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281757: N/A. - Spafford Area Historical Society Cookbook.
253795: N/A. - When Scouts Worship, Prepared By Church Commission on Scouting (National) . . . Worship Services, Guides, Resources, Hymns, Folk Songs, Fun Songs.
277766: N/A. - Bethel Camp Meeting: China Grove, North Carolina.
282967: N/A. - Colonial Records of Virginia.
281608: N/A. - Non Konformisten.
282007: N/A. - Jacopo Sansovino, Annibale Carracci Ed Altri Contributi.
282008: N/A. - Pasos Restaurados.
286740: EDITORS OF FOOD52. - Food52: Baking: 60 Sensational Treats You Can Pull Off in a Snap.
279901: N/A. - The R.O. T.C. Manual: Infantry: A Textbook for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps: 1st Year Basic, Volume I. 24th Edition.
282210: N/A. - L'idea Del Bello: Viaggio Per Roma Nel Seicento Con Giovan Peitro Bellori: Tomo I + Tomo Ii (2 Volumes).
281548: N/A. - Von Utopie Zu Utopie: Russische Architektur, 1919-1939.
233278: - Aroostook War. Historical Sketch and Roster of Commissioned Officers and Emlisted Men Called Into Service for the Protection of the Northeastern Frontier of Maine. From February to May.
283859: N/A. - Images of an Era: The American Poster 1945-75.
283800: N/A. - L.T. Ward and Bro. Wildfowl Counterfeiters: Ward Bros.
283639: N/A. - Kurt Schwitters.
234451: (MASON, C. E.). - The Mason School Incorporated and Junior College. The Castle. Tarrytown-on-Hudson, New York for Girls and Young Women.
281307: N/A. - Le Metamorfosi Di Ovidio Illustrate Da Luigi Ademollo.
280716: N/A. - Charles Malfray, 1887-1940: Sculpteur.
271482: N/A. - Public Laws and Resolutions of the State of North Carolina Passed By the General Assembly at Its Session of 1893 . . .
280861: N/A. - Animal Friends Picture Book.
273367: N/A. - Rupert.
251630: N/A. - Holy Bible, with Canne's Marginal Notes and References.
278017: (NILES, JOHN MILTON). - A View of South America and Mexico, Comprising Their History, the Political Condition, Geography, Agriculture, Commerce &C. Of the Republics of Mexico, Guatemala, Colbia, Peru, the United Provinces of South America and Chili, with a Complete History of the Revolution in Each of These Independent States: Vol. I + Vol. Ii.
281183: N/A. - Max Ernst: Fragments of Capricorn and Other Scuplture, Sedona, Az - 1948.
279116: (D'OYLY, CHARLES). - Tom Raw, the Griffin: A Burlesque Poem in Twelve Cantos, Descriptive of the Adventures of a Cadet in the East India Company's Service, from the Period of His Quitting England to His Obtaining a Staff Position in India. By a Civilian and an Officer on the Bengal Establishment.
279665: N/A. - The Count Moltke's Two Portraits of the Artist's Daughters By Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Tournus 1725-1805 Paris.
279667: N/A. - Surrealism Emobidied: The Figure in American Art, 1933-1953.
267838: N/A. - Girodet Et L'atelier de David: Au-Dela Du Maitre.
270647: N/A. - Byzance Et la France Medievale: Manuscrits a Peintures Du Iie Au Xvie Siecle.
260364: N/A. - The Young Man's Own Book: A Manual of Politeness, Intellectual, Improvement, and Moral Deportment, Calculated to Form the Character on a Solid Basis, and to Insure Respectability and Success in Life.
279676: N/A. - Hendrick Goltzius and the Classical Tradition.
267830: N/A. - Felix Candela, Arquitecto.
281296: N/A. - Rumford: The Wholesome Baking Powder.
282988: N/A. - Indiana at Antietam: Report of the Indiana Antietam Monument Commission and Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monument. In Commemoration of Her Soldiers Who Fell There.
