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66474: CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED NO. 65 - A Biography of Benjamin Franklin; Classics Illustrated No. 65
12008: (RUSSELL, G.W.E.) - An Onlooker's Note-Book
072182: CLASS OF 1996 - Panthers Ewen-Trout Creek High School 2001; Ewen & Trout Creek, Michigan
072181: CLASS OF 2001 - Panthers Ewen-Trout Creek High School 2001; Ewen & Trout Creek, Michigan
074172: 63467 - The Copper Range Railroad
074327: REES, ROBERT A. & HARBERT, EARL N., EDITORS - Fifteen American Authors Before 1900; Bibliographic Essays on Research and Criticism
078329: U.S.D.A. - Complete Guide to Home Canning, Preserving, and Freezing
079170: VARIOUS AUTHORS; U.S.D.A. - Diagnosing Injury to Eastern Forest Trees; a Manual for Identifying Damage Caused by Air Pollution, Pathogens, Insects, and Abiotic Stresses
2670: MURPHY, DAVID E., KONDRASHEV, SERGEI A. & BAILEY, GEORGE. - Battle Ground Berlin; Cia Vs Kgb in the Cold War.
076044: DAUBENDIEK, BERTHA A. & NEWNAN, EDNA S. - Michigan Nature Association in Retrospect 1960-1988; Celebrating 28 Years of Preserving Michigan's Wild and Rare Natural Lands
073596: NO AUTHOR; U.S.D.A. - Home Freezing of Fruits and Vegetables; Home and Garden Bulletin No. 10
066858: WILLIAMS, JACK; WOOD, CHRISTOPHER A.; ET AL - Watershed Restoration; Principles and Practices
57097: GARRISON, GEORGE A. ET AL - Vegetation and Environmental Features of Forest and Range Ecosystems
11850: MEDAK, HERMAN; MCGREW, ELIZABETH A.; ET AL - Atlas of Oral Cytology
56013: BEARD, JAMES A. & BROWN, HELEN EVANS - The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery
075332: KRISTAL, FRANK A. & ANNETT, F. A. - Pumps; Types, Selection, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
071645: BEATON, JAMES A. & CHAMBERS, ALFRED B. - Conklin's Handy Manual of Useful Information Combined with Edison's Encyclopedia and Atlas of the World
073990: BECHTOLD, WILLIAM A. & RUARK, GREGORY A. - Structure of Pine Stands in the Southwest
54497: KOKOSA, RICHARD A. & MUSS, DANIEL R., EDITORS - Ieee Transactions on Electron Devices; August, 1976; Volume Ed-23 Number 8
21905: BRIZER, DAVID A. & CROWNER, MARTHA L. - Current Approaches to the Prediction of Violence
47177: ELIAS, ELIAS A. & ED. E. - Elias' Pocket Dictionary English-Arabic
070350: BEARD, CHARLES A. & MARY R. - The Beard's New Basic History of the United States
50245: GILMOUR, R. A. & BARBER, MARGUERITE E.; HANCOCK HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS - Han-Cen-Hi Published by the Senior Class of Hancock Central High School Hancock, Michigan One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirty; 1930
61584: PALMER, WILLARD A. ET AL - Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course; Lesson Book Level Two
3354: ZWENG, CHARLES A. & DOHM, JOHN - Flying the Omnirange;. Omnidirectional Radio Range, Distance Measuring Equipment, and the Victor Airways
10826: HAXBYM JAMES A. - The Royal Canadian Mint and Canadian Coinage; Striking Impressions
14345: KASSAM, SALEEM A. & THOMAS, JOHN B. - Nonparametric Detection Theory and Applications
15692: PATTEN, JOHN A. ET AL - Our Heritage
65807: DALPRA, MARK A.; ET AL - Anesthesiology; Seventh Edition; Medical Examination Review; Volume 12
066880: PALMER, WILLARD A. ET AL - Alfred's Basic Electronic Keyboard Course
19286: QUANBECK, WARREN A. & HENDRY, GEORGE S. - A Reexamination of Lutheran and Reformed Traditions; Volumes 1 & 2
19530: NORGREN, WILLIAM A. & RUSCH, WILLIAM G., EDITORS - Toward Full Communion and Concord of Agreement; Lutheran-Episcopal Dialogue Series III
072591: COLES, WILLIAM A. & REED, HENRY HOPE - Architecture in America; a Battle of Styles
23884: JANTTI, Y. A. & HAAVIO, MARTTI - Suomen Talvi; Runoja Ja Valokuvia Syksysla Kevaaseen
28815: SMATHERS, GARRETT A. & MUELLER-DOMBOIS, DIETER - Invasion and Recovery of Vegetation After a Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii
33064: ANNETT, F. A. & ROE, A. C. - Connecting and Testing Direct-Current Machines
078313: MANNING, GEORGE A. & OGLE, BURDETTE A. - Geology of the Blue Lake Quadrangle California; Bulletin 148
34435: PEI, MARIO A. & GAYNOR, FRANK - A Dictionary of Linguistics
34732: GLASRUD, BRUCE A. & SMITH, ALAN M. - Promises to Keep; a Portrayal of Nonwhites in the United States
65664: AHO, G. A. & NOPOLA, J. E., INTRODUCTION - Evankelis-Luterilainen Kansalliskirkko
