823: (ORPHEUS CLUB). (REEVE, GEORGE F.). - Annual Meeting and Dinner of the Orpheus Club of Newark, N.J. At Achtel_stetter's, Tuesday Evening, June 13, 1916. President Mr. George F. Reeve.
28599: (THE SARTORIAL GAZETTE). - West End Sartorial Brochure: Ladies Modes 1931. Ladies Modes 1932-33. Ladies Modes 1933-34. (3 Volumes).
20761: (BOTERO, FERNANDO). (RATCLIFF, CARTER). - Fernando Botero: Recent Work. November 7-December 2, 1980. (Catalog).
29785: (CASADO, JOHN; AND STINEHOUR PRESS). - Casado & Stinehour on Uncoated Papers from Strathmore. (Cover Title).
31445: (MARTIN, H. BRADLEY). - The Library of H. Bradley Martin (Part 9): Highly Important Printed Books and Illuminated Manuscripts. Auction: (New York) Thursday, June 14, 1990. (Sotheby's Sale 6036).
25603: (LONGFELLOW'S WAYSIDE INN). - The Story of Mary and Her Little Lamb / As Told by Mary and Her Neighbors and Friends / to Which Is Added a Critical Analysis of the Poem. Now Put Into Print for the Old Schoolhouse Which Mary Attended and Which Now Stands Near the Wayside Inn at Sudbury, Massachusetts, and Which Was Made Famous by Longfellow's "Tales of a Wayside Inn".
31123: (LIVINGSTON, ROBERT R.). (FILHOL, ANTOINE MICHEL). - Galerie Du Musee Napoleon, Publiee Par Filhol, Graveur, Et Redigees Par Lavallee (Joseph), Secretaire Perpetuel de la Societe Phylotechnique, Des Academies de Dijon Et de Nancy, de la Societe Royale Des Sciences de Gothingue, Etc. Dediee a S.M. L'Empereur Napoleon I. Er. (Volumes 3 and 4 Only).
33536: (CYBIS). - Cybis: Porcelain Enchantments. The Cybis Brochure. Spring 1974. (Cover Title).
20507: (NAUMAN, BRUCE; FLAVIN, DAN; HOLZER, JENNY; NANNUCCI, MAURIZIO; MORELLET, FRANCOIS; ET AL). (MARZAHN, ALEXANDER). - Artlight. Austellung Dezember 2000 Bis April 2001. Galerie Beyeler. (Catalog).
23354: (WAYNE'S). - Wayne's 1944 Atlas of Canada's Mining Areas. (Cover Title).
22204: (MANHATTAN POST CARD PUBLISHING). - New York: The Wonder City. (Cover Title).
26371: (BYARD, CAROLE; CUMMINGS, PAT; GILCHRIST, JAN SPIVEY; HANNA, CHERYL; JOHNSON, DOLORES; RINGGOLD, FAITH; JONES, LOIS MAILOU). - Through Sisters' Eyes: Children's Books Illustrated by African American Women Artists.
29391: (SAFANI GALLERY). - Art Transcending Time 2009: A Selection of Ancient Art.
34190: (COLLINSON, CAPTAIN; AND SMITH, THE REVEREND GEORGE). - Notices of Fuh-Chau, and the Other Open Ports of China: With Reference to Missionary Operations.
25926: (ADAMS, T. ALBEUS; CHAIRMAN). - Report of the New Jersey Interstate Bridge and Tunnel Commission to the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey: Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel and Delaware River Bridge. Dated January 16, 1922.
22198: (RUNKEL-HUE WILLIAMS). - Paul Laster.
25616: (HARCOURTS GALLERY). - Harcourts Collection Catalogue 1986-1987
27073: [COBBETT, WILLIAM]. - Important Considerations for the People of This Kingdom. Published July, 1803, and Sent to the Officiating Minister of Every Parish in England.
18705: [BLUNT, WILFRID SCAWEN]. - The Love Sonnets of Proteus. With a Frontispiece by the Author.
32684: (CHRISTENSEN, PAUL; BLAU, LAURA; MILLER, ANNE; AND BIRKS, BEVERLY). - Sophisticated Silhouettes: The Shape of Fashion 1910-1960. The Katonah Gallery November 23, 1986-January 11, 1987. (Exhibition Catalog).
34158: (JACKSON, WILLIAM HENRY). - The Adventurer. Vol. 15 No. 7. April 1941. (Cover Title): William Henry Jackson.