274136: N/A. - Alfred Kubin.
281306: N/A. - Jean Baptiste Carpeaux's Master Foundry Models of le Rieur & la Rieuse Napolitains.
254551: N/A. - Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis, Sixti V. Pontificis Max, Jussu Recognita, Et Clementis Viii. Auctoritate Edita; Versiculis Distincta, Et Ad Singula Capita Argumentis Indicibusque Aucta, Cum Optimis Editionibus Tum Graecis, Tum Latinis Diligentissime Comparata.
273996: N/A. - Photographie Und Photoarbeiten: 3. November 2001.
274419: N/A. - [Byelorussian Painting of Xii - Xviii Century.
271432: N/A. - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. Second Edition.
247368: N/A. - The People's Almanac, 1840, of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge : Containing Five Sets of Calculations Embracing the Whole U. States and the Canada. Vol. Ii, No. Ii.
233977: - Mallet Articulated Locomotives. Record No. 68
269130: N/A. - L'invention Du Sentiment.
265203: (SHIPLEY, F. W.). - Certain Sources of Corruption in Latin Manuscripts: A Study Based Upon Two Manuscripts of Livy; Codex Puteanus (Fifth Century), and Its Copy Codex Reginensis 762 (Ninth Century).
265021: N/A. - Gedruckte Kunst Von Schongauer Bis Goya.
264906: N/A. - In the Ranks.
258475: N/A. - Minutes of the Sixty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Held in Greensboro, N.C. , December 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1895.
264719: N/A. - L'art Au Temps Des Rois Maudits Philippe le Bel Et Ses Fils, 1285-1328.
262304: (TALBOT, CATHERINE). - Essays on Various Subjects, Vol. I.
261675: N/A. - Bulletin of the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina: Catalogue Issue for the Year 1953-1954, Announcements for 1954-1955.
263728: N/A. - Chartres: Naissance 'une Cathedrale: Documentation Photographique.
263585: N/A. - Boccace En France: De L'humanisme a L'erotisme.
263407: N/A. - Un Temps D'exuberance: Les Arts Decoratifs Sous Louis Xiii Et Anne D'autriche: Paris, Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais, 9 Avril - 8 Juillet 2002.
262936: N/A. - Federal Bomb Intelligence: U.S. Government Guide to Terrorist Explosives.
262854: N/A. - The Modern University: Its Present Status and Future Prospects. Papers from the Sixth Kenan Convocation, April 22-24, 1993
262798: N/A. - Eugene Delacroix.
262653: N/A. - Andy Warhol's Statue of Liberty: Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale, New York, Wednesday 14 November 2012.
260998: N/A. - Il Gotico a Pistoia Nei Suoi Rapporti Con L'arte Gotica Italiana: Atti Del 2° Convegno Internazionale Di Studi.
262447: - Schubert-Lieder Fûr Singstimme Mit Pianoforte Begleitung.
262177: N/A. - Shining Pearl of the Snowland: China Tibetan Culture Exhibition.
262133: N/A. - Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812: Detached from the Militia of North Carolina, in 1812 and 1814.
261742: N/A. - Southern Perspective: A Sampling from the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts.
261697: N/A. - Sing a Song of Sixpence.
261690: N/A. - Aunt Mayflower's Alphabet.
261607: N/A. - Valentine and Orson, Or, the Surprising Adventures of Two Sons of the Emperor of Greece. Embellished with Cuts and, in Addition, Reproductions of the Original Water-Colour Drawings from Which the Copperplates Were Engraved.
261520: N/A. - The New England Primer Enlarged; O, an Easy and Pleasant Guide to the Art of Reading, Adorn'd with Cuts. To Which Are Added, the Assembly of Divines, and Mr. Cotton's Catechism, &C.
264700: N/A. - Ginn & Company's Classical Atlas in Twenty Three Coloured Maps, with Complete Index.
