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41334: PRODUCED BY: BOSTON 200 - Boston Celebrates July '76
60458: - - F4f (Famous Airplanes of the World, 16)
59284: - Panther in Action - Armor No. 11
59296: - U.S. Subs in Action - Warships No. 2
51298: BOWNOCKER, J.A. AND CLINTON R. STAUFFER AND GEORGE D. HUBBARD - Geology of the Columbus Quadrangle
60352: N/A - Magicians' Magic Movements and Ceremonies According to the Latest Formulas of 1925
55547: BAMFORTH, CHARLES A. & RICHARD A. BAMFORTH - Iron Jaw a Skipper Tells His Story, Charles N. Bamforth 1895-1975 (Signed By All Authors)
44824: HARWELL, COLEMAN A ET AL - The Centennial History of Westminster Presbyterian Church 1873-1975 Originally Named Moor Memorial Presbyterian Church
48430: HEADLEY, LEAL A. AND MERRILL E. JARCHOW - Carleton the First Century
57069: N/A, - First Resorts a Visit to Virginia's Springs - an Exhibition
53577: WENDOVER, SANFORD H.; SMITH, BLANCHE HIXSON; DECHERD, ELMO A.; AND, NEWTON, CHARLES A. (THE COMMITTE - 150 Years of Meriden - Published in Connection with the Observance of the City's Sesquicentennial June 17-23, 1956
48142: BEARD, CHARLES A. AND MARY - America in Midpassage Vol 1 & 2
57433: OLSEN, BERNARD A. & JAMES A. MCPHERSON - Upon the Tented Field an Historical Account of the Civil War As Told By the Men Who Fought and Gave Their Lives
880: AARONSOHN, MICHAEL - Early Times in Meade County, Kentucky
56707: ABBERGER, NANCY HARDY. - Heart of the City History of the First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, Florida, 1876-1987.
40242: ABBEY, R - The Creed of All Men
61053: ABBOTT, CHARLES GREELEY (EDITOR) - Smithsonian Scientific Series (12-Volume Set)
56161: ABBOTT, WINSTON O. - Letters from Chickadee Hill
48979: ABBOTT, LYMAN DR - Signs of Promise Sermons Preached in Plymouth Pulpit Brooklyn, 1887-9
42949: ABBOTT, JACOB - Vernon; Or Conversations About Old Times in England
43723: ABEEL, REV. DAVID - The Missionary Convention at Jerusalem; Or and Exhibition of the Claims of the World to the Gospel
58274: ABERCROMBIE, JANICE L - Spotsylvania County
58275: ABERCROMBIE, JANICE L - Dinwiddie County
53173: ACKERMAN, ROBERT E - The Kenaitze People
58031: ADAM, ALEXANDER LL.D. - Roman Antiquities: Or, an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans
60799: ADAMIC, LOUIS, ET. AL. - The Truth About Aimee Semple Mcpherson a Symposium
60752: ADAMS, SMITH - Genealogy and History of a Part of the Newbury Adams Family, Formerly of Devonshire, England, Being the Descendants of Robert Adams and Wife Eleanor
60445: ADAMS, PERRY - Hurricane Squadron No 87 Squadron at War 1939 1941
50214: ADAMS, ANDY - A Texas Matchmaker
58213: ADAMS, JAMES H. - Message No. 1, of His Excellency Jas. H. Adams Governor of South Carolina, to the Senate and House of Representatives at the Session of 1856
52002: ADAMS, ROBERT E. - Romance of the Old Frontier (Author Signed)
58845: ADAMS, CHARLES EDWARD - Blocton the History of an Alabama Coal Mining Town
51587: ADDINGTON, RICHARD D. - The Sabbath of Life (1868)
4060: ADE, GEORGE - Fables in Slang
60831: VERMONT ADJUTANT AND INSPECTOR GENERAL'S OFFICE - Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers and Lists of Vermonters Who Served in the Army and Navy of the United States During the War of the Rebellion, 1861-66
40035: ADKINS - The Adkins Family- Annual Reunion 1955 Includes the Name and Family of Adkins Compiled By Golza B. Adkins
59745: AEROSMITH & STEPHEN DAVIS - Walk This Way the Autobiography of Aerosmith (Author Signed)
60590: AGNEW, SPIRO T - Go Quietly. . . Or Else
46312: AHL, HENRY CURTIS - Witchcraft and Witches
40945: AIKEN, WILLIAM EARL - The Roots Grow Deep
40540: AIKEN, LEONA TAYLOR - The Mcgavocks of Two Rivers
60366: BROTHERHOOD OF RAILWAY, AIRLINE AND STEAMSHIP CLERKS, FREIGHT HANDLERS, EXPRESS AND STATION EMPLOYEES - Constitution of the Grand Lodge, Statutes for the Government of Lodges and Protective Laws of the Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees
60779: ALABAMA - Official Inaugural Program Honoring Governor George C. Wallace, January 14, 1963
3329: ALABAMA - Memorial Addresses and Other Tributes in the Congress of the United States
57745: UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA - War Comes to Alabama
60778: ALABAMA - Official Inaugural Program Honoring Governor Lurleen Wallace January 16, 1967
54079: ALBRIGHT, ZELLA RAE - One Man's Family the Life of Hiram Vasquez 1843-1939
58599: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY; BURD, CLARA M. - An Old-Fashioned Girl
58601: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Under the Lilacs, the Children's Bookshelf Edition
50389: ALDERFER, E. GORDON - Northampton Heritage, the Story of an American County
1951: ALEXANDER, LAMAR - Steps Along the Way, a Governor's Scrapbook
48140: ALEXANDER, FRANCES - Choc, the Chachalaca
41333: ALI, SYED AMJAD - Aaj Aur Kul (Today and Tomorrow)
2457: ALLEN, JOHN W. - Legends & Lore of Southern Illinois (Author Signed)
52857: ALLEN, HERVEY - Anthony Adverse (Author Signed)
54028: ALLEN, LEE N - Outward Focus the First Fifty Years of Mountain Brook Baptist Church, 1944-1994
59578: ALLINGTON, PETER - First Atlantic Liners Seamanship in the Age of Paddlewheel, Sail and Screw
3473: ALSPACH, RUSSELL K - Irish Poetry, from the English Invasion to 1798,
3407: BRITTINGHAM, ALVIN AND JOSEPH - The First Trading Post at Kicotan Hampton, Virginia
57835: AMBLER, CHARLES HENRY - Sectionalism in Virginia from 1776-1861 (Author Signed)
60916: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - The Official Handbook for Boys, 1916
42154: AMES, MARY CLEMMER - A Memorial of Alice and Phoebe Cary, with Some of Thier Later Poems
41364: AMES, MARILYN - Ford County History Ford County, Illinois
53894: ANDERSEN, INEZ (ELLIOTT) - Never Send to Know; [Poems]
52881: ANDERSON, BETH - This Rice Is Wild
52011: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Three Things the Forge in Which the Soul of a Man Was Tested
57447: ANDREWS, MATTHEW PAGE - Virginia the Old Dominion:
57277: ANDREWS, HAL - The Grumman F8f Bearcat
49814: ANDREWS, W. T. (REV.) - Memorial Sketches of the Lives and Labors of the Deceased Ministers of the North Alabama Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1870-1912
49469: ANDREWS, BISHOP (EDITOR) - The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1892)
44828: ANDRUS, PEARL - Juana (Author Signed)
57408: ANDRUS, CLIFT - The First.