29722: (DICKENS, CHARLES; KIPLING, RUDYARD; THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; AND HARDY, THOMAS). - The Renowned Collection of First Editions of Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray. Formed by George Barr Mccutcheon. With Numerous Reproductions.
30240: (PRIVATE PRESSES). - A Second Book of Pressmarks Gathered from America's Private Presses and from Others Not So Private.
30055: (ASAHI SHIMBUN PUBLISHING COMPANY). - [Japanese Art Book Depicting Buddhist Art on Fabric & Examples of Thanka].
19454: (BEUYS, JOSEPH). (BASTIAN, HEINER). - Joseph Beuys: Blitzschlag Mit Lichtschein Auf Hirsch/Lightning with Stag in Its Glare / 1958-1985.
21077: (CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI). (DE MANDIARGUES, ANDRE PIEYRE; SCIANNA, FERDINANDO). - Henri Cartier-Bresson: Ritratti 1928-1982.
24060: (BLOSSFELDT, KARL). - Karl Blossfeldt: Lich an Der Grenze Des Sichtbaren. Die Sammlung Der Blossfeldt-Fotografien in Der Hochschule Der Kunste Berlin.
33535: (WEYERHAEUSER COMPANY). - The Cougar Project Brought to You by Weyehaeuser: 2003 Test Format. (Cover Title).
23737: (LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE; DAIX, PIERRE; ZIMMERMANN, JEAN-LOUIS; ET AL). - Arts & Cultures No. 3: A Magazine Dedicated to the Arts of Antiquity, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.
31269: [BAKER, HARRIETTE NEWELL WOODS]. - Mother's Story Book, by Aunt Hattie.
30163: (UNDERWOOD & UNDERWOOD). (HUGHES, CHARLES E., ASSOCIATE JUSTICE OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT; AND OTHERS). - Two Original Large Vintage Photographs Depicting Eminent Justices and Lawyers Present at Annual Dinners of the New York State Bar Association. The Photographs Are Respectively Titled: "Associate Justice Charles E. Hughes of the Supreme Court and a Group of Eminent Lawyers Assembled As the Guests of Hon. A.T. Clearwater, President of the New York State Bar Association, at a Dinner, Hotel Astor, Jan. 14, '16. " [and]: "Officers and Guests, Annual Dinner New York State Bar Association, January 12th, 1918. Hotel Astor, N.Y. "
24064: (MANN, JOHN; AND STEPHEN, FELICITY). - Chinese Works of Art 2008.
20114: (WESTERMANN, H. C.). (ADRIAN, DENNIS; ET AL). - H.C. Westermann. (Catalog).
29801: (CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY). - Cambridge University Library 1400-1934. With a Description of the New Building Opened by His Majesty the King 22 October 1934 / and an Acount of the New Science Buildings of Agriculture, Botany, Physiology and Zoology.
32036: (A.M. BYERS COMPANY). - Ice Skating Rinks - Their Construction and Maintenance. Report of a Study Made by Engineering Service Department, A.M. Byers Company, Ambridge, Pennsylvania.
20647: [BRADLEY, WILL]. - The Echo. Vol. 2, No. 1. Chicago, November 1, 1895.
23399: (SCHOTTENLOHER, GERTRAUD; INCKMANN, LISA; MESCHEDE, EVA; ET AL). - Dich Kenn' Ich Doch: Begegnungen Und Kunstlerisches Handeln IM Klinischen Kontext.
20103: (NATIONAL SCULPTURE SOCIETY). - Contemporary American Sculpture. National Sculpture Society. The California Palace of the Legion of Honor / Lincoln Park, San Francisco / April to October MCMXXIX.
20451: (GISHFORD, ANTHONY; EDITOR). - Covent Garden Books - Number 1: Ballet 1946-1947. Editor: Anthony Gishford.
22870: (ANONYMOUS). - The Accession of George III 1760-1820 / Celebrated in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1960 / with a Prospectus of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1960-1983. / Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia.
22871: (SOTHEBY'S). - European and Oriental Rugs and Carpets. Sale Ln5251. Day of Sale: Wednesday, 26th April, 1995 at 10: 30 Am / in the Main Galleries / 34-35 New Bond Street, London W1... . (Auction Catalog).
20453: (ROSE, BILLY). - Original Program for "Billy Rose's Aquacade / New York World's Fair 1940".