076667: TURNBAUGH, WILLIAM A. & SARAH PEABODY - Basket Tales of the Grandmothers; American Indian Baskets in Myth and Legend
62732: FRIEND, J. A. & GUTMANN, F.; ROYAL AUSTRALIAN CHEMICAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the First Australian Conference on Electrochemistry Held at Sydney, 13-15th February and Hobart, 18-20th February 1963
17203: LOURIE, MARGARET A. ET AL, EDITORS - Michigan Quarterly Review; Winter 1987; Volume XXVI , Number 1; Women and Memory
45644: HAMMA, KENNETH, EDITOR; AMYX, DARRELL A. ET AL - The Dechter Collection of Greek Vases
074371: FRIEND, J. A. & GUTMANN, F.; ROYAL AUSTRALIAN CHEMICAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the First Australian Conference on Electrochemistry Held in Sydney, 13-15th February and Hobart, 18-20th February 1963
46896: BURTON, JOHN A. & RISDON, D. H. S. - Birds
56875: MUELLER, GORDON A. & MARSH, PAUL C. - Lost, a Desert River and Its Native Fishes; a Historical Perspective of the Lower Colorado River
49755: JUDD, PETER A. & LINDGREN, A. BRUCE - An Introduction to the Saints Church Including User's Guide
51151: MESTON, SHELLY A. & GLIME, JANICE M. - Laboratory Exercises for Botanical Interface
51299: DAUBENDIEK, BERTHA A. & NEWNAN, EDNA S. - Michigan Nature Association in Retrospect 1960-1988; Celebrating 28 Years of Preserving Michigan's Wild and Rare Natural Lands
077938: NORTH, ABBIE A. & ESPREY, MARY H. - Harris Cook Book
52204: NESSER, JOHN A.; ET AL - Ecological Units of the Northern Region; Subsections
52436: MILLER, GEORGE A. & LENNEBERG, ELIZABETH, EDITORS - Psychology and Biology of Language and Thought; Essays in Honor of Eric Lenneberg
52438: POLK, THAD A. & SEIFERT, COLLEEN M., EDITORS - Cognitive Modeling
53806: LOMAX, JOHN A. & ALAN - Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads; Revised and Enlarged
54273: WESTBROOK, A. & RATTI, O. - Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere; an Illustrated Introduction
073037: GILMOUR, R. A. & BARBER, MARGUERITE E.; HANCOCK HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS - Han-Cen-Hi Published by the Senior Class of Hancock Central High School Hancock, Michigan One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty Nine; 1929
077915: CLARK, ROBERT A. & BRUNER, PATRICK J. - The Arthur H. Clark Company; an Americana Century 1902-2002
077557: PFIRTER, A.; ET AL - Composting; an Introduction to the Rational Use of Organic Waste
072481: TEMPLE, STANLEY A. & CARY, JOHN R. - Wisconsin Birds; a Seasonal and Geographical Guide
20448: MCDONALD, WILLIAM A. & RAPP, GEORGE R., JR. - The Minnesota Messenia Expedition Reconstructing a Bronze Age Regional Environment
28208: SVENDSEN, KNUD ERIK; HANSEN, SVEND AAGE; ET AL - Dansk Pengehistorie; 3 Volumes; 1700-1960
11965: AALL, HERMAN HARRIS - The Neutral Investigation of the Causes of Wars
067392: AALTIO, MAIJA-HELLIKKI - Finnish for Foreigners
077342: AALTO, ALVAR; SCHILDT, GORAN - Alvar Aalto in His Own Words
078778: AAPELI - Pikku Pietarin Piha
077680: REUNALA, AARNE; ET AL - The Green Kingdom; Finland's Forest Cluster
067057: AARNIO, ALLAN - Seissi Ja Karjuflaski; Maalarijuttuja Vuosikymmenien Takaa
43848: AARON, DANIEL, EDITOR - From a Darkened Room; the Inman Diary
10625: COPLAND, AARON & PERLIS, VIVIAN - Copland Since 1943
10626: COPLAND, AARON & PERLS, VIVIAN - Copland 1900 Through 1942
079235: ABBEY, EDWARD - Cactus Country
078440: ABBEY, EDWARD - The Monkey Wrench Gang
50888: ABBEY, EDWARD - Hayduke Lives
51426: ABBEY, EDWARD - Slickrock; the Canyon Country of Southeast Utah
65225: ABBEY, EDWARD - The Monkey Wrench Gang
078789: ABBOT, CHARLES GREELEY, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHGORS - Smithsonian Scientific Series; 12 Volumes; Patron's Edition
17985: ABBOT, WILLIS JOHN - The Nations at War a Current History
067992: ABBOT, WILLIS JOHN - Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose
64413: ABBOTT, ARTHUR L. - National Electrical Code Handbook Based on the 1947 Edition . Including 1949 Code Supplement
1972: ABBOTT, WILBUR C. - Adventures in Reputation; with an Essay on Some "New" History and Historians
076774: ABBOTT, DIANE B., EDITOR - The Lower Peninsula of Michigan; an Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
075140: ABBOTT, CHARLES C. - Travels in a Tree-Top
070510: ABBOTT, EDWIN A. - Flatland a Romance of Many Dimensions