55500: LEIGHTON, ANGELA & MARGARET REYNOLDS - Victorian Women Poets an Anthology
60958: ANGELOU, MAYA - Heart of a Woman
61118: ANGLE, PAUL M. - The Lincoln Reader
44945: ANJOU, GUSTAVE (A FRAUD ?) - History of a German Family (This Book May Be a Fraud) the Schneider Family of Friesland, 1492 A.D. Etc.
60686: BOWDEN, ANN & LINDA CROY & JUDY LEE - Seminole Savorings Recipes from Friends of Florida State University
40533: JACKSON. ANNE - Early Stages Scenes from a Life (Author Signed)
56698: ANONYMOUS, - As You Were! a Cavalcade of Events with the Australian Services from 1788 to 1946
49379: ANONYMOUS - Needed Truth, Volume Lvii a Journal for the Teaching of the Word of God.
49380: ANONYMOUS - Needed Truth, Volume Lix a Journal for the Teaching of the Word of God.
56095: APFELBERG, DAVID B., M.D. - Evaluation and Installation of Surgical Laser Systems
52757: APPEL, THEODORE - Life and Work of John Williamson Nevin
56123: AQUILINA, CHARLES L - Elizabethtown & Union County a Pictorial History
57528: ARCHAMBEAU, ERNEST R - Old Tascosa, 1886-1888
57669: ARDERY, MRS. WILLIAM BRECKENRIDGE - Historical Scrap Book, a Record of the Celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Founding of Bourbon County, Kentucky May 13-20, 1961 Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky
58004: PITTORE E ARCHITETTO ARETINO - Opere Di Giorgio Vasari
54817: AL-ARIF, ARIF - Bedouin Love, Law and Legend Dealing Exclusively with the Badu of Beersheba
49294: ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH - The Mother Church
60823: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - U.S. Rifle Caliber. 30 M1 Fm 23-5 - Department of the Army Field Manual
60822: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - U.S. Rifle Caliber. 30 M1 Fm 23-5 - Department of the Army Field Manual
60891: ARMY., US - Ar 670-5 Uniform & Insignia Male Personnel.
54165: ARMY, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE - Dept. Of the Army Technical Manual Tm9-1010-221-10 Operator's Manual 40-Mm Grenade Launcher M203
51096: ARNOLD, H H [FOREWORD] - Target Germany the U.S. Air Forces' Official Story of the Viii Bomber Command's First Year over Europe
48966: ARNOLD, THOMAS, D.D. - The Christian Life Its Course, Its Hindrances, and Its Helps
47760: ARONSON, JOSEPH - The New Encyclopedia of Furniture
58589: ARPEE, EDWARD - From Frigates to Flat-Tops; the Story of the Life and Achievements of Rear Admiral William Adger Moffett, U.S. N. , "the Father of Naval Aviation," October 31, 1869-April 4, 1933
58571: ARPEE, EDWARD - The History of Lake Forest Academy
50000: ARSENAULT, RAYMOND - St. Petersburg and the Florida Dream, 1888-1950
55564: ARSENAULT, MARK - Speak Ill of the Living (Author Signed)
228: ARTHUR, WILLIAM M. A. - An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names with an Essay on Their Derivation and Import
1071: ASBURY, ESLIE - Horse Sense and Humor in Kentucky
52849: ASBURY, ESLIE - The Literary Club Papers of Eslie Asbury, Vol 1, 1926-1970
60222: ASHBY, AGNES - Genealogical Newspaper Columns of Agnes Ashby, Ohio County, Kentucky
46055: ASHE, W. W. - Shortleaf Pine in Virginia the Increase in Its Yeild By Thinning
41782: ASHE, JOHN R. - Ash-Ashe Stillwell: A Genealogy and History
59695: ASHLEY, JACK - Journey Into Silence (with Signed Photo of Author)
47627: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The New Intelligent Man's Guide to Science
54686: ASPREY, ROBERT B. - War in the Shadows the Guerrilla in History Vols. 1 & 2
60819: BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE RAILROAD HOUSE HISTORICAL ASSN. - History of Sanford; Sanford Centennial 100 Years 1874-1974.