260740: N/A. - The Broken Pitcher; Or, the Ways of Providence. By the Author of 'luke Darrell, the Chicago Newsboy;' 'mabel Ross, the Sewing-Girl,' Etc.
274385: N/A. - 60 Years of Home Cooking: Texas Co-Op Power, 1940-2000.
260290: (GREEN, CALVIN, & SETH Y. WELLS). - A Summary View of the Millennial Church, Or United Society of Believers, (Commonly Called Shakers. ) Comprising the Rise, Progress and Practical Order of the Society; Together with the General Principles of Their Faith and Testimony.
260204: E. S. M. - Sly Ballads in Harvard China.
259952: N/A. - Dioecesis Cantuariensis Registrum Johannis Pecham (the Register of John Pecham Archbishop of Canterbury, 1279-1292): Pars Prima, Pars Secunda, Pars Tertia, Pars Quarta (Index): The Canterbury and York Society Vols. Lxiii, Part Xiv, Part Xxii, Part Cxxxiii, & Part Cxxxv).
259631: N/A. - Library of Congress Naval Records of the American Revolution, 1775-1788.
247201: - Baby Dinks and Other Babies.
259273: N/A. - Cleveland County, N.C. Land Grants.
259132: N/A. - Boyd Webb: Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, 23 April - 31 May 1994.
259128: N/A. - The Art of Home Candy Making. Third Revised Edition.
258578: N/A. - The Franklin Car: Describing Types, Principles of Construction, Performance and Mechanical Details.
258478: N/A. - Minutes of the Sixty-Seventh Annual Session of the Tar River Association, Held with the Church at Stony Creek, Nash Co. , October 5, 6 and 7, 1897.
258474: N/A. - Minutes of the Sixty-Second Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Held in the Town of Goldsboro, N.C. , December 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, 1892.
258473: N/A. - Minutes of the Sixty-First Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Held in the Town of Goldsboro, N.C. , November 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th, 1891.
257628: N/A. - Ricordo Di Venezia: Vedute Artistiche, Series N. 288.
257418: N/A. - The Gospel Liturgy: A Prayer-Book for Churches, Congregations, and Families, Prepared By Direction of the General Convention of Universalists.
256711: N/A. - The Chanticleer: The Year Book of Duke Universtiy, Durham N.C. Vol. Xvii, Anno Domini Mcmxxx.
256240: N/A. - Ascendant Tables Showing Approximately the Sign and Degree of the Zodiac, Rising Each Hour of Every Fourth Day in Any Year. A Table of Houses for Latitude 41°, North.
256175: N/A. - Peking Opera Facial Designs.
255812: N/A. - Manuscripts of the American Revolution in the Boston Public Library. A Descriptive Catalog.
252414: N/A. - Catalogue of the Trustees, Faculty and Students of the University of North Carolina, October 1, 1839.
252287: N/A. - Mihai Eminescu: Symposium Dedicated to the 135th Anniversary of the Greatest Romanian Poet, January 18-19, 1985.
250785: N/A. - Ferozsons English Urdu Dictionary: English Words with Their Equivaltents in Urdu.
269254: N/A. - Millet and His Barbizon Contemporaries.
248928: N/A. - Celo Community: Celo, North Carolina.
248346: N/A. - Marshfield: 70°- 40'w : 42° - 5'n: The Autobiography of a Town.
248078: N/A. - Sicilia 1965: Omaggio Dell'assessorato Turismo Comunicazioni E Trasporti Della Regione Siciliana.
238719: - Jezuitsky Konvikt. Sidlo Umeleckeho Centra Univerzity Palackeho V Olomoci.
250781: N/A. - Over the Shoulder Coloring Book.
267909: N/A. - Tiomnadh Nuadh Ar Tighearna Agus Ar Slanuighir Iosa Criosd Eadar-Theangaichte O'n Ghreugais Chum Gaelic Albannaich.
247844: N/A. - Welcome . . . New Orleanians, 1947-1948.