075025: ABBOTT, JACOB - William the Conqueror; Makers of History
2841: ABBOTT, WILBUR CORTEZ - Conflicts with Oblivion
26391: ABBOTT, JACOB - Rollo in Paris
076775: ABBOTT, DIANE B., EDITOR - The Lower Peninsula of Michigan; an Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
075032: ABBOTT, JOHN S. C. - Henry IV; Makers of History
38444: ABDULATI, HAMMUDAH - Islam in Focus
66121: ZEGEYE, ABEBE & GOLDBERG, DAVID THEO, EDITORS - Social Identities; Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture; Volume 1 Numbers 1 & 2, 1995; 2 Volumes
27007: ABEGG, MAX - Alles Uber Film; Und Filmen; Hobby Bucherei Band 14
31679: ABEGGLEN, DR. JAMES C.; KAHN, HERMAN; MORLEY, DR. JAMES W. - Japan and the United States in the 1970's; a Summary of Discussions at Racine, Wisconsin, December 2, 1969
9121: CICERO; ABEKEN, BERNHARD RUDOLF - Cicero in Seinen Briefen; Ein Leitfaden Durch Dieselben
55177: ABELE, FRED B. - The Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Co. 1826 - 1853
18972: ABELL, SAM; GILKA, ROBERT E., INTRODUCTION - Stay This Moment; the Photographs of Sam Abell
078318: ABELLA, ALEX - The Total Banana
076045: ABERG, ALF - The People of New Sweden; Our Colony on the Delaware River 1638-1655
57284: ABERG, J. O. - Samlade Arbeten
48768: ABERNATHY, ANN - The Oak Park Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright
55722: ABLEY, MARK - Beyond Forget; Rediscovering the Prairies
16489: D'ABOVILLE, GERARD - Alone; the Man Who Braved the Vast Pacific - and Won
13535: ABRAHAMSON, UNA - Crafts Canada; the Useful Arts
8095: ABRAMOV, FYODOR - Two Winters and Three Summers
33920: ABRAMOWITZ, RACHEL - Is That a Gun in Your Pocket
35239: ABRAMS, M. H. - English Romantic Poets; Modern Essays in Criticism
074443: ABRAMSON, HOWARD S. - Hero in Disgrace; the Life of Arctic Explorer Fredrick A. Cook
074043: ABREU, ZEQUINHA; OLIVEIRA, ALOYSIA; DRAKE, ERVIN - Tico-Tico (Tico0tico No Fuba)
846: ABRUZZO, ANDERSON, NEWMAN. - Double Eagle.
068841: OGWAL-ABWANG, BENONI - Forgive Them; a Bird's Eye View of Idi Amin's Uganda
61318: SHELTON ACADEMY - The Sun Dial June 1936;Volume IV Number IX; Annual Campaign Number
070202: ABDULLAH, ACHMED & ABBOT, ANTHONY - Flower of the Gods
077976: ACIN, JOSE LUIS; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Aragon Puertas Abiertas
60117: ACKERMAN, PAUL, EDITOR - Turnover the Monthly for Radio, Television, Record and Phonograph Dealers; March, 1949; Volume 1 Number 9
60116: ACKERMAN, PAUL, EDITOR - Turnover the Monthly for Radio, Television, Record and Phonograph Dealers; July, 1949; Volume 2 Number 1
60115: ACKERMAN, PAUL, EDITOR - Turnover the Monthly for Radio, Television, Record and Phonograph Dealers; February, 1949; Volume 1 Number 8
60114: ACKERMAN, PAUL, EDITOR - Turnover the Monthly for Radio, Television, Record and Phonograph Dealers; August, 1949; Volume 2 Number 2
60113: ACKERMAN, PAUL, EDITOR - Turnover the Monthly for Radio, Television, Record and Phonograph Dealers; October, 1949; Volume 2 Number 4
60112: ACKERMAN, PAUL, EDITOR - Turnover the Monthly for Radio, Television, Record and Phonograph Dealers; September, 1949; Volume 2 Number 3
076798: ACKLEY, EDITH FLACK - Marionettes; Easy to Make! Fun to Use!
076797: ACKLEY, EDITH FLACK - Marionettes; Easy to Make! Fun to Use!
073562: ADAIR, NEAL G., EDITOR - Motor; March 1950; Vol. 93 No. 3
66445: ADAIR, JAMES R. - M.R. Dehaan the Man and His Ministry
067906: ADAIR, MILDRED - In Camp; Piano Solo
18165: ADAM, ANTOINE - Histoire de la Litterature Francaise; 5 Volumes
23103: ADAM, JOHN DOUGLAS - Religion and the Growing Mind
57572: ADAMKOSKY, WALTER V., EDITOR - Annual Year Book 1976 U.S. T.A. Vol. 89
56431: ADAMS, MICHAEL - Slang; the People's Poetry
66524: ADAMS, COLONEL R. M. - Through to 1970; Royal Signal Corps Golden Jubilee
63218: ADAMS, JOHN W. - Horseshoeing
075820: ADAMS, J. T. - The Complete Concrete, Masonry, and Brick Handbook
078804: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - The March of Democracy; a History of the United States; Volume II; a Half-Century of Expansion
078805: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - The March of Democracy; a History of the United States; Volume IV; America and World Power
077924: ADAMS, MARIAN ALICE - The Hapman Story
56758: ADAMS, R. H.; CROSS, HENRY H. - Illustrated Catalogue of Indian Portraits Followed by Portraits of Scouts, Guides, Generals, Etc.