60762: ASSOCIATION, FIRST IRONWORKS - The Saugus Restoration the Saugus Ironworks Restoration
56681: ASSOCIATION, CAPTIVA CIVIC - Voices from the Past-- True Tales of Old Captiva
60926: AMERICAN WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION - "the" Cookbook, Presented to You By the American Women's Association
55690: ATCHESON, WAYNE - Faith of the Crimson Tide Inspiring Alabama Sports Stories of Faith
59629: ATCHISON, RAY M.; ATCHISON, DORIS TEAGUE - Light in the Valley History of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church
2327: ATHERTON, LEWIS - Main Street on the Middle Border (Author Signed)
60235: ATWATER, DORANCE - Prisoners Who Died at Andersonville Prison - Atwater List
57819: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS. (SIGNED) ILLUSTRATED BY ISTVAN VENTILLA. - Exit Lady Masham. Limited Edition. (Author Signed)
50611: AUGSBURGER, JEFF - The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide
59649: FOX, AUSTIN & LAWRENCE MCINTYRE - Designated Landmarks of the Niagara Frontier
58854: MARIA WILLETT HOWARD (AUTHOR) - Lowney's Cook Book, Illustrated in Colors; a New Guide for the Housekeeper, Especially Intended As a Full Record of Delicious Dishes Sufficient for Any Well-to-Do Family, Clear Enough for the Beginner, and Complete Enough for Ambitious Providers, Prepared
46679: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Glory of Giving a Collection of Articles on Holiness By Ministers of the Nazarene Church
1254: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Historic Romney 1762-1937
45191: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Proceedings of the 31st Annual Meeting of the Missouri Bar Association
59306: AUTHORS, VARIOUS - The Gatefold Book of World War Ii Warplanes
59308: AUTHORS, VARIOUS - The Gatefold Book of World War Ii Warplanes
57621: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Experience, and Ministerial Labours of Several Methodist Preachers, Who Laboured in Connection with the Late Rev. John Wesley
49516: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Wisdom in Minature, Or Gems of Wisdom: Being a Collection of Sentences from Distinguished Authors on Religion, Morals, and Literature
47368: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Prayer a Symposium
45663: VARIOUS AUTHORS - After Fifty Years a Record of God's Working Through the Christian and Missionary Alliance
45376: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Burning Truths from Billy's Bat a Graphic Description of the Remarkable Conversation of Rev. "Billy'' Sunday
60739: AVANT, DAVID A. - Illustrated Index of J. Randall Stanley's History of Gadsden County
53571: AVERY, GRACE F. - The Town of Vestal 1823-1973
57851: AXELSON, EDITH F - A Guide to Episcopal Church Records in Virginia
51913: AL-AYAF, ABDULAZIZ: EDITOR; AL-SHABEEB, MOHAMMED: PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHER - Eastern Province - Saudi Arabia a Photo Memory 1935-1995
58588: AYER, JR FREDERICK - The Man in the Mirror a Novel of Espinoge (Author Signed)
43968: AYLING, KEITH - Semper Fidelis the U.S. Marines in Action
53578: AYRES, ALFRED - The Verbalist
42183: ROWLETT JR. FRANK B. - Say. . . Have I Told You?
54638: MEANS, GASTON B. AND THACKER, MAY DIXON - The Strange Death of President Harding from the Diaries of Gaston B. Means a Department of Justice Investigator As Told to May Dixon Thacker
52939: KELLY, VIRGINIA B. ET AL. - The History of Oneida County, Commemorating the Bicentennial. . .
47248: CULPEPPER, J. B. AND O.B. - Sermons
53986: HAY, CECILE B. AND HAY, MILDRED B.; ILLUSTRATIONS, B&W - History of Derby -- Derby, Vermont (Author Signed)
60809: GAY, W. B. & CO. - Historical Gazetteer of Trigg County, New York, 1785 - 1888. Followed By a Directory of Tioga County, New York 1887 - 1888 with an Added Index to Historical Gazetteer
59014: BABIN, SAWICKI, - Nazi Decorations and Medals 1933-1945
59017: BABIN, LENARD B. - Uniforms and Insignia of the National Socialist German Workers Party Nsgwp.
51148: BAEDEKER, K - Paris and Environs with Routes from London to Paris Handbook for Travellers
527: BAGGARLY, F. C. - Society Register, the Society of Virginia of the District of Columbia
48865: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Little Greta of Denmark (Author Signed)
48866: BAILEY, BERNADINE - Little Lauri of Finland (Author Signed)
44245: BAILEY, H. J. - Reminiscences of a Christian Life
58499: BAILEY, J. D. - History of Grindal Shoals
56667: BAILEY, PETER K - Poplar Island My Memories As a Boy
43346: BAILLIE, G. H.; C. CLUTTON; C. A. ILBERT - Britten's Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers a Historical and Descriptive Account of the Different Styles of Clocks and Watches of the Past in England and Abroad Containing a List of Nearly 14,000 Makers
620: BAIN, JOHN JR. - Tobacco in Song & Story
53169: BAIRD, W. DAVID - The Chickasaw People
52971: BAKER, T. LINDSAY (EDITOR) - The Texas Red River Country
58590: BAKER, DAVID G. - Flynn's Parasites of Laboratory Animals, Second Edition
55953: BAKER, WILMA SINCLAIR LEVAN - Father and His Town, a Story of Life an the Turn of the Century in a Small Ohio River Town (Steubenville)
50837: BAKER, PHIL - The Playgoer, V 1, #1 Artists and Models
60496: BAKER, RICK - Mangroves to Major League a Timeline of St. Petersburg, Florida
41095: BAKEWELL, MARY E. - Of Long Ago the Children and the City
58243: BALDWIN, LELAND D.; HUNTER, WARD - Pittsburg the Story of a City
44443: BALDWIN - Autobiography of Rev. James G. Baldwin
58036: BALDWIN, JAMES - The Story of Roland (Prints from Book Only) Nine Color Prints
49044: BALES, JAMES D. - "the Church in Transition" to What?