279902: N/A. - The R.O. T.C. Manual: Infantry: A Textbook for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps: 2nd Year Basic, Volume Ii. 24th Edition.
252836: N/A. - Hertford County: The First Two Hundred Years, 1584-1789.
244179: 3CZERMAK, WILHELM, HERBERT W. DUDA & PAUL KRETSCHMER (EDITORS). - Wiener Zeitschrift Fur Die Kunde Des Morgenlandes: 52. Band - 3. Und 4. Heft.
282180: N/A. - Da Pisanello Alla Nascita Dei Musei Capitolini: L'antico a Roma All Vigilia Del Rinascimento.
282086: N/A. - Le Stanze Del Cardinale Monti, 1635-1650: La Collezione Ricomposta.
275388: N/A. - New England, and Her Institutions. By One of Her Sons (the American Popular Library).
252413: N/A. - Catalogue of the Trustees, Faculty and Students of the University of North Carolina, October 1, 1837.
282128: N/A. - Luca Giordano: Un Omaggio Alla Sua Pittura E Alla Natura Morta Del Suo Tempo.
277515: N/A. - The Popular Reader, Or Complete Scholar; Intended As a Reading Book for the Higher Classes in Academies and Other Schools in the United States.
279380: N/A. - Pinocchio: A Living Story Book.
280797: N/A. - David Miretsky: December 4, 1999 - January 8, 2000.
284809: N/A. - History of Litchfield County, Connecticut, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of the Prominent Men and Pioneers.
279837: N/A. - Historic Fayetteville and Cumberland County: Upper Cape Fear, 1754-1976.
269020: N/A. - Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Alabama, at the Annual Convocation Held in the City of Montgomery, 1886.
250237: N/A. - A Memorial of William Mckinley, from the City of Boston.
250206: N/A. - The Boston Book. Being Specimens of Metropolitan Literature.
272246: N/A. - 1840 Census, Bladen County, North Carolina.
272248: N/A. - Old Trinity Methodist Church, Bladen County, N.C.
274040: N/A. - Lyonel Feininger: Etchings, Lithographs, and Woodcuts from the Estate of the Artist, March 20 - April 15, 1972.
250741: N/A. - The Durham Centennial Celebration Commemorating One Hundred Years of Progress.
284431: N/A. - In the Light of Caravaggio.
247370: N/A. - The People's Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge 1838. Vol. I. No. 5.
279251: N/A. - The Beauties of Portland and Scenic Gems of Casco Bay.
282721: N/A. - Da Paolo Veneziano a Canova: Capolavori Dei Musei Veneti Restaurati Dalla Regione Del Veneto 1984-2000.
282715: N/A. - Pier Francesco Mola, 1612-1666.
277703: N/A. - Eduardo Chillida: Xliv Esposizione Internatzionale D'arte la Biennale Di Venezia.
252060: N/A. - Lowell Offering: A Repository of Original Articles, Written By "Factory Girls. " April, 1845.
284193: N/A. - Bilingual Buddhist Series: Doctrines of Buddhism Volume One.
258930: N/A. - Vinton's Agricultural Almanac & Diary, 1912.
281584: N/A. - Di Oficio Pintor: Arte Colonial Venezolano. Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros.
274921: N/A. - The History of Clay County.
280695: N/A. - Perfect Etiquette; Or, How to Behave in Society. A Complete Manual for Ladies and Gentlemen.
283720: N/A. - Crowning Glory: The Story of Duke's 1991 Ncaa Championship Season.
235539: ( RUFFINI, GIOVANNI DOMENICO ). - The Paragreens on a Visit to the Paris Universal Exhibition.
258593: N/A. - Baby Days: A New Selection of Songs, Stories, and Pictures for Very Little Folks, with an Introduction By the Editor of St. Nicholas. 300 Illustrations.
277687: N/A. - California Figurative Sculpture.