51205: ADAMS, REX - Miracle Medicine Foods
073264: ADAMS, ANSEL - The Negative
56404: HEMPLEMAN-ADAMS, DAVID - Walking on Thin Ice; in Pursuit of the North Pole
078656: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - The Hitchhiker's Trilogy
077525: ADAMS, CHAS. C., DIRECTOR - An Ecological Survey of Isle Royale, Lake Superior
076930: ADAMS, ANSEL; ALINDER, MARY STREET - An Autobiography
077542: ADAMS, CHAS. C., DIRECTOR - An Ecological Survey in Northern Michigan
65630: ADAMS, HANNAH - The Truth and Excellence of the Christian Religion Exhibited, in Two Parts
069374: ADAMS, ROY W. - Peg Leg; a Tale of Pioneer Adventure in the Grand River Valley
3960: ADAMS, NOAH - Noah Adams on All Things Considered
10400: ADAMS, FRANKLIN P. - Innocent Merriment; an Anthology of Light Verse
14339: ADAMS, RANDOLPH G. - Michigan Through Three Centuries
16734: ADAMS, SCOTT - Always Postpone Meetings with Time-Wasting Morons
21619: ADAMS, SCOTT - The Dilbert Principle
071891: ADAMS, J. T. - The Complete Concrete, Masonry, and Brick Handbook
34240: ADAMS, SCOTT - The Dilbert Principle
35919: ADAMS, JAMES L. - Conceptual Blockbusting; a Guide to Better Ideas; Second Edition
36709: ADAMS, HENRY - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
39020: ADAMS, SCOTT - Fugitive from the Cubicle Police
39229: ADAMS, ANDY - The Log of a Cowboy
41218: ADAMS, JAMES RING - The Big Fix; Inside the S&L Scandal
41760: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - Frontiers of American Culture; a Study of Adult Education in a Democracy
42571: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - Album of American History; Colonial Period
608: ADAMS, RICHARD. - The Day Gone by; an Autobiography.
068526: ADAMS, JULIA HUBBARD - Memories of a Copper Country Childhood
18720: ADAMS, RICHARD MCC.; SMELSER, NEIL J.; TREIMAN, DONALD J.; EDITORS - Behavioral and Social Science Research; a National Resource; 2 Volumes
51047: ADAMS, ANSEL; ALINDER, MARY STREET - An Autobiography
070243: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - The Adams Family
072228: ADAMSON, HELEN LYON - Grandmother in the Kitchen
48436: ADCOCK, S. Y., EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Progressive Teacher; March, 1931
48437: ADCOCK, S. Y., EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Progressive Teacher; April, 1931
17617: ADDIS, HUGH - Dark Voyage
072062: ADDISON, GRAEME - Whitewater Rafting; the Essential Guide to Equipment and Techniques
60827: HOWARD, HELEN ADDISON & MCGRATH, DAN L. - War Chief Joseph
42870: ADDLESHAW, PERCY - Sir Philip Sidney
069529: ADE, GEORGE; LORAINE, WM, MUSIC - Peggy from Paris a Musical Comedy; Henny
074458: ADISWARANANDA, SWAMI - The Vedanta Way to Peace and Happiness
51329: ADKINS, JAN - Letterbox; the Art & History of Letters
069095: ADKINS, ROY - Nelson's Trafalgar; the Battle That Changed the World
6848: ADLEMAN, ROBERT H. - Sweetwater Fever
8901: ADLER, MORTIMER J. - Ten Philosophical Mistakes
21210: ADLER, BILL - Pope Paul in the United States
30335: ADLER, DENNIS - The Nethercutt Collection; the Cars of San Sylmar
34259: ADLER, MORTIMER J. - Ten Philosophical Mistakes
35098: ADLER, MORTIMER J., EDITOR; ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA - The Negro in American History; Volume 2; a Taste of Freedom 1854-1927
1863: WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRAION. - Progress; Works Progress Administration in Michigan; 5th District Edition.