49045: BALES, JAMES D. - Modernism Trojan Horse in the Church
52932: BALLARD, ELISABETH DURYEE - The Mountains Shall Depart (Author Signed)
54209: BALLARD, JOHN HUDSON - Spirit, Soul and Body
44501: WAGNER, A. E.; F. W. BALTHASER & D. K. HOCH - The Story of Berks County Pennsylvania
60370: DE BALZAC, HONORE - The Story of a Mad Sweetheart (Little Blue Book No. 1045)
57960: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Ten Droll Tales
60802: BALZER, GERALD - Northrop F-89 Scorpion
53567: BANCROFT, GEORGE - History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent, Vol Ii
60488: BANDO, MARK - Vanguard of the Crusade the 101st Airborne Division in World War Ii
570: BANTA, R. E. - The Ohio
42656: BANTA, R. E. - The Ohio (Author Signed)
61061: BAPTIST - Minutes of the One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Annual Session, the New Salem Association of Old Regular Baptist of Jesus Christ September 22, 23, and 24, 1950
56835: BAPTISTS - Proceedings General Association General Baptists (for the Years 1920, 21,22,23,24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 41)
45392: BARCLAY, ROBERT - A Treatise on Church Government Formerly Called Anarchy of the Ranters
42658: BARCLAY, ROBERT - Views of Chrisitan Doctrine Held By the Religious Society of Friends, Being Passages Taken from Barclay's Apology
56159: BARCOMB, WAYNE - The Hunted a Thriller (Author Signed)
47288: DE BARDELEBEN, MARY - God and the Problem of Suffering
53766: EDNA L. S. BARKER & ROSS B. RISHELL & STEPHEN M. BARKER - Time, the White Fox
60746: BARLOW, JAMES STANLEY - Appalachia and Beyond Yarns and Yearnings in Prose and Poetry
58160: BARNARD, FREDERIC K - Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress
58884: PETER W. BARNES, CHERYL SHAW BARNES - Woodrow, the White House Mouse
49514: BARNEY, KEITH RICHARD - The History of Springfield Vermont 1885-1961
41181: BARNHART, JOHN D. PH. D. - Indiana from Frontier to Industrial Commonwealth
52346: BARRETT, B. F. - The Question: "What Are the Doctrines of the New Church", Answered
41186: BARRETT, WALTER - The Old Merchants of New York City
49576: BARROW, GEOFFREY BATTISCOMBE - A History of the Battiscombe and Bascom Families of England and America
50821: DAVE BARRY - Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus (Author Signed)
50658: BARRY, JOHN W - Masonry and the Flag, (Little Masonic Library. [No. 10]) (Little Masonic Library. [No. 10])
60123: BARTHELMAS, DELLA GRAY - The Signers of the Declaration of Independence a Biographical and Genealogical Reference
52564: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of New Zealand Including Figi Islands, Tasmania
52565: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of South Australia, Queensland & British New Guinea
52573: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of British Empire
52574: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of British Isles Physical and Political
52575: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of England & Wales Section 1 Also Includes Inset of New Castle, Sunderland, and Manchester
52576: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of England & Wales Section 2 Includes York, East and West Riding, Lancashire, Cheshire, Denbigh, Montgomery, Shropshire, Stafford, Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, Leicester, Rutland, Rutland, Norfolk
52577: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of England & Wales Section 3 with Inset of London Also Norfolk, Huntingdon, Northhampton, Cambridge, Suffolk, Hertford, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex, Kent, Sussex, Etc.
52578: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of England & Wales Section 4 Includes Warwick, Northampton, Huntingdon, Oxford, Buckingham, Hertford, Gloucester, Berks, Wilts, Somerset, Surrey, Middlexex, Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset
52579: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of England & Wales Section 5 Includes Anglesey, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Montgomery, Hereford, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Glamorgtan, Monmouth, Radnor, Brecknock
52580: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of England & Wales Section 6 Includes Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset with Inset of Channel Islands, Scilly Isles, Plymouth
52581: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Scotland Section 1 Includes Sutherland, Lewis, North Uist, Isle of Skye, Ross and Cromarty, Inverness, Etc.
52583: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Scotland Section 3 Including Argyll, Perth, Mull, Jura, Islay, Antrim Wigtown, with Inset of Glasglow and Some of Ireland
52584: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Scotland Section 4 Including Perth, Stirling, Fife, Kenfrew, Lanark, Edinburg, Haddington, Berwick, Roxburgh, Northumberland, Selkirk, Lanark, Ayr, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Cumberland, Etc.
52585: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Centural Europe and the Mediterranean Spaine, France, German Empire, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy, Switzerland Sicily, Sardinia, with Insets of Gibraltar and Maltese Islands
52586: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of the World By Hemisphere Western Hemisphere, Eastern Hemispheres and Soltice Information
52588: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Mexico, Central America, & West Indies with Insets of Panama Canal and Mexico City
52567: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of South America Section 1 Includes Venezuela, British Guiana, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and an Inset of Lima Peru
52568: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of South America Section 2 Includes Brazil, Dutch Guiana, French Guiana, Some of Paraguay, and an Inset of Rio de Janeiro
52569: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of South America Section 3 Paraguay, Argentine Republic, Urugay, Chile, Faulkland Islands and an Inset of Buenos Ayres
52570: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Oceania
52571: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Australia
52582: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of Scotland Section 2 Includes Sutherland, Caithness, Nairn, Elgin, Banff, Aberdeen, Forfar, Perth, Inverness, Etc.
52587: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. (EDITOR) - The Citizen's Atlas of the World 1898 Map of the United States
58371: BARTLETT, ROBERT MERRILL - Pilgrim House By the Sea (Author Signed)
55582: BARTOY, MITCHELL - The Devil's Own Rag Doll (Author Signed)
60102: BASKIN, EINO - Raudeesriide Taga Behind the Iron Curtain
54158: BASNER, RUTH HARPOLD - The North Canton Heritage (Author Signed)
58564: BATSON, LARRY - The Hills Are Theirs Tales from the Ozarks
45343: BATTE, KATHERINE SHIPMAN - History of Valley Creek Presbyterian Church 1818-1908 Selma, Alabama
57771: WOLF-BAUDISSIN, SOPHIE GR.; - Resi. Eine Erzählung Für Junge Mädchen
57772: BAUER, GUSTAV - Urgeschichten, Mose- Und Josuageschichten Band 4
53758: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Magic of Oz, a Faithful Record of the Remarkable Adventures of Dorothy and Trot and the Wizard of Oz, Together with the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger and Cap'n Bill, in Their Successful Search for a Magical and Beautiful Birthday Present for Princess Ozma of Oz
53759: BAUM, L. FRANK; THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY; R.NEILL, JOHN - The Purple Prince of Oz Founded on and Continuing the Famous Oz Stories By L. Frank Baum, Illustrated By Jno. R. Neill
57922: BAYLES, B. LOIS - Canaan Parish and the American Revolution New Canaan Historical Society
60323: BAYLIES, GEORGE UPHAM - Dar Patriot Index Vol. Ii
50990: BEACH, DAVID EDWARD - Sermons and Addresses
54332: BEADLE, J.H. - Western Wilds and the Men Who Redeem Them an Authentic Narrative
53064: BEALE, LOUIS BERNHARDT GEORGE STEPHEN - Ohio, and Her Heritage to America!
49515: BEAN, JAMES A.M. - The Christian Minister's Affectionate Advice to Married Couples Including a Letter from the Rev. Henry Venn
56928: BEAR, JAMES A JR - Checklist of Virginia Almanacs 1732 1850
60902: BEASLEY, GAYLON NEIL - True Tales of Tipton Historical Accounts of Tipton County, Tennessee
60795: BEATER, JACK - True Tales of the Florida West Coast from Cedar Keys to Key West
59157: BECHTEL, JOHN H. - Proverbs Maxima and Phrases, Drawn from All Lands and Times. . .