27128: (KOHLER, MICHAEL; FELIX, ZDENEK; AND VOWINCKEL, ANDREAS). - Constructed Realities: The Art of Staged Photography.
21388: (GLASMEIER, ROLF; HAUSSER, ROBERT; THULL, HANS-RUDOLF; WALTHER, PAN). - Vier Aspekte Zeitgenossischer Deutscher Fotografie/Four Aspects of Contemporary German Photography: Rolf Glasmeier / Robert Hausser / Hans-Rudolf Thull / Pan Walther. Goethe House New York, German Cultural Center / May 10 to June 23, 1984.
27779: [FULLER, HIRAM]. - Belle Brittan on a Tour, at Newport, and Here and There.
17894: (ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL; ALMA-TADEMA, SIR LAWRENCE; LEIGHTON, LORD FREDERICK; HUNT, WILLIAM HOLMAN; ET AL). - Fine Victorian Pictures, Drawings and Watercolours. The Property of the Hon. Lady Agnew-Somerville [Et Al]. Friday, 3 June 1994 at 10: 30 A.M. Precisely. At 8 King Street, St. James's S.W. 1. (Catalog).
29440: (COTSEN, LLOYD E.). - Party Animals!
21459: (DEMUTH, CHARLES; 1883-1935). (GENAUER, EMILY). - Charles Demuth of Lancaster. September 24--November 6, 1966. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. William Penn Memorial Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (Catalog).
23380: (KENNA, MICHAEL). - Michael Kenna: A Twenty Year Retrospective.
31467: [N.A.W.]. - 2 Sheets of Original 19th Century Finished Graphite Pencil Drawings, Possibly Intended to Illustrate Children's Stories.
26384: (CONRAD, JOSEPH). (BROOKS, RICHARD; DIRECTOR). - The Original Program for the Premiere of Columbia Pictures Movie "Lord Jim", with Related Material.
29444: (ATKINS, LLOYD; SCHAEFER, TAF LEBEL; HOUSTON, JAMES; ET AL). - One Hundred Years of Collecting 2003: Steuben Glass. (Cover Title).
22129: (WALTER, PAUL F.). (PULTZ, JOHN). - A Personal View: Photography in the Collection of Paul F. Walter. (Preface by John Szarkowski. Essay, "Collectors of Photography", by John Pultz).
23301: (ANONYMOUS). - My Book of Ships.
24723: (SARG, TONY; KIRMSE, MARGUERITE; ET AL). - Creative Artists 1937.
20067: (BELLOW, SAUL; VONNEGUT, KURT; ET AL). - Proceedings of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Second Series, Number Thirty-Three.
34000: [WHITMAN, WALT]. [BARTLETT, TRUMAN]. - Bronze Sculpture of Walt Whitman’S Right Hand, Executed from an Original Plaster Casting by Boston Sculptor Truman Bartlett.
22625: (COWLEY, MALCOLM; EDEL, LEON; WILBUR, RICHARD; KUNITZ, STANLEY; BARBER, SAMUEL; SCHUMANN, WILLIAM; COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE; ET AL). - Proceedings of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. (May 19, 1976). Second Series, Number Twenty-Seven.
28762: (ANONYMOUS). - A Vindication of the Clergy, from the Contempt Imposed Upon Them by the Author of the Grounds and Occasions of the Contempt of the Clergy and Religion. With Some Short Reflections Upon His Further Observations.
23197: (LEAGUE OF CANADIAN POETS). - Catalogue of Members.
22656: (ANONYMOUS). - "the Police / Ghost in the Machine / Tour '81-'82 / Official Program".
29740: (SENDAK, MAURICE; SPIEGELMAN, ART). - The New Yorker. September 27, 1993. Vol. LXIX, No. 31.
26563: (CHERKASSKY, SHURA). - Shura Cherkassky: The World's Greatest Boy Pianist... . His Majesty's Theatre, Perth [Australia]. Saturday, August 4th. Monday, August 6th. Wednesday, August 8th. Thursday, August 9th. (Program).
28040: (COPELAND'S CONFECTIONERY). - Vintage Photograph of "Copeland's Old Confectionery Shop, East Side of Court, between Brattle and Hanover Streets", in Boston.
24374: (MANNING, MAXWELL & MOORE). - Ashcroft Aircraft Instruments Catalog.
34186: (GROLIER, JEAN). - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. (the British Museum).