278012: N/A. - Nouvelles Lettres Suisses Sur Divers Sujets, Et Sur-Tout Sur Les Affaires Presentes de L'europe.
271923: N/A. - Stories Worth Telling: More Stories 'neath the Roan. Oral Histories of Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties.
271922: N/A. - Stories 'neath the Roan. Memories of the Poeple of Yancey, Mitchell and Avery Counties at the Foot of Roan Mountain in North Carolina.
249127: N/A. - Fountainhead Presents Xiv Black International Cinema Berlin, 1998 1999.
247944: N/A. - Die Bibel, Oder Die Ganze Heilige Schrift, Des Alten Und Neuen Testaments, Nach Der Teutschen Uebersekung D. Martin Luthers. Rebst Der Vorrede Des Sel. Hrn. Consistorialraths D. Gotthils August Franchen
247892: N/A. - Journal of Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of Delegates, Chosen to Revise the Constitution of Massachusetts, Begun and Holden at Boston, November 15, 1820 and Continued By Adjournment to January 9, 1821.
274303: (DEFOE, DANIEL). - A Military History of Germany; and of England. From the Year 1631 to the Year 1648. Being the Memoirs of an English Gentleman, Who Served in the Army of Gustavus Adolphus; and Afterwards in the Royal Army of King Charles I.
272249: N/A. - Mount Horeb Church and Gravestones, Bladen County, N.C.
273976: N/A. - Inspirations and Context: The Drawings of Albert Paley.
269016: N/A. - Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Alabama, at the Annual Convocation Held in the City of Montgomery, 1882.
246785: N/A. - The Boy's Own Book; a Complete Encyclopedia of All the Diversions Athletic, Scientific, and Recreative, of Boyhood and Youth.
273608: N/A. - Aladdin, Or the Wonderful Lamp, and Other Stories: One Hundred Illustrations.
282896: N/A. - Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: North Carolina.
231978: ( LEFEBRE, JOHN ). - Start!
246633: N/A. - Fiberglas: This Is Fiberglas at the New York World's Fair . . . Performing Wonders Other Materials Cannot Match.
281552: N/A. - Jean-Leon Gerome: Corinthe: Lot 38 de la Vente Tableaux Et Dessins Du Xixe Siecle.
269011: N/A. - Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Alabama, at the Annual Convocation Held in the City of Montgomery, 1877.
274003: N/A. - Quatre Cents Images Populaires Francaises: Quelques Images Parisiennes Du Xvie Siecle Dites de la Rue Montorgueil En Vente Chez Paul Proute.
274016: N/A. - Light Sensitive: Photographic Works from North Carolina Collections.
280014: N/A. - Form and Substance: The Art of George Tobolowsky.
271773: N/A. - Severin: Zwischen Romerzeit Und Volkerwanderung.
232817: - Report of the Select Committee Appointed to Investigate the Memorial of Davis Hatch. June 25, 1870.
282126: N/A. - The Life of Sergeant I.W. Ambler.
283721: N/A. - Chanticleer: Volume Lvi, 1968.
282015: N/A. - Seicento: Le Siecle de Caravage Dans Les Collections Francaises.
271956: N/A. - Report of State Commission for Erection of Monument to Ninth New Jersey Volunteers at New Berne, North Carolina.
281295: N/A. - Angelus Recipes. "One Taste Invites Another"
274554: N/A. - History of the Essex Troop, 1890-1925.
276603: N/A. - Recipes for a Cold Springs Pig-Nic.
240731: N/A. - Traditional Methods of Cultivation in Greece, with a Summary in English.
286551: N/A. - Davidson Collects: 100 Writers Respond to Art.
279533: (ROSS, DAVID). - The Land of the Five Rivers and Sindh.
277688: N/A. - Egypt in la.
285159: N/A. - A Patch Work Quilt of Favorite Tales.
235184: - One Thousand Valuable Secrets Into the Elegant and Useful Arts Collected from the Practice of the Best Artists and Containing an Account of the Various Methods.