50251: BECK, HORACE PALMER - The American Indian As a Sea-Fighter in Colonial Times (Marine Historical Association, Inc. , Mystic, Conn) (Marine Historical Association, Inc. , Mystic, Conn)
52930: BECK, HENRY CHARLTON - The Jersey Midlands
43308: BECKER, WALT - The Clock Collector's Handbook
54888: BECKMAN, HEINZ - Geological Prospecting for Petroleum By Beckman, Heinz
50117: BEERS, FANNIE A - Memories a Record of Personal Experience and Adventure During Four Years of War
50515: BEHNKE, ALBERT RICHARD - Evaluation and Regulation of Body Build and Composition
61028: BEIDLER, PHILIP D. (EDITOR) - Many Voices, Many Rooms New Anthology of Alabama Writers
47276: BEIRNES, WM. - God's Prophetic Calendar
46693: BEIRNES, WILLIAM F., D.D. - Wrath Outpoured a Study of the Great Tribulation
46694: BEIRNES, WILLIAM F., D.D. - Exposition of the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24
46696: BEIRNES, WILLIAM F., D.D. - Expostion of the Olivet Discourse
46697: BEIRNES, WILLIAM F., D.D. - After This the Judgment
56250: BEK, WILLIAM G - The German Settlement Society of Philadelphia and Its Colony, Hermann, Missouri
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50132: BICKEL, KARL A. - The Mangrove Coast the Story of the West Coast of Florida: Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Tampa, Miami
50133: BICKEL, KARL A. - The Mangrove Coast the Story of the West Coast of Florida: Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Tampa, Miami
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58972: BLAIR, TONY - A Journey My Political Life (Author Signed)
52558: BLAISDELL, FRANK - U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Irrigation Inquiry Map Illustrating the Progress of Irrigation Within the Arid and Simi-Arid Region of the Us West of the 97th Degree of Longitude West from Greenwidh
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2066: BLEDSOE, JERRY - Just Folks, Vistin' with Carolina People (Author Signed)
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58976: BRADY, MATTHEW - Photographic Print of How Union Soldiers Got Their Mail Taken Before Petersburg, August, 1864
58977: BRADY, MATTHEW - A Conspirator About to Die, Lewis Thornton Powell Taken Before His Execution on July 7, 1865
58974: BRADY, MATTHEW - Photographic Print of a 16 Inch Smooth-Bore "Rodman" Civil War Cannon a Civil War Photographic Print
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58831: BRAGG, RICK - All over But the Shoutin'
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45358: BRAY, JOHN L. - Why Hell Is Like Heaven
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47046: BROCKETT, HENRY E. - Scriptural Freedom from Sin
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48533: BROWN, INA LADD - A Breath of Beauty
48529: BROWN, INA LADD - Any Time and Now
48530: BROWN, INA LADD - Echoes
48531: BROWN, INA LADD - Homespun
48532: BROWN, INA LADD - Cross-Roads - Poems
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45732: BROWN, THOMAS - An Account of the People Called Shakers: Their Faith, Doctrines, and Practice Exemplified in the Life, Conversations, and Experience of the Author During the Time He Belonged to the Society to Which Is Affixed a History of Their Rise and Progress to the Present Day.
60718: BROWN, LOREN G. (TOTCH) - Totch a Life in the Everglades
48000: BROWN, OPAL HARTSELL - Indomitable Oklahoma Women
57449: BROWNE, GEORGE WALDO - The Franconian Gateway and the Region of Lost River,
49090: BROWNING, COLIN ARROT, M.D. - The Convict Ship a Narrative of the Results of Scriptural Instruction and Moral Dicipline on Board the "Earl Grey. "
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59242: CULVER, BRUCE & PERRY MANLEY & DON GREER - Tiger in Action - Armor No. 27
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55627: BRUEN, KEN - The Magdalen Martyrs (Author Signed)
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42213: BUCHANAN, PEGASUS - Chestnut Street
1390: BUCHANAN, REV. CLAUDIS D. D. - Christian Researches in Asia: With Notices of the Translation of the Scriptures Into the Oriental Languages. .
53979: BUCHEN, GUSTAVE WILLIAM - Historic Sheboygan County
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130: BUCKINGHAM, JAMES, MARY TILTON - The Ancestors of Ebenezer Buckingham, Who Was Born in 1748, and of His Descendants
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59140: BURGESS, JOHN W - Reconstruction & the Constitution
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40300: BURGESS, JAMES - Roc 'n Roll Goes to Church
40301: BURGESS, JAMES - Why Teenagers Go Wild
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47977: BURTON, JOHN WEAR - The Call of the Pacific
56610: BURTON,JOHN HILL - The History of Scotland from Agricola's Invasion to the Extinction of the Last Jacobite Insurrection
43490: BUSH, BARBARA - Barbara Bush a Memoir
59642: BUSH, BARBARA - Barbara Bush (Author Signed) a Memoir
50194: BUSH, BARBARA - Barbara Bush a Memoir
50193: BUSH, BARBARA - Barbara Bush (Author Signed) a Memoir
60586: BUSH, GEORGE - Looking Forward an Autobiography
60589: BUSH, BARBARA - Reflections Life After the White House
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58263: C., REED ROBERT - Train Wrecks a Pictorial History of Accidents on the Main Line
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1577: CAMPBELL, KENNETH R. - Maria de Guadalupe (Author Signed)
56017: CAMPBELL, LESLIE LYLE - The Dance Family in Virginia
50835: CAMPBELL, L. M - Witnesses to the Doctrine of Holiness