29533: (SWATCH). - Swatch 1997 Spring Summer Collection. (Cover Title).
34986: (SAWDERS, MAJOR JAMES C.). - An American Correspondent Views Our Southern Neighbors. (Promotional Brochure).
27892: (DELVAUX, PAUL). - Paul Delvaux: Dessins Et Premieres Lithographies.
23925: (VASILEV, V. N.). - Katalog Tungusskoi Kollektsii V.N. Vasileva.
28260: (THE WESTERN FRONT). - Art's Birthday: 1,000,011 Anniversary of Art. February 2, 1974.
23786: (DE RICQUES, FRANCOIS). - Arts Primitifs: Vente Aux Encheres Publiques.
31444: (MARTIN, H. BRADLEY). - The Library of H. Bradley Martin (Part 4): Highly Important French Literature. (Monaco October 16 and 17, 1989.
24498: (EICHENBERG, FRITZ; EDITOR). - Artist's Proof: The Annual of Prints and Printmaking. Volume X1.
27675: (BERNHARDT, SARAH; 1844-1923. GREAT FRENCH ACTRESS). - Original Photo Postcard of Actress Sarah Bernhardt As "Camille".
33049: - Souvenir Annapolis Valley N.S. [Nova Scotia].
32988: [BLOUNT, CHARLES]. - Miracles, No Violations of the Laws of Nature.
29276: (GERMAN OBERLEUTNANTS). - A Vintage 19th Century Photograph Depicting a Group of 8 German Military Officers in Full Dress Uniform.
30408: (THE SPORTSMAN). - British Sports and Sportsmen: Hunting. Compiled and Edited by "the Sportsman".
33834: (SALISBURY, CAPT. EDWARD A.; 1875-1962. MILLIONAIRE EXPLORER, DOCUMENTARY FLM DIRECTOR, AND WRITER). - James B. Pond Presents Capt. Edward A. Salisbury / the Noted Explorer Offering His Superb Motion Picture of Life Among the Cannibals and Headhunters of the South Seas Entitled "Gow" with Descriptive Lecture by Capt. Salisbury.
18470: [SURTEES, R. S.]. - Hillingdon Hall / or / the Cockney Squire: A Tale of Country Life.
22552: (ANONYMOUS). - Souvenir Des Soldats Americaines En France.
22553: (PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH CONVENTION). - Journal of the Proceedings of the Bishops, Clergy, and Laity, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, in Convention, Held in the City of Baltimore, from Tuesday, May 17, to Thursday, May 26, A.D. 1808.
25841: (ELIZABETH, NJ). - Supplements to the City Charter, and General Ordinances of the City of Elizabeth, N.J. , from July 6th, 1874, to August 9th, 1877.
29069: (ROLLINS, CARL PURINGTON; KOOPMAN, HARRY). - Specimens of Type in the Office of E.L. Hildreth & Co. / Incorporated / at Brattleboro Vermont.
17604: (LAKE MOHONK MOUNTAIN HOUSE). - The Ideal Time for a Vacation.
22804: (BURLEY, R. A.; ROBINSON, GORDON). - Jack and the Beanstalk.
213: (INTERNATIONALE). - Internationale Beiträge Zur Buchgestaltung Buchkunst. Herausgegeben Vom Institut Fur Buchgestaltung Leipzig. Dritter Band.
34590: (JOHNSON, FRIDOLF; AND BROWNE, HOWARD). - An Original Unused Proof for the Color Illustrated Dust Jacket for Howard Browne's First Book "Warrior of the Dawn".
302: (FISCHER, RICARDA; MORRIS, MICHAEL; PEEK, JOACHIM; TRASOV, VINCENT; YO, YANA). - Berliner Aufzeichnungen/Berlin Notes. (Catalogue).
307: (PEARLSTEIN, PHILIP). - Philip Pearlstein. (Catalogue).
323: (REUTERSWÄRD, CARL FREDRIK). - Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd: Making Faces.
505: (GIRL SCOUTS). - Brooklyn Girl Scout Song Book.
17757: (HERTZ, ALFRED; BEECHAM, SIR THOMAS). - Le Grand Baton: Journal of the Sir Thomas Beecham Society. (Alfred Hertz Issue). June 1981. Number 50. Volume 18, Number 2.
29681: (KIRBY, MICHAEL; EDITOR). - The Drama Review: Indigenous Theatre. Volume 18 Number 4 (T-64). December, 1974.