077031: WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION - American Imprints Inventory; a Check List of Ohio Imprints 1796-1820
53586: ADOLPH, PAUL E. - Surgery Speaks to China; the Experiences of a Medical Missionary to China in Peace and in War
10052: ADORNI, GIOVANNI (EDITOR); ZOCK, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Trends in Natural Language Generation
078726: BOOT, ADRIAN & SALEWICZ, CHRIS - Jimi Hendrix the Ultimate Experience
074722: LEVY, ADRIAN & SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY - The Stone of Heaven; Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade
28959: AESOP - Aesop's Fables
10940: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Diplomatic Correspondence Respecting the War Published by the French Government
075760: BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Answers to Your Questions About American Indians
069639: AFONSO, MARIA DA LUZ ROCHA - Plantas Do Algarve
64522: AFTANDILIAN, GREGORY - Presidential Succession Scenarios in Egypt and Their Impact on U.S. -Egyptian Strategic Relations
078086: AGAPETUS - Tulkaa Meille; Romaani
076463: AGASSIZ, L. (LOUIS) - Recherches Sur Les Poissons Fossiles; Atlas, Tome V; Plates
61062: AGASSIZ, ALEXANDER - Letters and Recollections of . With a Sketch of His Life and Work
076723: AGAY, DENES - Teaching Piano; 2 Volumes
076130: AGAY, DENES, ARRANGER - Sesame Street Songbook; Piano-Vocal; 2 Volumes
61086: AGEE, JONIS - Strange Angels
16516: NORTHEAST MICHIGAN COMMUNITY SERVICE AGENCY - Public Transportation in Alpena County
079072: AGER, ALASTAIR - Refugees; Perspectives on the Experience of Forced Migration
37395: AGERSBORG, DR. H. P. K. - Nature Lore or Listen to the Voice of Nature; 5 Volumes
6617: AGEYEV, M. - Novel with Cocaine
27094: AGNES, CZOBOR - Rembrandt Es Kore
49912: AGNEW, SPIRO - Speaking Frankly; a Collection of Extraordinary Speeches
067866: AGNON, SAMUEL JOSEF - Uskollisuuden Vala
072266: AGNON, SAMUAL JOSEPH; LASK, I. M. - The Bridal Canopy
34534: AGOSIN, MARJORIE - Happiness; Stories by
33572: AGOSIN, MARJORIE - Happiness; Stories by
078198: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Houghton County Area, Michigan
068959: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Farmers in a Changing World; the Yearbook of Agriculture 1940
10343: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Chippewa County, Michigan; 2 Volumes
078124: SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE - Report of the Secretary of Agriculture 1893
077865: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Houghton County Area, Michigan
49158: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Baraga County Area, Michigan
49173: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Houghton County Area, Michigan
7844: AGUS, JACOB B. - The Vision and the Way; an Interpretation of Jewish Ethics
067486: AHMALA, KOSSI - Hirsipuita; Satiireja Ja Kertomuksia
078763: AHO, JUHANI - Heranneita; Kuvauksia Herannaisyyden Ajoilta Ensimmainen Kokoelmia
067301: AHO, JUHANI - Kevat Ja Takatalvi
59883: AHO, JUHANI - Papin Tytar Papin Rouva
067302: AHO, JUHANI - Muistatko-2; Kukkia Kevaiselta Niitylta
078291: AHO, JUHANI - Rautatie; Eli Kertomus Ukosta Ja Akasta Jotka Eivat Olleet Sita Ennen Nahneet
067303: AHO, JUHANI - Panu; Kuvauksia Kristinuskon Ja Pakanuuden Lopputaistelusta Suomessa
068339: AHO, KEN - Mud Lake Camp Journal; a Compilation of Hunting and Fishing Stories
067061: AHO, JUHANI - Rauhan Erakko
078760: AHO, JUHANI - Papin Tytar Papin Rouva
067053: AHO, JUHANI - Kevat Ja Takatalvi
076985: AHOKAS, JAAKKO - A History of Finnish Literature
66449: AHUJA, SATINDER, EDITOR - Chiral Separations by Liquid Chromatography
077183: AIDELL, BRUCE - Bruce Aidell's Complete Book of Pork; a Guide to Buying, Storing, and Cooking the World's Favorite Meat
077845: FOLTZ, AILA & YLINIEMI, MIRIAM - A Godly Heritage; Historical View of the Laestadian Revival...
47330: VUOKOLA, AIMO & YRJANA, ARI; WARIS, HEIKKI, INTRODUCTION - Me Suomalaiset; Life in Finland
65785: AIRAMO, RAIMO; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Lahden Keskustan Ranta-Alueen (Ankkurin Alue); Open Competition of Ideas for the Lake Front of the Lahti City Centre in Finland Jury's Visit in U.S. A.
079125: AIRD, JOHN S. - Slaughter of the Innocents; Coercive Birth Control in China
076205: AIRGOOD, ELLEN - South of Superior
11527: AIRS, MALCOLM - The Tudor & Jacobean Country House; a Building History
54230: AITCHISON, JEAN - Words in the Mind; an Introduction to the Mental Lexicon
30240: AITKEN, MAX - Canada in Flanders
3504: AITKENHEAD, DONNA IKENBERRY - The Hiker's Guide to Oregon
4141: AITMATOV, CHINGIZ - The Place of the Skull
45744: AJALT - Japanese for Busy People; Kana Workbook Tape
45745: AJALT - Japanese for Busy People I; Revised Edition; the Workbook; Drills for Oral Fluency; Two 50-Minute Cassette Tapes
075706: AKERHEIM, HELGE - Karlek Fran Hela Varlden; En Antologi Utgiven Av
62140: OGUNDIRAN, AKINWUMI & FALOLA, TOYIN - Archaeology of Atlantic Africa and the African Disapora
48628: AKIZUKI, RISU - Survival in the Office; the Evolution of Japanese Working Women; 5 Volumes
077673: , AL & NASTASI, BOB - Hatches; a Complete Guide to Fishing the Hatches of North American Trout Streams
068787: MOSHER, DONALD; ANTHONY, AL; ET AL - The History of Uaw Local 659
58792: BRETON, ALAIN & ARNAULD, JACQUES - Los Mayas; la Pasion Por Los Antepasados, El Deseo de Perdurar
068054: SILVER, ALAIN & URSINI, JAMES - The Vampire Film from Nosferatu to Interview with a Vampire
45529: CHEUSE, ALAN & MARSHALL, CAROLINE, EDITORS - The Sound of Writing