50509: CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER - The Christian System in Reference to the Union of Christians
49760: CAMPBELL, REV. WM. GRAHAM - The Wonders of the Irish Wesleyan General Mission
44085: CAMPBELL, BEBE MOORE - Brothers and Sisters (Author Signed)
40489: CAMPBELL, WILLIAM J. - The Desecration and Profanation of the Pennsylvania Capitol
52268: CAMPBELL, GEORGE ROBERT - The Nature of Things on Sanibel a Discussion of the Animal and Plant Life of Sanibel Island, with a Sidelong Glance at Some of Their Relatives Elsewhere
45300: CANDLER, W.A. - History of Sunday Schools
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58817: CARRADINE, B. - The Old Man
57749: CARRADINE, B - Heart Talks
46921: CARRADINE, BEVERLY - Revival Incidents
46922: CARRADINE, REV. B. - Sanctification
46811: CARRADINE, REV. B. - The Second Blessing in Symbol
52616: CARRADINE, BEVERLY - Revival Sermons
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45729: CARROLL, H. K. (EDITOR) - Proceedings, Sermons, and Addresses of the Centennial Methodist Conference
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50834: CHADWICK, SAMUEL - The Way to Pentecost,
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54355: CHRISTENSEN, DON - Walter Lantz, Woody Woodpecker and the Meteor Menace
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49620: CRANE, SARAH SCHENCK - The Crane Family History
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46664: CULPEPPER, J. B. - Malice
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44015: DALZELL, JAMES M. - Private Dalzell His Autobiography, Poems and Comic War Papers
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59149: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - Captain Macklin His Memoirs
43129: DAVIS, SCOTT C. - The World of Patience Gromes Making and Unmaking a Black Community
50524: DAVIS, J. E - Jamestown and Her Neighbors on Virginia's Historic Peninsula,
59264: DAVIS, LARRY - F-89 Scorpion in Action - Aircraft No. 104
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48978: DAVIS, BURKE - Yorktown (Author Signed)
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46166: DAYTON, DONALD W. - The American Holiness Movement a Bibliographic Introduction
57714: DAYTON, ABRAM C. - Last Days of Knickerbocker Life in New York
49559: CERVANTES, MIGUEL SAAVEDRA DE & GUSTAVE DORE - De Geestrijke Ridder Don Quichot Van de Mancha
60815: CORNELIUS, L'DEAN & JULIAN, R. W. - Where Two Rivers Meet a View of the Past
57711: DEARBORN, HELEN E - Town History of Weare, New Hampshire, from 1888
56910: DEBORD, MARTHA BROWN - St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1776-1976
51641: DEBOW, J. D. B. - Statistical View of the United States
2450: DEER, RANDOLPH H. - The Avalanche List (Author Signed)
44858: DEGROOT, PEARLE A. (EDITOR) - Ninety Years of Sunshine and Shadows, Edwin Seldon Tewksbury
59684: DEHAAN, M. R. - Studies in First Corinthians
40118: DEICHMANN, WILLIAM B - Deichmann, 1370-1758-1982
60493: DEITCHE, SCOTT M. - Cigar City Mafia a Complete History of the Tampa Underworld
3252: DELANEY, JOHN P. S. J - We Offer Thee (Author Signed)
51588: DELOZIER, MARY JEAN - Putnam County, Tennessee, 1850-1970
54323: DELOZIER, MARY JEAN - Putnam County, Tennessee, 1850 - 1970 (Author Signed)
60944: DEMING, W. EDWARDS - Out of the Crisis
40360: DENSMORE, FRANCES - Seminole Music
2598: DENTON, FRANCES BLALOCK - My Children's Children, the Murray Clan, Vol 1 & 2 (Author Signed)
51225: DEPARTMENT, HISTORICAL DIVISION-U.S. WAR - Fifth Army at the Winter Line-15 November 1943-15 January 1944
3309: DERR, MARK - Some Kind of Paradise
41976: DETERDING, JOHN G. - Living with Jesus a History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saint Lorenz
53272: DEVRIES, HENRI - The Incarnate Son of God, a Series of Devotional Studies on the Person of Christ
53552: DIAMOND, ALLEN - The Holiest Bible the Shortest Bible on Earth
45353: DICK, WM. B. - Dick's Irish Dialect Recitations
59121: DICKENS, CHARLES, LAURENS, H. (EDITEUR) - Conte de Noel
56685: DICKENS, CHARLES - Child's History of England, Vol 1 & 2 in One
47593: DICKINSON, REV. C. E., D.D. - A Century of Church Life a History of the First Congregational Church of Marietta, Ohio
54806: DICKSON, J - Newspapers of Maryland's Eastern Shore
47242: DIDIER, RALPH - Where Are the Dead?
59114: DILLMONT, THERESE DE - Encyclopedie Des Ouvrages de Dames Par Th. De Dillmont
56096: DILLON, JOHN M. - The Great Tradition Further Studies in the Development of Platonism and Early Christianity
54336: DIMITROFF, THOMAS P., & LOIS S. JANES; BALASSONE, DAN M. - History of the Corning Painted Post Area 200 Years in Painted Post County
60989: DITZION, SIDNEY - Marriage Morals and Sex in America a History of Ideas
57146: DIVINE, JOHN E. - 8th Virginia Infantry (Author Signed)
54503: DIVISION, OLDSMOBILE - 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Delta 88 Custom Cruiser Ninety-Eight Toronado Chassis Service Manual
57046: DIVISION, VIRGINIA STATE LIBRARY. ARCHIVES - Calendar of Transcripts Including the Annual Report of the Department of Archives and History
60979: SMALL ARMS DIVISION - U.S. Rifle, Claiber. 30, M1, Plates 1-8 Color
56280: DIVISION, NAVY DEPARTMENT NAVAL HISTORY - Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-1865 Compiled By Naval History Department
51231: DIVISION, HISTORICAL - Salerno American Operations from the Beaches to the Volturno (9 September - 6 October 1943
51232: DIVISION., UNITED STATES WAR DEPARTMENT HISTORICAL - To Bizerte with the Ii Corps, 23 April 1943 - 13 May 1943.