22215: (OLDENBURG, CLAES). - A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages. Claes Oldenburg: Drawings, Sculptures, and Large-Scale Projects with Coosje Van Bruggen.
690: H.D. - Tribute to the Angels.
22515: (CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR). - Vintage 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair Spoon Depicting the Fisheries Building.
22514: (STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY). - Strathmore Rhododendron. (Sample Book). (Cover Title).
756: (SCHLOTTER, BRUNHILD). - Frau Holle: Ein Märchen Bilderbuch.
29186: (DE MEYER, BARON ADOLF). - De Meyer.
1178: (GROSZ, JOZSEF). - The Trial of Jozsef Grosz and His Accomplices.
1259: [MARSH, ANNE; AND KINGSLEY, CHARLES]. - The Triumphs of Time. The Previsions of Lady Evelyn; with the Conclusion. By the Author of "Two Old Men's Tales," Emilia Wyndham," &C.
26385: (BREITENBACH EDGAR; COGSWELL, MARGARET; BACKLUND, CAROLINE H.). - The American Poster: An Exhibition Prepared by the American Federation of Arts Under a Grant Received from the Old Dominion Foundation. Selected by Margaret Cogswell, National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Circulated July, 1967-1969. (Catalogue).
1325: (NEW YORK STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY). - Catalogue of the Entries for the Forty-Fifth Annual Cattle Show and Fair of the New York State Agricultural Society, to Be Held at Albany, September 10 to 16, 1885.
1372: (MICHEL-DANSAC, MONIQUE). - Peronnique: A Celtic Folk Tale from Brittany, Illustrations by Monique Michel-Dansac.
29898: (ANONYMOUS). - The Victor Book of the Opera: Stories of Seventy Grand Operas with Three Hundred Illustrations & Descriptions of Seven Hundred Victor Opera Records.
1691: [MACKARNES, MRS.]. - A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam. By the Author of "Only," "Old Jolliffe," and "Sequel to Old Jolliffe. " Author's Edition.
33413: (BASS, SAUL; GLASER, MILTON; CHWAST, SEYMOUR; RAND, PAUL; ET AL). - Icons of Design. On Weyerhaeuser Cougar Opaque.
1703: (NGHIEK, TONG). - Splendors of the Sohites. World Premiere Exhibition at O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City / 13 September-October 1980. (Catalogue).
1709: (CHAPPELL, WARREN). (BISHOP, ISABEL). - Sixty-Three Drawings by Warren Chappell. With a Comment by Isabel Bishop and a Checklist by Eleanor Steiner-Prag. Published on the Occasion of a Dinner for Warren Chappell at the Advertising Club in New York, 14 September 1955.
1713: (DUBUFFET, JEAN). - Dubuffet: New Sculpture and Drawings. (Catalog).
1727: (SHAPIRO, JOEL). - Joel Shapiro. Exhibition Organized by Richard Marshall. Essay by Roberta Smith. (Catalogue).
1730: (MULLICAN, MATT). (COTTER, HOLLAND). - Matt Mullican: Banners, Monuments, and the City. An Exhibition of Work for Public Spaces. September 11-October 18, 1987. Goldie Paley Gallery / Moore College of Art.
1735: (GUSTON, PHILIP). - Dibuixos: Philip Guston. Recull de Premsa.
1736: (RICE, BRIAN; AND EVANS, TONY). - The English Sunrise.
1737: (ZENIUK, JERRY). - Jerry Zeniuk: Watercolors 1991-1992. (Catalogue).
1743: (OLDENBURG, CLAES). - New Work by Claes Oldenburg Opening Wednesday 4-7 November 4-28 1970 at Sidney Janis 6 West 57. (Catalogue).
1746: (ARTSCHWAGER, RICHARD; BEUYS, JOSEPH; LICHTENSTEIN, ROY; ET AL.). - Subject: Object. Nicola Jacobs Gallery. (21 June - 2 September 1989). (Catalogue).
1750: (COLLINS, JOHN F.). (CAREY, MARTY; PROJECT DIRECTOR). - John F. Collins: Master Photographer. (Photographs 1904-1946). Photofind Gallery, New York / December 2, 1987-January 9, 1988 / Catalogue 7/8.
1755: (GIPE, LAWRENCE). (FRANK, PETER; DROHOJOWSKA, HUNTER). - Lawrence Gipe: Paintings 1986-1989. Karl Bornstein Gallery. (Catalogue).