5185: BULLOCK, ALAN & STALLYBRASS, OLIVER, EDITORS - The Harper Dictionary of Modern Thought
21783: AHLSTRAND, ALAN ET AL - Ford Ranger & Bronco II Automotive Repair Manual; 1983 Thru 1992 2wd and 4wd Models with a Gasoline Engine
078915: DUVAL, F. ALAN & LOUISE MILLER; ET AL - Arbeitsheft Fur Moderne Deutsche Sprachlehre; Third Edition
069455: MOORE, ALAN ET AL - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Volume One
51938: AXELROD, ALAN & PHILLIPS, CHARLES - The Environmentalists; a Biographical Dictionary from the 17th Century to the Present
39029: AXELROD, ALAN & PHILLIPS, CHARLES L. - Encyclopedia of Historical Treaties and Alliances; Volume II; from the 1920's to the Present
65989: ALANEN, YRJO J. E. - Kristillinen Siveysoppi
65950: ALANEN, AULIS J.; JAAKOLAN, PROFESSORI JALMARI - Suomen Historia IX; Vapaudenajalla
62619: ALANNE, SEVERI - Osuustoimintaopas Kasikirja Amerikan Suomalaista Osuustoimintavakea Varten
066971: ALANNE, SEVERI - Osuustoimintaopas Kasikirja Amerikan Suomalaista Osuustoimintavakea Varten
078010: ALANNE, SEVERI, COMPILER - Finnish-English Dictionary; Suomalais-Englantilainen Sanakirja
067470: ALANNE, V. S. - Kuluttajaosuustoiminnan Perusteet
077192: ALARIESTO, ANDREAS - Andreas Alarieston Lapinkuvat; Pictures of Lapland
071430: DUNCAN. ALASTAIR - Art Nouveau
51228: ALBEE, BEVERLY J.; SHULTZ, LELIA M.; GOODRICH, SHEREL - Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Utah
11662: ALBERS, MARJORIE K. - The Amana People and Their Furniture
7190: SALISBURY, ALBERT & JANE - Here Rolled the Covered Wagons; an Historical Tour of the Northwest
24406: CHRIST-JANNER, ALBERT & FOLEY, MARY MIX - Modern Church Architecture
57108: ALBERT, DENNIS A. - Regional Landscape Ecosystems of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin; a Working Map and Clasification (Fourth Revision; July 1994)
61101: VALENSIN, ALBERT & HUBY, JOHN; DURAND, ALFRED - The Word of Salvation; Translation and Explanation of; III, the Gospel According to Saint Luke and IV, the Gospel According to Saint John
23330: ALBOUY, PIERRE - Mythes Et Mythologies Dans la Litterature Francaise
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7298: ALDERTON, DAVID - A Petkeeper's Guide to Hamsters & Gerbils
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60364: ALDISS, BRIAN - The Interpreter
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57922: ALEXANDER, CAROLINE - The Bounty; the True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
067691: ALEXANDER, CAROLINE - The Bounty; the True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
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070338: ALGER, WILLIAM ROUNSEVILLE - A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life; the Destiny of the Soul
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50939: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - A Cousin's Conspiracy or a Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance
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60712: KAISER ALUMINUM - Kaiser Aluminum Forging Product Information
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11261: AMADO, JORGE - Showdown
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070775: AMANA - Carefree Cooking with the Exclusive Cookmatic Power Shift on Your Radarange Microwave Oven Cook Book
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62723: L'AMINOT, TANGUY - Jean-Jacques Rousseau Et la Lecture
069121: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The King's English; a Guide to Modern Usage
067710: AMIS, LES; EPIMETHEUS - Commemorating Epimetheus
8952: AMLICK, BARBARA H. - Getting Started in Dried Flower Craft
27364: AMMONS, NELLE - Shrubs of West Virginia
37697: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Cat Who Came for Christmas
47300: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Best Cat Ever
067880: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - The Outlaws of Mesquite; Frontier Stories
075039: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - The Riders of High Rock; a Hopalong Cassidy Novel
46185: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - Last of the Breed
48607: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - The Rustlers of West Fork; a Hopalong Cassidy Novel
54309: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - The Rustlers of West Fork; a Hopalong Cassidy Novel
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21854: AMSTERDAM, JAY D. - Refractory Depression; Advances in Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology; Volume 2
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8963: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN; NORREGAARD, HANS CHR., COMMENTARY - The Fairy Tale; Dronningen, Hyrdinden Og Skorstensfejeren
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66588: ANDERSON, KEN - Tom Hunter Sophomore Halfback
067413: ANDERSON, JIM - Tales from a Northwest Naturalist
074146: ANDERSON, LAURI - Misery Bay and Other Stories from Michigan's Upper Peninsula
071136: ANDERSON, JESSICA - The Commandant
073369: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Bill Miner Stagecoach & Train Robber
070831: ANDERSON, EDWIN P. - Sheet Metal Workers Handy Book
62141: ANDERSON, EDWIN P. - Audels Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Guide
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52907: ANDERSON, PETER - Aldo Leopold American Ecologist
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1150: ANDREWS, MICHAEL F. - Creative Printmaking.