51222: DIVISION, WAR DEPARTMENT MILITARY INTELLIGENCE - From the Volturno to the Winter Line
56268: DIXON, MARTHA - Copper Kettle Cook Book
60452: BUNRIN-DO - North American P-51 a-C Mustang
53590: DOANE, MICHAEL - The Legends of Jesse Dark (Author Signed)
51302: DOBSON, JOANNE - Cold and Pure and Very Dead a Karen Pelletier Mystery (Author Signed)
52321: DODD, WILLIAM E. - The Cotton Kingdom a Chronicle of the Old South, Vol. 27
57801: DODDRIDGE, JOSEPH - Logan, the Last of the Race of Shikellemus, Chief of the Cayuga Nation: A Dramatic Piece; to Which Is Added, the Dialogue of the Backwoodsman and the. . . At the Buffaloe Seminary, July the 1st, 1821 with an Introduction By Otis K. Rice (Signed By Rice)
52685: DODDRIDGE, JOSEPH - Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania
53075: DODDRIDGE, PHILIP, D.D. - The Life of the Hon. Col. J. Gardiner Who Was Slain at the Battle of Preston Pans, September 21, 1745 with an Appendix Relating to the Ancient Family of the Monroes, Who Was Slain at the Battle of Preston Pans, September 21, 1745. With an Appendix Relating to the Ancient Family of the Monroes, of Fowlis
60558: DODGE, GRENVILLE M., COMEY H.N. - Post War Letter to H.N. Comey (Civil War Captain), Verifying Information Comey Included in Article About General Dodge in Historical Collection Book About Danvers, Ma. Book Is from the Historical Collection. (Author Signed)
57753: DOHERTY, ROBERT REMINGTON - Torchbearers of Christendom the Light They Shed and the Shadows They Cast (1896
58882: DOLE, BOB - One Soldier's Story (Author Signed) a Memoir
59231: LINN, DON & PERRY MANLEY & DON GREER - F4f Wildcat in Action - Aircraft No. 84
59237: LINN, DON & DON GREER - Harrier in Action - Aircraft No. 58
57822: DONLEAVY, J. P. (SIGNED) - Leila. Further in the Destines of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman. Limited Edition. (Author Signed)
56088: DONLEY, EDWARD - The Cantrells and the Donleys in America
3122: DONLEY, EDWARD - The Cantrells and the Donleys in America
48010: O'DONNELL, REV. JAMES H. - History of the Diocese of Hartford
51551: DOPP, KATHARINE ELIZABETH - The Early Cave-Men
51550: DOPP, KATHARINE ELIZABETH - The Later Cave-Man
558: DORMAN, JOHN FREDERICK - The Virginia Genealogist, 4 Vol, 1958
1908: DORMER, ELINORE M - The Sea Shell Islands a History of Sanibel and Captiva
60862: DORR, ROBERT F. - Grumman a-6 Intruder
60851: DORR, ROBERT F. - Mcdonnell F-101 Voodoo
60871: DORSEY, R. STEPHEN - The American Military Spur
57236: TWOHIG, DORTHY & FRANK E. GRIZZARD, JR. (EDITORS) - The Magazine of Albemarle County History Vol 52, 1994
47976: DOTON, HOSEA - Walton's Vermont Register and Farmers' Almanac for 1877
52363: DOUET, MARION - Key Words of the Lord's Prayer from the Scriptures
2346: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida: The Long Frontier
57783: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida the Long Frontier
40358: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida: The Long Frontier (Author Signed)
51876: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida the Long Frontier (Author Signed)
3304: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Voice of the River (Author Signed)
50976: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida the Long Frontier
1751: DOUGLAS, W. LOVETT - History of Dunedin (Florida)
823: DOW, LORENZO - Travels and Labors of Lorenzo Dow, in Europe and America Abrief Account of His Early Life and Christian Experiences, As Contained in His Journal
52879: DOWNES, RANDOLPH C. - History of Lake Shore Ohio (V 2 Only)
44980: DOWNES, RANDOLPH C. - History of Lake Shore Ohio (V 1 Only)
55538: DOYLE, ADRIAN - The Fianna of Ireland
59282: DOYLE, DAVID - M113 Apc in Vietnam in Action - Armor No. 45
53366: DRAIN, JOHN - The Coal Miner's Son (Author Signed)
41208: DRAKE, SAMUEL ADAMS - Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of Boston
60436: DRENDEL, LOU - A-10 Warthog in Action - Aircraft No. 49
60475: DRENDEL, LOU - F-16 Fighting Falcon in Action - Aircraft No. 53
59260: DRENDEL, LOU - F-105 Thunderchief in Action - Aircraft No. Seventeen
59267: DRENDEL, LOU - F-104 Starfighter in Action - Aircraft No. 27
59249: DRENDEL, LOU - F-5 Talon / Freedom Fighter in Action - Aircraft No. 38
59250: DRENDEL, LOU - F-111 in Action - Aircraft No. 35
51044: DREPPERD, CARL WILLIAM - American Clocks and Clockmakers
42107: DREYER, EILEEN - Brain Dead (Author Signed)
40287: DRINKER, SOPHIE HUTCHINSON - Hannah Penn and the Proprietorship of Pennsylvania (Author Signed)
55540: DROWN, SIMEON DEWITT - The Peoria Directory for 1844
58192: DRUMMOND, JOSIAH H - Genealogy of Isaac Dean of Grafton, N. H (Photocopy Only) Fourth in Descent from John Dean of Taunton
45328: DRUMMOND, JOSIAH H. - John Rogers of Marshfield and Some of His Descendants
58898: DRUMMOND, MARY - Legends of Springfield
41398: DRYFOOS, SUSAN W. - From Iphigene the Memoirs of Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger
59361: KASULKA, DUANE & DON GREER - Usn Aircraft Carrier Air Units, Volume 2 1957-1963 - Specials Series
59362: KASULKA, DUANE & DON GREER - Usn Aircraft Carrier Air Units, Volume 2 1957-1963 - Specials Series
60661: DUDDING, EARL ELLICOTT - The Trail of the Dead Years
61071: DUFOUR, CHARLES L. - Ten Flags in the Wind the Story of Louisiana
53982: DUNBAR, WILLIS FREDERICK - Kalamazoo and How It Grew. . . And Grew
59038: DUNCAN, MATTIE B. - There's Only One Frostproof, Including Frostproof Family Histories
46770: DUNCAN, WILSON RAY - Good Night Or Last Words
46973: DUNKUM, W. B. - Sin and Its Consequences
61092: DUNN, HAMPTON - Back Home a History of Citrus County, Florida
40123: DUNNING, JOHN - The Bookman's Wake a Mystery with Cliff Janeway (Author Signed)
40120: DUNNING, JOHN - Booked to Die (Author Signed) the Mystery That Introduced Cliff Janeway
55611: DUNNING, JOHN - The Bookman's Wake a Mystery with Cliff Janeway (Author Signed)
55610: DUNNING, JOHN - Booked to Die a Mystery Introducing Cliff Janeway (Author Signed)
51301: DUNNING, JOHN - Two O'clock, Eastern Wartime a Novel (Author Signed)