1760: (PLOUS, PHYLLIS; KLEIN, MICHAEL R.). - Figuration. Exhibition Organized by Phyllis Plous. University Art Museum, Santa Barbara. 6 January-7 February 1982.
1761: (SERRALLER, FRANCISCO CALVO). - L'Imagination Nouvelle. Les Anees [Sic] 70-80. Mam -Musee D'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris / 10 Octobre-22 Novembre 1987. (Catalogue).
1764: (GUMPERT, LYNN; WALLIS, BRIAN). - Beyond the Frame: American Art 1960-1990. Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo July 6-August 18, 1991 / the National Museum of Art, Osaka August 29-September 29, 1991 / Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka November 15-December 15, 1991. (Catalogue).
1950: (SEGAL, GEORGE; JUDD, DONALD; KAPROW, ALLAN; ET AL). - George Segal / Cnacarchives 5.
1970: (MICHALS, DUANE). - Duane Michals: (Exhibition of Recent Photographs by Duane Michals Opening Thursday January 13 from 4 to 7 Pm Through February 5 1983 at Sidney Janis Gallery 110 W. 57 N.Y. ). (Catalog).
2005: (MCCREA, RUTH). - The ABC of Casseroles.
2022: (HYMAN, NAT; COMPILER AND EDITOR). - Eyes of the War: A Photographic Report of World War II. 612 Authentic Battle Photos from Dec. 7, 1941 to V-E Day, May 8, 1945. America's Fighting Forces on All War Fronts. (Cover Title).
27040: (ROSENBERG, JAMES N.; AND PROSKAUER, JOSEPH M.; COMPILERS). - Columbia Verse 1892-1897.
2070: (SHAW & SANFORD). - Sanshaw: Participation Ownership.
2096: (BOLTON, HERBERT E.; WATSON, DOUGLAS S.). - Drake's Plate of Brass: Evidence of His Visit to California in 1579.
2170: (H. P. KRAUS). - Books and Documents of Sixteenth Century. Catalogue 176.
2209: (ANTONIONI, MICHELANGELO). (THIRARD, PAUL-LOUIS; ET AL). - Premier Plan No. 15: M.A. Antonioni.
2236: (BERTOLUCCI, BERNARDO). - Self-Portrait of an Angel and Monster. (Cover Story on "Last Tango in Paris" in Time Magazine of January 22, 1973).
26310: (CHAMPION PAGEANTRY). - Champion Pageantry Text and Cover.
2314: (LANG, FRITZ). - Furie. (in L'Avant Scene / Cinema. No. 78 Fevrier 1968).
2356: (RAY, NICHOLAS). - Nicholas Ray. Mythes, Mythologie / 6e Recontres Art & Cinema / Quimper / 25 Mars 5 Avril 1988.
2362: (LOSEY, JOSEPH). - La Ceremonie Secrete. (in L'Avant Scene / Cinema. No. 93 Juin 1969).
2363: (PASOLINI, PIER PAOLO). - Pierre Kalfon Presente Quatre Chefs-D'Oeuvre de Pier-Paolo Pasolini: Accattone, Oedipe-Roi, Theoreme, Medee /a Partire Du 3 Mars 1976 a la Pagode 37, Rue de Babylone - 75007 Paris... . (Program).
32936: (UNTERMEYER, LOUIS; MARKHAM, EDWIN; ROTH, HERB; SMITH, DAN; NORRIS, FRANK L.; LANDON, G. WARREN; MASTERSON, KATE; TYRRELL, HENRY; MINER, E.H.; ROSS, GORDON; CONREY, L.F.; GUNN, ARCHIE; ET AL). - The Pleiad 1914-1915. (6 Issues of "the Pleiad" from December 1914 Through May 1915 Bound in One Volume).
2388: (VON STERNBERG, JOSEF). (FURTHMAN, JULES). - Morocco and Shanghai Express: Two Films by Josef Von Sternberg.
2410: (WAJDA, ANDRZEJ; MUNK, ANDRZEJ). - Special Polonais: La Passagere / Cendres Et Diamant. (in L'Avant Scene / Cinema. No. Special 47).
31533: (SEROV, I.P.; EDITOR). - [Titled in Cyrillic: Leningrad Artists on the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students Moscow 1957; Album Sketches].