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41975: CHAVEZ, FRAY ANGELICO & THOMAS E. - Wake for a Fat Vicar
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34211: ANGELO, VALENTI - The Merry Marcos
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27932: ISENBERG, ANITA & SEYMOUR - Stained Glass Lamps; Construction and Design
3331: FIELDING, ANN & ROBINSON, ED - An Underwater Guide to Hawaii
078838: ANNAS, GEORGE J. - Some Choice; Law, Medicine, and the Market
23534: SMYTHE, ANNE & GAL, LASZLO - Islands
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17374: ANONYMOUS - History of the Bible
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62064: NO AUTHOR - Calumet Theatre Rededication July 9-10, 1974 Featuring the Detroir Symphony
55378: NO AUTHOR - Mother Goose Puzzles; Four Inlaid Puzzles in This Box
073783: NO AUTHOR - Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible; 611/10-W
078493: NO AUTHOR - Lauluja Ja Virsia; Pyhakouluille Ja Kodeille
067853: NO AUTHOR - Meidan Herramme Jesuksen Kristuksen Uusi Testamentti Ja Psaltari
070483: NO AUTHOR - The Living Bible Paraphrased
075673: NO AUTHOR - Fun and Frolic Library; Cheerful Chicks; Plump Piggies; Little Lambs; Darling Ducklings; Bouncing Bunnies; Pretty Pussies; 6 Volumes
078315: NO AUTHOR - If an Agent Knocks; Federal Investigators and Your Rights
067023: NO AUTHOR - Sangeren; En Samling Af Aldre Og Nyere Kristelige Sange
65334: NO AUTHOR - Trees for Tomorrow
073598: NO AUTHOR - Why Evaporated Milk Makes Good Food Better
076696: NO AUTHOR - United States Government Printing Office Style Manual; Revised Edition
075549: NO AUTHOR - The Three Little Kittens
073348: NO AUTHOR - Tempting Ice-Box Desserts; Tested Recipes for Ice-Box Desserts
63775: NO AUTHOR - Fun with Coffee
65554: NO AUTHOR - Bo Luat to Tung Hinh Su; Cua Nuoc Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam
077324: NO AUTHOR - Suomi Albumi; Kuvia Tuhatjarvien Maasta; Views from the Land of Thousand Lakes
65077: NO AUTHOR - The Lives of the British Reformers with Twelve Portraits
079128: NO AUTHOR - Y Bibl Cysegr-Lan Sef Yr Hen Destament a'r New Ydd
074636: SAI; NO AUTHOR - My Holiday Entertainment and Recipe Keepsake
072251: NO AUTHOR - Santa Claus; a Fuzzy Wuzzy Picture Story Book
074624: NO AUTHOR - Troy Bilt Tiller Owner's Recipe Collection #1
077589: NO AUTHOR - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Anglican Church of Canada
078032: NO AUTHOR - Fireman's Guide; Region One
067292: NO AUTHOR - Kirkkomme Tyovainioilta; Suomi-Synodin 40-Vuotismuistojulkaisu 1890-1930
078979: NO AUTHOR - Pacific Counterblow; the 11th Bombardment Group and the 76th Fighter Squadron in the Battle for Gudalcanal; Wings at War Series, No. 3
56588: NO AUTHOR - An Elementary Treatise on Mechanical Drawing Prepared for Students of the International Correspondence Schools; 2 Volumes
067784: NO AUTHOR - Greek-English New Testament
073333: NO AUTHOR - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
63717: NO AUTHOR - Den Danske Salme Bog
073682: NO AUTHOR - Midway Telephone Company Directory Watton Covington Sidnaw Trout Creek Kenton 1962 (Michigan)
078080: NO AUTHOR - Municipal Index and Atlas; Twenty Third Annual Edition - 1949
072278: NO AUTHOR - The Doggy Book
073771: NO AUTHOR - How Famous Chefs Use Campfire Marshmallows
078816: NO AUTHOR - Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament in the Authorized King James Version; Rembrandt Edition
077548: NO AUTHOR - Geo Tracker Service Manual 1990 Tracker; Electrical Diagnosis; 2 Volumes
072286: NO AUTHOR - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Other Counting Rhymes
59596: NO AUTHOR - Lincoln Sesquicentennial 1809-1959 Handbook of Information
075918: NO AUTHOR - The United States Coast Guard Academy; the Coast Guard As a Career; Regulations Governing Appointments to Cadetshis in the United States Coast Guard; 2 Volumes
067328: NO AUTHOR; - Kalevala; I. Runot; Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran Toimituksia 48 Osa I
067293: NO AUTHOR - Michigan 1870 Census Volume 1; Upper Peninsula and Northern Half of the Lower Peninsula
65139: NO AUTHOR - Black Magic No. 9; April May, 1975
56667: NO AUTHOR - Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien; Die Sammlungen
58904: NO AUTHOR - Adobe Image Library for the Creative Professional; Book One; with Cd-Rom
074235: UNITED STATES ARMY; NO AUTHOR - Switchboards, Telephone, Manual Sb-22/Pt and Sb-22a/Pt; Tm 11-5805-262-12
070343: NO AUTHOR - The Four Translation New Testament
067894: NO AUTHOR - Sears, Roebuck & Co. ; 50 Stereo View Cards
070378: NO AUTHOR - The New Indexed Bible Comprising Biblical Biography, Geography, History, Teaching . Authorized Version
067119: NO AUTHOR - Valikoima Lauluja; 2 Copies