60861: DUNSTAN, SIMON - The Chieftain
58019: DUPUY, MAURINE C. - Potpourri
60101: DURRELL, GERALD - Minu Pere Ja Muud Loomad (My Family and Other Animals)
60894: DUSTIN, DORTHY DEVEREUX - Omaha and Douglas County. A Panoramic History
60460: DUVAL, GEOFF - Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Described, Part 1
61031: DYKE, HENRY VAN - Fisherman's Luck, and Some Other Uncertain Things,
59902: VAN DYKE, CARL - The Soviet Invasion of Finland, 1939-40
41849: MILLS, RALPH E. AND KATIE - History of the Simon Mills Family Through His Son John Mills and Grandson Joseph Mills of Simsbury, Conn. (Author Signed) (Signed By All Authors)
45029: SHERMAN, JAMES E. & BARBARA H. - Ghost Towns of Arizona
59358: DOLL, THOMAS E. & BERKLEY R. JACKSON & WILLIAM A. RILEY & DON GREER & KEVIN WORNKEY - Navy Air Colors United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Aircraft Camouflage and Markings, Vol. 2, 1945-1985 - Specials Series
53524: EAGON, I.G. - After the War, Or the Consummation of God's Purpose
51296: EALER, JUANITA MARIE LYNN - Some Notes on the Family of John and Catherine Wasser Lynn of Lower Saucon, Northhampton County, Pennsylvania
59647: EALER, FREDERICK S. - People a History of the Ealer Family
58119: EARLE, A B, REV. - Revival Hymns
2499: EARLY, R. H. - By-Ways of Virginia History
61007: EASON, REV. JAMES HENRY - Sanctification Or Fanaticism a Sketch of the Life and Labors of Rev. James Henry Eason
60506: EASON, REV. JAMES HENRY - Sanctification Or Fanaticism
48639: EASON, REV. JAMES HENRY - Sanctification Or Fanaticism Pulpit and Platform Efforts:
46966: EASTEP, D. B. (EDITOR) - The Uplook
46967: EASTEP, D. B. (EDITOR) - The Uplook
40184: EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH HAMILTON - Acadian Ballads and de Soto's Last Dream,
61075: EBEYER, PIERRE PAUL - Gems of the Vieux Carre the Story of Four Historical Romances of the Frence [!] Quarter of Old New Orleans, Depicting Living Conditions and Home Life. . . And Their Slaves in Pre-Civil War Days
61074: EBEYER, PIERRE PAUL - Paramours of the Creoles; a Story of New Orleans and the Method of Promiscuous Mating between White Creole Men and Negro and Colored Slaves and Freewomen,
57896: ECKERT, ALLAN W. - The Wilderness War (Author Signed)
50469: EDDY, MARY BAKER - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Together with an Index to the Marginal Headings and a List of the Scriptural Quotations. . . That Book As Finally Revised By Its Author
49986: EDDY, MARY BAKER - Manual of the Mother Church, the First Chruch of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts
61115: EDDY, MARY BAKER - Christian Science Versus Pantheism
50988: EDES, ROBERT T - Parson Gay's Three Sermons, Or, Saint Sacrement
58028: EDGAR, JAMES - James Boys, Deeds of Daring
48113: EDGAR, JAMES - James Boys, Deeds of Daring
55631: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Raney (Author Signed)
44007: MEREDITH, ROY (EDITED AND ARRANGED BY) - Mr. Lincoln's General U.S. Grant an Illustrated Autobiography
58814: EDITORS, - Photomicrography Fourteenth Edition an Introduction to Photomicrography with the Microscope
57440: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - The South African Quirt (Author Signed)
48347: EDWARDS, AGNES - Cape Cod New and Old
58462: EDWARDS, LAURA BELLE - The Frederick Weathington Family of Gadsden County, Florida 1830-1984
368: EDWARDS, GEORGIE HORTENSE - Historic Sketches of the Edwards and Todd Families
59969: PURJE, EERIK AND HELDUR PODERSOO - Igavesti Noored Malestusi Ja Meenutusi Teisest Maailmasojast Tanapaevani
56742: EGGERT, GERALD G - The Iron Industry in Pennsylvania with a Listing of National, State, and Private Sites Related to the Pennsylvania Iron Industry and Open to the Public
58139: EISELE, JOSEPH - Life and Crimes of Joseph Eisele, Alias John Schafer, the Parkersburg Murderer Published for the Benefit of His Wife and Child.
50708: EISENHOWER, JULIE NIXON - Pat Nixon the Untold Story
60392: EISENHOWER, JULIE NIXON - Pat Nixon the Untold Story
43741: EISNER, LOTTE H. - The Haunted Screen Expressionism in the German Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt
45752: ELDREDGE, MIRA - Drops of Water from Many Fountains
44046: MCCLENDON, ELEANOR & JEAN MIDDLETON - First Baptist Church Attalla, Alabama 1887-1987
2844: ELEAZER, J. M. - A Dutch Fork Farm Boy (Author Signed)
59667: ELGART, J. M. - More over Sexteen Sequel
57770: ELIOT, T. S. - Four Quartets
61065: ELIOT, T. S. - Four Quartets
3365: ELKIN, JAMES CLAIR - The Family of Robert Elkin
44641: BRENNAN, ELLA & DICK - The Commander's Palace New Orleans Cookbook
40124: ELLER, ERNEST MCNEILL - Salem Star and Dawn
49063: ELLER, ERNEST MCNEILL - Salem Star and Dawn
45588: ELLIS, ALEXANDER CASWELL - The University of Texas Community Song Book
45702: ELLIS, JOHN - Memoir of Melyn D. Baker
57256: ELLIS, GARRISON - Virginia Country's Civil War Vol Ii
57257: ELLIS, GARRISON - Virginia Country's Civil War Vol Iv
57258: ELLIS, GARRISON - Virginia Country's Civil War Vol Iii
51106: ELLIS, CHRIS - Military Transport of World War Ii, Including Post War Vehicles
57255: ELLIS, GARRISON (EDITOR) - Virginia Country's Civil War, Vol. 1 Premier Issue
48567: ELWELL, FRANK W. - The Evolution of the Future
54883: ELY, RICHARD THEODORE - The Strength and Weakness of Socialism
44272: EMERSON, CHARLES WHITLEY - Avocation of Compassion the Mississippi Physician and Creative Writing
58945: EMMONS, CATHERINE M. *AUTHOR SIGNED!* - Through the Years in Medham Borough (Author Signed)
60105: EMMONS, DELLA GOULD SIGNED - Sacajawea of the Shoshones "Far Horizons"
59289: ENGELMANN, JOACHIM. - German Railroad Guns in Action. Armor #15.
55650: ENGER, LEIF - Peace Like a River (Author Signed)
48304: ENGLAND, STEPHEN J. - We Disciples a Brief View of History and Doctrine
52691: EPPERSON, F. C. (EDITOR) - Minutes Sixth Annual Assembly of the Southern California District Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene
44161: ERDMANN, H. A. - The Carnal Mind and the Cure for It

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