26703: (JOHNSON, FRIDOLF). - Contemporary Ex Libris: An Exhibition. September 20-October 10, 1984. Organized by James P. Keenan. Introduction by Fridolf Johnson. (Catalogue).
2477: (BRIGHTON, ANDREW). - Mai Dolgok: A Nyolcvanas Evek Brit Festeszete Es Szobraszata/Current Affairs: British Painting and Sculpture in the Eighties. Mucsarnok 1987 Aprilis 23-Majus 31 / Budapest, Hosok Tere. (Catalog).
2503: (JOSEPH BAER & CO.). - Incunabula Xylographica Et Typographica / 1450-1500. Lagercatalog 585(III). Nachtrag II. (Catalog).
2504: (BOWRING, CHARLES W.; TABOR, FRANCIS H.). - A History of St. George's Society of New York from 1770 to 1913.
2545: (SHAW, BERNARD). (LEIGHTON, DOUGLAS; ORGANIZER). - Bernard Shaw: Catalogue of an Exhibition at 7 Albermarle St, London to Celebrate His Ninetieth Birthday. July 26 to August 24, 1946.
2562: [FAWCETT, EDGAR]. - The Buntling Ball: A Graeco-American Play. Being a Political Satire on New York Society.
2578: (PIERPONT MORGAN LIBRARY). - The Pierpont Morgan Library - Illustrated Catalogue of an Exhibition Held on the Occasion of the New York World's Fair 1940. New York May Through October 1940. (Catalogue).
24546: (MACGAREGILL, J. H.). - On February 26, 1948 the Board of Directors of Standard Oil Company of California Accepted the Resignation of J.H. Macgaregill As Director and Vice-President of the Company.
2625: [DOOLITTLE, HILDA]. H. D. - The Gift.
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30435: (J.J. WHITE & BRO.). - Exclusively Wholesale. J.J. White & Bro. Importers and Jobbers of Fancy Goods, Notions, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Zephyr Worsteds, Etc. Gents' and Ladies' Furnishing Goods.
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29017: (SCHWILGUE). - A Superb Color Postcard of the Schwilgue Astronomical Clock in the Strasbourg Cathedral, with a Wonderful Moveable Wheel Whereby the Saints Can Move N a Procession Within the Top Window of the Clock, Entitled "L'Horloge Astronomique de la Cathedrale. "
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34166: (CHEW FAMILY). - Colonial American Documents Including the Declaration of Independence from the Chew Family Papers Which Will Be Sold on Thursday, April 1, 1982 at 7: 00 P.M. (Catalog).
34167: (CHEW FAMILY). - Colonial American Documents Including the Declaration of Independence from the Chew Family Papers Which Will Be Sold on Thursday, April 1, 1982 at 7: 00 P.M. (Catalogue).
22234: (DUTTON & COMPANY). - Tip-Top Pictures and Stories.
22996: (NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE CO.). - [Running Title]: Do You Want a Sewing Machine? We Feel Assured If You Do That You Can Make a Selection from This List... . " [an Original Foldout Advertisement Brochure for the New Home Sewing Machine Co. ].
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29180: (KAT RAN PRESS). (RUSSEM, MICHAEL). - Kat Ran Ephemera Club Volume I: "Portraits of Wilhelmina & George", "a Modest Specimen of Koch Antiqua", "a History of Printing in Andover, Massachusetts", "a Wearable Specimen of Wilhelm Klingspor-Schrift", and "in Praise of Fine Printing". 5 Booklets Plus a Wood Engraving, Signed Letters and Additional Ephemera.
28032: (ANONYMOUS). - Wood Engraving of a Sleighing Scene on Boston Neck.
22998: (ANONYMOUS). - Passenger Ships Owned by the United States Government.
20251: (KONRAD, ADOLF). (KOENIG, ROBERT J.). - Adolf Konrad: A Retrospective Exhibition. March 30 - June 22, 1980 / Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, New Jersey / July 19 - September 15, 1980 / New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, New Jersey. (Catalog).
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28350: (THE NOVITA CO.). - Key to Health. Devoted to the Better Instruction of Women Concerning Their Physical Being, Needs, Diseases and How Successfully Treated with a Wonderful Discovery for Woman's Afflictions.
33045: [BACKUS, ELEAZER (1770-1859); PUBLISHER]. - A Collection of Sacred Music, Designed Principally for the Use of Churches Which Sing without a Choir. From the Most Approved Authors.
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