59937: NO AUTHOR - Kastehelmia; Raamatunlauseita Jokaiselle Vuodena Paivalle
57248: NO AUTHOR - Trans-Antarctica 1990 International Expedition; Experience the Adventure
66210: NO AUTHOR - Almanakka 1945
077980: NO AUTHOR - Wind Energy Information Guide
074633: NO AUTHOR - Labrador
079239: NO AUTHOR - Personal Defense Measures Against Atomic Bombs
078731: NO AUTHOR - Vapautemme Hinta; Talvisodan 1939-40 Sankarivainajien Muistojulkaisu
075278: NO AUTHOR - Finland Builds
068952: NO AUTHOR - Bible in Hebrew
57342: NO AUTHOR - International Youth Hostel Handbook 1957; Guide International Des Auberges de la Jeunesse
074802: NO AUTHOR - Suomalais Ruotsalais Norjalainen Sanakirja Ordbook; 500 Sanaa
56011: UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD; NO AUTHOR - Zion National Park Bryce Canyon Cedar Breaks Kaibab Forest North Rim of Grand Canyon
071822: NO AUTHOR - Canadian Eskimo Art
078314: NO AUTHOR - Geology of Southwestern Santa Barbara County California
072456: NO AUTHOR - Copper Country Classified Business and Professional Directory
48471: UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD; NO AUTHOR - Zion Bryce Canyon Grand Canyon National Parks
066596: NO AUTHOR - Italian at Home; Favorite Restaurant-Style Recipes
61648: NO AUTHOR - Blade Af Livsens Trae Til Folkenes Lagedom
075274: NO AUTHOR - Delta County, MI 2007 Land Atlas & Plat Book
66476: NO AUTHOR - 30 Lake Maps; Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw & Ontonagon Counties
65647: NO AUTHOR - Sheep and Their Lambs
074637: UNITED STATES ARMY; NO AUTHOR - Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual for Mortar, 81-MM; M29a1 & Mortar, 81-MM; M29; Tm 901015-200-12
072406: NO AUTHOR - City Charter Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Adopted February 27th, 1952
078112: NO AUTHOR - The Proper for Lesser Feasts and Fasts 1994 Together with the Fixed Holy Days Conforming to General Convention 1994
072469: UNITED STATES ARMY; NO AUTHOR - Field Artillery Target Analysis and Weapons Employment; Nonnuclear; Fm 6-141-1
066771: NO AUTHOR - Midget Dictionary Japanese-English
18446: NO AUTHOR - Stand in the Gap New Testament
60724: NO AUTHOR - Marriages of St-Joachim Pointe-Claire 1713-1965 Montreal Islands, Quebec, Canada
19138: NO AUTHOR - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
073768: NO AUTHOR - Holiday Recipes
20513: NO AUTHOR - Het Nieuwe Testament Ofte Alle Boeken Des Nieuwenverbonts Onfes Heeren Jesu Christi. ; with Het Boek Der Psalmen. Nevens de Gezangen Bij de Hervormde Kerk Van Nederland in Gebruik
20638: NO AUTHOR - The American Patriot's Handbook
20690: NO AUTHOR - Manual of Home Repairs, Remodeling & Maintenance
60380: NO AUTHOR - Tv in Training
075697: NO AUTHOR - Mother Goose Library; Mistress Mary; Ding Dong Bell; Old King Cole; Mother Goose; Little Boy Blue; Little Bo-Peep; Teddies; 7 Volumes Linenette
22451: NO AUTHOR - Die Gegenvorschlage Der Deutchen Regierung Zu Den Friedensbedingungen
23063: NO AUTHOR - United States Coast Pilot; Pacific Coast Alaska Dixon Entrance to Cape Spencer
23261: NO AUTHOR - Self Conducted Nature Walk; Desert Botanical Garden of Arizona; Science Bulletin No. 2
070619: NO AUTHOR - Chicagoland Six County Atlas 1996/97 Edition
23562: NO AUTHOR - Humorous Quotes
23651: NO AUTHOR - Our Busy Day Coloring Book
23876: NO AUTHOR - Free in Christ; Part II (Romans 8-16); Student
073344: NO AUTHOR - Ceresota Cook Book
40697: CHASE & SANBORN; NO AUTHOR - Charlie Mccarthy's Radio Party
24154: NO AUTHOR - International Federation L'Arche
24986: NO AUTHOR - The Orphans' Messenger and Advocate of the Blind; Vol. XLVII No. 1; January, 1945
25058: NO AUTHOR - His Service Record
25072: NO AUTHOR - Book of Friendship Franco-American Engineers' Relations
25237: NIAGARA FALLS; NO AUTHOR - The Lengthening of Niagara Falls
25351: NO AUTHOR - Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans
25414: NO AUTHOR - Royal Blue Book; Leaders of the English-Speaking World; 1969
25514: NO AUTHOR - Community Leaders of America
25546: NO AUTHOR - Ritual of the Order of the White Shrine of Jersalem
25551: NO AUTHOR - Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans
25602: NO AUTHOR - National Social Directory 1977
25603: NO AUTHOR - National Social Directory 1970
25604: NO AUTHOR - National Social Directory 1976
25605: NO AUTHOR - National Social Directory 1979
25608: NO AUTHOR - Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans
25922: NO AUTHOR - Suomalainen Wirsikirja; Ewankeliumikirja Ja Kappaleita Rukouskirjasta
26048: NO AUTHOR - Who's Who in the Midwest and Central Canada 1965-66; 9th Edition
26049: NO AUTHOR - Who's Who in the Midwest and Central Canada 1967-68; 10th Edition

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