276113: N/A. - The Manyoshi: One Thousand Poems. Selected and Translated from the Japanese. With Text in Romaji.
274444: N/A. - Walt Disney's Goofy Punch out and Stencil.
281152: N/A. - Masterpieces of Art: Five Centuries of Painting and Sculpting.
276350: N/A. - Shandon Shares: Favorite Recipes from Shandon United Methodist Church, Columbia, Sc.
246503: N/A. - Maestri Moderni E Contemporanei: Antologia Scelta, 2009, Da Venerdi, 12 Dicembre 2008.
246501: N/A. - Maestri Moderni E Contemporanei: Antologia Scelta, 2007, Da Venerdi, 15 Dicembre 2006.
281338: N/A. - Alirio Palacios: Entre Lo Real Y Sus Signos.
243091: - Die Bibel, Oder Die Ganze Heilige Schrift, Des Alten Und Neuen Testaments, Nach Der Teutschen Uebersekung D. Martin Luthers.
274909: N/A. - The Ghost Squadron of the Confederate Air Force: A Pictorial History of the Preservation of the World's Greatest Combat Aircraft of World War I.
277583: N/A. - Oak Leaf 1965: Navy Supply Corps School.
283143: N/A. - Waldensian Cookery.
281603: N/A. - Leonidas Correa: Desde El Surrealismo Al Minimalismo. Un Homenaje a la Madre!
274015: N/A. - Out of Eastern Europe: Private Photography: List Visual Arts Center, Mit.
277684: N/A. - Idelle Weber: Paintings and Works on Paper, 1986-1987.
280848: N/A. - Christian Imagery in French Nineteenth Century Art, 1789-1906.
246373: N/A. - Seeing Greater Chicago By the Chicago Surface Lines: A Sightseeing and Route Guide.
275553: N/A. - The Rosebud Annual.
274027: N/A. - Photographie Und Photoarbeiten: 6. November 1999.
278009: (BERTRAND, JEAN-BAPTISTE). - Relation Historique de Tout Ce Qui S'est Passé a Marseille Pendant la Dernier Peste.
277955: N/A. - Armando Reveron (1889-1954): Exposicion Antologica.
281556: N/A. - Henry Moore: Lithographies - Gravures 1976-1979.
284482: N/A. - Important European Bronzes: Tomasso Brothers Fine Art.
274025: N/A. - Photographie / Photography: 31. Mai/1/2. Juni 2010. Koln. Lempertz Auktionen.
249971: N/A. - The Fire Fighters of London in Action, By an Auxiliary Fireman of the London Fire Brigade.
280348: N/A. - Black's Guide to Ireland, Illustrated with Maps and Plans: Twenty-Fourth Edition.
286479: N/A. - Los Leoni (1509-1608): Escultores Del Renacimiento Italiano Al Servicio de la Corte de EspañA.
269014: N/A. - Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Alabama, at the Annual Convocation Held in the City of Montgomery, 1880.
281325: N/A. - The Painter's Eye: The Art of Greek Ceramics: Greek Vases from a Swiss Private Collection and Other European Collections.
273963: N/A. - New England Engraved: The Prints of Aza Cheffetz.
274312: N/A. - Three Hundred Things a Bright Boy Can Do. By Many Hands. Fully Illustrated.
271797: N/A. - The Penland Book of Ceramics: Masterclasses in Ceramic Techniques.
236579: ( PERCY, THOMAS ). - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and Other Pieces of the English Poets Together with Some Few of Later Date. Three Volumes.
279391: N/A. - Dreamers and Academics.
269013: N/A. - Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Alabama, at the Annual Convocation Held in the City of Montgomery, 1879.
275849: N/A. - Portraits Publics, Portraits Prives, 1770-1830.
280796: N/A. - Felicien Rops: La Modernita Scandalosa, 1833-1898: Roma, Museo Nazionale Del Palazzo Di Venezia, 22 Maggio - 1 Settembre 1996.
273255: N/A. - Rituale Ecclesiae Dunelmensis (Publications of the Surtees Society).
246310: N/A. - Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in Which the Elements of That Science Are Familiarly Explained, and Adapted to the Comprehension of Young Pupils, Illustrated with Plates.
279657: N/A. - London: Twenty-Four Artistic Views: Beautifully Printed in Latest Mezzo-Tint Process.
285885: N/A. - Franz Kline: Art and the Structure of Identity.
275868: N/A. - The Age of Correggio and the Carracci: Emilian Painting of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
247364: N/A. - The People's Almanac 1842.
281280: N/A. - The Ernest Brummer Collection: Vol. 1: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art. + Vol. 2: Ancient Art (Two Volumes).
279346: N/A. - Routledge French Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance Dictionnaire Anglais Des Affaires, Du Commerce Et de la Finance.
281698: N/A. - Spatial Force Constructions, 1921-22.
280872: N/A. - Oleg Tselkov.
277954: N/A. - Armando Reveron (1889-1954): Exposicion Antologica.
271464: N/A. - Russian Avant-Garde, 1908-1922. October 16 - December 18, 1971.
256816: N/A. - Elizabethtown Bicentennial 1773-1973.
277940: N/A. - Centennial Ceremonies Held in Christ Church Parish, Raleigh, North Carolina A.D. 1921. Including Historical Addresses.
277933: M. M. - Memoirs of the Foreign Legion.
285414: N/A. - Pieces of History: Quilt Patterns from the North Carolina Museum of History: Volumes I & Ii. Deluxe Edition.
242666: J. H. B. (EDITOR). - The Mosaic.
273991: N/A. - Ensor and His Contemporaries: Printmaking in Belgium from 1863 to 1929.
274006: N/A. - Carlo Maratti and His Contemporaries: Figurative Drawings from the Roman Baroque.
280802: N/A. - Mark Di Suvero.
285209: N/A. - Journal Historique Et Litteraire. I. Septembre 1778. Tome Cll - 15 Decembre 1778.
247365: N/A. - The People's Almanac 1842.
286379: N/A. - Tiziano E Il Ritratto Di Corte Da Raffaello Ai Carracci.
285693: N/A. - Black's Guide to the Trossachs: Stirling, Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond Etc. Etc.
285977: N/A. - Cyclopedia of Eminent and Representative Men of the Carolinas of the Nineteenth Century: Volume 1: South Carolina.
271467: N/A. - Thorvald Erichsen Pa Lillehammer.
236488: (VANBRUGH, SIR JOHN). - The Relapse; Or, Virtue in Danger: Being the Sequel of the Fool in Fathom, a Comedy, Acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. By the Author of a Late Comedy, Call'd, the 'provok'd Wife.
267837: N/A. - Strong in Her Girls: The Madeira School Centennial History 1906-2006.
274012: N/A. - Photographically Illustrated: Books and Albums with Original Photographs, 1859-1947: Catalog Iii.
275851: N/A. - Francois Boucher, His Circle and Influence.
282743: N/A. - Lorenzo Ghiberti: 'materia E Ragionamenti'. Firenze, Museo Dell'accademia E Museo Di San Marco, 18 Ottobre 1978 / 31 Gennaio 1979.
277727: N/A. - "Mademoiselle Miss": Letters from an American Girl Serving with the Rank of Lieutenant in a French Army Hospital at the Front.
281620: N/A. - Les Carrousels de L'ecole de Cavalerie a Saumur.
287076: N/A. - Our Native Land: Or, Glances at American Scenery and Places, with Sketches of Life and Adventure.
266087: (ARLISS, JOHN). - The Pocket Magazine of Classic and Polite Literature: Vol. Xiii.
266086: (ARLISS, JOHN). - The Pocket Magazine of Classic and Polite Literature: Vol. Xi.
277698: N/A. - Paul Delvaux, Rene Magritte, 13 April - 18 June, 1988.
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